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Sunday, July 13 2014

Zari with Farouk, LK4 and Ivan, the father of his three sons

This afternoon, Ivan Semwanga gave his followers a chance to ask him questions, but Zari's ex failed to answer any, may be he is still thinking of the answers. Below are some of the questions from Ivan's followers on facebook.

  • Are you still in love with Zari?
  • Is it true that you are a witch doctor in South Africa?
  • Are you still seeing Sharon O?
  • How did you get the money that you have?
  • If Zari apologized, would you forgive her?

Meanwhile, Ivan became very active on social networks at the time when Zari was having a fling with Isaac Lugudde aka LK4, since then, he has been an addict at times trying to out compete Zari in posting hilarious and motivational quotes. Lately, that level of interaction has gone down.

It looks like he has resorted to his old ways of being the laid-back person he was. Farouk is currently in South Africa and in Zari's latest tweet, she explains why she dumped Ivo for Farouk.

"There cmes a point when u realize that sme ppl will never be who u need them to be....... Keep ple in your life who truly love u, motivate u & make u happy. If ur wit pple who do none, let them go. Find some1 that wants to connect with u on all levels. Financially, Emotionally, mentally, and sexually. All or none. Know your worth!!!"

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