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Wednesday, September 30 2015

Chameleone's son's laying a wreath on the casket

Last Friday, Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso made a post on his wall wishing the doctor who had done his dead brother's autopsy had given them a more detailed report. In the the report, Pallaso states that; "The doctor merely says he fell in the bathroom and died but never explains why Akays top lip was swollen."

Pallaso's main concern is why AK47's lip was swollen and to prove this point, he had to share AK47's pic for all to see, pleas to pull down the pic have fallen on deaf ears.

"These photos are all over Google it's okay you don't have to agree with me but remember this is my brother and that is enough reason."

Pallaso warned that if you thought that was too much, he was even bound to do worse off things

"Akay was my brother and that's not a debatable opinion but reality... If I died before him he would do the same for me and seek my justice.. I am sorry if I offended you in coin this but I will do even more till my last breath or till I know exactly what happened.."

In his long list of questions, he wondered why Akay had bruises and scratches on the neck which is very unusual for some body that just slipped and fell in the bathroom..

He concludes:

"Please Mr President we really appreciate your condolences towards my brother so much as the Mayanja family,Akays fans, Ugandans, Non Ugandans and every body else concerned but we please beg you to assign some special attention to this mans case.."

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Chameleone and Pallaso and inset is Maggie, AK47's baby mama

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