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Thursday, May 04 2017

Mc Luzze spills Zahara Totto's bedroom secrets

Mc Luzze spills secrets about his one night stand with Zahara Totto

  • Zahara talks about MC Luzze on her Spark TV Live Wire show,
  • The former TV presenter of now defunct WBS TV hits back,
  • Luzze reveals how Zahara has a string of men, him being one of them,
  • Spills the beans of how it all went down,
  • Threatens to leak pics and videos of Zahara making out with fellow staff.
  • It's Zahara who gave him the videos and photos that he wants to leak.....

They are both TV hosts though the difference is that, one is active and the other used to work for WBS TV which is no more. During last night's show, Zahara hit Luzze below the belt when she made some statements that did not go down well with him.

Using his Facebook account, Mc Luzze Anderson came out with all guns blazing hitting back at the Spark TV host.

"Zahara Totto hope this time it's going to be worth it coz it's going to cost the whole station@ NTV&spark I love your station for it has promoted 'networking', Have you ever asked yourself why it's at Serena hotel?" That's where you and your guys network from."

"I will never hit it again, because my last experience was way below average and guys, if you think I'm lying, let her dare mention my name again on her show, I will release all the videos and photos when she is making out with these workmates, and she is the one who gave them to me."

"Let them try me again, they forget I started the whole Gossip thing and am good at it keeping quiet doesn't make me a fool.. Well, let them dare me..." He concluded.

It's not the first time these two are throwing stones at each other, insider sources say the genesis of all this was because Luzze wanted more than just that one night stand, but it was not possible.

Zahara Totto striking a pose

Zahara Totto is a show host on Spark TV, which is a sister station to NTV, it's yet to be added on DSTV.

Luzze Anderson seems to have a lot of info but with no TV station to broadcast his various clips, he should think of YouTube at this rate.

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