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Wednesday, August 06 2014

Kenyan socialites Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe represented Kenya in last year's version of Big Brother Africa, she was evicted in the very first week along side our Charlie Denzel. Vera Sidika is likely to be Kenya's representative for this year's Big Brother reality game that kicks off on September 7, 2014.

Vera came back from Nigeria recently where she was on holiday with her loaded boy friend, and for the record, she just bleached and also had a boob job. Now, Huddah Monroe is currently in Nigeria busy flaunting her curves and somehow, Sidika is concerned.

The two socialites have always been at each other's throats, though they had taken a long break, however, it looks like they are now back at it. Vera attacked first on getting info from her pries.


"Damn right I got into some gossip.  Yes. Bit** always lie about one thing it two!!! FYI; these are bbm messages and chose to keep my friend anonymous and not show dp cz I honestly don't want to involve.

Well. She's the FACE OF CAMPARI LIke really??? Campari really? Damn atleast lie about being face of summit beer by Keroche breweries a local company that nobody would bother to google that sh!t​! you own a boutique!?? Enheeee! You forgot to mention you also own a "REAL ESTATE" company that doesn't have a website neither a physical address coz honestly I'm interested in properties!! They say you look broke cz damn B!tch claims she own all these yet even her hair looks like the perfect spot for chicken to lay eggs! While you were struggling with braids for two years straight to save up for two lace wigs that don finish. Yet still pointing fingers at the Queen of weaves. You just learnt this the other day! Sit yo azz down"

Huddah shoots back:

"One obsessed Bi_-h always attacks me when I am out of my Country! Jealousy and envy! All my fans want to know what's up with yesterday's story! I am not in my country so I can't do anything or say anything at the moment! But my story is very brief and clear with picture evidence! Just know there are haters and haters will do anything to make you look bad! Your time is very limited! Your obsession with me needs to stop!!!!!.."

Vera Sidika attacks Hudah Monroe

After driving her point home, Vera Sidika apologized.

"Sometimes people haven't apologized because they are ashamed, forgive them anyway. Forgiveness unblocks your blessings, I forgive you. It's only human to react when someone pisses you especially when you try to hush it in silence and they don't wanna listen. I'm not perfect. Nobody is perfect. This is not me at all, but hey, I forgive you.

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