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Diamond Platnumz buys for Zari a Bentley

Zari joins the Bentley family

"I've bought a Bentley out of my savings, I am a hustler. I woke up one day and started doing my thing. This is not government money, I am using my brain. If anyone can bring the proof that this is government money, go ahead and produce the receipts..."

Producer Diggy Baur and Chameleone

Producer Baur Vs. Chameleone

The producer behind Chameleone's Baliwa song is spitting fire after the singer went to his studio and allegedly beat up one of his colleagues.

Producer Baur hurt his finger while stopping Chameleone from thumping his colleague, a case of assault has since been filed with police.

Producer Baur is behind songs like: King Saha's Sala Pulesa, Eddy Kenzo's Sitya Loss, Tondekangawo by Hanson Baliruno and Chameleone, Ntinka Nkutinke by Nina Roz, Akomelerwe by Pallaso and Tell Me by Fik Fameica among others

Tanasha Donna celebrates 25th birthday with an Arab theme

Tanasha Donna and manager Jamal Gadafi

Bad Black celebrates 31st birthday in style

Bad Black @31

Kasuku faces off with Angella Katatumba-Uncut Sabula

Kasuku and Angella Katatumba

Zari confirms it did not work out between her and King Bae

King Bae just wanted to use me - Zari Hassan

Zari's take on Tina Fierce after UCC suspended her Scoop on Scoop show

Tina Fierce and Zari Hassan

Sheilah and God's Plan happy as UCC SUSPENDS Urban TV's Scoop on Scoop programme

Marcus Ali and Sheila Gashumba trounce Tina Fierce

I am a Ugandan Diamond Platnumz reveals

Diamond Platnumz says his dad is a Ugandan

Fik Fameica joins Lydia Jazmine in telling off TV presenter

Lydia Jazmine and Fik Fameica

Lydia Jazmine hurt by TV presenter who has constantly attacked her

Lydia Jazmine in a white VW convertible

Diamond Platnumz appeals to female fans to stop this henceforth

Diamond Platnumz is not happy with some female fans

Zari mourning Babu Tale's wife Shammy who died suddenly

Zari mourns Shammy Tale who passed on unexpectedly

Dubai police confirm arresting Instagram celebrity, Hushpuppi

Some of Hushpuppi's super rides that were impounded

Maldives is my next destination, Anita Fabiola tells hubby

Anita Fabiola and hubby Mark Ronald

This is how Tina Fierce is planning to raise Sheila Gashumba's 400M

TINA Fierce's shoes that she intends to sell

I am not pregnant for Diamond Platnumz-Poshy Queen

Diamond Platnumz and Poshy Queen

Sheila Gashumba demands Shs400M from Tina Fierce

Sheila Gashumba threatens to sue Tina Fierce

Big Eye is emulating Bad Black as he demands for 270M from NRM

President Museveni shaking hands with Big Eye

President Museveni's 16th address to the nation on COVID-19

President Museveni addressed the nation for the 16th time on matters COVID-19

Bad Black apologizes to all after being paid her COVID-Ad money

Bad Black is sorted after being paid some money​​​​​​

Gabriel K delivers on his very first concert that was online

Gabriel K doing his thing

Marcus and Sheila Gashumba depressed over Cyberbullying

Marcus Ali and Sheila Gashumba at Sanyu FM

Buchaman arrested after disrupting a NEMA meeting

Inset Buchaman is being arrested

Big Eye wants his fans to bail him out of a 400Million loan

Big Eye chocking on a 400Million loan

Zari and Diamond Platnumz's son, Prince Nillan hits 1 million Instgram followers

Prince Nillan clocks 1Million followers on Instagram

Chameleone and Spice Diana pay their respects to the fallen Maj. General

Chameleone and Spice Diana pay their respects

I'm not so proud of my past, but I don't regret a thing-Marcus Ali Lwanga

Marcus Ali all humbled...

Zari bitter with those attacking her for 'getting back' with Diamond Platnumz

Zari and Diamond Platnumz

The secret behind Diamond Platnumz's 1 Billion YouTube views

One billion views for Diamond Platnumz's YouTube

I might be old and a mom of 5, but my looks are of a sweet sixteen-Zari

Zari says she is not about to quit social media

Wednesday, 24 June 2020
Big Eye threatens to sue the President over Shillings 270Million
Saturday, 20 June 2020
Buchaman arrested after disrupting a NEMA meeting
Thursday, 29 August 2019
Uganda Airlines is back to the skies
Sunday, 11 August 2019
Sheebah Karungi latest news
Tuesday, 07 May 2019
Hellen Lukoma happy to learn that she is carrying a baby boy



Latest Photos 
Tuesday, 02 June 2020
The three artists performed so well that they reminded the fans of the defunct Blu3
Thursday, 21 May 2020
Juliana Kanyomozi pregnancy pics
Thursday, 07 May 2020
Desire Luzinda
Tuesday, 02 July 2019
Sheebah Karungi held her housewarming party on July 1
Saturday, 29 June 2019
Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika in her office and inset is Eric Omondi helping her to tuck in
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Monday, August 31 2009

Word reaching our desk indicates that brothers Lukwago Ali and Suudi have fallen out over Rena. Ali has been working for Suudi entertainment but after leaking a song which Rena had featured International star Sean kingstone, the two fell out.

The song was called ''Rumours'' and was to be made public through Rena's upcoming website but greedy Ali sold it out. This did not go down well with Suudi who ended up firing him.

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Saturday, August 29 2009

             Isaac Mulindwa (PAM) Awards Chairman
Troubled PAM awards boss Isaac Mulindwa is playing suit games, our snoops have learnt. Word reaching our desk indicates that after being sued by tycoon Wavamuno over the PAM awards dime, Isaac has also sued a viable PAM awards contender identified as Abbey Musinguzi, who is contemplating organizing the awards this season.

Apparently Isaac claims that no one can organize the awards unless the case that was logged against him is resolved by courts of law. But we hear Musinguzi is sticking to his guns and insists that it's Isaac who was sued and not the project.

Most interesting is word on the wire that Abbey is not alone but has the strong back up of London based Ugandan promoter Ssengo and other Tycoons in Uganda.

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Friday, August 28 2009

         Mickey Wine
Word doing rounds in Kamwokya has it that Mickey Wine, young brother to Wine is competing for the tiltle of ladies wine. Our snoops have learnt that Mickey Wine is set to become a double Dad, after two babes simultaneously claimed that he's the father of their unborn babies.

These babes are identified as Nakandi Sophia who resides next to Family doctors and Rita Kiwanuka who resides in Con-Africa Zone. These two pregnant babes both claim that Mickey Wine played Mickey Mouse games on them while, promising them undying love.

Now it only remains to see if he shall take responsibility of their bulging bellies or not.

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Friday, August 28 2009

         Bebe Cool and Zuena back in the days
Bebe Cool was admitted to Mayo clinic last Monday on learning that the wife had spent the weekend in Kigali, Rwanda where they had gone with Karitas and a businessman in a Toyota Land Cruiser UAM 458K.

Karitas who is a Munyarwanda by blood could occasionally leave Zuena with the businessman to go and check on her relatives. When the Agenze star learnt of this on Sunday evening, he collapsed only to be rushed to Mayo clinic moments later.

Zuena was back in the country on Monday but only checked on Bebe Cool on Tuesday. "She spent the whole day with him, '' an insider said and all Bebe Cool could mutter was Zu (Zuena), lwaki Karitas Tomwesonyiwa. Oyo Omwana muleke' literally meaning Zuena leave Karitas alone.

He was discharged by Wednesday.

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Friday, August 28 2009

Former beauty queen and bonkmate to Jalaal of Lavie Boutique at Grand Imperial Hotel is four months preggie, our snoops can reveal. Vicky who has been known to date multiple black and white men is carrying a tot and her once mouth watering figure is fast becoming oblong.

What disturbs our snoops however is the paternity of the bay in question, because of Vicky's multiple dating antics and everyone wonders whether the kid shall be black or white.

Recently, Vicky has been crisscrossing Nairobi, Kampala and London like someone crossing the busy Jinja road roundabout.

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Thursday, August 27 2009
              Desire Luzinda
The Mubiite singer who is rumoured to be dating the Kampala mayor Ssebagala has a cancer ridden pal who she wants to help. A close pal of her's has cancer and she does not have the money to support. All she is going to do is to put up a charity show and all the proceeds go to the friend.
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Tuesday, August 25 2009

Fading American based Ugandan boxer Ouma is set to marry another woman identified as Elsa Kitaka. The pair is in deep romance and they want to make it official sooner than later.

We are told"Ouma sees something very special in Elsa. Every time he sees her, there's a burning sensation that hits him. He just can't live without her." Ouma who has once dated Juliana is planning to wed Elsa as soon as the fasting period ends.

Elsa is a boston based Ugandan babe working with Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

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Monday, August 24 2009

The friendship between Karitas and Bebe Cool's estranged wife has taken another twist. Karitas has taken troubled Zuena to Rwanda. The two were spotted at Katuna border in a  Toyota Land Cruiser last Friday clearing with the authorities.

It is Karitas who came out of the car to clear as Zuena stayed inside. She tried covering herself with a cloth but snoops were able to smoke her out.

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Saturday, August 22 2009

            Esther Nabaasa
Tusker project fame is back and Esther Nabaasa is swimming in things. Mouth watering Esther we hear has siphoned enough dimes from the Tusker malt lager project she now wants to launch her new album.

We hear she even dropped her government sponsored Telecommunication Engineering course at MUK and is now pursuing a degree in Sound Engineering. As we write this she is Nairobi, where she went to officiate over TPF3 auditions and she is staying at the Hilton Hotel in Nairobi, near the craft market.

However, she drove all the way to Nairobi with her bonkmate Nicholas in her UAH series Benz. The two have been enjoying themselves for quite sometime now and word has it that Esther is preggie. Part of their plan in Nairobi was to go baby shopping, we hear.
Related: Tony Dumps Esther TPF
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Saturday, August 22 2009

Ex wife to singer and song writer Sylvia Kyagulanyi, Julia Kyagulanyi, who is back in the country to finalize her divorce proceedings, is set to remarry, even before the judge announces her officially divorced.

She was overheard telling friends in Zana last week that "I'm only here in Uganda or one thing; I want to legally divorce that ka-man, so that I remarry. I'm fed of wasting time with him. I want to go back to the United Kingdom to run my business but I'm just fooled around.

I don't want to hear or talk anything about Kyagulanyi anymore. I'm fed up!" Jalia was over heard eagerly anticipating.
Related: Kyagulanyi splits with wife over Sex , Kyagulanyi Feuds with Iryn

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Saturday, August 22 2009

TV ace and Kampala socialite Karitas Karisimbi has ventured into bikini waxing, this time for men. It is said Karitas charges a phenomenal fee of 100K at her Karitas Garage Salons and for her to work on you personally; you have to part with a whooping 250K.

Meanwhile Karitas close relationship with Zuena ever since she broke up with Bebe has left so many tongues wagging about their hidden intentions. It has been noted by our snoops that ever since Zuena left Bebe's pad, she is constantly been sighted with spinster Karitas on most of their Girl-girl dates and everyone wonders why.
Photos:Zuena and Karitas, Karitas at Stela Atel Fashion Nite, Karitas n Goodlyfe

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Friday, August 21 2009

             Omulangira Suna and Campbell
Local music star and singer of 'Hero' Omulangira Suuna is enjoying rounds on model and dancer Campbell Nabanja. The two love birds have been enjoying themselves for sometime now, it's even rumored Campbell has a kid with him.

The two have always been smoked out at Lido Beach Entebbe and club Silk enjoying cozy moments, they woo revellers while erotically dancing together. The way Suuna rubs Campbell on stage leaves everyone with no doubt that something beyond stage antics is brewing between the two.

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Friday, August 21 2009

                 Moze Radio
Goodlyf star Moze Radio is is not just on form musically but also in bed too. Moze has balloned a babe only identified as Sheila a student at Uganda Bankers Institute(UBI). On noticing that she was pregnant, he abandoned her.

Close pals say she is struggling to raise money for antenatal care. Sheila has also dropped out of school as she prepares for single motherhood simply because the man responsible for the pregnancy ios careless.

Radio's partner Weasel TV has over 20 kids from every suburb in Kampala.

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Wednesday, August 19 2009
Photo: Straka Baibe
Straka has been evicted from her Makindye rented house for failing to pay rent for four months. The two roomed house that has been doubling as a salon and boutique is in arrears to the tune of 800,000/-
On Monday Morning security fellas and the land lady stormed her the place and threw all her belongings out and locked the place.
It is also believed that she does not pay rent where she is staying with her fiancé Ssiza Man.
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Monday, August 17 2009

Twelfth next month has been set as the day when the fate of PAM Awards can be known. It will be on this day that the court would rule whether the awards are to be terminated or go on.

There is a battle between Tycoon Gordon Wavamuno and the Chairman of the awards, Isaac Mulindwa. Wavah wants the licence for the awards be terminated citing poor management of the awards something the sponsors are believing.

Short of that, URA has forgiven Mulindwa over 400 Million and are now demanding just 96 Million from him and his PAM Awards. They have up to this month to pay the 96Million but close pals say he doesn't have the dime. The PAM Awards organizers had accumulated over 500 Million in tax arrears

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Sunday, August 16 2009

We can safely say that she has it all, the beauty, the fame, and the dime and good life, married to a man who adores her. She is a darling of the catwalk with a hot body to go to complete the package. She is a mother of three Brandon and the twins Branda and Briana and still looks hot and smashing..

She talked to Sunday Pepper at length about her love life, family and hyper lifestyle. Below are some of the excerpts from the interview:

SP: How many cars do you have?
Judith: Five-a Bentley, Thunderbird, Golf, Pajero and a Honda.

SP:Indeed tell us a little about your growing up.
Judith: I was born in Makindye to the late John Musana and Oliver Bitature. Iam the third born out of four girls. Iam half Munyarwanda nad half Mutooro. I went to Kampala Parents for my primary, them moved to Rwanda where I did my secondary school and a computer course. I came back to Uganda in 2001 to stay with my mum when my Dad passed away.

SP: What did you do when you came back to Uganda?
Judith: I started working in an Internet cafe in Entebbe and shortly after I joined Sylvie Owori's Zipa models.

SP: Why Modeling? What pushed you into modeling?
Judith: I was modeling in Rwanda while there,and I like it. So when I came back I wanted to do it here as well. I had friends who recommended me to Zipa Models. I went there and got the job.

SP: How did you and Alex Meet?
Judith: We met at Entebbe at a cafe where I used to work. He saw me with a couple of friends and he asked to speak to me. He took my number and we talked. We never went to a date. He went to the States for six months. When he came back we went on a date.

SP: And?
Judith: One Day on a holiday in South Africa, he proposed to me.

SP: Where did you get married?
Judith: In Las Vegas. On that note I want to assure you that me and my husband have never divorced or separated.

SP: So how come you were spotted a couple of times without your wedding ring?
Judith: That was shortly after I had given birth and my fingers were swollen. When they wrote those stories he had to get me another one.

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Friday, August 14 2009
After long time bargaining and pleading with landlords not to be evicted, ‘Agenze’ star can finally breathe a sigh of relief.
Word gathered by our snoops that bachelor Bebe has finally appended a land title to his name and he’s soon to be known as landlord Bebe, after acquiring himself a piece of land of about 35 decimals in Gayaza about 37million.
Though he surprisingly bought it cash down, he could have been inspired by Zuena’s demands that he builds her a mansion like Bobi’s in Magere. Trouble is that Bebe is soon to be close neighbours with sworn enemy Bobi Wine and we wonder how the two will avoid each other now that they are neighbours.
Meanwhile, Bebe is taking Agenze launch to Jinja on 26 October so that he can win his wife back.
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Friday, August 14 2009
Big Brother Africa 3 star Munya is coming to town for the official opening of Blu Haze bar in October. The bar closed early this year over unclear circumstances but it will soon be reopened. It is located at former Cheese bar on Lumumba Avenue.
Management for the bar with over 10 pool tables has already finalized arrangements for the Zimbabwean BBA3housemate to attend the mega launch in mid October.
Nile Breweries has pumped a lot of cash to over see the renovations.
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Thursday, August 13 2009

New Luga Flow hip hop star Henry Tigan is swimming in things. Word reaching us shows that the star has landed a lucrative deal with new platinum 9 bar and restaurant where he is to perform every week for millions of shillings.

However his US based promoter Suudi  of Suudi records is not happy with Tigan for not consulting him before he accepted the deal. Now we hear Suudi who has been bankrolling Tigan is threatening to sever all promotional agreements the tow have unless Tigan promises him a percentage of what he reaps from Platinum 9 plus not sealing any other deals with anybody without informing him first. 

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Thursday, August 13 2009

Photo: Buchaman - One Leg Star
Ever since he lamented  in his "Lwaki Temumatira" song, Fire Base Vice President singer BuchAmanhas enjoyed the bosoms of juicy babes, who come out to prove that they feel him.

Despite having different kids with different mothers, Buchaman has butchered yet another juicy, sex oozing babe identified as Sharion Musimenta. The tow have always been smoked out cozying and enjoying each other in private meetings at collin Hotel and Ridar Hotel in Seeta.

Mbu Bucha has now gone into hiding after news got to him that he's soon to be yet another father. Hope he's not competing with his boss Bobi Wine aka 'Ladies Wine".

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Thursday, August 13 2009

Photo: Straka Baibe
WBS late show presenter and long time spinster Straka Mwezi is having problems with her hair or head. Apparently Straka's hair has been falling off strand by strand and this has been her wear wig after wig of colored hair. The hair loss problem disturbed our snoop so much that they thought she was getting bald, till her pal stood to her rescue and intimated that it is the very many different hair cosmetics Straka has been using in her hair that have caused the hair loss.

Straka now spots a Janet like hair cut as a solution  to catch up with her partially bald head now.

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Thursday, August 13 2009

Singer Juliana Kanyomozi has landed a deal to be a judge at the forthcoming Tusker Project Fame 3.  Tshaka Mayanja was a judge in the episode that was won by Esther Nabaasa. The music talent show is set to kick off very soon and it will be hosted by Kenya's Mwayingha Sheila and our very own Mitch Egwang.

Esther Nabaasa, Juliana Kanyomozi

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Tuesday, August 11 2009

Mom of two Zuena Kirema takes full use of the ''no strings attached'' return to husband Bebe Cool. At the launch of the new club, Lounge Ocean, Zuena was in the company of Karitas Karisimbi. A few weeks back we exclusively told you of how Bebe and Zuena were back together, and yes we insist they are back together  but with no strings attached.

Bebe can't restrict her from partying. Last Thursday she appeared in a thigh reaveling white dress that left men struggling for breath. That aside, Bebe Cool's son Alpha Thierry has been transferred to a less costly school that charges 300,000/- per term as opposed to the 1,500,000/- per term at Kabira International School.

Bebe Cool will be launching his Agenze album on 2nd October.

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Tuesday, August 11 2009

Photo: MVP FLavia and Chizzo
Basket Ball star Flavia Oketcho aka Flirsh is off to legalize her bonking spree with singing lover Chizzo, we can reveal. MVP Flavia is set to leave the country today to reunite with UK based lover Chizzo.

The pair we have learnt will spend two months together. In that period, they will wed and officially become hubby and wife. Singer Chizzo recently finalized her divorce with his wife. Flirsh who married  a Muzungu at the age of sixteen also quit her previous relationship.

After the two months, the loved up pair will return to Uganda and settle permanently. Meanwhile gorgeous Flirsh held her farewell party last night at Kampala Latino Club (KLC).

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Monday, August 10 2009

The Heavy weight was over the weekend beaten to pulp after a flopped show at Herms pub. The star decided to relocate to Green Valley Pub and on arrival he demanded that some guys quit the table for him. The guys refused and asked him what kind of authority he had to make them quit the table.

The heavy weight started off with the verbal artillery which did not go down well with the youth thus a fight which ended up into the singer's serious injuries. He was rescued bleeding profusely and rushed to Gulu Independent Hospital.

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Friday, August 07 2009

               Zuena and Karitas
BEBE Cool's ex wife and sexy mother of two now turned singer Zuena Kirema is doing badly financially. Having set out to pursue her ambitions as an upcoming musician, we hear Zuena who now has a couple of songs and has been struggling to shoot a video with Centrix videos has miserably failed.

We hear a video shooting by Centrix Videos is Ugx 4Mn plus at the venue which is the posh J&M hotel in Bwebaja, but Zuena has only managed to raise a mere 200k so far.

The video shooting date was slated for this Friday but till now, Zuena has not coughed the remaining balance. The poor mother is doing badly wallet wise.

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Thursday, August 06 2009

     Helen and Toniks
Helen of HB Toxic and Toniks were together at Jinja Cool Breeze during the Zain Dance with your star show. One said: ''They were making out all night and biting each other's candy necklaces". The two are both iInternational Business students at MUBS.

Read Also:Helen and Toniks an Item

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Wednesday, August 05 2009

Top stars Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine are at it again and this time round involving the top music promoters as well. The Gagamel Crew boss Bebe Cool will be launching the Agenze album at Kyadondo Grounds while the Fire Base leader Bobi Wine will be launching Carolina at Hotel Africana.

The two top promoters Balaam and Bobkins will be equally locking horns as Balaam is in charge of Bebe Cool's concert and Bobkin's is handling Bobi Wine's. Short of that Bobi Wine is signed to companies like MTN and Nile Breweries where as East African Breweries and Zain Uganda will sponsor Bebe Cool.

Of the two artistes, whoever flops could as well say goodbye to their music career.
Photos: Bobi Wine Entertains Inmates , Bebe Cool's Q-Dancer, Bobi Wine and Barbie, Bebe Cool Hugs Daniella

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Sunday, August 02 2009
It looks like all is well for the Entebbe based singer Peter Miles and his bonkmate we can authoritatively reveal. The singer is said to have bought sexlicious Cleo Koheirwe a new ride which is estimated to have cost him a whooping 2 million according to our reliable sources.
The two are said to be heading for bigger things. According to information from his close friends the two could exchange vows anytime and the party animals should brace themselves for this mega bash.
Cleo is these days very happy about her relationship with miles and something big to us. Meanwhile Cleo has revamped her music career and she is already in the studios recording her breath taking album. Watch out for her hits anytime!
Photos: Cleo's Night Out
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Saturday, August 01 2009

       Grace and Juliana
The UK tour has once again flopped and this time it's Juliana and Grace Nakimera in the spotlight according to reliable sources from the UK. The ''Fire in the City'' concert was a big flop and these two singers are said to have made huge losses and everybody is feeling sorry for the songbirds as you read this.

They were performing alongside Uganda's biggest dancehall music star DJ Michael. The show is said to have been attended by scaring numbers to the extent that the four front rows couldn't be filled. They looked like they were performing for one family.

And this was Grace's first time to perform in the UK may be she was the cause of this massive flop. 

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