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Saturday, December 12 2009
Discount Rates in Uganda Shopping, How genuine are they?
It is this time of the year when supermarkets, shops and other related entities are witnessing a boom as a result of the festive season. It is for this very reason that very many stores are announcing massive discounts and SALE promotions.
But this is not easy in an environment that does not have product catalogues or display prices on commodities like it is the case in India where all products by law have a Maximum Retail Price (MRP)displayed on them.
Supermarkets like Game, UCHUMI and shoprite occasionally put product catalogues as insertions in news papers. The catalogues are also on display at the respective stores just to help the customers work out their shopping plans.
If any of the above stores announced that they are having a SALE at their stores, it is highly likely that the advertised discount is real and genuine as opposed to a SALE down town being announced with no basis.
Amazingly, down town shops can announce a discount when in actual sense they are charging a price higher than the usual, but just because they are taking advantage of the increased demand.
No wonder, a similar commodity will be priced differently in 3 shops because the culture of displaying prices is not practised in down town shops. A customer walks into the store and on discovering that, that customer is inquiring about the commodity, they will simply tell this customer ''Komawo nga olina esente" meaning that come back when you have money.
This sounds unfair for someone planning and yet for every purchase you need to have budgeted and planned for it.
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