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Sunday, July 26 2009
                            Sinan Talk Show in Uganda
The talk show was about prostitution and it was featuring Joan a prostitute who has been at the vice for the last six years and now wants to change and do other going ventures.
She was in a relationship which she started at the age of 13 and managed to get 5 children in the process but the husband left her for other women. At the age of 13 with 5 children a few years later, she had nothing to do apart from prostitution when the husband left her.
Faridah's show went deep in a place called Kimombasa in one of the slums that houses 80 prostitutes who were assuring the host of Sinan Talk Show that if they got them capital they would shift to other businesses. In the background these women were smoking the pipe which is alleged to bless the business and bring in rich men who would pay good monies for their services.
The lady has actually denounced the practice and that is why she was able to come out publicly on Television saying that after 5 years, she has nothing to be proud of in the sex trade business.
The lady said that they encounter a number of problems ranging from being raped, not using protection, plus some men who are strong to the extent that having slept with such a man, she has to look for an open clinic for treatment. Some of her colleagues have died trying to abort, some customers actually demand for young children and these are involved in the practice already.
The talk show is similar to Betty Tibaleka's Untold Story on UBC though this was on NTV and both shows are broadcast on Sunday. Live recordings for Sinan Talk Show are held at Serena Hotel(Katonga Hall) every last Friday of the month. Other topics on the previous shows have tackled poverty alleviation, AIDS/HIV fight, Women and Development and Single Parenting among others.
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