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Saturday, August 20 2016

Chameleone after his Australian tour enroute to Uganda

Chameleone's 420k follower Instagram account hacked

Chameleone's Instagram account has been targeted by a hacker who has now assumed ownership of the account. He first demanded for money, then put the account on sale, but none of these options were paying off. He resorted to posting a series of obscene messages and photos hoping that he will make the music doctor bow down to his pressure, he did not.


The hacker opened up another account pretending to be Chameleone, he appealed to his fans to report the account, but Chameleone's son, Abba Marcus, was quick to make a post saying this is not my dad, please don't follow him. 

"We have lost Bigger things in Life that can never be replaced. Thanks my friends and fans who keep me inspired to keep Going. I lost my old Instagram Account to hackers. Please follow my new Instagram Account. OfficialJoseChameleone

Tell my Instagram friends and yours too to follow and let's roll again as we have very little time to waste with Hackers,Thanks," Chameleone came out to confirm that this time, it was real, his account had been hacked.

Not long back, to be exact on August 02, the Sweet Banana singer's account was hacked and the hacker made a post that Daniella had separated from the singer, he later came out to explain; Daniella and I are still together, my account was hacked-Chameleone


On realizing that Chameleone has moved onto another account and not bothered about the old one, hacker John Stima Kulwa has now changed the singers account to 'Official John Kulwa' from Chameleone. The account which had over 420,000 followers and 1500 plus posts is now owned by a jobless millionaire from Mbeya, a city in South West Tanzania.

Chameleone's new account versus the hacked account

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