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Saturday, December 12 2015

Kleith Kyatuhaire's response to leaked pics

Kleith Kyatuhaire's nak8d photos have already taken a toll on the style project show. Yesterday, fans were all glued to their tellies to see how the presenter could pull it off but for the first time ever, they did not show something fresh, it was a repeat.

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Kleith Kyatuhaire's career now hangs in balance after her s.exy pics found their way online though in her apology, she says that it wasn't her intention to have the pics circulated to the public.

However, her employer, NTV Uganda expects all presenters and anchors not to indulge in such acts sadly for her, the pics got to her bosses and this could be the reason yesterday's show was a repeat. May be she has taken a break or been asked by her employers to step aside pending a final decision.

The show also had an earlier recording of Kleith on the streets finding out if all men were clad in checkered shirts and women in leggings.

Kleith Kyatuhaire's apology for the leaked nud3s

"In this time of immense difficulty, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to those who have stood by me in this trying time. My family, friends, NTV and my loving fans. I guarantee that it was not my intention that those pictures be circulated and that my privacy be poured out for whoever cares to see. I have been blackmailed before for having n::de photos and relentlessly pursued the blackmailers sure I had never posed for any."

"Unknown to me, photos that I took years ago, alone, in private, with no intention of sharing somehow got into the hands of those that published them. You should trust a few, especially with your phone or even lending it out."

"I cannot go back in time...hit a reset button or delete those images out of your heads, I'll take the available option, which is to apologize. To the parents, who expect more of their daughters, my parents, who have taught me better, my dear family, whose esteem I wish not to lose, my work, my loving fans and especially the youth who I have always tried to inspire through strength, honesty, virtue and piety." 

"I am sorry. I pray that God strengthen me through this time. And that the divulges be apprehended."

They also had their pics leaked and this is what they had to say:

Zari - "I would like to affirm that what goes on in my private life is absolutely my business that has no reason whatsoever to find it's way in the public realm. Privacy to/for/of a person is not a right granted by anyone, but it's inalienable..."

Desire Luzinda - "The facts about this matter are that these were photos taken in privacy with someone I loved. In our private moments, we all have our “moments of madness”. The bottom line is that I trusted this person and never hoped that something done in private would find its way to the public domain irrespective of our differences.

We only hope this is the last bit of leaked pics doing rounds this year. It's not clear if NTV has already taken action on Kleith but their failure to bring fresh content on yesterday's Style Project show leaves a lot to be desired considering that they have a strict policy on leaked pics, they just fire like they did to curvy Anita Fabiola.

Desire luzinda has apologised to fans, friends and family

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