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Friday, December 25 2015

Julia Kawalya with he doctor after the butt enhancement injection

Farouk Sempala's ex, Julia Kawalya, has just undergone a buttoc.k lift with augmentation commonly referred to as the Brazillian Lift surgery. Julia who is steadily recovering now says she will have the biggest behind in the whole of East Africa. This has always been her dream since she was 16 but she is now grateful to God for having validated her dream.


  • Dec 19 Julia heads to Santo Dominga, Dominican Republic,
  • Praying and staying cute are the things Julia will do while on holiday,
  • Been a long time since somebody took care of me, the food is like that of Uganda,
  • Dec 21, Julia calls her children to find out how they are fairing, they ask her why she did not go to Uganda instead,
  • Dec 23, Julia reaches out to close friends and family to let them know that she is fine and grateful to God for validating her dreams,
  • I'm in too much pain but on happy pills, 'Omugaga Simuntu', it was my dream and I did it,
  • I'm the gal with the biggest b.ooty in East Africa,
  • Over $15,000 so far spent,
  • Dr. Hector Cabral did the plastic surgery at Centro Internacional De Cirugia Plastica Avanzada (CPLA)
  • Julia is on sleeping pills but every time she wakes up, she checks on her wall to throw a spanner in the works of 'haters',
  • Julia is so grateful to the folks who are taking very good care of the little ones back home.

The operation was done by Doctor Cabral at the Centro Internacional De Cirugia Plastica Avanzada, it also included the waist and h.ips.

The BBL is a fat injection technique for those who want to increase the volume of their butto,cks and do not want silicone implants. The technique involves sucking fat from the waist, hips or back and injected to where it is needed most. 30% of the patients usually require a second method of injection.

Julia on her road to recovery

Julia is from the United States and folks were wondering why she left the US for Dominic Republic, one had this to say;

"In America, you can justify this kind of surgery through your doctor if you are too obese and it's becoming a health issue. It's very, very expensive but with a good doctor he can make it look like it's for health issues and have insurance pay for it.In my opinion, it's good that she was able to get it done however, this doesn't have to be news. I know she has been trying so hard to become some type of social media queen so this justifies this kind of attention."

Julia has featured on these pages before. When Farouk fell out with Zari, Julia Kawalya, made matters worse for him by leaking his phone conversation on the internet. In the conversation, Farouk who first asked for Julia's birthday pics was later overheard preparing to send his papers to the US, Julia went on to tell Farouk how she couldn't wait for him to join her as it was so cold as a result of winter, more of that here; Farouk Sempala's Leaked Phone Conversation

Leaked phone call reveals Farouk is relocate to the US

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