Saturday, 18 September 2010

Big Brother Africa is a reality TV show by MNET that is available for those on DSTV and it screens on channel 198. The show is available on all the DSTV packages implying that even those paying Shs 64,000/- per month would be able to view it.

It is normally screened for 91 days and today is day 62 for the current Big Brother which is the fifth version. In the first one, Gaetano Kaggwa represented Uganda, followed by Maureen Namatovu, Morris Mugisha and Hannington Kuteesa represented Uganda in the fourth version and now the fifth version which is on currently.

Uganda made news with Gaetano taking on Tanzania's Abby in the sheets, Maureen was a star when it came to the shower hour as she indeed showered nude before the entire Africa, that has since been removed.

Morris (BBA3) and Hannington(BBA4 or Revolution) did not have much to do other than playing the game and actually leaving the game in the early stages. Then came the Big brother All Stars that started on 18 July, 2010 that saw all the previous participants bouncing back and for Uganda, Hannington Kuteesa, a son to the MP for Kalangala was chosen to represent Uganda.

The BBA5, is so controversial that one of the housemates, Uti from Nigeria lost his father and never went for burial and yet at some point, Big Brother had said that he would be allowed to go for burial and then later come back to the house, that is yet to be witnessed.

Last Tuesday, The barnmates were discussing Malaria as a topic and Hannington Kuteesa was the Chairman of that committee, however from the clip, it turns out that Hannington was not entertaining questions from Lerato (South Africa) who in the process became so upset.

She went out briefly only to return with a whisky bottle. It should be noted also that as the discussions were going on, the barnmates were high, so it is not surprising that whatever happened was fuelled by the booze.

It was clear Lerato was annoyed and went on to ask the Chairman why he was shouting, the Chairman who happened to be Hannington Kuteesa from Uganda pushed her and she retaliated by hitting him with a whisky bottle.

Big Brother had given Hannington a punishment, and Hannington had equally apologized but it looks like pressure from various groups was mounting and the only option left was for Hannington to leave the house, because the pressure groups together with Lerato's family were agitating for Hannington's removal from the house.

Big Brother announced to all the barnmates on Friday that Hannington Kuteesa has been disqualified from the game and therefore not in the game anymore.

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