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Saturday, August 09 2014

Desh Kananura in a 2014 Tundra model. Inset is his black Rolls Royce and the orange

It's one thing to drive a Tundra, but another to drive a 2014 model.

Businessman, Desh Kananura, is proud to be among the few Ugandans cruising a model that is just months old. The 5.7L pick-up truck that is about $48,000 before taxes is so huge that it's glove compartment alone can have as many as 19 tennis balls.

The Panamera Bar boss also has a Rolls Royce, the only one in the country at the moment, and just recently, he converted his orange Audi Q7 into a pick-up but one of his drivers sped off with it to a ditch. He is not in a hurry to repair it though.

He is one wealthy person who has been kind enough to share his story of where he has come from, what he has done to even be able to afford a 2014 model which will be affordable to an average Ugandan in 2024.

Using his facebook profile, Desh told of how he tried out several businesses including the bridal car business but failed miserably, sold second hand clothes commonly known as Mivumba, but was fleeced by business associates, Imported Hummers for footballers in the UK, but lost everything.

‘Swim or sink’, ‘Never Give Up’ and prayer are Desh Kananura’s guiding lines that he followed while doing ‘kyeyo’ in the UK. "I work best under pressure, buying cars from scrap yards fixing them and selling them..", so if you are looking up to him, that has been part of his journey, and he adds, I'm not yet there.

"I sometimes have the Chinese belief that there is no such a thing as luck, blessed are they that believe in the Lord that's where am anchored, prayer changes a lot, I beg you to trust me, I'm a living testimony."

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