Friday, 14 November 2014

Katsha and Chameleone and on top are his Star QT awards

He claims to be a Software Engineer, graduated from Harvard University, his preferred name these days is Katsha De'Bank and to prove to his fans that he is loaded, he has several video clips of him counting dollars.

Katsha borrowed a leaf from South African businessman, Kenny Kunene, also known as the Sushi King to bring the Sushi themed party to Kampala, it flopped miserably. At the end of it all, Katsha was dragged to police for failing to clear some of the service providers. He later managed to sneak out of Kampala. More of that here; Katsha Dragged To Police Over Shs 1m

In September, Jose Chameleone, was in South Africa an as expected, most Ugandans were there to watch the Wale Wale singer. On the sides of Chameleone's visit to SA, Katsha gave Chameleone $20,000 as his contribution to the One Million Show, more here; Katsha Pays 50M for Chameleone's Show.

His very good friend, Stella Nankya, was behind the Star QT awards in October. The awards recognise Ugandans who have contributed in various roles in South Africa, Katsha won two awards, Mr. Uganda and his Benz, a CLK500 won the award of Best Car, more of the awards here; 

Just recently, he added a Hummer to his fleet. Sushi Man KATSHA Adds Hummer to Fleet.

Now the latest coming from his camp is that his life is in danger. On Saturday, as he prepared to go for the Goodlyfe Crew show, he was kidnapped and only released after parting with $7000. He promised his captors more money otherwise they were not letting him free. On being released, Katsha said that he knows those that are behind all this.

We are still following up the story and will return after getting a response from some of the suspects.

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