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Thursday, February 18 2016

Social Media closed temporarily as Ugandans decide

If you are trying to use facebook, twitter or Whatsapp and they do not seem to work, do not panick as authorities have switched them off for security reasons.

Voting started a bit late in various polling stations in Wakiso District, but the voters braved the hot sun to vote for their candidates.

President Museveni has just cast his vote from Rushere in Kuruhura district.

"I've done my duty as a citizen and previously, I did my duty as a candidate and I'm very happy," the incumbent noted. 

He later moved to the sides to hold a press conference, he told the journalists that this is what I always tell Besigye, do not hold rallies in the markets...

"Ugandans should be calm and wait until the results are announced and then go home peacefully without shouting or quarelling.."

Do you think NRM will win?

NRM will win, why do you think it will not win, we used to win even with the insurgencies in the north but the country is now largely peaceful.

Voting started late in most polling stations

I heard that there were some delays in Kampala, but the electoral people are following on that.

Mr. President can you work with the opposition?

Why should we, we have the majority. We could only work with them if they are serious about development, many of these politicians are just after themselves..

When there is a delay EC will extend time until they are finished. This is an exercise once in five years, it's not such a big sacrifice now that you can have overnights every Sunday. As long as one is in the line, they will vote.

What are you going to do now?

I'm going to sleep as I've not been sleeping all these days and also look after my cows as I wait for the results. If anybody tries to announce the elections, we shall deal with them.

There will be no violence and should any one try do that we shall get him and put them in a freezer so that they cool down. They tried it in Mukono, we picked those Kanyamas and if anybody tries, you will see.

Social Media and Mobile Monbey blocked

Well that must be steps taken for security to stop so many creating trouble, its temporary it will go away as many use them to tell lies. Its in order that the authorities restrain until the right time.

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