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Wednesday, December 31 2008
The Chennai Police in India is holding a Ugandan who over stayed his student visa for over 30 years. The police swung into action on Tuesday after a tip off by the landlord where Charles Arabako was staying.
Arabako went to India to study Mechanical Engineering in 1977 and shortly after he hooked himself an Anglo Indian wife. The two have been staying together though they were not married.
The girl friend succumbed to cancer a year a go something that made life very difficult for Charles to the point of seeking freebies from a near by church. Charles is actually known to some people because a former student from Barkatullah Vishwavidyalaya University, Bhopal who prefers to remain anonymous went to Bombay (now Mumbai) and happened to meet Charles at the train station but even then he was not in a hurry to come back home.
"On questioning, Arabako said he had come to Chennai via Mumbai. We cannot confirm this, because, he doesn't have a passport or a visa. We are monitoring foreigners over-staying in the country and sending frequent reports to the police. The local police has to conduct door-to-door checks to verify documents of foreigners." A senior immigration officer said.
Ugandans have for a long time been going to India for education as it is relatively cheaper than the local universities and students from India are exposed to a wider scope of affordable courses giving them an edge over the local ones.
Education in India has also had its toll on Ugandans as a number of them have lost lives on motor bikes and other ailments. These are accidents which can also occur here in Uganda but it would equally be disheartening sending your child for education and they never come back and worst case scenario deported, which is likely to be the case for Charles Arabako.
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MC Kats and baby mama, Fille

Their daughter turned 7, a few days back.

During the interview, MC Kats caught up with his baby mama on a number of issues ranging from her Extended Play that she will be releasing soon, the two collaboration songs that King Saha agreed to work on with Fille.

Hellen Lukoma gifted with a Range Rover

Asked what the magic was, and Hellen was like and that is nothing, he is capable of a lot more.

"I have two children, Ata and Ark, with my Heaven sent Anwar, we have been together for five years. I am a good person and my hubby is the only one in this world, he was made for me and by the way, that is nothing compared to the things he has done."

Sheebah Karungi quits TNS

In a Snapchat post decorated with green snakes emojis, God's Plan who is currently in the UK has revealed how the 'Bango' singer ended up dating his then girlfriend Sheilah Gashumba.

"He used to come to my apartment to chill, drink and eat food..."

Zari and her new lover Choppa

Not long back, when Zari was explaining how she hit the rocks with King Bae, who turned out to be romance scammer, she said that it is not about money when it comes to dating her, so even the not so loaded guys were welcome to give it a try, but looking at her new lover, GK Choppa, he seems to be wearing two faces, in him you see a combination of her late hubby and Diamond Platnumz.


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