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Tuesday, October 27 2015

Pastor Yiga's church under fire, Nabi Omukazi spills the beans

As Revival Christian Church Pastor, Augustine Yigga, aka Mbizzayo was still battling with charges of child neglect, more shocking details have been unveiled by Nabbi Omukazzi real name Maggie Kayima. She was also used by the pastor.

Nabbi Omukazi while talking to one publication said that she was forced to quit Revival Church due to the pastor's excessive and insatiable desire for s8x from his followers. It did not matter whether a woman was married or not, he would still have a go at her given the chance," Nabbi Omukazzi said.

Brenda Nalubega, the woman accusing Pastor Yiga of these evil deeds was seen looking frail while following up on a case in which the Pastor was defaulting on rent, medical fees and other related costs. The pastor impregnated and infected her with a killer disease, so she says.

However, while talking to his followers on Sunday, Pastor Yiga said that he was not suffering from HIV as it is alleged, he wondered how one could infect the other when they are negative. "I will be fasting for one week following these problems," the pastor said.

"Many girls from the church and the band have fallen victim, most of them becoming pregnant in the process but the pastor just abandons them," Nabbi Omukazzi added.

Hajat Bibuza Intervenes

Hajat Bibuza who was a few months doing very badly before Mama Fina came to her rescue said that it's wrong for Nabbi Omukazzi to come out at this point in time to spill the beans, besides, the women who Pastor Yiga was dating were willing partners, he did not force anyone into it.

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