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Saturday, June 20 2015

Nursery kids taking beer

The hunt for the woman who was spotted serving nursery kids with beer in the above pic is on according to the Deputy Police Commissar, Judith Nabakooba. In the photo of three girls and one boy who are most likely to be below the age of five or there about are seen taking Bell, Club and Nile beer products.

  • The kids are certainly not at school, 
  • The girl on the right looks 'drunk' already,
  • You can't miss the boy in a red t-shirt, boys will be boys,
  • One girl is going through her work..

The DPC landed on the photo that was doing rounds on WhatsApp yesterday and very quickly used her facebook profile to ask anyone who could have information leading them to the 'school' or the lady in the picture.

"Dear colleagues, any one with information leading to identifying the school shown in the picture should inform police or authorities." The former police spokesperson went on to say that children below the age of 18 are not allowed to consume alcohol.

There is always another side to things, questions like; What if the bottles are empty, what if the bottles are stuffed with porridge and the likes were asked..

"Whatever the case, it's not a good scene and we should stand to protect the children. What message is some one trying to communicate?" Nabakooba responded.

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