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Saturday, February 21 2009
As we move through advancements of all things the Maids business has not been left out. You can now visit any “training center” and the girls are paraded for you to interview based on your needs coupled with their capabilities.
In the past you had to depend on a relative or friend to get you a maid fresh from the village and you train them right from scratch on the tasks you wished them to lay their hands on.
We happened to speak to one person who used maids from one of the training centers in Kampala as we were researching more on this article and this was their experience:
“The first maid I got I was paying her 60,000/- and come Christmas time, we were going for Lunch in Jinja which happened to be her place and so she decided to join us yet originally that wasn’t her intention to travel. Well being a festive season we allowed her to go but told her to come back the following day. She never did and only showed up a week later claiming that she was not interested in working anymore.” Being the training center it is as long as you have been with a maid for more than two months you are required to pay a commission of 60,000/- in replacement of the one who has abandoned ship.
We got another maid and had to go through fresh lessons of the do’s and don’ts plus all the instructions that were to see her through her new job. Two weeks later she tells us that she received a phone call from her relatives that she should further her studies and they have got her a place in one of the nursing schools. We did not object to that so we set her free and because we are still under the two months, we were not required to pay commission again. We went back to the training center and they gave us another maid who was very fresh from the village and had not worked before. This one lasted for 8 months and she was the best and not in any way comparable to the ones before her. She happened to go to the neighborhood where she found a maid who was serving her last day. The two compared notes on the two homes and this one saw a lot of potential in the other home, so she very quickly told us that her Dad was sick and she needed to check on him. We went back to the center for another one paid commission and opted to giving her a better salary than the previous one.
This one did not last 2 weeks. One morning as we were all heading for work, she tells us that she had lost her grand ma and therefore she is proceeding for burial. We went to bed the previous night without any mention of anything and first thing in the morning she says she is proceeding for burial. We asked her that surely how do you tell us at this point when we cannot even improvise nor can we go with the children to work, besides how was the news delivered?. She said okay I can wait for you to come back at five and then I proceed. Meanwhile with the late nite chat and 99% MTN zone discount, these maids spend the whole night chatting with their colleagues and this is exactly what had happened. Now that she hadn’t lasted for two weeks we decided to take her back because on top of being very lazy, she was dirty, disrespectful and arrogant coupled with teaming up with maids from the neighborhoods and inviting them over for Kinigeria.(Nigrian Movies).
We unanimously agreed that she should be taken back immediately so that from the center she can proceed for burial because we asked her a simple question, supposing you go for burial, how long will you stay there, she said she was not sure something that confirmed that her contract should be terminated immediately.
Got another one who complained of stomach problems within the one week of her tenure only to realize that she was pregnant, we did not waste much of her time so relieved her of her duties.
Meanwhile we have got a replacement one who has not served a week but has already intimated to us that she will not manage. It is not that she can’t manage but also she is just too lazy that she will take over an hour washing utensils for two adults her self and two kids below 3 years.
The lady who has been seeking the services of these maids is now so stressed that she even tried to woo one of the maids who had decided to work at the neighborhood and promised increased salary and better packages now that she was the best of all but the maid said no she is comfortable wherever she is.
In conclusion these city maids are not looking for any home but are looking for a home which is equipped with literally everything and with the credit crunch at its best, they have found themselves plying home to home in search of safe heavens. The other reason which makes these city girls not stay for long though not confirmed is that it is a racket between their bosses and the girls.
We would love to hear from you and your experiences on this service that on the surface looks enticing but in the long run a pain and if well analyzed a waste of money and time.
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