Friday, 28 April 2017

Chameleone while appearing on NTV April 28, 2017

Chameleone was this morning appearing live on NTV and below are some of the highlights..

Daniella is at home cooking...

I'm a shy man...

Yesterday I was at Moto Moto bar...

Management is like a sugar cane, once you extract the juice, it's useless and that is why I keep on changing my management...

I'm a farmer ...I have pine trees in Mubende and I have 400 goats and 80 head of cattle.

Music is like wine, the older the hits the better..that is the more reason Afrigo Band will have it's shows filling up even when they do not have a new song...

Music is like show business. Some artists have their music played on MTV all the time, but they are still staying at their parents home.

One day, while I was taking my children to school, Abba saw a newspaper with a screaming headline; 'Chameleone Fights for a Woman in a Bar' and I was with Daniella in the car, Abba asked me about it, I felt like crying because I had not even gone out for a while..

Yes my wife left home recently...I'm human, I'm not an angel. However, I will not dwell on my family life, but  will say this; I used to come back late at home as I was recording my latest music, and at times I was taking too much whisky and could complain over the simplest thing, so she left. Daniella left for about a month.

Chameleone turns 38 on April 30, 2017
Chameleone will be celebrating his 38th birthday at Cayenne

We have a problem in Uganda, when someone is in problems, that's when they need help, but Ugandans will use that opportunity to bring you down.

Chameleone also has a tattoo of Daniella around his neck and he says, it's for Daniella, so I don't need to show it to the public. If I buy a G-String for my wife and I put it on Facebook, then it ceases to be her's it becomes for the public.

When Daniella left, she went with all the kids, never called me and actually blocked my number. 

I have so many PAM awards but I can't get a penny if I choose to sell them. Awards should add value on you. Uganda has failed to understand what awards are.

Madoxx, Radio and Weasel are the artists who can really sing...

AK's twins are in America..I'm not sure how old they are, but what I know, they are well off.

The show on NTV ended right here with Chameleone's Basima Ogenze as it crossed to Spark TV but before this, he revealed that they are 8 including one female in the family.

Humphrey, David, Henry, Me, Josephine, Pallaso, Weasel and AK.

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