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Friday, May 15 2015

Newlyweds Nol and Jay showing off their rings
Newly-weds Nol and Jay showing off their rings

While "others" think am in tears, am currently rocking the gold...wotuuse‬ # my new single.. Out today!

For Jackie to come up with the above statement, it's not about Adut Mawien anymore, it's actually another babe of Rwandese origin also based in Sudan claiming to have 'shares' in Nol Van Vliet.

Fifi is the new gal and unlike Adut Mawien who first expressed shock before 'blessing' Nol (her now ex-hubby) and Jay, Fifi seems to be working very hard to see that the new couple splits faster than they hooked up.

Fifi has revealed a code, 155284, that Nol tags to babes he is very close with, Jackie is equally aware of this code (at least from her chat with social critic, Kakensa) and Fifi adds that, Nol is a groupie..

Trust Jackie, she is a strong woman and like she puts it, she is rocking gold. Meanwhile, regarding the groupie issue, Jackie says everyone has their past and she can do very little to change that.

However, with all that going on it has not stopped her from releasing more music, before Wotuuse, Jackie had released Omukwano written by Apass and produced by Nessim.

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