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Bryan White and Zari

Bryan White's NGO has been deregistered by the NGO Bureau

Bryan White's Foundation is a sham according to the NGO Bureau...

Bad Black at Bryan White's

Bad Black breaks down on visiting Bryan White

"I can't forget what you've done for me since 2016, I pray that the good Lord heals you pretty fast. You built a house for my mom who was putting up in a mud thatched house then, she is now in a tiled house and can even watch DSTV, how can I forget you Bryan White."

Spice Diana lockdown goals

Spice Diana lockdown goals

It's close to five months since the country was locked down due to the Coronavirus that has not spared any sector. In Uganda, some measures have been eased and some sectors have resumed operations, though not fully as they have to observe the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place.

Socialite Sipapa and his three wives

Socialite Sipapa real name Charles Olim has for a while been entangled with his three wives that include singers Serena Bata and Brown Shugar.

He also has another one called Sasha Samirah who is the last one standing.

Inset Sipapa is seen with two of his wives Serena Bata who jumped ship and Sasha Shamira whose parents he has just visited. Armed with a glass is Brown Shugar as Mugole Shamira enjoys her Audi ride...

Vivienne and SK Mbuga fight

Most battered women are fearful to come out and share their experiences about domestic abuse, but Vivienne Chebet Mbuga is not one of them as she came out using her wall to expose her hubby.

"Sometimes women stay with a dysfunctional partner out of fear that the next women will reap the benefit of the work she's put in. Nope."

"The next woman gets his same habits, dysfunction and pain."

Eddy Kenzo in Ivory Coast

Eddy Kenzo caught up with his fans over the weekend in the month of July 2020

Eddy Kenzo was live on Facebook talking about a number of issues, including how he is faring in Ivory Coast, a place he was supposed to be for two days, but has been for four months and he is still counting...

Zari next to her ride...

Tiffah and Nillan were being filmed by their mom as they enjoyed the latest addition to their fleet, a Bentely.

Hi Papa, thank you for my mom's car. It's so beautiful and warm..." Tiffah says while enjoying the comfort of the four seater super ride.

Im not his father, Eddy Kenzo

Sheilah Don Zella's son has the Musuuza name raising eyebrows on whether Eddy Kenzo is the baby daddy

Sitya Loss star, Edirisa Musuuza Nkonge Kiwalabye aka Eddy Kenzo, who is still in Ivory Coast waiting to return following the lockdown has issued a statement, distancing himself from the allegations that Sheila Don Zella's child is his.

Kasuku faces off with Angella Katatumba-Uncut Sabula

Kasuku and Angella Katatumba

Zari confirms it did not work out between her and King Bae

King Bae just wanted to use me - Zari Hassan

Lydia Jazmine hurt by TV presenter who has constantly attacked her

Lydia Jazmine in a white VW convertible

Zari mourning Babu Tale's wife Shammy who died suddenly

Zari mourns Shammy Tale who passed on unexpectedly

Dubai police confirm arresting Instagram celebrity, Hushpuppi

Some of Hushpuppi's super rides that were impounded

Maldives is my next destination, Anita Fabiola tells hubby

Anita Fabiola and hubby Mark Ronald

I am not pregnant for Diamond Platnumz-Poshy Queen

Diamond Platnumz and Poshy Queen

Wednesday, 24 June 2020
Big Eye threatens to sue the President over Shillings 270Million
Saturday, 20 June 2020
Buchaman arrested after disrupting a NEMA meeting
Thursday, 29 August 2019
Uganda Airlines is back to the skies
Sunday, 11 August 2019
Sheebah Karungi latest news
Tuesday, 07 May 2019
Hellen Lukoma happy to learn that she is carrying a baby boy



Latest Photos 
Tuesday, 02 June 2020
The three artists performed so well that they reminded the fans of the defunct Blu3
Thursday, 21 May 2020
Juliana Kanyomozi pregnancy pics
Thursday, 07 May 2020
Desire Luzinda
Tuesday, 02 July 2019
Sheebah Karungi held her housewarming party on July 1
Saturday, 29 June 2019
Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika in her office and inset is Eric Omondi helping her to tuck in

Red Pepper Uganda

Red Pepper

The Pepper  Publications Ltd.
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P.O.Box 7335
Tel 0414-597463,
Fax 0414-290190 

Highlights and Lead Stories from the Red Pepper Uganda's first Tabloid.


Friday, August 29 2008

Beti Kamya who resigned her post of Special Envoy in the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) is on the verge of forming another party after defecting with five FDC ministers. One of the members, John Baptist has over 1,000 volunteers who are out there marketing Kamya's quest for a party. The major activities of the groups are currently concentrated in Masaka.

  • New Evidence pins Mbabazi in NSSF Shs 11bn Land Deal
  • Mufti Mubajje's case delayed by State
  • Former Obsession Gals, Brenda and Helen in a Nude Video Shoot
  • Leone Island in management crisis
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Thursday, August 28 2008

A parliamentary committee has disclosed that though National Social Security Fund (NSSF) bosses claim to have bought 463 acres of land in their Shs11bn Temangalo land deal with Arma Ltd, it has been discovered that the payment made was for 463 acres yet on ground the land titles indicate it is only 411 acres available. This means 1.5bn was paid for the missing acres. NSSFis yet to proove that actually the land in their possession is a lot more than what they paid for as opposed to the negative publicity.

  • Besigye's file of top FDC Secrets Stolen
  • Pastor Senyonga's Followers want him to Resign
  • Dad who infected Kids with AIDS Charged
  • Three day old baby infected with jiggers
  • Mbidde who acquired recently a shs 250ML Class fails to give support to his child ad mother threatens court action.
  • Kassim Ouma Kampala babe gives birth and parents of the girl have been trying to reach Kassim to deliver the news but unfortunately his phone is off for very strong reasons. Kassim had his wedding last weekend and he is right now on his honeymoon.
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Wednesday, August 27 2008
Senyonga's Accuser says she has the Pastors Semen on her Jeans. Meanwhile his usually packed church was abandoned last Sunday. The serious crime of child molestation is being handled by FBI. Pastor Senyonga of Christian Life Church is the richest pastor in Uganda on charges of molesting a 13 year old on a plane in the US. The girls account is deemed credible and therefore the Pastor has a case to answer.
The girl sighted some thick fluid on her jeans that night. The clothes have been taken for forensic analysis to see if the fluid on the girl's clothes is semen and whether it matches with that of pastor Ssenyonga.
Christian Life Ministries normally holds five prayer sessions in a day but last Sunday only one was held and yet poorly attended.
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Tuesday, August 26 2008

The pastor who is on child molestation charges in the US has told the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) that he never touched the girls private parts but was only praying for her while touching her thighs. Pastor Jackson Senyonga is being investigated in the US for sexually molesting a child. The minor was on board un escorted so the pastor felt real divine for the lonely kid and that is why he prayed for her.

  • Top City Businessman Infects six daughters with AIDS.
  • Pastor Sematimba of Super FM conned by ''Bafeere'' to the tune of 200 Million in a fake gold scam
Posted by: uowd AT 07:55 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Sunday, August 24 2008

A highly coordinated plot to remove Yoweri Museveni from the post of Chairman National Resistance Movement (NRM) has leaked. The plot is a package that includes downsizing Amama Mbabazi the current secretary general of NRM and then tossing his boss, Museveni, the current chairman of NRM. The plot has been masterminded by individuals within the NRM government supported by some elements close to one of the kingdoms hostile to the ruling party.

  • Besigye starts Buganda Tour
  • In a period of 8 Months SPCs have impregnated over 500 women
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Saturday, August 23 2008

Reports from Jinja reveal that the ailing Kyabazinga of Busoga, Henry Wako Mulooki was on Thursday rushed to Mulago hospital in a critical condition. He was first taken to Jinja hospital and the medical experts there advised that he should be transferred to Kampala, Mulago Hospital. He was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit where his daughter Rebecca Mulooki and the health minister for the Kingdom, Dr.Benon Wanume are taking care of him.

  • Maureen Namatovu is Pregnant - She might have been dull on the social scene but she has not been quiet in bed. Moses Oga of National Drug Authority is the father to be and the two are expecting a baby boy soon. Maureen feeds on mangoes these days an dare not cross her path for she will smack you.
  • New Fashion House Promises to break Owori's Fashion Monopoly..Garage Fashion House was launched last Saturday.
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Thursday, August 21 2008

                Morris Mugisha

Big Brother 3 kicks off this Sunday on channel 198. Uganda will this time round be represented by a male representative called Morris Mugisha and the ever alert snoops say he flew out to South Africa aboard a South Africa Airways yesterday at 6:00am.

The very snoops are worried as to whether the city model will be able to play the game well as according to them he looks gay. Morris has appeared on Warid Telecom Ads and Zenj magazine ads. Morris has also worked with Ziper models.

Multichoice is still tight lipped on the representative so Morris is not yet confirmed but from the look at things he is the guy to watch.

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Wednesday, August 20 2008

Jamaican American reggae singer ''bonked'' some babe on his first visit to Uganda and the babe conceived. Shaggy was here a few weeks back and he was constantly in touch with a babe only identified as Samalie. Snoops who monitored the babe say that during the show she was found at the side where nobody was allowed to sit. Shaggy also snubbed a meeting with fans at Angenoir while he was in the company of Samalie. Snoops are trying their level best to find out if Shaggy's secret kid in Uganda has anything to do with Samalie.

  • 100 UPDF Soldiers Die of AIDS Annually
  • Otto Turns Down Kayihura Invitation
  • Straka into Saloon Business
  • Emeke Ike bonking Farida Ndausi.
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Tuesday, August 19 2008

The President has sacked 5 Army Officers over the disappearance of 1Bn shillings that was meant for the auxiliary forces. Brig.Hudson Mukasa, Division Intelligence Officer Maj.Ivan Kirya, Division Finance Officer Lt. Mungeni and the Officer in charge of Auxiliary forces.

  • Besigye Abandons Church at Sight of the President
  • Best of All Times Brick and Lace, Akon, Shaggy, Wyclef Jean, Kci and Jojo, Kirk Franklin
  • Kassim Ouma to Wed this Saturday - US Based pugilist Kassim Ouma is to walk down the aisle her girl friend of three months at a mosque on 1209 Conrad Sauer Drive in Houston Tx. Juliana has been invited and so she has extended her stay in the US.


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Monday, August 18 2008

The Forum for Democratic Change boss has lost twice but he is already jubilating before the elections. Dr.Kizza Besigye has formed an alliance with other parties which have agreed to field him as a common candidate come 2011. The FDC boss has also secured donors to bankroll all his activities from Scandinavia countries of which an advance on the 24Bn donation has already been processed. This has left security scratching their heads. The 24Bn donation has been offered to fight for good governance and elimination of bad laws enacted under the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

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Saturday, August 16 2008

Security Agencies have swung into action to investigate reports that a certain drink imported from India that has of recent rocked the market is adulterated with Marijuana. Cubber is on high demand especially among the youths due to its high marijuana and sex-energy giving content.

The Police Spokesperson Judith Nabakooba confirmed that they as the police are investigating the reports that cubber is adulterated with marijuana and samples have been sent to the government chemist. The police will make an official statement on their findings after the laboratory tests.

Cubber is said to have a content that raises men's sex prowess and information is available of women pestering their husbands to buy it in large stocks before it is banned by the police. A supermarket attendant was over heard saying that Cubber has solved most men problems and saved countless marriages.

Security was amazed at the rate at which the sex driving drug was picked from the supermarket shelves.

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Saturday, August 16 2008

While on his Ugandan tour recently Shaggy opted to try out some Ugandan delicacies in particular Matooke and Kalo with his fans at Lugogo Cricket Oval. Shaggy developed stomach upsets midway his performance but could not disappoint his fans. On stepping off the stage he took off some 15 minutes to the mobile toilet back stage which was sealed off during that time. He complained of severe stomach upsets and that the Ugandan toilet paper was not soft enough. He had planned to stay a little bit longer and even slated a meeting with some Rwandese promoters who wanted him to do a show in Rwanda but all that was not possible.

He is currently hospitalized in Thompson Hospital California and he is responding well to treatment.
Onion News August 15-21, 2008.

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Friday, August 15 2008

The Onion Tabloid 15-21, 2008

Singer Juliana's Nude photos are set to appear in the National daily tabloid. Recently the Tabloid published Blu3's Cindy nude pics wearing nothing but a smile during her randy photo shoot for an Internet lover. The latest news on Nude Uganda Celebs is that the Tabloid has again landed on exclusive photos of Singer Juliana which were taken during a steamy love affair with a Ugandan American celeb. The pictures were sold to the source by an 'anonymous' source who prefers to be called 'Bill'. Diehard fans from around the country are already warming up to catch a glimpse of their favorite star wearing nothing but a smile.

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Friday, August 15 2008

Onion Tabloid Aug 15-21, 2008.
Shocking Discovery - Recently crowned Miss Uganda Mwima is Nigerian and is younger sister to 2face Idibia. Less than a week after being crowned the fairest in this land of ours, controversy already rocks her world.

2face Idibia called Onion Desk claiming that Mwima is his long lost young sister who left Nigeria at the age of six and was only discovered on the Internet prior to her taking the Miss Uganda crown. 2face Idibia has all the proof and he is planning a trip to Uganda very soon. Mwima insists she is Ugandan and can only become 2face's sister in 2009 when she relinquishes her crown. Watch This Space!.

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Thursday, August 14 2008

The Mengo establishment has expressed its readiness to face off with the central government during the forthcoming highly-billed debate on the controversial Land Amendment bill slated to take place in Orlando-Florida state in United States at the end of this month.

  • FDC Boss in assassination Scare as Kamya's boys vow to put up resistance.
  • Woman Drags Hubby to court over Sex Rationing for Two Months
  • Kampala International School to Open in September
  • David Lutaalo of the Kapapaala Fame in New Wheels
  • Judith Heard Breaks The Silence and in her words she says we are still together and growing strong..Those rumors are just hateful and malicious gossip.
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Wednesday, August 13 2008

Pro Kamya Militia men fought and beat up Besigye at the Party headquarters in Najjanakumbi when he tried to gatecrash the proceedings of the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting and Beti Kamya. Meanwhile as the bickering in FDC goes on NRM is planning on making four MPs i.e. Odonga Otto, Beti Kamya, Nabila Sempala, Alex Onzima cross to their side.

  • Nabillah parades G-string at Parliament which was torn during the Jun 10 Scuffle with the Police
  • September 5 - Muhwezi, Mukula Trial
  • Democratic Party Dropped from Coalition
  • Kyabazinga returns aboard Presidential Jet
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Tuesday, August 12 2008

Beti Kamya resigned her post as Special Envoy under the Forum for Democratic Change(FDC) and now she has opted on shunning the party boss  Kizza Besigye. The FDC boss is now planning counter measures which will among others include throwing Kamya out of FDC influential circles plus rendering her politically irrelevant. However many are wondering whether the countermeasures will work as seen from Besigye's poorly attended rallies over the weekend.

  • FDC Will Collapse when I Quit - Musumba
  • Long Time Arch Rivals Bobi Wine and Jose Chameleon record Duet
  • Scotland Yard to Quiz 50 over Global Fund
  • Emirates Passengers to Make calls on Board
  • Former Miss Uganda Salma Nassanga stalked Shaggy's back up Singer, Rayvon.
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Monday, August 11 2008

Over the weekend Besigye addressed seven rallies which were poorly attended and lacked several Baganda leaders. Baganda in FDC have been heard on several radio stations expressing their disappointment with the main stream FDC and among others they should boycott grassroots elections and shunning the FDC Boss.

  • Juliana Hooks New Guy only Identified as Michael, Prolongs her stay in the US.
  • Cindy's Mum collapses after looking at Cindy's Nude Pics.
  • Bebe Cool threatens not to perform at Miss Uganda function if Organizers play Mozey's Zuena
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Sunday, August 10 2008

There is a huge beam of relief and hope after it was announced on Thursday that a new treatment for HIV/AIDS is just a short distance around the corner. Researchers from Harvard Medical School in the latest issue of cell magazine reveal that a technique called RNA interference can dramatically suppress HIV's spread not only in a petri dish but also in mice carrying human cells.

This revelation was announced together with Texas University Health Sciences Centre. Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) is a nucleic acid that consists of a long chain of nucleoitide units. Scientists say a vaccine is preferable to drug  treatment in the long run and are working around the clock to develop a vaccine that can prevent the uninfected from catching the virus that leads to AIDS.

  • New Strategy - Government Considers Freeing Rwakasisi as political temperatures hit up
  • MPs tell Museveni to scrap Lands Ministry

Feature: Special Gifts we'd wholeheartedly love to give to our Celebs
Lady Mariam-Yardley Lip Gloss, Mariam Kisakye-Deodorant, Sylvia Namugenyi-Makeover, Susan Naava -Assorted Sex Toys, Cindy Sanyu-Breast Implant, Bobi Wine-Boxing Gloves and Ointment, Clever Jay-Dental Surgery, Jose Chameleon-Bathtub, Dettol Soap, Manicure Kit.

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Saturday, August 09 2008

Plans to oust Kizza Besigye as party president and replace him with Major General Mugisha Muntu have been finalized. A bitter split is within the FDC after the resignation of the Special Envoy, Betty Kamya. A crisis meeting was held on Thursday to try and resolve any issues but Betty stood her ground and did not reverse her decision.

A militant rebel faction mainly of Kamya's supporters want Besigye to quit the party presidency and pave way for Mugisha Muntu. They believe that if Besigye is kicked out they could challenge NRM easily.

  • First Son appointed Patron of (UNGPC) - Uganda National Guild Presidents Council (UNGPC) a body that unites all Guild Presidents and whose aim is to keep disruptive politics out of Universities was formed launched last week by President Museveni. The latest coming in is that Lt.Col. Muhoozi Kainerugaba is the patron of UNGPC. It is not very clear what his role would be but among others he is to link the body to potential financiers like the Libyan Leader, Col Gadaffi.
  • Behind the Scenes - Inter Party Signing Meet at Kololo. -  Oguttu Chauffeured Besigye as Besigye's car was too dirty after a journey from Gulu, James Akena came on a bicycle, UPC Chiefs did not close their eyes during the prayer that could enable them achieve the goals of the cooperation, The sitting arrangement was shuffled and UPC Boss sat in the middle as opposed to the FDC Boss.
  • Would you Bewitch someone if your felt Unloved? - Olivia Becky, Student -  "The problem is that there's always a backfire in those things. Some people have even lost their loved ones to witchcraft and some even become insane because of some spells. I would rather fight hard to win his love than wasting my money seeking the services of a native doctor to create a spark".
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Friday, August 08 2008

Former Blu*3 Singer Collapsed on learning that her Nude Pics were published in yesterday's Red Pepper. A close friend to Cindy called and informed her about the pics in the Red Pepper. She immediately asked someone to deliver a copy to her posh residence in Muyenga. On seeing the nude pics, Cindy collapsed only to be rushed to a witch doctor. The witch doctor is trying to bring her back to normal.

  • Mao to Stand for President on DP Ticket
  • Horny mzungu shafts babe in the Sheraton Hotel Gardens.
  • Celebs who Spent too Much and Saved Little: Cindy of Blu*3, Mad Tiger of "Obulamu Bwe Ensi Bunyuma Kiiro", Praise Assimwe former Miss Uganda
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Thursday, August 07 2008

Pictures of former Blu*3 Singer Cindy posing nud were going for a cool 200,000/- shillings each.The Pictures stormed Kampala after probably falling out with her Italian lover Mario. A viral email is making rounds in the corporate world with Cindy's pictures while she is nude and touching her self. The pictures were taken in May last year with a Digimax Camera S730 in Cindy's room here in Kampala.

It is alleged that Cindy fell out with Lillian and Jackie over Mario Brunett as all the girls wanted a share of this Italian, so when Cindy said she was going on holiday with Mario for a month, the other two girls gave here only five days to return or she is replaced. This was not possible for Cindy and for this she cried for three days non stop and had even vowed not to come back to Uganda. Mario could only see Cindy in the evenings but during day it was like Cindy was busy making out with other men. Italy was very costly so she decided to return to Uganda to pursue a solo career.

Cindy has released a hot single ''Mbikoye'' which is doing very well in terms of video and audio on the airwaves and she is also yet to release a 10 track album.

                Cindy in her Mbikoye Video

Meanwhile in the pictures she was posing with a man who was not Mario. Cindy has had it with Peter of P-Square, Steve Jean, David Obua, Mr Mosh among others.

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Wednesday, August 06 2008

Fresh details regarding Kamya's resignation indicate that she is a victim of love wars. The post of special envoy had been got as an appeasement for loosing out on the post of Secretary General. Kamya's enemies sighted that being a widow and she is a Special Envoy constantly puts her in contact with a man whose wife is away from Uganda. Kamya has also been a victim of three ambitious women and these are Kampala District Woman MP Nabila Sempala, Winnie Byanyima and Salam Musumba.

Rasta Rob hits at Sanyu FM's Crystal just because he was to be a back up of Crystal and could end up with a fraction of what Crystal earns. He pulled out of the deal in protest only to be offered a trial slot by his colleague Peter Sematimba.

Wyclef Jean was Hurt during his Show in Kampala  - He dived to the crowd like Akon did but by the time he went back to the stage his right arm was oozing blood. Wyclef lost his belt in the process and his vest was torn into pieces by ladies who were trying to get a feel of him.

Posted by: uowd AT 06:20 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Monday, August 04 2008

Rubaga North Member of Parliament, Beti Kamya Olive has quit the special envoy post under the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). The one page resignation letter addressed to the party head Dr.Kizza Besigye. Those who know her so well claim that she has been very close to Besigye after the 2006 elections. Failing to endorse her bid to replace Kiggundu is one of her major frustrations and yet when the party president was in debt to the tune of 40mn it's Betty Kamya who used her contacts to mobilize for funds in one day something that Winnie could not do.

  • Police arrests two men slaughtering Dog
  • Alex Heard and Judith Heard separate, Tura throws bash
  • Bobi and Fire base members banned from Club Silk where they beat up Jingo Sho of  Ki Commando. This biff has been on for close to six months. Jingo Sho and Bobi Wine have tracks with the same title and Bobi Wine is accused of plagiarizing Jingo sho's kicommando.
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Sunday, August 03 2008

The ruling party is set to suffer a massive defection led by at least 30 MPs. The NRM MPs are in talks with Mengo and a Ganda learning opposition party, with intentions of crossing over in the run-up to the 2011 elections. Most of these MPs are from Buganda region.

  • Nambooze Haunted by Father's Ghost
  • Grace Nakimera Shoots sexiest Video, ''Kiva Ku Ki''
  • Celeb Couples that have broken up and made up: Chameleone & Daniella, Sarah Kirabo & Issac Mulindwa, DJ Ronnie and Bonkmate.
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Friday, August 01 2008

Residents of Nakulabye were treated to free drama after Joseph Mukiibi father of two deployed some herbs that helped him get his cheating wife. Mukibi's wife is four months pregnant but he was suspicious of who the father of the child is and in this he had to consult a 70 year old witchdoctor who gave him some herbs to be smeared on the woman's clothes and under garments.

As usual the woman told the hubby she was going for a pregnancy check only to go to her side lover. They very quickly kicked off with the match only to be stuck for two days.. Mukibi later intervened and carried out the release password as advised by the witch doctor, and the two were separated. The cheating man vanished in thin air.

  • Wyclef Jean and Benny D in Town for massive Zain show
  • Wife Kills four Children, poisons self
  • Fake Bum and Boob Enlargers Exposed
  • Best and Worst Bikini bodies
  • Stephen Oundo joins Steve Jean's Fenon Records
  • Judith Heard Back from US
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