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Sunday, March 12 2017

Linda showing off her latest tat

Meet Lindah, the mom with 8 tattoos & 11 piercings

Liquid Silk publicist, Lindah Lisa, was a few days back celebrating her birthday and this she did by adding more ink on her yellow body. "Family where love begins and love ends.." is her latest tattoo and she is quick to add, it's her 8TH tat.

"I will take a break now before adding one for my late grand ma.."

Linda and NTV's Douglas Lwanga are an item, they are parents to Larris. Her body is decorated with a flower on her belly, letter 'L' going for Larris or Lwanga right below her right ear, DL on her arm and a lot others on her back.

Just recently, she was faced with some personal attacks on social media and this was her take;

"If someone insults me on social media, I laugh it off so've not got to a quarter of the pain I go through while getting inked..8 tats and 11 piercings....."

Meet the mom with 11 tattoos

Regarding the piercings, at least each ear has 4 making it 8 and the other three piercings are not for public viewing by virtue of the location...

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