Monday, 15 May 2017

WizKid was paid $140,000 for the show that never was

I'm doing 2 free shows in Uganda this year-WizKid

Last year, WizKid fans were left disappointed when his Kampala show was cancelled at the last minute.

The Naija StarBoy apologized and promised to make it up to his fans. The show was to take place on Dec 3, 2016, however, several months later, no money had been refunded to the fans nor  a new date communicated.

Promoter Suudi Lukwago, who plans to bring in Justin Beiber has in the last few days been on telly and social media demanding for answers to the WizKid show that never was.

Wizkid was paid over 460Million to perform in Uganda, but during that time, he was in Europe recording a video.

"All I ask for is for the organizers (Face TV) to have a heart and refund the monies paid by the revelers. It is a business. If it was a bank, people would demand for their money plus interest! If they continue dilly-dallying, I have the capacity to take it a step higher."

WizKid to do 2 free shows for Ugandans

On threatening to take this a notch higher, the Daddy Yo singer was left with no choice, but to give in. Yesterday, WizKid took to twitter to let whoever cared to know that he will be having two shows later this year, and to avoid more confusion over who paid and who did not, the shows will be free.

"2 days free to make up for the last time," The 26-year-old Nigerian singer and songwriter emphasized.

The good news of WizKid promising free shows later in the year was warmly received at Face TV, they took to popping champagne bottles, but Suudi Lukwago aka Suudiman is not yet done, he wishes this can only be done after the promised show. We will keep following this story for you.



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Sheila Gashumba - "If doing interviews with artists is the new way of sleeping with them then well and good. Am a TV presenter. My job is to get the best for my show! I'm sorry that you missed the WizKid show and you are very angry at that."

"What if I did it with Wizkid, why are you concerned though!! are you my boyfriend!!!"

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