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Thursday, June 18 2015

Maurice Kirya's journey to Johannesburg

That look on Maurice Kirya's face was prompted by an embarrassing moment...Just hours after releasing his latest single, Hold On, Maurice took a flight to Jo'burg but a few hours mid-air, all was not well at least from the look on his face, his neighbour was suffering from in-flight flatulence.

"I hate it when the dude next to you on the plane just chooses to fa^>t and act like it's cool."  This was followed by a message from a fan who told him that whatever he was posting was not right and that he did not find it funny," The Omusubawa singer just told him to get out of here...

This is coming at the time when one of his tracks, Never Been loved is rocking Nigerian airwaves, it's now number 3 on 96.3 The Beat FM.

Maurice who is now in South Africa says the flight saga ended so well, on nioticing that he could not beat them, he decided to to join of the rolex effect from The Sound Cup.


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