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Thursday, February 16 2017

Joel Isabirye and Natie K got engaged on Valentine's day

Natie-Joel Isabirye got engaged on Valentine's day

After being dumped by DJ Nimrod, socialite Natie K has hooked up with radio consultant, Joel Isabirye. Natie’s claim to fame is her curves and behind.

Natie was joined by a few close friends at a top hang-out spot in town where the engagement took place. 

Joel has had his share of frustrations with previous relationships but to him, it’s not how many times he falls but how he gets up just like one noted, the Radio Consultant is trying his cards with this single mom of two.

The news of Joel hooking up another babe was received with open arms by one of his ex- lovers, Rita Kagwa, with whom they have a child. Rita is a facebook enthusiast, so the news of her baby daddy hooking up another lover like he has done in the past was a very good post for her followers.

Last Valentine's day, It was Lillian who wished him well on Valentine's day [ Joel Isabirye's close friend, Lillian, introduced] but he lost out on this one as she was later taken by another man.

Inset is Natie showing off her engagement ring
Some of the comments:

"Joel must have a very lost soul with love. Hope he finds someone that suits him better. At least he still believes in love. It's not how many times we fall that matters, it's how we get up that counts. I hope he learns from his mistakes this time or he will forever think it's a curse."

"Heheheh.....from Ritah, Rebecca Jjingo, Simanyi Lillian and now, Natie anyway Congrats, try your luck Sister."

"While some are taking back ‘emundu ku Gombolola’ Joel has picked up his fully loaded en well-equipped gun with sharp bullets.."

DJ Nimrod feeling Natie K's behind

Natie K is the same babe that told her close pals on how she was getting married to Bad Black's ex, Meddie Ssentongo, but the lad who was battling with lots of cases at the time did not fall for the trap.

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