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Zari's stunning dress at her Best Man's wedding

Zari during her introduction ceremony that cost over a billion shillings

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Curvy Zari in town after jetting in with King Bae

Harmonize is starting his own record label dubbed Konde Gang

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Bebe Cool and Salvador bury the hatchet

Bebe Cool and Salvador after making up during the Just Comedy show at Kingdom Kampala

Baby News - Hellen Lukoma and Weasel have both welcomed babies

Hellen Lukoma and Weasel are both new parents

Slyner Becky Juuko apologizes for her leaked pics, blames online lover

Sam Bagenda, Dr. Annete Kezaabu and Becky Juuko

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Lydia Jazmine was excited at the time of taking the pics

Zari's obsession for the leopard print fashion

Zari rocks the animal print fashion all the way

Zari's hubby pushing Diamond Platnumz to buy a Rolls Royce and a jet

Zari right by her Ferrari as Diamond Platnumz strikes a pose by his dream car, a Rolls Royce

Sheebah Karungi news

Sheebah Karungi news

Becky Juuko's pics leak days after defrauding a Mzungu 

Becky Juuko also known as Slyner is wanted by police over her leaked pics

How Sheebah's mom was dressed when she came to visit

Sheebah's favorite fan is her mom, Edith Kabazungu

Hamisa Mobetto's son with Diamond Platnumz turns 2

Diamond Platnumz and Hamisa Mobetto back then

Iryn Namubiru does a cover of John Blaq's Makanika song

Iryn Namubiru and John Blaq in talks over a collabo

Video-Diamond Platnumz bonds with Tanasha Donna's bump on stage

Tanasha Donna and hubby Diamond Platnumz

Sheebah Karungi working on a song with Harmonize

Sheebah Karungi and Harmonize during the shooting of their video at Speke Resort Munyonyo

Diamond Platnumz and Zari's messages to Princess Tiffah as she turns 4

Diamond Platnumz used the Instagram stories section for Tiffah' BD message

Tanasha Donna is now vending Zari's look-alike wedding rings

Tanasha Donna's peridot rings on sale compared to Zari's

Bebe Cool talks about his latest music projects

Bebe Cool doing his thing at UMA

After 8 years, Club Amnesia with several Theme Nights  has closed

Club Amnesia closes. Inset is the owner Dr. Innocent Nahabwe

Hamisa Mobetto outs a song for Diamond Platnumz

Hamisa Mobetto looking stunning in this dress from Mobetto Styles

Anita Fabiola clashes with Zari during the Miss Uganda beauty pageant

Zari and Anita clashed at the beauty pageant

Oliver Nakakande replaces Quiin Abenakyo as Miss Uganda

Outgoing Miss Uganda Quiin Abenakyo crowning Oliver Nakakande

Navio weds the mother of his two children, Mathilda Nasimbwa

Navio and Mathilda after exchanging vows in Sweden

Fans shocked over Zari and King Bae's low-key wedding

Mrs. M - Zari on her wedding day

Sunday, 11 August 2019
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Tuesday, 07 May 2019
Hellen Lukoma happy to learn that she is carrying a baby boy
Tuesday, 07 May 2019
Diamond Platnumz has revealed why he fired his former bodyguard in the Inama song with Fally Ipupa
Wednesday, 21 November 2018
Uganda to start issuing the EAC electronic passport in January 2019
Wednesday, 07 November 2018
Tulambule Ne Zari 4-day-tour of Western Uganda with the Minister of Tourism



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Tuesday, March 27 2007

For the latest on ICT's, Telecommunication, Entertainment and other happenings in and around Uganda; count on your blog right here


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Friday, March 16 2007

The FDC leader has finalized plans that are aimed at keeping his political arch rival a hostage around Kampala.The strategy aims at ensuring that Museveni keeps around Kampala or else Besigye overturns the security in the city and probaly in the whole country.The strategy includes conducting regular political action around Kampala.Other institutions will include Universities,Hospitals and the likes.The target areas will be around the constitution square, Kampala road Parliament avenue and the high court areas.Political analysts indeed say this is why the President had to chair the cabinet meeting in Rural Masaka.

  • 'Re-arrested PRA men's where abouts unknown'
  • Salaamu Musumba lands on plot to kill her

The FDC Vice Chairperson Salaamu Musumba has landed on a plot to kill her during the by elections for the Kamuli District LC 5 seat.The seat fell vacant after Kawugu Mugaino's papers were found lacking forcing court to nullify the election.The information leaked to her by a friend has it that a search is on for drivers who can fake an accident during the campaigns slated to kick off any time.She says she is aware of a group that was trained by NRM to disrupt the February presidential and parliamentary opposition campaigns and vowed to deal with them this time round.

Posted by: AT 02:01 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Thursday, March 15 2007

The latest news in the FDC from reliable sources is that Winnie Byanyima is not on talking terms with her husband Dr.Kizza Besigye the current FDC leader.It is rumored that Winnie quietly abandoned the FDC in a mega exchange to endorse her for the UN Job in New York.This deal was brokered by Sam Kuteesa in Addis Ababa last year.Many high profile jobs at the UN require endorsement by the home government.This deal has paralyzed relations between Winnie and Dr.Kizza Besigye. 

In New York Winnie has distanced herself from FDC activities and activists.She has actually paralyzed plans of FDC's Anne Mugisha to popularize FDC programmes aimed at undermining Museveni & his government.

Intelligence sources also confirm that there systems have not reported a phone conversation between Winnie and Besigye for sometime now.

  • Jomayi refutes Nakawuki's allegations
  • Boxer Ouma dating Owori

Celebrity Boxer Ouma Kassim is now dating Susan Owori sister to Sylvia Owori of Sylvie's Boutique.Its less than a month ago when Ouma and Juliana were an Item that she even changed her name to Jalia.Plans to tie the knot were in the offing.Juliana was also thinking of converting to Islam which is Kassim's faith.The latest is that Kassim bought Sylvia an airticket probably to act as Susan's maid of honour as the two are planning to be married soon.

Posted by: AT 07:47 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Wednesday, March 14 2007

Top FDC Ministers have been receiving big cheques to destabilize the FDC party from within.Some members have been given houses for the espionage work.The task of the spies is to leak any relevant information including minutes and copies of all correspondence's.The other task is to lead the party leader away from the right path.Its the same advice that has made Besigye concentrate in the city center and ignoring the upcountry where Museveni enjoys massive support.Besigye has not been idle either as he equally gets information about him in record time.

  • Former Miss Uganda Pregnant

Barbara Nakimbugwe left Uganda for the US and hooked US based Ugandan Boxer Kassim Ouma "The Dream" and were an item for sometime before calling it quits.She later landed herself a Zimbabwean Tycoon and tied the knot.She is now expecting and the Zimbabwean is the proud father of the child to be.

Posted by: AT 08:35 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Tuesday, March 13 2007

The Police is being urged to use Snakes for crowd control as opposed to teargas and water canons.Teargas becomes costly in the long run bearing in mind that Ugandans are constantly battling with Police and in the process getting used to it.In places especially the far east where snakes are commonly used they are dropped by helicopters to the crowds.The snakes are not poisonous but they are capable of sending off the rioters.The government anticipates more riots as the struggle for political power grows.

  • SN Brussels' Morris weeps over Golf Ball

Golf is a game for the rich and whoever plays it is considered loaded.One Morris of SN Brussels was enjoying his game only to be disrupted by the ball going off pitch.A search for the ball did not yield any results forcing Morris to break down in tears.If the ball was not that special then it must have been the cost of getting a new one.

  • M7 Calls crisis meeting over NRM rebel MPs 
  • Gae set to wed
Posted by: AT 07:00 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Monday, March 12 2007

There is a coup plot against Besigye fuelled by some party executives.They say that Besigye should be replaced quickly to allow the next party head to traverse the country before the 2011 elections.Among others they claim that Besigye has lost elections twice, failed to win in his home district therefore he should not head a national party.However the plotters are looking at a possible replacement from Maj Gen.Mugisha Muntu or Ogenga Latigo.

  • 2 Ugandans on the run

Police in the UK is hunting for two Ugandans who are HIV positive and continuously sleep with women intetionally minus telling them they are infected.Police is combing two Ugandan entertainment places i.e. a Ugandan Club in Edmonton and club 791 in South London where these men hang out .They face a long term jail if it turns out they do it on purpose.

Posted by: AT 10:49 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Saturday, March 10 2007

Dr.Kizza Besigye faces new charges.The leader of Forum for Democratic Change is to be charged when court opens with assault.He beat up a Policeman and broke his jaw in court premises on March 01.The Policeman one Kakuru was stopping the aggressive and determined leader from entering the registrars office where the PRA Suspects were being held and that is where he sustained his punch after Besigye lost his cool..

Kakuru is a member of the feared Black Mamba Commandos, from the Joint Anti Terrorism Squad.When other officers hit back and tried to intervene they were stopped by the superiors claiming that Besigye was provoking the Police into beating him up.President Museveni was briefed  that Besigye started the fracas so he ordered an investigation into the matter and the culprits be brought to book.

  • UPDF Plain Catches Fire in Somalia
  • Straka Suspended from WBS
Posted by: AT 09:15 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Friday, March 09 2007

The Red Pepper claims to have landed on information that Besigye and Museveni vow to crush each other before the end of 2008.Besigye has been moving from Rally to rally saying Museveni will not rule Uganda till 2011.Museveni  is also planning to deal with what he terms as "Besigye's Nonsense" after the CHOGM.They have both adopted a different strategy.Besigye has started brewing civil disobedience leading to full fledged may hem in the week of  CHOGM, Nov 23-25.FDC has also resorted to hiring young men skilled in rioting who are at the forefront of the recent FDC Riots.These boys do not fear tear gas or being arrested.Besigye's CHOGM plan is to hold severe riots,attract the wrath of the state so that visiting heads of state including the Queen Elizabeth ll see Museveni as another Robert Mugabe.

To counter Besigye's plan Museveni yesterday announced at kololo that nobody would destabilize him because he has a dual mandate, one of liberalization and the other from the voters and he is considering to unleash the no-nonsense Kakooza Mutale and the commander of Military Police Col.Dick Bugingo to crush Besigye and his supporters.

  • Go and rear Goats,M7 tells Besigye

The President has described the members of the opposition as day dreamers and advised them to go and rear goats as they wait for 2011.No political group will be allowed to stage a demonstration at the Constitutional square as its the central business district of Kampala.

Posted by: AT 07:52 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Thursday, March 08 2007

Top Security officials are investigating a mind-boggling puzzle of how FDC leader Col.Dr.Kizza Besigye gets the latest intelligence reports about him with lightening speed.Many reports about Besigye reach him almost at the very time they are being delivered to Gen.David Tinyefuza who is the overall coordinator of intelligence organizations.What shocked the intelligence gurus is how the report to arrest him leaked.Besigye was to be arrested on Monday the day the judges started their strike.This was after the pardoned PRA suspects had piled incriminating evidence against him.Besigye had got a thorough briefing from his network about the arrest; so he moved quickly to stage a demonstration and working up crowds to attract local and international attention.In that way it became difficult for the state to arrest him and the  plans were called off.Top intelligence chiefs have launched an investigation into how top secrets leak to Besigye.

  • 'Wives of PRA Suspects considering Suicide'
  • Judges Strike Paralyzes Police


Posted by: AT 09:47 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Wednesday, March 07 2007

A special Intelligence report has concluded that Besigye has been testing the President and Government on how far they can restrain him.On Monday Besigye again paralyzed the city as he was in running battles with police that he overpowered them and went to Parliament.According to security agencies after Monday's actions worse demos are expected.Besigye and his supporters have developed a huge resistance for tear gas and bullets.A decision has been made that the army and not the regular police will handle Besigye's demonstrations.Intelligence sources add that if Besigye fails in his plan to capture power using people power he will flee the country after all he has showed the international community that he cannot hold a rally in Kampala.Meanwhile during the last failed attempt to smuggle the PRA suspects by FDC several diplomatic vehicles were put on standby to whisk away the suspects who had been granted bail on terrorism charges.

  • Judges Defy M7
  • UPDF Men attacked on Arrival in Somalia
  • CAA on schedule for CHOGM
Posted by: AT 08:15 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Tuesday, March 06 2007

The Police battled FDC Leader and his supporters who wanted to demonstrate against the re-arrest of the six PRA suspects.The city center turned chaotic as police teargassed the supporters forcing many shops on Jinja and Kampala road to close.Besigye was able to move to parliament all the way from clock tower where he had been battling with police.As police kept on firing tear gas in the public a canister fell in one of the commuters heading to Jinja forcing all the passengers out except for two kids whose fate is still unknown.

  • Museveni rules out bail for the PRA suspects

The President still insists that the PRA suspects will not be granted bail.He also blasted Justice Lugayizi for "misinterpreting" the law and contradicting the constitution."The courts were certainly wrong to grant these people bail.They should not have been released on bail because they can escape and go back to rebellion"

Posted by: AT 07:22 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Monday, March 05 2007

Security has landed on sensitive information that Forum for Democratic Change Leader, Col.Kizza Besigye plans to flee the country.Since Friday Security reactivated the 24 hour surveillance on the colonel which it had relaxed.Besigye has learnt that the State may be in advanced stages of re-arresting him and charging him.Gen.Mugisha Muntu and Reagan Okumu on Saturday night met senior Diplomats of the British High Commission so they can plead with Government not to re arrest Dr.Besigye.

  • Chameleon's new Album Stolen

Jose Chameleon's new Album dubbed ''Abatasiga Nsigo'' has been stolen from his leon Island studios.The Album  had already been paid for by Kasiwukira Studios at the cost of 50Mn but the next thing Chameleon discovered was listening to one of the tracks from a moving car and that is how he discovered it had been stolen.He has reported the matter to police and the culprits will have to pay heavily.

  • Muliika now Head of Anti Museveni group in Buganda
Posted by: AT 06:18 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Friday, March 02 2007

The crisis in Buganda Kingdom takes another twist with a failed plot to poison the former premier, Dan Muliika.This plot was being hatched by a prominent lawyer using a tea girl employed at Bulange, Mengo.The city lawyer had actually conned alot of people with promises to lease land belonging to the kingdom but to date his promises have never come to pass.The city lawyer felt scared that the sacked premier would spill the beans so he plotted to poison him.The tea girl was promised 4m to execute the move but she turned it down after reflecting on how those on suspicion of killing Dr.Robinah Kiyingi suffered.

  • Standoff over (PRA) Suspects

Justice Eldad Mwangusya yesterday set free six PRA suspects but the State refused to set theM free like it has done on four previous occasions.However the suspects vowed not to leave the High Court.One of them was lifted shoulder high but was able to fight his way back to court.The standoff attracted over 9 Ambassadors as the suspects resisted going back to Luzira.At about 7:00pm the suspects were forcefully herded to the bus amidst tight security in and around the court.Some FDC supporters were beaten up in the confusion.The suspects were first given bail way back in 2005 but since then they have remained in Luzira Prison.The President said that there being released would depend on them applying for amnesty.In total they were 22 and the rest have been granted amnesty after accepting guilt.

Posted by: AT 08:39 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Thursday, March 01 2007

A new rift within the NRM Party has emerged where some members of the party are calling themselves "shareholders" and others "workers".This came into the lime light during the caucus meeting of the NRM that took place at the Vice President's house in Garuga.Bukenya was the emcee during this meeting among others to counter press reports about his imminent sacking from cabinet.Below are some of the members considered as share holders Kigongo, Mbabazi, Kiyonga, Otafire,Tinyefuza, Tumwine, Rugunda, Kuteesa, Saleh, Nasasira, Muhwezi, Kategaya.The the list of those viewed as workers is as followsProf.Bukenya, Prof Nsibambi, Sekandi, Kadaga, Onek and almost all the ministers that did not take part in the 1981-86 bush war

  • Rio Ferdinand's Dad hooks Ray
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