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Sunday, June 21 2015

Chantal Ruby Pics Leak
Chantal and the guy who allegedly leaked her pics

Rita Kaggwa, through her facebook page has received death threats. Trouble stems from the current drama of recently leaked pics of Chantal Ruby that have since been doing rounds on social networks for the last couple of hours.

In the pics, a lady who looks like Chantal is lying on the bed with only a brown top and nothing under. Chantal has come out to say that it is a photoshopped pic and also disclosed the person behind the act, he has since deactivated his facebook account.

Interestingly, Chantal had just made a post that you can't scare me you old wrinkled Vs, then the pics started doing rounds. It's my face, hairstyle and ear pins but the lower body is not mine, she noted in her defence.

Messages that followed were suggesting that was Ruby in the pic going by her hairstyle, ear pins and the top she was putting on at the time, she is seen in the same top in another pic.

Ruby then went on to warn other girls to be careful or else they end up like her.

"This guy calls himself St Kristopher on facebook.. he persuades women, takes innocent pics of them, does some nasty photoshop on them and then after shares them in a whatsapp gossip group that mostly consists of old women who later leak them and hence going viral. He has done it to a lot of women, I'm his current victim,"

"I want to be the last victim, and kristopher if you dont release the real pics of me that you took, with an apology.. I will file a case against you," Shantal wrote.

"They are also planning to release a tape that has sound, but I will have to report this to police first thing in the morning," Chantal concluded.

Meanwhile, Joel Isabirye's ex, Rita Kaggwa is not having a smooth ride either after a close pal leaked a WhatsApp chat in which they were plotting for her and close family members.

Whatsapp chat revealing the plot
In the above chat, the lady is asking the other to find out where Rita will be residing when she comes for her Pyjama party that will be held at Club Venom in August.


Socialite Shantal was thumped to pulp last night

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