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Sunday, August 24 2014

Booby Rita Love Kaggwa faces off with Sam Bbosa of the Ebonies

What started as a cat fight between Joel Isabirye's ex, Rita Love Kaggwa based in the UK and Roger Mugisha's ex, Hadija Ssengoba aka Hady Ssengo, is tending to be messy.

Hady Sengo, a member of the Ebonies drama group used every opportunity to promote the the Entunnunsi show using her facebook profile. The show also doubled as the Etofali fundraising show was held yesterday at the Troxy Theatre.

Sengo got a bashing from all ends that at some point , she was forced to share her serologic test results just to prove a point. The epitome of the fight was when her visa application to the UK was denied leaving many wondering how someone who was so resourceful could be left out. The fight got to the point of some X-rated pics doing rounds on social networking sites.

Sengo later revealed that the VISA office was alerted that if she gets a visa to the UK, she will not return to Uganda. Word then started circulating that she had actually been fired from The Ebonies. It was not long before Rita shared a photo of empty chairs at Troxy Theatre, saying that, she actually enjoyed the show.

Rita Love Kaggwa's post on the Ebonies show

The Ebonies Director, Sam Bagenda aka Bosa, has now come out to add his voice on the issue which threatens to put The Ebonies in the mix. 

Below is  Bbosa's detailed post asking Rita to stop tarnishing the image of the Ebonies.

"Nnyabo Ritah love Kaggwa, why do u hate the Ebonies to an extent of posting false information abt their London show. U come so early for the show while pple r just coming in, take a pic of empty chairs b4 the show, and then u give false impression that it is the audience we the Ebonies had. Why didn't u take pics wen the show nge eri ku height?Abantu bolaze basobala Oku raizinga over 16m that was raised for etofaali? Ritah be real and stop using yo personal grudges to maliciously tarnish the ebonies' reputation. Mukama akukwateko Ritah."

The guests at the Entunnunsi London Show

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MC Kats and baby mama, Fille

Their daughter turned 7, a few days back.

During the interview, MC Kats caught up with his baby mama on a number of issues ranging from her Extended Play that she will be releasing soon, the two collaboration songs that King Saha agreed to work on with Fille.

Hellen Lukoma gifted with a Range Rover

Asked what the magic was, and Hellen was like and that is nothing, he is capable of a lot more.

"I have two children, Ata and Ark, with my Heaven sent Anwar, we have been together for five years. I am a good person and my hubby is the only one in this world, he was made for me and by the way, that is nothing compared to the things he has done."

Sheebah Karungi quits TNS

In a Snapchat post decorated with green snakes emojis, God's Plan who is currently in the UK has revealed how the 'Bango' singer ended up dating his then girlfriend Sheilah Gashumba.

"He used to come to my apartment to chill, drink and eat food..."

Zari and her new lover Choppa

Not long back, when Zari was explaining how she hit the rocks with King Bae, who turned out to be romance scammer, she said that it is not about money when it comes to dating her, so even the not so loaded guys were welcome to give it a try, but looking at her new lover, GK Choppa, he seems to be wearing two faces, in him you see a combination of her late hubby and Diamond Platnumz.


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