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Friday, August 08 2014

Dembe FM's Kuku and Bebe having breakfast at Serena

We all remember when Daniella went out of her way to beat up a scribe, well that was long sorted and over 100k was paid in damages. At this rate, Isaac Katende aka Kasuku might get another beating this time from Zuena for bursting her bubble.

Zuena reveals her breakfast plans;

"I had planned to wake up & make boo heavy breakfast before he starts running around to make sure all is set for tonight, but to my surprise he was planning the same for me, before my alarm went off, he woke me up to this.Thanks boo. Let's all meet at Serena tonight for The best of Bebe Cool concert, please keep time."

Now, that is by all means a good gesture more so from a lovely wife, Bebe deserved even better than this bearing in mind that he has to do wonders tonight.

90.4 Dembe FM's Kasuku and Bebe Cool were also taking breakfast in the Serena Hotel lobby as Kasuku explains; "Me and my producer Robert had breakfast with Bebe Cool this morning after our radio interview with him."

So many questions not enough answers! How easy is it for Zuena to prepare breakfast at Serena Hotel if they have checked in days before the performance tonight, or was the breakfast delivered to Zuena at their home?

Assuming that isn't that, then one thing is clear, Zuena had breakfast in bed delivered from Serena or it's by coincidence that the Serena plates are exactly the same with the plates at Bebe Cool's.

All roads lead to Serena Hotel tonight for the Best of Bebe Cool Concert, otherwise branded as the Byafaayo concert.

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