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Monday, June 22 2015

Inset is Shantal Ruby and Kristopher during the happy times

Socialite Shantal Ruby's pleas that the leaked pics and video doing rounds on social networks were photo shopped have fallen on deaf ears. 

  More of this story:

In fact, she has pulled down a post in which she was warning other girls to beware of St Kristopher, the guy who she says photoshopped the lower part of the pics doing rounds. In his defence, St Kristopher has come out to say, that actually the footage exists and it's a 128.54m recording.

"I'm not sure how and why I'm being dragged in a matter that involves leaked nud€s...But the question the authenticity of the pictures I've just seen and the video clip. To me they look real and it seems they were taken in one of my apartments...When I'm not in the country the apartments and homes are secured by motion and sound detection camera recordings," Kristopher wrote in his response.

Kristopher's response on Shantal's leaked pics

In Shantal's statement warning other girls to watch out lest they fall victims, she promised to press charges but this is what Kristopher had to say;

"Lawyers and the law don't frighten a man who stands within his rights, In a court of law, one will have to prove I did wrong but equally, the "victim" as she claims will have to attest to how she found herself in the apartment and with whom she was.."


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