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My ranting is not about Rema, we separated amicably-Eddy Kenzo

We separated in a friendly and peacable manner

Kenya airways respond to Zari's luggage theft claims

Kenya Airways responds to Zari's luggage theft claims

Rema is doing well, Eddy Kenzo needs counselling-Tamale Mirundi

Rema and Eddy Kenzo during their hey days...

Zari on a rampage after losing perfumes and a designer suit on a KQ flight

Zari falls out with Kenya Airways

Rema is the best person to help Eddy Kenzo in times like these

Rema and Eddy Kenzo back in the days

Kenzo demands that Muzaata withdraws his statement or he quits music

Hamza and Rema Namakula on their pre-intro day

I am all yours, Bad Black, tells Eddy Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo and Bad Black

Anita Fabiola to feature on the BBC's She Word program

Anita Fabiola on the She Word programme

Kenzo's reactions after his now ex-lover, Rema Namakula, introduced Hamzah

Rema showing off her different outfits during the Kukyala

Rema Namakula and Hamzah's pre-intro the most expensive ever

Dr. Ssebunya and his wife Rema Namakula

This is the cutest thing Rema has ever seen, the decor at her Kukyala

Rema Namakula could not believe how cute her Kukyala decor was

SK Mbuga says he is not about to separate with his wife Vivienne

SK Mbuga next to his Brabus and inset, he addresses his fans while in his Rolls Royce

Uganda's Ezekiel and Esther win $50k in EAGT competition

Ezekiel and Esther with their dummy cheque of $50k

Mercy wins Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem

Mercy wins the top N60 Million after beating 25 contestants

Bebe Cool, B2C crew to release Amatu Magule collaboration song

Bebe Cool and the Kampala boys recording a song together

Hours after sorting out her maid, Winnie Nwagi takes up boxing lessons

Winnie Nwagi takes up boxing lessons

It was a natural birth and worth it, Tanasha Donna reveals

Tanasha Donna won't reveal the baby's face for now

Alex Muhangi shows off his Najjera based apartments

Alex Muhangi apartments in Najjera

Diamond Platnumz celebrates 30th birthday as Tanasha gives birth

Diamomd Platnumz carrying his new born child and inset is new mom Tanasha Donna

Hamisa Mobetto's new lover proposes to her

Hamisa Mobetto shows off her engagement ring, but won't reveal her prince charming yet

SK Mbuga asks his fans what transpired while he was away

SK Mbuga chats with Sipapa and inset, he is seen with Bryan White back then

SK Mbuga back home after being released from a Sweden prison

SK Mbuga is back home after being released from a Sweden prison

Zari gifts herself with another house on her 39th birthday

Zari during her 39th birthday celebration

Who wore it better - Hamisa Mobetto Vs. Zari Hassan

Hamisa Mobetto   Vs. Zari Hassan

It's ok to refer to me as Mrs. Ssebunya, Rema tells fans

Rema while performing at the intro where she referred to herself as Mrs. Ssebunya to be

The dance strokes Tanasha and Diamond Platnumz pulled for Zari

Tanasha Donna and Diamon d Platnumz pullimg off their serious dance strokes

Romantic-Rema walks on red rose petals to Hamzah's crib

Rema releases a clip of road rose petals leading to their crib with Hamzah.

Thursday, 29 August 2019
Uganda Airlines is back to the skies
Sunday, 11 August 2019
Sheebah Karungi latest news
Tuesday, 07 May 2019
Hellen Lukoma happy to learn that she is carrying a baby boy
Tuesday, 07 May 2019
Diamond Platnumz has revealed why he fired his former bodyguard in the Inama song with Fally Ipupa
Wednesday, 21 November 2018
Uganda to start issuing the EAC electronic passport in January 2019



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Tuesday, 02 July 2019
Sheebah Karungi held her housewarming party on July 1
Saturday, 29 June 2019
Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika in her office and inset is Eric Omondi helping her to tuck in
Wednesday, 26 June 2019
Desire Luzinda putting on red heels and large hoop earrings
Wednesday, 26 June 2019
Desire Luzinda playing with the colors in this spaghetti black dress
Wednesday, 26 June 2019
Summer is not treating her that bad
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Friday, May 29 2009

Medalist boxer and once bonkmate of Diva Juliana is fast becoming a sex maniac. On top Jalia, a girl in his California apartment, Maureen of UCU and some other pregnant girl in Uganda, Kassim's sex prowess and vitality was last week proved when he added to his kraal another curvy girl called Kagole Sharifa.

This happened at Walukuba village in Jinja where Kassim wedded Sharifa in the official moslem style of wedding called 'Kuwoowa'. Sharifa is now the caretaker of Kassim's lodges in Jinja. She was so overjoyed and over heard intimating o he friend that she doesn't mind him having other women because he is circumcised Moslem and what's more she's in love with him.

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Wednesday, May 27 2009

Dembe FM's Bina Baby has turned to God following ill luck with lads. Her recent romance with workmate Wilber has soured of late. And she has decided her only option is to look to God for salvation. We are told: "Bina baby has one of the best botts in town but she can't get a permanent man to smack it. Wilber promised to be a great boyfriend but all of a sudden, he started behaving funnily. She's a gobsmacked!"

We hear these days, she attends church prayers both in the morning and evening at KPC. Her Pal told us. "She is had enough of men. All she wants now is salvation."

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Wednesday, May 27 2009

Karitas Karisimbi's life is certainly on a revival. Of late she has been moving out on a daily basis with her new best pal Zuena Kirema downing expensive liquor. And now snoops reveal that she has bought a brand new car. The car is a Nadia, registration number UAM 684A.

She unleashed the white vehicle at the Orange Carnival. Snoops spotted her driving off from Shoprite Lugogo in the new car. Unsurprising she was with Zuena.

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Tuesday, May 26 2009

             Richard Tuwangye
SAD News reaching our desk indicates star comedian Richard Tuwangye has been diagnosed with a stroke. The theatre factor comedian who also works with UBC (Da Beat programme presenter) is sad and fears fir his life.

Richard also known as Monkey Richard has had pain on the left side of his neck but apparently hadn't taken it serious. His pal said: ''Richo is really scared. His life had just picked up and he was doing quite well in his comedy and at UBC now look. He has a stroke. He recently bought a car of his dreams, a DMC Corsa but this defect is doing him no good. It has taken him steps backwards."

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Sunday, May 24 2009

Celebrated CBS Comedian Kato Lubwama was yesterday caged for assaulting a police woman. Lubwama who was abode a promotional vehicle which was advertising Orange Carnival on Friday, parked it in front of Barclays Bank on Luwum street causing noise pollution and disrupted business.

However when the cop told the bulky comedian to go away, he behaved like a hungry dog and kicked the innocent cop as he asked her ''Have you ever been on a Radio station, do people know you?'

The arm-less constable who was identified as Carol Kanagwa was rescued by onlookers. Be sure the heartless Lubwama missed orange dime as he spent the whole weekend in the coolers. He was booked under file SD67/22/05/09 at CBS eee.... sorry CPS.

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Friday, May 22 2009

Grace Nakimera
Singer Grace Nakimera's life is in danger. Three weeks back the Anfukula star got a shock of her life when she woke up only to find a dead black bird smeared with whitish and thick stiff at her gate together with some nasty objects.

Andre received a call from an anonymous caller telling him that he is a muzungu and Grace needs to be left to the black guys who are endowed. Moments later the mystery caller called Grace and assured her not to worry. "What you have seen at the gate is just simple stuff meant to help you get rid of your husband..."

It as at this point that the caller who has been stalking Grace for months offered her a car of her dreams, a holiday at a destination of her choice and a mansion in Muyenga. This is getting out of hand for the ''Sukuma'' star.

This started as a joke as the very stalker used to deliver flowers and expensive phones through cab drivers but with cars and mansions in the picture, she is worried. She is thinking of reporting to the police for protection.

'' People I'm very scared, I didn't think it would come to this. Iam a christian and I don't believe in witchcraft but Iam scared. But I don't think whatever they are doing can have any harm on my life but at the same time Iam very scared. Anyway I beg whoever is doing this should stop and let me do what I know best".

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Friday, May 22 2009

                 Daniella and Chameleone Disagree on Tanzania trip
Singer Dr.Jose Chameleone's troubles are back to haunt him. Just days after his Escalade broke down at Cafe Cheri, the star is now feuding with his gorgeous wife Daniela. The fight is over Chameleone's music trip to Tanzania this weekend.

The last time the star traveled to TZ, he broke his legs under dubious circumstances. He later claimed it was a sleep walking accident but few believed him.Now looks like the mom of his two kids didn't buy the story of sleep walking. We are told: "Daniella doesn't want Chameleone to travel to Tanzania simply because he could get into fresh trouble. The last time he was there, he broke his legs. She's dead worried." But sadly, there is a misunderstanding between the lovers as Chameleone insists his son's futures depend on his music concerts.

"if he get a good deal like this weekend's deal in Tanzania, he doesn't see why he can't go for it. His life depends on music,"a close source told us. The singer was last in Tanzania on 3rd October.

That night he broke his legs and was found lying in pain at the hotel. He later claimed he had sleep walked from his hotel room on third floor and fell to the ground. But other sources claimed he could have been beaten. He will be performing tomorrow night in Arusha in a mega cash deal.

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Friday, May 22 2009

The massive Jamaican street carnivals we always watch in music videos are certainly coming to town. Word reaching our desk indicates Wandegeya based bar The Link is introducing a ragga dance fest on the streets every month.

The first of its kind fest has been dubbed Ragga Sunfest Street Party that will feature disc spinners featuring only Jamaican dancehall ragga hits. We are told there will also be free style Jamaican performances with gorgeous and naked cheer girls at hand.

It promises to be a big do and it's good to see change in the trend of entertainment. It will be taking place every second Wednesday of the month.

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Thursday, May 21 2009

                              Shaggy the last time he was in Kampala
International star Shaggy will be jetting in today ahead of the Orange Karnival slated for Saturday. The Jamaican/American star will come aboard Ethiopian Airways. The meet and greet party will be held at Club Silk today.

One Said: ''Shaggy is coming tonight with his full band. Stars such as Rayvon are returning with him. Its going to be a massive concert''. The Karnival will also have other stars like Kenya's Nameless.

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Thursday, May 21 2009

We sometime back told you of how the Radio and Weasel launch was bought by promoter Bobkins (Nyambura Launch Bought at 45Mn). The latest coming in is that the over 160 Million was collected from the two shows. This puts promoter Bobkins in things after buying it at 45Million and ending up with 163 Million.

The show at Hotel Africana raised 128 Million in gate collections while the Gaba show that sold 7,000 tickets of 5,000/- each shot to 35Million.VIP tickets at Hotel Africana were selling at 50,000/- while general tickets were going for 20,000/-

Over 50 million had been pumped in the show by sponsors like MTN, Club Beer and DFCU. The sponsorship package as well goes to the promoter and not the artistes.

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Wednesday, May 20 2009

                    Judith Heard
Judith Heard can't wear her wedding ring because her fingers have grown fat following the birth of her twins. Leggy Judith turned heads when she appeared for singer Jose Chameleone's Unplugged Concert in Club Silk without her wedding ring.

The incident had tongues wagging with a section of parties arguing her marriage to Alex Heard could be in shambles. And again she showed up at Hotel Africana for Radio and Weasel concert without her diamond ring. But an insider tells us she can't wear her much loved ring because it is too small. Or she has grown fatter. One said.

''Judith has added on some kilos ever since she gave birth to he twins. She has had to do away with some of her jeans and tops. Her wedding ring has also not been spared." We hear her hubby is buying her a new one anytime soon. Meanwhile the pair baptized their twins few weeks back in a lavish ceremony held at their home in Bunga.

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Wednesday, May 20 2009
           Ugandan Boxer at the Nyambura Concert
The effects of the credit crunch can clearly be seen on Kassim Ouma who was holding a kaportable phone and guzzling Nile beer. The American Ugandan based boxer who is stranded in Kampala resorted to drinking Nile beer during the Nyambura launch. He can't afford his expensive liquor anymore that he has always loved despite being a Moslem.
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Wednesday, May 20 2009

         Weasel and Radio
On the day the Mowzey Radio and Weasel TV launched the Nyambura album, they had been arrested early in the day only to be bailed out by Ragga Dee at a bond of 1Mn shillings. The goodlyfe singers were arrested on Friday morning and produced in Mengo Chief Magistrate's court over a 700,000 shillings debt.

They had been paid 700,000/- as an advance for a perfomace in Kajjansi but the duo did not show up.

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Tuesday, May 19 2009
In a new song he mourns his runaway wife Zuena. The song is a lot better than Agenze according to music experts. In the song Bebe tells of how Zuena the mother of his two kids made a mistake of leaving him.
This will put him in the competition for the awards. His Agenze album has been sold at a whooping 25 million to Balaam. The album launch will be sometime in August.
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Friday, May 15 2009

Artistes: Radio & Weasel
Launch: Tonight
Venue: Hotel Africana

Today is definitely NYAMBURA DAY! The day when singers Moze Radio and Weasel TV prove their might in the local music industry. The day when the singers practically prove that the Chameleone/Bobi Wine and Bebe cool dominance is officially over. The good lyf singers are launching their second album Nyambura tonight at Hotel Africana in a concert music pundits predict could be bigger than mentor Dr. Jose Chameleone Ba Yuda concert in January.

It should be noted that the twosome (Radio and Weasel) were under the 'tutorship' of Chameleone for over five years. But one day they called it au revoir and a hit Nakudata was born. It was followed up by hit after hit...

Rise to Stardom
As already told, Moze and Weasel have been in the music business for long but under the shadows of their big boss Dr. Jose Chameleone. They quit his group sighting mistreatment and disrespect. Ever since they quit, they have been unbelievably successful with each song a hit. Since their Nakudata was voted song of the year in last year's PAM Awards, Radio and Weasel have realised hits like Nyambura, Zuena, Bread & Butter, Sitani, Where You are and most recently Number one among others.

Nyambura Launch
It is on tonight at Hotel Africana for Shs 20,000, then tomorrow at Colline Hotel in Mukono and Ggaba Beach on Sunday. One thing is for sure, these guys won't disappoint. They have proved they can sing and tonight won't be any different. It is a must attend show tonight at Africana. The Nyambura album launch is sponsored by MTN and Club Beer.

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Thursday, May 14 2009

             Straka hugs buddy
Big Size Straka is set to walk down the aisle this Saturday. She has dated a series of young folks and it is interesting to discover that she actually singled out Ssiza Man. The two were seen at Super Paradise during the launch of Viva stars walking hand in hand and kissing.

All straka does is think about her big day. She's lost apetite for everything. All she wants is her marriage to her lover Ssiza Man. Her apetite for pork has gone down. Because she can't stop thinking about him," a source revealed.

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Wednesday, May 13 2009

Dancehall singer Barbara Ndagire commonly known as Bella will this Saturday introduce her UK based Nkuba kyeyo Ben Israel who is also known as Kabaka among his peers.

The Kwanjula will be taking place at the parents home in Kamwokya. ''he is really excited. The feeling of getting hitched to a man for good is so far the best thing to happen to her. She's over the moon, she can't wait,'' said a close pal.

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Tuesday, May 12 2009

          Daniella Can't wait !
While others are busy getting to terms with the credit crunch, economic melt down so on and so forth Dr.Jose Chameleone is not familiar with such wordings. The star has bought his wife a Range Rover Sport which was in Busia on Thursday.

Daniella can't wait to cruise around Kampala after the heavy weight has showed just how much he loves her. A mega bash is planned.

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Sunday, May 10 2009

If word reaching political hysteria is anything to go by, Rubanda West MP Henry Banyezaki and sexy girl friend Angella Katatumba are no more. The latest sleaze  is that the pair no longer sizzles up together as it used to do in the past over a recent bitter argument.

We are told that even the legislator took away powerful Lexus which juicy Katatumba used to use to paint the town red. ''It has been parked at parliament for over a month. The gorgeous city singer often uses public means," said our snoop.

However other sources said it was the credit crunch hitting them hard. You remember Banyenzaki's multi million land deal with fellow MPs flopped and the business empire of Bonny Katatumba, the dad to the local soloist is on the brinks of extinction.

Talk of days when the pair used to enjoy fresh water sea food and caviar at the plush Serena Hotel. Watch this Space!

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Saturday, May 09 2009

               Straka Mwezi
A butcher derives pleasure from the agony of a dying cow, an old adage goes. Where as city superstar and WBS presenter Straka Mwezi is finalizing plans of her magnificent wedding with Sizza, the celebrity's ex lover Tony, a student at Makerere University is having sleepless nights after learning of the much anticipated wedding.

''The news devastated him. Tony is irreparably heart broken. His dreams of bedding Straka for life have been shattered," said a source. We hear the tiny hunks needs counselling or else he runs mad. Tony for now Straka is gone.

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Friday, May 08 2009

Kombat dancers proprietors Natasha and Michael recently went for a scan and discovered they're expecting twins later this year. The scan which was done at Kampala Kadic hospital revealed that the fruits of the duo's long time actions are yet to pay off.

Now the reason they formed Kombat dancers is clear; they wanted to combat all those who didn't want them to be together as man and wife while they worked.

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Friday, May 08 2009
Blu3's Jackie Chandiru will be leaving town soon. she is planning to leave town for UK but she is been keeping this a top secret. We hear the guy who chased everything for her is a UK guy called Ronald Matovu.
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Friday, May 08 2009

                Bebe Cool

Munene Munene singer not single anymore. Looks like Bebe Cool's days of sexual starvation, thirst and cold nights are about to end.

If Zuena thought she was the queen of his heart, she had better think twice. We're told that during Easter carnival, Bebe met a gorgeous Nyaru babe called Matilda Imana Kabanyana Francess.

The two have been going around discreetly, painting the city red with hot passion. Bebe's right hand musician Rama Primes is acting as a decoy to confuse people. He gets the girl and they meet Bebe at African Village in Kiwatule where serious business kicks off. The two were spotted in a private Mercedes Benz at Nakumatt super market where they had probably gone to have a nice time.

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Monday, May 04 2009

              Comedian Bugingo and Wife
At first I thought comedians were a bunch of very unserious people but I was certainly wrong. Theatre factory star Hannington Bugingo joined PR company Lowe Scanad to do some serious work on copyright and advertising and it took me by surprise.

And now the fella has been introduced by a gal. The comedian was introduced two weeks back to the mystery gal's parents. They will be walking down the aisle in July. We wish the gal all the best.

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Saturday, May 02 2009

                    Blu3 plan to bring Eve Jihan Jeffers for their album launch
Word reaching our desk indicates American female rapper Eve born Eve Jihan Jeffers is coming for Blu3 upcoming launch. With their music at a low, they certainly need a hand. We hear 256 Talent Entertainment under its manager and CEO Ali Alibhai is behind the deal.

Their last launch-Burn featured Montell Jordan. The launch date is not yet set but it could be around August, we are told.

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Saturday, May 02 2009

                 Brenda and Joe
All is not well with Gaetano Kaggwa's brother and African Woman photographer and fashion stylist Brenda Nanyonjo. The two aren't seeing eye to eye after Brenda went behind his Tendo's back and clinched a deal of filming Studio 53, Uganda chapter from him.

The two former friends now are super enemies and there was a bust up at Tendo's office last Wednesday when he discovered that Brenda had taken over his slot offering her BM Productions company to the South Africans to shoot for them the Studio 53 series, Uganda chapter.

What annoyed Tendo most was that Brenda has been working for him as one of his photographers and stylist.

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Saturday, May 02 2009

We have it on good authority that Juliana on Monday visited Kololo Hospital where she had an appointment with their senior gynecologist called Dr.Batwale.

Dr.Batwale is one of the best gynecologists in this country and ge specializes in making babes pregnant and sometimes helps them stop or prevent pregnancies. We wonder which of the two Juliana was consulting him about.

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