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Sunday, August 23 2015

Lisa Mandy VS. Zuena Kirema

  • Bebe Cool tried to hit on me when I was 16
  • It does not matter who provoked first, Bebe Cool should apologize - Judith Heard
  • I rarely come out to support my husband, but some things need to be cleared - Zuena

Bebe Cool's wife, Zuena Kirema is in the US, she went to give birth to her fourth child and Lisa Mandy seems to be aware of those developments. On Friday night, she met Bebe Cool at Liquid Silk in Bugolobi and knowing very well that his wife was not around, she knew it was now or never.

Without wasting time, the curvy ex-model and now a Finland based nurse put her arm around Bebe Cool's waist but he politely told her to back off now that they were not that close, Lisa insisted on what Bebe is terming as 'pulling down my pants', it was then that the Ndisa Butti star splashed the vodka drink in her face.

At the time, Lisa was with socialite Judith Heard who says, "Bebe Cool should apologize, it does not matter who provoked first." 

Lisa Mandy who says she has reported the matter to police added that she cannot love Bebe Cool.."Of all men...I can't move out with Bebe Cool, If I didn't do it when I was sixteen why now?"

Zuena's response to Lisa Mandy

Eye Witness Account

Flirsh Flavia: - "I was standing next to Moses Bebecool Ssali Question: who in their right mind (after writing all the insults you do) would come and hold someone on his waist with a huge smile to say hello!!!Bebe's reply to you was "genda, va wano" you insisted to call his name and try talk things out.. And how did kenzo come into your story... The reason for the drink in your hair was not knowing when to back off.. His words were "leave my wife out of your drama" Bebecool is the artist, Zuena Kirema his wife, why insult his family!! Your a woman, when you respect yourself,respect is given back to you. . Bebe needed you out of his sight because he didn't want to lay a hand on you (and he didnt).. Two bouncers politely asked you to leave and you declined after 15mins of you still standing right next to Bebe, they did their jobs and threw you out. (The drinks on our table were a bottle of blue label and a bottle of jameson) The govnor saga is brought in again, imagine how much you would have avoided by just walking away... better still just don't approach to say hello to someone you clearly despise.."P/s : Am only stating the truth about what happened."

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