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Tuesday, December 30 2014

Katsha and his date on Boxing day
Katsha taking Ciroc while his babe who spent a greater part of her time scrolling through her phone takes water and pepsi.

Just last night, King Lawrence, had it rough when his date sneaked out of the hotel room as he took a shower, and now, Katsha seems to be falling in the same trap.

During Bebe Cool's Tondeka Ekiwatule show that was held on Boxing day, Katsha was in the company of some babe clad in a 'Katsha' customised cap giving the impression that she was the babe for the South African based Sangoma. However, this afternoon, many were shocked when he revealed that he was searching.

"A man isn't complete without a woman. But where do you find a woman - a real woman these days in Uganda." Now from his comment, the keywords are ''A real woman" implying that he's got lot's of them but still failing to get a real woman.

Katsha was fired from the Rich Gang crew because he could not measure up financially and now after spending a few days in K-City, the taps are running dry and looks like the babes are taking off. Pictures of old shoes seem not to be helping either.

His followers though were kind to offer some advise..One said that to get a real woman, you need to be a real man too but given your current lifestyle, you cannot attract a real woman, you will only end up with "dentists" and terrorists. 

Katsha has pulled all sorts of stunts ranging from dropping dollars in a swimming pool, opening doors to his Hummer and CLK cars concurrently and so on and so forth, but matters of love, you do not just pull stunts and that was the more reason Zari dumped loaded Ivan for a humble muscle man, Farouk Sempala and now, she (Zari) is on what she is terming as the most misunderstood project going down in 2014.

Short of that he was advised to try Abanoonya on Bukedde TV or better still if he will be in Kampala next Sunday, he should feature on NTV Be My Date.

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