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Saturday, January 16 2010
Transport on Lake Victoria is paralyzed after the only ferry connecting businessmen between landing sites of Masaka, Bukakata and Bugoma Islands broke down. The Kalangala ferry that broke down two weeks back after developing mechanical problems with the ramp has led to a hike in transport costs of canoes and speedboats.
The ferry breakdown has further led to the only two pump stations drying up. Replenishment of fuel depends entirely on the ferry which is now down and can only resume operations after the ramp is replaced because it protects the ferry from strong winds and docking.
Efforts in getting another ship from Entebbe to transport fuel to the two pump stations at the island were futile because the ship in question was not insured to transport highly inflammable fuel.
Several fishermen are part of those affected as a result of the breakdown. The pressure lumps they use for fishing have equally run out of paraffin.
Meanwhile, John Lubega, The Southern region engineer with the Ministry of Works says that they are doing every thing possible to restore the ferry. A second ferry is yet to be introduced as promised by government.
Government recently promised to introduce a second ferry on L. Victoria to ease public transport but up to now the promise has not been fulfilled.
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