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Wednesday, April 27 2016

Maureen Kyalya busted

Former Presidential candidate, Maureen Kyalya, has been unmasked following her numerous posts on social media. The writer, a one James Magoola has taken time off to dig deep into Kyalya's history and now wants the only female presidential candidate in the Feb.18 elections to respond.

"Since you chose to throw stones to your neighbours yet you know that you stay in a glassed house; let's call a spade the real spade here Madam Maureen Faith Kyalya Walube, What's happening between you and your run away husband, Mr. Walube.."

"He currently left you in the UK and seeking papers for the last 8 months in the USA, what did you do to him? In your circles you talked of unsupportive husbands and women suffering in Uganda; what happened to his money you took (read stole) and the chap is suffering now that he cannot afford an air-ticket back to Uganda?"

"Just go slow sister; there's a lot to learn from you before bombarding others with traceable and stray missiles please."

"And why forget how you were caught red-handed with another man in your marital home in the UK by your husband? Do you think all Ugandans are stupid or simply wailing fools?"

"Your teaching background in Iganga Senior Secondary School. Can you explain to us what happened there? You seem to have buried this deep into your memory (that is if you still have any) but why were you expelled in that school?"

"Were you not sleeping with three married teachers and at the end of the day two of them divorced their wives and these families are no more today! Can that therefore explain to you why the Basoga people gave you those votes you got?"

It's now left to be seen if Kyalya will respond to these allegations levelled against her.

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