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Thursday, March 03 2016

Pastor Okudi suing for $2,100 as his proceeds for nanny services

You all know Pastor George Okudi of the Wipolo fame, he's been in the US for the last so many years but now, the Wipolo singer is not a happy man after a one Evangelist Helen Nuwagaba did not pay him for services rendered. Okudi offered nanny services to Helen for three months, he was to be paid $700 per month.

In a letter dated February 29, Helen is warned of dire consequences if she fails to pay the $2,100 and failure to respond to the letter could result in the establishment of a lien on your real and personal property, the letter adds.

Pastor Okudi who was shocked to discover the letter online wrote this;

"Hey guys, I'm surprised to find this here. But the truth is I was taking care of Helen's 4 year old in my studios since I do most of my work in the house, it was convenient for me. $700 is the minimum, I should have charged her more but now she is posting it here because she does not want to pay..."

One who seems to know them very well wrote this;

"Wonders shall never end Okudi is suing Helen Nuwagaba....this world Helen and Okudi are well known in Maryland as a couple... For the many times I have known Okudi his been with this girl as a producer of her songs..., she helped him when he was evicted from his house..... Having no where to stay.... Okudi man this is terrible. Are you asking her To pay for the s#x you were having... You left this woman pregnant...with your child... This is black mail.... Okudi."

Pastor Okudi VS Evangelist Nuwagaba

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