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Wednesday, August 19 2015

Johnnie and Marjo during the happy times

Marjo is the late Johhnie's girlfriend but all does not seem well based on the sound clip she has shared online. In the clip she says:

"I want all of you to listen so well and do this for Johnnie, his family members are insulting me. I had just arrived home from court (yesterday) when a police officer rang me saying I'm required at police for theft."

"They claim I went to Johnnie's home and stole items. How could I?, I'm the only one who knew where Johnnie was staying and none of them did."

"It's me and Johnnie who have been hustling. I told the officer, I'm not a criminal and I did nothing to Johnnie, the person who killed Johnnie is known. They are accusing me of stealing an iPhone6 and clothes plus personal IDs."

"I relinquished Johnnie's car to them for the sake of peace and now, they are taking me to police for a mere phone!"

"Honestly, If was a thief, I would have taken the car log book or the TV to money lenders because I knew his home anyway, and, here is the police officer saying I will be locked up because I'm not supposed to have Johnnie's property, really!"

Yesterday, Marjo and Johnnie's friends and sympathizers were at the heavily guarded Nakawa High Court when Ivan Kamyuka, the prime suspect in the Johnnie Ahimbisibwe murder case was produced.

Johnnie has a child with his ex-lover, Nina, the current girl friend to Ivan Kamyuka. On the fateful day, Johnnie confronted them (Ivan and Nina) at club Guvnor, apparently, over his child who was in the custody of Nina, but the melee turned fatal with Johnie losing his life in the process.

Kamyuka will be produced in court again on September 3, 2015.

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