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Thursday, May 07 2015

Straka Baibe's car attached over outstanding rent

Straka has been in the news for failing to pay rent to her landlord, Tobias Nsubuga, who swiftly moved in to intercept the truck before it could drive off.

In the process, the truck loaded with property and Straka's car ended up at Bunamwaya police station only to be released after over shs 3M/- was paid leaving a balance of 2M/-.

Much as Straka's property was released, the authorities are still hanging on to her car to the time when she can clear the balance. Straka has been tight lipped since then but she has now issued a statement thanking her fans for undertsanding and also letting them know why she was shifting in the wee hours of the morning.

"What would a proud self made independent woman do if a small minded man tried taking advantage of her with the threats of cheap embarassment ?"

Straka maintains she is still a strong woman...

"All that has been said won't drain me down because I know my worth can never stoop down to a level of objectifying my body as a form of payment."

"I whole heartedly thank everyone who has been there to listen to me and understand me than judge me, my fans, followers and friends. If I was to advise that "gentleman" I would tell him that all the lies he told destroy a whole reputation of his integrity."

Ensonyi Tozifula Busungu, she concluded.

Some of her fans were quick to say that if she had paid, it could have turned out the way it did and with that type of money, she can still afford to construct her own house. In 2009, she was evicted from her rented pad in Makindye for defaulting on rent.

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