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Sheila Gashumba threatens to sue Tina Fierce

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President Museveni shaking hands with Big Eye

Big Eye's problem is because he denied being the father of my twins-Sheilah Don Zella

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President Museveni's 16th address to the nation on COVID-19

President Museveni addressed the nation for the 16th time on matters COVID-19

Bad Black apologizes to all after being paid her COVID-Ad money

Bad Black is sorted after being paid some money​​​​​​

Gabriel K delivers on his very first concert that was online

Gabriel K doing his thing

Marcus and Sheila Gashumba depressed over Cyberbullying

Marcus Ali and Sheila Gashumba at Sanyu FM

Buchaman arrested after disrupting a NEMA meeting

Inset Buchaman is being arrested

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Big Eye chocking on a 400Million loan

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Chameleone and Spice Diana pay their respects

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I'm not so proud of my past, but I don't regret a thing-Marcus Ali Lwanga

Marcus Ali all humbled...

Bad Black's actions tantamount to blackmail-Ministry of Health

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Wednesday, 24 June 2020
Big Eye threatens to sue the President over Shillings 270Million
Saturday, 20 June 2020
Buchaman arrested after disrupting a NEMA meeting
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Tuesday, 07 May 2019
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Wednesday, April 29 2009

Confirmed - Georgina is preggie, Man responsible is either a top musician or a Money lender.

Yes it is confirmed, Gerogina-the gal that is hugely referred to as manager- is preggie. A few weeks back we told of how rumours were flying that Georgina- who turned heads when she appeared at club Palui in a revealing outfit early this year- had been impregnated. And now it has been confirmed that the drop dead gorgeous MUBS drop out is indeed expecting.

And the man responsible is either a top local artiste or a Rwandese guy only identified as Roy. He is a money lender at Garden City based Casino Simba, we hear. Says her close pal: "It is true Georgina is expecting a baby later this year. She knows who the father of the kid is but she's definitely adamant to name him. He is a big figure in society and doesn't want to make him public." It must be the top artiste.

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Sunday, April 26 2009
It’s a fact local music is going through its best times. I remember the days when Congolese Lingala with the likes of Koffi Olomide, Pepe Kale was selling like hot cakes in Uganda. Now that era is long gone. With our local music taking over. The like of Jose Chameoleone, Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine and Ragga Dee have spearheaded the revolution while up and coming artistes like GNL, Jamal, Moze and Radio, Weasel are bringing up a stiff competition and raising the standard of our music.
But like any growing industry our musicians are facing serious beef between them . Now this is where the point gets in. It is not a secret that most of these songs are inspired by the beef between artistes. Here we decode the hidden meaning in the songs.
Agenze-Bebe Cool One of the best songs of the new year, Bebe Cool’s Agenze as a way of pleading with Zu to return. And this has made it a huge success with fans.
Zuena - Weasel TV and Mose Radio
The Good Lyf Duo of Moze Radio and Weasel TV has always been known to have beef with Bebe Cool. The are always complaining that Bebe Cool doesn’t give them the respect they deserve. While they languished in Jinja road police cells after a scuffle with Bebe Cool at Club Palui, they wrote the song to get to him (Bebe).
SITANI –Weasel and Radio – This was their work to get back to Chameleone following his Ba Yuda hit. Weasel is a younger brother to Chameleone while Moze Radio was mentored by Jose to become who he is now. They later fell out and Chameleone sang Bayuda talking about the pair’s betrayal. They got back at him in Sitani song.
KIWANI-Bobi Wine
This song is one of Bobi’s all time best. The meaning behind the song is how people in Kampala are not genuine in whatever they are doing. From conning people of their money in dubious ways to ladies wearing fake hair claiming it’s theirs.
Mbikooye – Cindy
Though we are not sure if its really true, sources have revealed that Cindy was hitting back at the Blu3 babes, Jackie and Lillian who chased her out of the group. Then also those who were talking about her after her nude pictures leaked. The song has since become a hit.
Sigwe Onsimila – Mesach Semakula
This Luganda hit grabbed the song of the year accolade and helped Mesach to bag artiste of the year. It was simply a success. But the meaning behind this song sources claim was acquired after a babe who was chucked by Mesach started rumors against his new catch. We hear the lady in question is a prominent singer in Uganda.
Juliana was hitting at former boyfriend and dad of her kid Amon Lukwago. Juliana was always accusing Lukwago of cheating on her. Juliana was left down after the pair broke because of his selfish behavior.
BA YUDA- Chameleone – This song is definitely hitting the Judas. Moze Radio and Weasel! Particularly Weasel since he is Chameleone’s younger brother who walked out on him.
MAZONGOTO-Dr Hilderman – Dr. Hilderman’s song was a hit that caught Ugandans by surprise. That Hilderman was talking about the big double beds that have caused trouble in marriages because couples are far apart to bond after say a fight while others claim he was talking about big women.
Bread and Butter - Radio and Weasel Again Bebe Cool comes into the picture. The boys were mocking his split with wife Zuena.Gorgeous Zuena went to Jinja after the split and in the song they talk about going to Jinja to pick her. Clearly showing Bebe is not a good lover. Mbu they are better.
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Saturday, April 25 2009

          New Artists
The time for the likes of Jose Chameleone, Ragga Dee to give room to new artistes is certainly near as Willy Byarabaha brings it down on the new artists who are taking the music industry by storm.

Esther Nabaasa - The tusker project fame winner has finally kicked off her music career with a hot album out. We thought she had disapointed her fans because immediately after TPF, Esther promised to storm music industry in high gear but it wasn't till lately. With her great voice you can expect a lot from her.

David Lutalo - It is as if he has been around fir quite sometime but he just came on the scene last year. That shows how talented the youngster is. His song Kapapala was nominated for song of the year award but it lost out to Nakudatta.

Wafagiyo - You got to bow down for these three stunning gals. The birth of Wafagiyo practically means girl groups Blu3, Obsessions will be forgotten. By the way another gal group, Dream Galz has already crumbled. Remember Dream Galz used to be managed by Emma Mulondo at one time. And he is the owner of Wafagiyo. Their debut Mukidongo is mega. No wonder the Gals (Esther, Deyna and Jackie) have already landed lucrative deals with link, Chi and Password bars.

Chilli Galz - Well this is another new singing group but not as great as Wafagiyo.They are born and will certainly rule for sometime. They have three singles of which one is Omulungi Yoono and they were at their creative best in the hot thrilling song video that was shot in the hills of Lira.

Toniks - Now this one! He is young and highly talented lad. Beera Nange, his last year debut hit was a massive hit, even getting him nominated for an award in the MAMAS. A section of people thought he was a one hit wonder but boo he returned with Nsubiiza another great piece from the young man. I don't think Michael Ross hasbeen sleeping of late.

Aziz Azion - The former Jekaki band lead singer-now solo-promises a lot. He has taken other stars by storm and it is like he has been there for long.His debut song Nkumila Omukwano is big. All he now needs is a follow up hit and women will all over him.

GNL - The likes of Navio and Babaluku have for ages tried to push the hip hop system but it failed.But not any more with emergency of Earnest Zamba aka GNL. GNL is Uganda's true king of hip hop. All artists are fighting to work with him on duets. He is outing song after song and Jesus, they are all hits. The likes of Navio, Weasel and Radio who've done collabos with him should count themselves lucky.

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Saturday, April 25 2009

            Judith Heard
Sexlicious Nalongo Judith Heard has gone a step or two to ensure her twin kids receive nothing but the best attention in this nation.

We hear she has hired two paediatric nurses to work as nannies for her kids on a 24 hour basis. One of the nurses used to work with International Hospital Kampala and the other is from a prominent Kampala clinic. The two nurses work in shifts of 12 hours and we hear they are paid a whooping 70 dollars per day for their nanny services.

Also as a way of saying thank you to his lovely wife, we hear prof. Alex Heard has bought a big chunk of land on one of the lake Victoria Island near Ssese Gateway beach hotel in Kalangala. He is now mobilizing resources to put up a mega beach/holiday home there for his wife and kids.

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Friday, April 24 2009

Our alert snoops have for the past few weeks been spotting Zuena Kirema thronging the Kololo Acacia avenue based Bubbles O' Leary bar and Restaurant and wondering what would be going on. At this spot Zuena was always in the company of female friends who were usually scantly dressed.

The shocker however came last week Thursday when our eagle-eyed snoops saw with their very own eyes Zuena cuddling and feeling very touchy feely with an old Muzungu man believed to be a pensioner from UK on holiday in Uganda thus solving the puzzle why she has been flocking O'Learys. It could seem she has hooked herself this pensioner.

Also interesting to note as far as the Bebe-Zuena marriage is concerned, we hear that Zuena's family had given Bebe a condition of repenting his sins by taking Zuena and two of her brothers to Mecca this year along with him for a pilgrimage and upon return he could be allowed to take her back to his house.

However news reaching us is that after Bebe Cool calculated the amount of money the trip to Mecca would cost which we are told is in the range of 10Million, he is said to have adamantly turned down the condition. He has said if that is the condition under which he is to get Zuena back, then she can as well stay at her father's place.

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Friday, April 24 2009

All is not  well with Rukikaire family. News reaching us indicates that the parents and relatives are worried that their daughter could be heading into marriage with a man who may not be able to ever father kids.

Why are they worried? We are told that usually people who suffer from kidney dialysis like Gaetano Kagwa did when he had to be flown to Nairobi for special medical attention for several months, rarely make women pregnant. Now the relatives who have been doing research on Gaetano are dead worried. What has even worsened their fears is that ever since Gaetano left hospital in Nairobi he has not been known to be close to any city babe and knowing his appetite for flesh as evidenced in his hey days in the Big Brother Africa one house with Abbey Platjes, It was a totally different Gaetano.

Meanwhile Gaetano seems not to be unfazed and his pre-wedding budget shows that he is planning for a mega 120 million wedding which will be taking place at Munyonyo. The wedding is slated to take place sometime in June.

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Wednesday, April 22 2009
                Catherine Kusasira
                Red Pepper Photo
Artists have devised means of beating the credit crunch. They dress in away that allows them to collect dime after thrilling fans. These days as Catherine Kusasira is performing and fans are throwing coins to her, she stashes them in the tummy part of her dress.
If you looked at her tummy you could easily think she is pregnant but no please those are coins.
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Tuesday, April 21 2009

Moze Radio and Weasel TV launch of Nyambura slated for next month has been bought at a whooping 45 Million beating Jose Chameleone's Bayuda Album that was bought at 40Million by promoter Balaam.The massive launch will take place on the 15 May 2009 at Hotel Africana.

Promoter BobKins of Kibo Media is the one who bought the Nyambura Launch. Meanwhile MTN has jumped on board to sponsor the show, and club beer will sponsor the jig organized by Kibo Media.

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Tuesday, April 21 2009

         Cindy and GNL

Hip Hop Star GNL and Cindy were involved in a car accident. This happened on Friday at about 11:00pm as they were making there way to Nkozi University for a performance. Chances are Cindy was driving because they were in her Rav4.

Before that they had been at Club Palui in Ntinda but never under estimate the power of buckling up, they escaped unhurt and the two are doing well.

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Sunday, April 19 2009

The rate at which girl groups are coming up and splitting is alarming. The latest on the music scene is Black Candy a combination of former kombat dancers i.e. Natasha Sinayobye aka Tash and Prossie Bulyaba aka Pie B

Sunday Pepper caught up with them and asked why the name Black Candy? ''Tash said the name is unique and it represents us as black women who are hot and proud to be black. The candy represents the sweet feminine side.'' The group is managed by Michael Kasaija, who happens to be Natasha's boyfriend.

Black Candy promises sexy costumes and hot dance moves as part of the package that lies ahead. ''Oooh Boy'' is one of the debut song under the Black Candy girl group which was produced by Allan of Dream Studios.

By the end of the year Black Candy(Tash and Pie B) will be releasing their first album. Natasha is a former member of Obsessions, Helen and Brenda (HB Toxic) broke away from the Obsessions group and if you know Mya who replaced Cindy in the Blu 3 girl group was also from the Kombat dance group. Just recently the Dream Galz have also part ways to pursue solo careers.

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Saturday, April 18 2009

Sarah Zawedde first garnered attention when she released her first album  Kambere Nawe.she has bounced back with an 8 track album titled Lwaki Onondola with songs like African Woman, Nasima Gwe, Nanfuna Andabirira, Nkulinze, Ntambudde, Lwaki and Olimulungi.

She will be launching on 22nd May and 24 at Super Paradise(former Blue Africa) and Colline Hotel Mukono and in her words she says: ''I have a lot to offer, come and support me at my launch."

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Saturday, April 18 2009

Juliana Kanyomozi
Songbird Juliana Kanyomozi isn't as draft as most people think. She is seriously channeling her income to serious things. We hear she has now turned to investing in Real Estate. She was last week on Tuesday seen looking at offers of Nalumunye estates finished apartments and also Namugongo-Kira all owned by Jomayi Property Consultants.

The smallest pad in these estates goes for a whooping 120M. Apparently she was in the company of Dennis Mawanda who was taking her on a sight seeing tour where she is expected to make a choice for for her own pad or a set of pads. Way to go Gal.
Related: Juliana

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Saturday, April 18 2009

Ex Miss Uganda was last week denied a visa to the UK. In the very week Weasel and Radio were denied visas too due to the information that was not tallying and yet they were going to the same place and concert.

It is amazing how a graduate like Radio failed to advise his not so learned friend Weasel on how to fill a visa application form properly. For Salma the reasons were not having enough money on the account and over staying her previous visa.

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Friday, April 17 2009

                Bella and DJ Michael

Singer of Ndodo aka Bella and singer of Muko Muko fame DJ Michael seem to have something special for each other going on. Last Saturday the two were spotted at Muyenga club drinking like there was no tomorrow. However DJ. Michael seemed unsettled because of the prolonged calls Bella was receiving. At one point DJ Michael lost his cool and barked at Bella ''gwe nyabo lwaki tojako simu yo mbalamu amagezi. bani abakukubila.'' ''Hey give me some respect who are those who are calling you nonstop."

Confused and lost for words, Bella then pleaded with Michael assuring him that with the nature of their jobs they have to receive so many calls from promoters and studio producers. She then added the bomb shell where she assured him that they are trying out their love and if he is going to be so jealous like that then she was afraid they were not going to last.

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Friday, April 17 2009
           Daniella and Chameleone at the Bayuda Launch
A few months sexually starved Daniella Atim asked her beloved husband Chameleone to scale down on his performances at night so as to let them have ample intimate time together when she needs it most.
Chameleone has been failing his nightly duties forcing Daniella to take this to another level.
She alerted the family elders who in turn held reconciliatory meetings at his home in Seguku.
A verdict has now been passed that the heavy weight scales down on his night performances and also relocate his studio to somewhere else other than his home. Reliable sources say she could even try out a Zuena move if the star doesn't change his ways.
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Sunday, April 12 2009

           Grace Nakimera
Sexy Singer Grace Nakimera is having the mother of all troubles from her beloved Mzungu hubby photographer and African Woman proprietor Andre. The couple is on the verge of divorcing over what Andre terms as entertaining lovers in their marriage.

Grace has been receiving expensive gifts ranging from flower pots, a latest samsung cell phone and her photograph in expensive golden frames let alone huge chocolate bars imported from Switzerland. As all these gift items were coming in, Grace could pick up the phone to thank her hubby for the surprises but the husband assured her as he had not sent her any of the items mentioned.

The tycoon sending all these presents has even started calling Grace in the middle of the night something that has left Andre very disturbed. However Andre is thinking Grace could be playing him a rich guy and has demanded that she comes out clean on this or they divorce.

Grace insists she is 100% innocent and she begs whoever is sending all the stuff to stop as he is causing her lots of trouble in her marriage. Grace has been married for four years and they have a two year old baby girl with Andre.

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Saturday, April 11 2009
                  Lady Mariam
Lady Mariam who came to fame through her song Tindatine is set to introduce early September. We hear that she is dating Juma the son of Haji Kazibwe of Mbarara and the guy is serious in his relationship with Mariam. He has decided to take her as his wife and arrangements to introduce her in September are in high Gear.
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Friday, April 10 2009

Due to popular demand we bring you more of the celebrity education levels

Qute Kaye - Is indeed a troubled fella. With the ongoing economic crisis hitting him real hard, the Ginkeese star must be regretting why he stopped school in senior five. We definitely feel for him.

Mesach Semakula - He has been greatly successful in music but the same can't be said of him education-wise. He dropped out of school in primary three, we are told. You can imagine if he did not have a talent of singing.

Gaetano Kaggwa - Huh this man! the BBA favourite was the first man in the world to have live sex on TV. As in not in the movie stuff; real shit The former Capital FM morning show star has a bachelors from the states and was pursuing a law degree from Makerere. But after having it with SA's Abby, he never went back to finished the course.

Rachael K as she is commonly called spent the best part of her early days in the United States. Well it is not exactly known what she studied  but at least she had the qualification to join KIU on return(Note: KIU). Upon return she joined the Kansanga based campus for a course in some studies. But a few months later she quit.

Maureen Namatovu -Another Ex-BBA hopeful! now married but almost divorcing. No wonder she never put enough effort in books. All she holds is a certificate in Fashion and Design. And this time no Blah Blah.

AK-47 - The Mayanja's might be a talented bunch in the music industry but clearly their up stair department is not good. AK-47, Chameleone's young brother just holds a certificate Ok, Chameleone is better as he has a senior six certificate. AK-47never went beyond senior four.

Oulanyah Columbus - Great Comedian I must say! but sadly he lost the plot when he was almost up there! With a degree in law within his sights, Oulanya, real names Jimmy Okoth, decided the short cut to booze was radio. and he got it. But when he was chopped from capital FM, Iam sure he thought about his abandoned degree course when it was too late.

JKazoora - One thing I admire about Kazoora is his shrewdness. At a young age, he already has worked for KFM, WBS, Capital FM and Crown Beverages. But I don't admire how he completed school. Ok he has a degree in Business Administration from MUBS but sadly, it took him six years to complete bearing in mind that BBA is a three years course. He must have struggled.

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Wednesday, April 08 2009
Very Sleazy and juicy filled gossip being tapped is that Veronica Tindichebwa, the sexiest comedian with City comedians Theater Factory is about to cause a major rift in the group due to her over sexiness. We hear she has been playing three of the most prominent guys of the group. It all began with Frobisha Lwanga who had just come back from the UK where his family stays.
When Frobisha jetted into the country about two years ago, Theatre Factory was then a struggling comic group staging plays at the noe defunct Musicians club 89 room. Frobisha using some of the extra pound she had saved from UK started bankrolling the group thus Veronica got attracted to him.
The two became special friends and Frobisha started swimming in Veronica’s deep waters for some time. Shortly after the group leader Phillip Luswata came back from his master’s degree in Ireland. It didn’t take him long to realize how juicy Vero looked and within a short time he took over and started swimming too. Frobisha got to know but kept a low profile now that Luswata is the boss and had more money.
After hitting success as a group and expanding in comes Richard Tuwangye aka Monkey Comedian and anchor of UBC’s the Beat program. Apparently sharp Tuwangye has upstaged both Luswata and Frobisha and we hear he is always in the watery company of Vero. Now the trio has been arguing and Luswata has vowed to push Monkey out of the group if he does not stop his close friendship with Veronica.
Interesting enough Veronica seems to have been very close and giving quality time to all the threeguys at different times during the rehearsals at night at National Theatrer on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Disagreements between the three have been so fierce and as a way of calming things down, Kwezi Kaganda aka KK has come out as an arbitrator and asked the group to leave Vero alone for the sake of the contacts they have with sponsors like NTV, UTL and Umeme.
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Tuesday, April 07 2009

Word reaching us indicates that Weasel is about to get a farm kids. We hear it has become daily routine for babes to abandon their young kids to him because of negligence. It is said that Weasel so far has five kids which have been abandoned to him at his pad in Pidah Zone along Nyanama road in Zana.

We hear Weasal has made it a habit of bonking babes without protection and he usually ends up impregnating most of them. What annoys most of the babes is that he usually doesn't show any signs of taking care of them or for his babies. The girls have now resorted to dumping the kids at his doorstep. Now last Friday a babe identified as Margarine abandoned the kid who is between the age of six to seven months at his shared pad with Moze.

The furious mother didn't find anybody at the home, so she put the kid at the doorstep with a note written in Luganda saying: ''Gwe Ssebo Olowozza nti nze nina okulabilila omwana wo wuyo mulese nze ngenda kutandika life mpya funa gyomutwala nawe berako naye olabe bwatawanya" literally translated as: If you think I'm going life my whole life looking after your kid, forget, there it is, look after it and feel the burden. Am off to begin a new life."  We don't know where he takes the babies that are abandoned at his home.

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Tuesday, April 07 2009

Lugaflow Hip-Hop star GNL left all revelers last Thursday baffled when he openly started getting touchy-feely with Blu3's Lillian Mbabazi at Silk Lounge.

This happened after the unplugged show which featured GNL and Navio. The two retreated to one of the corners of the club where our snoops witnessed them intimately looking each other in the eyes, sharing cigarettes and drinking from one wine glass. We wonder if they are up to anything.

During the same show, project Fame's Naava made a grand entry with a heavily built Isreali man called Perez.

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Saturday, April 04 2009

Uganda Artists

You have listened to their music, you know who is loaded when it comes to dime, doing very well when it comes to sex lives but one thing is lacking and that is Education.

Ragga Dee:  He is a music heavy weight no doubt. But when it comes to Education, he is certainly a featherweight. The self proclaimed grand father of Ugandan Music isn' t so learned. What is known is the fact that he completed his senior six from Masaka based St. Henry's College Kitovu. He claims he went to a US Institution but nope, we don't believe.

Henry Tigan: The soft spoken reggae star Henry Tigan is a fresh graduate from Kyambogo University. He graduated with a bachelors degree in Adult Community education earlier this year.He is truly a force to reckon with the upstairs department.

Bobi Wine: Singer Bobi Wine is truly a great man. He grew up from the Ghetto but that never stopped him from acquiring a degree in Music from Makerere University. Seriously the Mazzi Mawanvu singer is a heavy weight in the education  section unlike his top competitors.

Juliana Kanyomozi: She is the reigning PAM Award artiste of the year, she is talented, an amazing figure and a very good voice but sadly, very few teachers heard it. Sources reveal that Juliana due to social and financial problems stopped in Senior Five. We are told she could escape from  school and hit Sabrinas Pub for Karaoke in the 1990's. So lucky she had a killer voice.

Moze Radio: is one hell of a dangerous singer who definitely has a big and bright future ahead. He is a graduate from Makerere University. He completed a degree in Community Psychology but I don't understand why his English is suspect.

Straka Mwezi: The celebrated music MC and WBS late show star has seen it all. She has been on the social scene for far far too long and worked and worked on almost all the best Radio and TV stations in uganda. And Bars! She has rubbed shoulders with Uganda's richest and is ever invited at the best functions in town. You just can't mess with Straka. But wait a minute, she never completed school. Senior Four was her highest.

Jose Chameleone: He is undoubtedly a heavy weight in the music but when it comes to school, he is a light weight. Just like pal Bebe Cool, The Ba Yuda star is a senior six graduate. And again like Bebe, he stormed to Nairobi and released his first hit Mama Mia. Since then he has not looked back.

Iryn Namubiru: She Released one hit that took her heights but ever since it's been down all the way through even though she has tried  that much to revive her career with collaborations. Well she is married to a white guy and dime is available  but her education is in slumber mode. Sources indicate that the last time she checked out a black board was in Senior Three.

Karitas Karisimbi: She is gorgeous! Now imagine if she had gone to school. She would be a perfect model woman. But sadly, she dropped out in  Senior six from City High School and hit Kampala streets. Ever since she has worked on WBS, Capital Radio, and now she is back on WBS. She's definitely seen it all.

Jackie Chandiru: The Blu3 heartthrob was offering a degree in Industrial Fine Art at MUK but later dropped. Retakes were accumulating like hell. she was spending most of her time in the Sir Apollo Kaggwa Hostel Baston instead of class. They were set to fire her anyway.

Weasel TV: Just like his older brother Jose Chameleone, Weasel TV isn' t learned. We hear he dropped out of school in Senior Three. No wonder he call himself TV. I doubt if he knows what it means.

Desire Luzinda: Ah, Seya's pal! Desire Luzinda is undoubtedly a great singer with a great body. But one thing that has eluded her is a certificate or any academic document of note. Ok she's got a senior six certificate but that is what she has. In 2004, she joined Makerere University for a development studies degree course. The two years later, she dropped out and joined campus but this time Nkozi University for a long distance course. We hear she dropped out of it too.. Ahhh!
More on the Unlearned Stars

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Friday, April 03 2009

Zuena and Bebe Cool
Looks like Zuena Kirema, Bebe Cool's estranged wife has moved on. According to Zuena's pals, she and her new catch want to make it public on Easter Monday during the ''East African Carnival'' at Kiwatule Recreation Center.

Bebe Cool is the organizer of the Easter Monday show that will be taking place at his father's recreational center and so Zuena's new man wants to use the moment to ''sting'' Bebe Cool.

Meanwhile close pals to Bebe Cool say he has given up on Zuena. He knew he had hurt Zuena but also did not expect her to take her revenge to this level. Zuena has also told close pals she is expecting but silent on who is responsible for the pregnancy.

This has proved Bebe Cool's worst fears that the wife he wedded in a civil court has been at it with a man since parting ways last December. A pal added "It's true she could be pregnant, she's been to the doctors a couple of times and all results seem to indicate it is true."

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Friday, April 03 2009

Mr and Mrs Taylor
                            Mr.Garett Taylor and Maureen.
In the Red Pepper today: Maureen Namatovu's marriage is on the rocks. On January 17, 2009 Maureen and a Texas Dr. called Garret Taylor walked down the aisle and exchanged marriage vows at Rubaga Cathedral.

According to snoops from the USA, the Maureen's are not on good terms. We are told: ''Taylor has learnt so much about Maureen since their wedding and he is sort of surprised and gutted. He knew about Maureen  in BBA but surprisingly, he never knew about Code. He is getting some info which is disturbing. He believes Maureen betrayed by not revealing her past."

This has left Maureen Garett who loves her husband and wants him for her life very shocked and disturbed and can't believe what is happening to her.
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Thursday, April 02 2009

                Henry Tigan
It is one thing to buy land and it is another to construct on it. Henry Tigan had just sold his Muzudde album to Sony Records where he earned a cool 50 Million. This he inturn put to good use by buying 2 acres of land in Nangabo where he had started constructing a mansion.

As fate could have it, his land is part of the area where the 70km long 220kv high voltage line moving power from Bujagali to Kawanda will be passing. Tigan bought this land at 34million but the land surveyors hired by the electricity company have estimated his land at 20 million. This has shattered his plans of living like a star.

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Wednesday, April 01 2009

Ghetto President and now self acclaimed colonel H.E. Bobi Wine must be the richest singer in the land.Fresh from splashing  Shs 10million to Owino vendors, Bobi is at it again.The bad man from Kamwokya dished out shs 2 million to buy fellow star Red Banton's CD.

This was at Wallet Pub, Kabusu. Red Banton who has been hit really hard by the credit crunch finally had a reason to smiles as the Ghetto star gave  him the dime for his album titled 180.

Bobi Wine who was also performing at the show revealed that Red Banton is one of his role models and one of the first Ugandan musicians to perform abroad when he performed in London in the lates 90s.

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