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John Blaq is single and searching, he describes his perfect girl

John Blaq performing in the UK and on the right is Carol Macha who interviewed him

Tiffah and Nillan slay on their uncle's Maserati

Tiffah and Nillan are in love with King Bae's white Maserati

Here is more evidence that Tanasha Donna is pregnant

Tanasha Donna strategically covering her bump

Bad Black tells off Irene Ntale for her views on prostitution

Bad Black and her latest lover

Wema Sepetu’s reaction following Tanasha Donna’s pregnancy

Wema Sepetu and her latest lover Patrick

Chris Evans gets a response from his crush, Zanie Brown

Talks are underway between Zanie Brown and Chris Evans

Diamond Platnumz expecting 4th child as Tanasha Donna shows off baby bump

Tanasha Donna showing off her bump at luxurious club in Nairobi

This is how Winnie Nwagi dressed for the Kabaka

Winnie Nwagi performing at Nabugabo Sand Beach

Why Diamond Platnumz and Yemi Alade failed to perform at the Leaders Festival in Nairobi

Diamond Platnumz on arrival in Nairobi

Diamond Platnumz excited with the turn up at his One Man One Mic shows

Diamond Platnumz performing the Iyena song at the One Man One Mic show

Chupa Ku Chupa by A Pass the best new dance-hall song-fans

A Pass on one of his latest posts

PCC summons Martha Kay over her leaked pics

Martha Kay trying out her DJ skills

Comedian Salvador initiates wedding plans with fiancee Daphine Frankstock

Daphine and Salvador introduction ceremony

Ykee Benda and Mugume speak out on Martha Kay's pics

Ykee Benda and Martha Kay

Diamond Platnumz showers Dylan with love

Diamond Platnumz, Dylan and Hamisa Mobetto

Why would your UK VISA application be refused?

What to do to get your UK Visa and why it can also be refused

Who is Martha Kay?

Comedienne Martha Kay

Zari in the kitchen, she is such a great cook

Zari preparing a Ramadan meal

Sheebah is an amazing artist, but she needs time to battle with me-Cindy

Cindy shooting her Copicat video

Cindy's message to Sheebah after the Kimansulo song

Cindy's response to Sheebah's Kimansulo and Jealousy songs

Excitement as Vinka is signed to Sony Music Entertainment

Vinka putting pen on paper on the Sony Music Entertainment contract

Fans seem not AMUSED with Sheebah Karungi's Kimansulo and Jealousy songs

Sheebah Karungi outs three songs in a row

Fresh Kid is still under us, De Texas Management, confirms

Fresh Kid's manager Francis Kamoga strikes a pose

Bebe Cool's take on artists joining politics

This is what Bebe Cool thinks about artists joining politics

Zari's children are not among Diamond Platnumz's Instagram followers

Diamond Platnumz's followers on Instagram

Fresh Kid to do a song with world’s youngest DJ, Arch Jr

Youngest world rapper DJ Arch Jr to do a song with Fresh Kid

King Bae buys for Zari a house; it is her fifth in South Africa

Zari and King Bae outside their new crib

Hamisa Mobetto's house bounces back on the market for the next tenant

Hamisa Mobetto's landlord looking for another tenant

Sweden has not been bad to you, Vivienne tells SK Mbuga

Vivienne Mbuga shares a clip of her hubby in a jovial mood

A glance at Quiin Abenakyo's reign as it comes to an end

President Museveni and Quiin Abenakyo after receiving her model

SK Mbuga's first pics after months in jail emerge

SK Mbuga's latest pics

Bobi Wine, Barbie and son dazzle in traditional wear

Kampala Solomon, Barbie and Bobi Wine

I will spend the rest of my life with King Bae-Zari Hassan

Zari pours her heart out to King Bae

Zari thanks Diamond for playing her as new lover gifts her with a red Ferrari

Zari's compound is littered with super luxury cars

Tuesday, 07 May 2019
Hellen Lukoma happy to learn that she is carrying a baby boy
Tuesday, 07 May 2019
Diamond Platnumz has revealed why he fired his former bodyguard in the Inama song with Fally Ipupa
Wednesday, 21 November 2018
Uganda to start issuing the EAC electronic passport in January 2019
Wednesday, 07 November 2018
Tulambule Ne Zari 4-day-tour of Western Uganda with the Minister of Tourism
Tuesday, 30 October 2018
Sheebah Karungi is the proud owner of this orange SUV



Latest Photos 
Thursday, 18 April 2019
Lydia Jazmine thrills her fans in Mbarara
Sunday, 14 October 2018
American rapper Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian and tehir children are in Uganda for at least a week
Saturday, 08 September 2018
Socialite SK Mbuga's wife, Jalia Mbuga, looking all glammed up
Thursday, 30 August 2018
Winnie Nwagi is all set to perform for her fans at the All Stars Swangz Avenue concert
Sunday, 19 August 2018
Several artists visited Barbie Kyagulanyi at her home in Magere
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Friday, October 31 2008

The Price of the Red Pepper has been hiked from 1,200/- to 1,500/- with effect from 3.Nov.2008. The hike which will apply to the Onion tabloid too was announced yesterday by the Operations Director Johnson Musinguzi. The increase has been propelled by general increase in the cost of production. The cost of printing materials has also sky rocketed, the depreciation of the shilling against the dollar plus the recent fuel prices have contributed to the increase.

The waiver on Diesel was removed mid this year by government and yet generators at the production plant in Namanve run constantly.

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Thursday, October 30 2008

Sexy singing hotties, the Dream Galz are very sad after being diddled of their dime by Ssengo. The three girls were set to perform in South Africa but abandoned the South African show to be able to travel and perform along side Afrigo Band on the invitation of Ssengo.

When the show was done Ssengo told Eddie Yawe the dream gals manager that they will find the money in Kampala with his sister. Eddie Yawe got to Kampala and indeed contacted the woman who had no clue on the said funds.

Eddie has vowed to revenge."Ssengo can't get away with it.Eddie has vowed to revenge. No one can play him and walk away with it."

Meanwhile Yunus Ssengo a brother to Ssengo the UK based Ugandan music promoter was arrested on two separate counts of car jerking and robbery and faces up to 10 years in jail. Yunus was leaving with Rita Tusubira aka Olga and after his arrest life became hectic for Rita that the conditions forced her back to Uganda immediately.

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Wednesday, October 29 2008
             Sheila and Latoya in Kampala
BBA3 Evicted housemates Latoya and Sheila were over the weekend in Kampala. The gorgeous former housemates from Tanzania and Kenya were in Kampala for the Lumbox UTL(Uganda Telecom) carnival at Makerere University. The two BBA3 failures jetted into the country on Friday at 2:00pm aboard Kenya Airways and off to Hotel Africana.
The two stormed Club Rouge dressed skimpily while Sheila exposed her right hand tattoo of a butterfly. She revealed to revellers that it is a sign of being sexually attractive.
There was a stampede as revellers struggled to at least touch Latoya who used to shower nude while on the reality TV.
In the company of their manager Eddie okira, they staggered to Club Silk where they were treated to all sorts of cocktails and chicken tails.
The following day the two were picked from their hotel to proceed for lunch at Nandos, later in the evening Sheila and Latoya went to Makerere for the UTL concert. They were done at at 1:00am, relocated to Just kicking and while there boozified patrons at just kicking were heard saying “aren’t these the mother bitches who were evicted from BBA3. We must shaft them” As these threats trickled in, it was decided that they change location.
By 3:00 am the two were at Fat Boyz where freebies of Castle lager were flowing like there is no tomorrow. They drunk themselves silly before retiring to their hotel rooms at 5:00am.
They went for interviews on Sunday before attending the eviction party at Steak Out. They left the country at 5:00pm on Monday.
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Monday, October 27 2008

Jose Chameleone has defied the doctors order to rest so that he recovers quickly. The star singer is set to rock Cafe Cheri tonight on his wheel chair after the horrible accident that broke his legs.

The show is dubbed Leone Island Reloaded with Club. His doctor was contacted regarding Chameleone's early return to the night life and he said that Ideally Chameleone should be resting to allow his body recover very fast.

He shot his Ba Yudda Video from the hospital. At this rate it is clear the star is not going to let the injury affect his career.

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Sunday, October 26 2008

One Jane Nakabugo told her story to the Red Pepper last week of how she infected her boy friend with AIDS and after the publication of the story it turned out that a number of boys had actually slept with her and some had not used protection.

Jane Nakabugo of Uganda Christian University(UCU) in Mukono had her friend or roomamate for that case who got attracted to her boyfriend and the two became lovers in the process. Jane felt betrayed that her best friend had snatched her man away.

She moved on and got another man who was quite old and hit it off with him. It turns out later that the man was infected and when Jane tested her self the results indicated she was infected too. She knew all this had been brought about by this friend who betrayed her. She decided to call the ex boyfriend who responded and asked him to sleep with her even though she was in another relationship. The man obliged and the two did not use any protection and that is exactly how she got her friend and the ex boyfriend trapped.

This story was published last Sunday but throughout the week students have been frequenting the clinics around for AIDS tests and the few who have got results have come out very miserable. This has forced girls to go for similar tests.

Meanwhile local people in Mukono are complaining of the long queues of the students who flood the clinics and delay them.

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Sunday, October 26 2008

If your shopping place for clothes has been Kabindi Fashion a shop opposite Radio One, then it is high time you looked for alternatives. The popular fashion house has been closed for failing to pay rent. Rent for eight months is outstanding. Efforts in getting Kabindi to clear her debts failed and the only way around it was to close the shop. Meanwhile clients had discovered that Kabindi designs were from owino and not London as customers had been previously made to believe.

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Saturday, October 25 2008
Blu3's sexy and curvy dark skinned Jackie Chandiru has won herself a huge black Sudanese man. The two have been spotted along hotel florida on Entebbe road hand in hand on several occasions feeding each other on tasty ice cream. Jackie who is on love with this guy can't stop kissing him all time. Last Tuesday they were spotted at Hotel City Square where they spent more than two hours doing only what heavens can tell.
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Saturday, October 25 2008

Political Analysts last night branded Security Minister Amama Mbabazi as a sinking ship, the Titanic. The latest analysis of Mbabazi's predicament comes after the president promised close aides not to interfere in the land scandal which also involves Minister of Finance, Ezra Suruma.The remarkable turn around by the President was made after a two hour meeting with Brig. Jim Muhwezi on the shs 11bn Temangolo land purchase by NSSF.

Muhwezi has called on the embattled Minister to resign or face censure. The meeting between the President and Muhwezi took place on the recent tour of prosperity for all in Muhwezi's District.

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Friday, October 24 2008
Uganda's hottest Hip Hop singer Peter Miles on Saturday night hooked a chic from Angenoir street as he was driving to his home. As he pulled his new Mercedes Benz ML out of the Ange parking yard, a babe approached him with a sh sh shsh shs sound and he stopped. Miles put down the window and the babe told him that if he did not mind she wanted to spend the night with him. Miles smiled from ear to ear as the girl entered the car. Onlookers heard the chic saying "You are a lucky man, Iam done with my menstrual period and around this time am extremely horny, but since I have you, I'm sure everything will be fine".The two drove off towards Club Silk.
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Friday, October 24 2008

The Red Pepper has landed on shocking details that led to the popular presenter, Rachael Kiwanuka a daughter to Halima Namakula to be sent on forced leave.

The popular presenter was proud and disrespectful to some staff members something that did not go down well with the staff members and to make matters worse she was a pal to the top boss, Gordon Wavamuno. Sources from the station added that Racheal is close to one of Wavamuno's sons which made her feel invincible. This brought about an anti Rachael K Camp that peddled lies against her to management.

A good number of managers have been interested in Rachel and have been laying strategies for bedding her but the no-nonsense Rachel turned all of them down. An sms from one of the managers read:'' Hi Rachael, Do you mind if we have a chat at Serena Hotel at 10:30? I will be through with my work..Urgent Dear" and Rachael's response was "Thanks. I'am very busy at no end studios. May be another time though I think its better we meet at office!"

This reply made her extremely worried but at least she was not about to sleep with that man. This man was aging and suspected to be infected. The very manager intensified plans of her sacking.

Other issues were Rachael's fashion and Design. She dressed like Alicia Keys among others and some of the babes were envious of this. Most of her attire is imported and she likes expensive jewelry and shoes. Now that Rachael has one of the furnished and loaded wardrobes in town and she is very kind to help girls who storm her place borrowing clothes, she has ended up in lots of problems.

When she fired back at the cleaner who insulted her that was the last blow. She was summoned and sent on forced leave.


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Thursday, October 23 2008

         Weasle moving out with Chandiru
Jackie Chandiru of Blu 3 has confirmed she is dating Weasle of Goodlyfe. Jackie was recently tricked by a snoop at Link Bar in Wandegeya as to whether she knew Weasle so well and her reply was ''for a very long time''. Jackie was putting on a hat probably to conceal her identity in a fully parked bar.

Weasle was the master of ceremony while Jackie kept by Weasle throughout the night. The only time she left Weasle was when she was playing pool with her partner in Music, Lillian. The game of pool between these two lasted for over an hour.

At 4:00am the couple left Link Bar hand in hand.

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Wednesday, October 22 2008

               Peter Miles Dating Juliana
On the 17.Oct it was reported that Juliana had found love but this was a guy who was simply masquerading on behalf of Peter Miles. The unknown guy is only being fronted to confuse the public. Juliana's new man is Peter Miles and the affair is as good as two weeks.

On that day when Juliana was at Sheraton with "Mr Right" they were actually waiting for Peter Miles. The pair was spotted in the Sheraton Gardens late in the night.''They thought no one was watching but we were there" a source said..

They later relocated to Silk Royale at about 4:00am and sat in one of the darkest corners. This has however left Peter Miles' partner Mehshan a little bit uncomfortable because he has resorted to using a bike as opposed to the Mercedes Benz they have been using with Peter Miles, reason being; Juliana and Peter Miles are having quality time in it.

Peter Miles was dating Cleopatra the former obsessions star but as for now that affair looks like it is no more.

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Tuesday, October 21 2008

    Bebe Cool Baffudde

The Baffudde star spent a greater part of yesterday morning crying over a Nokia phone he lost to goons. This was at FAZE 2 where he spent the whole Saturday night and Sunday morning downing bottles of Uganda Waragi.

In today's feature of Red Pepper which focuses on Ugandans cruising the most expensive cars, Bebe Cool's model 1991 range rover is listed. He spent over 24 million to pimp the car. The republic of Uganja president, Bobi Wine with his 80Million Escalade was listed too.

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Saturday, October 18 2008

         Maureen Namatovu
Ugandan Big Brother Africa 2 Star, Maureen Namatovu is deeply worried over her pregnancy which has taken over nine months and still not given birth. The ex BBA2 nude star has been heavy for sometime though the man responsible for the pregnancy remains unknown. Maureen has been locked between the white fiance & her boy friend, Moses Oga who works with National Drug Authority whose affair has been on and off courtesy of Maureen's BBA2 behavior with Code Sangala from Malawi.

Recently Maureen took a white fiance to her parents in Entebbe but close pals to her say he might not be responsible for the pregnancy. She wanted a kid after the reality show last year but up to now she has not yet had a baby.

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Friday, October 17 2008
             Kampala Mayor and Sylvia Owori
Kampala Mayor Nasser Ntege Sebaggala spent hours with fashion guru and city socialite, Sylivia Owori at Golf Course Hotel late in the night. and now the biggest question on everyone's mind will be about what the A-lister pair was doing. The two were spotted on Saturday Night entering the hotel lobby at around 10pm and they did not leave until late. Spotting a tiny black dress, with its plunging neck line displaying part of her ample bust, the mother of one, Sylvia, must have discussed serious matters with Seya. A quick search for the two in the conference hall and dining hall yielded no results and on showing up later the two looked knackered. It must have been a long meet.
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Friday, October 17 2008

Kamanahali is on Fire!

News from India indicates all is not well with sex siren Primrose Nakaweesa. Police in Bangalore has summoned Primrose over a Nigerian who stabbed an Indian because of her "goodies". The two fought over Primrose only for the Indian to be hit badly and admitted in the process. The Preachers daughter who is doing Fashion and Design is making men in Kamana-Hali have constant erections. She is seen nude at Mumbai Beaches according to the source that revealed the news to Red Pepper. More of this in the Red Pepper of Oct.15

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Friday, October 17 2008

                Juliana at Mazzi Mawanvu Launch

Juliana was sighted with a new man at Sheraton. Her love life had been grounded lately but looks like it is about to take off again. The bombshell singer was first spotted at Club Silk with a guy who was putting on a T-Shirt with words "Mr Right" and again the same couple was sighted at Sheraton having a steamy dinner. The guy looked happy and Juliana was equally enjoying the moment. Juliana's Ex lovers have since moved on. Kassim Ouma recently got married to one Jalia and Amon Lukwago a father to Juliana's kid has also moved on with a babe called Liz.

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Friday, October 17 2008
Jose Chameleone's young brother, Douglas Mayanja aka Weasle who is an item with Blu3's JACKIE Chandiru is being sued by a city babe called Aisha. "The parents feel their daughter is in a delicate condition. She needs the man to be around for her but that's probably the last thing on Weasle's mind. They are deeply pissed off" a source said.
The Nyambula singer acknowledged the pregnancy when the girl broke the news to him but he has not given her any financial support. It's five months now with Aisha's parents taking care of the girl but they feel Weasle must be taking care of his stuff.
Now that Weasle is not paying any attention, the parents to the girl have opened up a case againt him.
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Wednesday, October 15 2008

David Arinaitwe was remanded to Luzira prison on allegations of stealing a car. He had earlier accused Pastor Kiwewesi of Sodomy a case that court later dismissed due to insufficient evidence. Arinaitwe said: "I feel a lot of pain in my bones, and in my stomach, the doctor said If I had not received medical treatment I would have possibly died by the end of this week, I suspect someone poisoned me while I was in Luzira."

It should be noted also that this is not the first time an inmate at Luzira reports a case of poisoning because in the Robinah Kiyingi case, a key witness died under mysterious conditions something that led to the acquittal of the accused.

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Tuesday, October 14 2008

                Chameleone at Nsambya Hospital

Jose Chameleone is still nursing wounds at Nsambya hospital in Kampala where he was operated on after the Impala hotel injuries. Chagga has taken advantage of Chameleone's being down and sold the album the two shared to Dick productions. He sold the album at a cost of 30 million. Chagga left for UK there after for the independence celebrations.

The guys from Dick productions had finalized plans to roll out posters before Chameleone learnt of the deal. He immediately ordered them to stop as the master CD had just been stolen. According to Chagga's close buddies it is not clear if he will be able to refund the dime.

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Monday, October 06 2008

Jose Chameleone's accident in Tanzania is being interpreted as a consequence of the feud between the top musicians. "These are Chameleone's rivals at work. The guy has dominated them for a long time and they think the only way to get back to him is by bewitching him" said a member of his entourage. They might have cast a spell on him that forced him through the window from the 3rd floor to the ground.It is the first time it has happened to him.  More on this here

Weasle Loses a Tooth: Last Friday Angenoir bouncers were treated to some action after Weasle and one guy alleged to be former Chameleone's body guard fought. Weasle lost his cool over some matter and smashed a wine glass on the table in the process cutting some guy's neck. The guy retaliated by thumping Weasle who lost a tooth.

Mazzi Mawanvu a Flop: Uganda is on Terror alert so many people should gather in a single place for so many hours. This is what the Mazzi Mawanvu man had not taken care of in his album launch. The show kicked off at 7:00pm and a few artists had performed.. Bobi Wine hit the stage at 10:30pm and 30 minutes later police intervened demanded that the show be put to a complete stop. Bobi went back stage and shed tears." This is Unfair"

Barbie Gives Birth to a Baby Girl: This was a massive boost after the flop of Mazzi Mawanvu because Barbie downloaded a baby girl the following day. The baby girl is named Shalom. Shalom and mother are in fine health.

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Friday, October 03 2008

          Esther Nabaasa TPF Winner
Tony called the gossip desk at the Red Pepper Offices and confirmed that he was not interested in Esther anymore and he will not go on a bended knee to beg her to come to his bed. Tony has been with Esther for quite a long time but when Esther moved out with Ben Kavuya's son, Tony could not stand it anymore.

Esther emerged the winner of Tusker Project Fame 2 taking home a prize of Ugx 80 Million. The cash differences between the two lovers have been so huge to the extent of the affair not working out. Esther assured Tony it was not working.

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