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Sunday, May 21 2017

Sheila now claims, Dogo Janja is the baby daddy

Sheila Don Zella, now, claims Dogo Janja is the new dad of Big Eye's child

Just a few days back, singer Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye found out that the child he had raised all along wasn't his. This was after sending him birthday shoutouts when he turned 4. He added that some day, he will be reunited with him. The child is with the mom, Sheila Don Zella, and they are all currently in the US.

The birthday note did not go down well with Sheila. It should be recalled that the two split badly last year and the effects of that split continue to bite. Using her Facebook page, the mom of three who has never recovered from the loss of her baby twins through a miscarriage used her Facebook account to assure the Batunte singer, that, he was actually not the biological father to Britton.

She even produced birth certificates to support her argument, the certificate did not have the Mayanja name, but it had Juntunen Britton.

Juntunen is the father of Sheila's two daughters, he has been battling with Parkinson's disease in the last five years, the reason Sheila is up and about.

Sheila was reminded that her first two children have a white complexion because their dad is white and Britton is not, so, Big Eye, is the baby daddy.

Sheila showing off her new man
Sheila is seen posing strategically with a Zungu she met in the pool..

Sheila who of late is trying to be a 'Stella Nyanzi' of sorts was quick to remind those who were concerned that the baby who has a dark complexion is not for the Mzungu, but also, not for Big Eye as she explains.

"If the baby is dark like me, it does not make Big Eye the baby daddy, he was not the only man in my life." Sheila noted.

Sheila Don Zella at the pool

The mom of three, then went browsing the net in search for a hot dude that looked like her son and the search landed on Tanzanian singer Dogo Janja. She shared his pic with the son asking her fans, "How do they look, I'm a woman, I'm not entitled to one man?"

"All we need is DNA...Resembling does not make one the father, we have the case of Mesach Semakula resembling Hon. Betty Namboze, it does not mean they are related," One responded.

"I have been fighting ever since I was a child am not a survior but am a warrior my children deserve the best in this world whatever I never had they will have.." She concluded.

It's in that conclusion that Big Eye should actually not worry, the child is his, but these are effects of the split at play because the birth certificates having the same name of a European dad and yet one of the children has a dark complexion simply reminds us of Bad Black when she gave birth to a baby and applied tons of powder to disguise the look, it did not work.

Then, the latest search for another replacement dad off the internet and landing on Dogo Janja simply confirms that all is not well, but like she put it, she is a warrior and will do anything, she just did.

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