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Saturday, April 15 2017

Kabaka and the Queen at their palace during his 62nd birthday

All was going well until Cindy started dancing with her legs wide open

Rema, Dr. Hilderman, Navio, The Ebonies and many others performed for the King at a dinner to crown off the 62nd birthday celebrations.

However, the choice of Cindy's dress code on this type of event left many talking. Matters were made worse when she danced squatting with her legs wide open before the Kabaka. It became too much for Nnabagereka Sylvia Nagginda who was constantly trying to look away but the DJ could not read her mind.

She then signalled to the Kabaka and at that very moment, they walked off leaving Cindy doing her; 'Selector Kona Abantu Bazine' song.

Cindy as the lead singer was ahead of her four queen dancers who were doing the same dancing patterns of squat dancing with legs wide open right before the King of Buganda, it was then that the Queen told him that they should leave immediately because this type of dance being watched by her as the head of Ekisakate, a program that instils morals in the girl child was unacceptable.

Then also, for the King seating majestically and watching Cindy open her legs 'fwaaa' was just not right thus excusing themselves from the event.

Cindy and her 4 Queen dancers

Cindy and her four queen dancers were clad in black shorts, red heels for the queen dancers while Cindy was in black heels and exotic see through stockings..

Cindy and her queen dancers did not amuse the queen

In the above pic, Cindy is seen doing her thing together with her four queen dancers who wiggled to her Selector hit, throwing their legs up and down and occasionally doing an open and close dance, then Prince Wasajja is seen sharing a light moment with Cindy.

Last year, it was Winnie Nwagi who wiggled her body in a black jumpsuit that clearly showed off her curves and body.

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