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Tuesday, February 17 2015

Titi delivering the flowers at hubby's work place

"This has been the best Valentine's day in my life. How can my wife bring flowers in front of the camera when the world is watching Oh my God I'm left in shock because that is one thing I knew she could not do, thanks my wife."

Those were Katongole's words on seeing his wife with a bouquet of flowers just outside his work place. It should be recalled that Titie Tendo of the Nsonyiwa Father fame worked tirelessly to bail her hubby at the time he was arrested for defilement a few weeks back.

He is now on police bond. When the Sanyu Mweruka tape leaked, Katongole used that opportunity to hint on his case saying that many people are using social media wrongly to put out false stories like the defilement case that was tagged to him, Katongole declined to comment on the Mweruka issue saying that all those interested in knowing the details should buy the Bukedde newspaper.

In the paper, Sanyu Mweruka said the video was doctored. It’s my head but the lower bit is not me and that is exactly what she told Fr. Lokodo, the Minister for  Ethics and Integrity.

However, this version was challenged by some critics and experts who asked her to tell her ‘fans’ when and where she was giggling in such a manner and why her lower body was rhyming with the facial expression.

They added that; whereas it’s possible to photoshop that video was not doctored, she was better off owning the act like Desire Luzinda did, apologize and move on.

Meanwhile, Sanyu Robinah Mweruka has resumed anchoring news on Bukedde TV though; she is yet to bounce back on Agataliiko Nfuufu, the most loved. She now anchors on Agabutukiide which is the 12 O’clock bulletin.

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