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Im not his father, Eddy Kenzo

Sheilah Don Zella's son has the Musuuza name raising eyebrows on whether Eddy Kenzo is the baby daddy

Sitya Loss star, Edirisa Musuuza Nkonge Kiwalabye aka Eddy Kenzo, who is still in Ivory Coast waiting to return following the lockdown has issued a statement, distancing himself from the allegations that Sheila Don Zella's child is his.

Diamond Platnumz buys for Zari a Bentley

Zari joins the Bentley family

"I've bought a Bentley out of my savings, I am a hustler. I woke up one day and started doing my thing. This is not government money, I am using my brain. If anyone can bring the proof that this is government money, go ahead and produce the receipts..."

Producer Diggy Baur and Chameleone

Producer Baur Vs. Chameleone

The producer behind Chameleone's Baliwa song is spitting fire after the singer went to his studio and allegedly beat up one of his colleagues.

Producer Baur hurt his finger while stopping Chameleone from thumping his colleague, a case of assault has since been filed with police.

Producer Baur is behind songs like: King Saha's Sala Pulesa, Eddy Kenzo's Sitya Loss, Tondekangawo by Hanson Baliruno and Chameleone, Ntinka Nkutinke by Nina Roz, Akomelerwe by Pallaso and Tell Me by Fik Fameica among others

Tanasha Donna celebrates 25th birthday with an Arab theme

Tanasha Donna and manager Jamal Gadafi

Bad Black celebrates 31st birthday in style

Bad Black @31

Kasuku faces off with Angella Katatumba-Uncut Sabula

Kasuku and Angella Katatumba

Zari confirms it did not work out between her and King Bae

King Bae just wanted to use me - Zari Hassan

Zari's take on Tina Fierce after UCC suspended her Scoop on Scoop show

Tina Fierce and Zari Hassan

Sheilah and God's Plan happy as UCC SUSPENDS Urban TV's Scoop on Scoop programme

Marcus Ali and Sheila Gashumba trounce Tina Fierce

I am a Ugandan Diamond Platnumz reveals

Diamond Platnumz says his dad is a Ugandan

Fik Fameica joins Lydia Jazmine in telling off TV presenter

Lydia Jazmine and Fik Fameica

Lydia Jazmine hurt by TV presenter who has constantly attacked her

Lydia Jazmine in a white VW convertible

Diamond Platnumz appeals to female fans to stop this henceforth

Diamond Platnumz is not happy with some female fans

Zari mourning Babu Tale's wife Shammy who died suddenly

Zari mourns Shammy Tale who passed on unexpectedly

Dubai police confirm arresting Instagram celebrity, Hushpuppi

Some of Hushpuppi's super rides that were impounded

Maldives is my next destination, Anita Fabiola tells hubby

Anita Fabiola and hubby Mark Ronald

This is how Tina Fierce is planning to raise Sheila Gashumba's 400M

TINA Fierce's shoes that she intends to sell

I am not pregnant for Diamond Platnumz-Poshy Queen

Diamond Platnumz and Poshy Queen

Sheila Gashumba demands Shs400M from Tina Fierce

Sheila Gashumba threatens to sue Tina Fierce

Big Eye is emulating Bad Black as he demands for 270M from NRM

President Museveni shaking hands with Big Eye

President Museveni's 16th address to the nation on COVID-19

President Museveni addressed the nation for the 16th time on matters COVID-19

Bad Black apologizes to all after being paid her COVID-Ad money

Bad Black is sorted after being paid some money​​​​​​

Gabriel K delivers on his very first concert that was online

Gabriel K doing his thing

Marcus and Sheila Gashumba depressed over Cyberbullying

Marcus Ali and Sheila Gashumba at Sanyu FM

Buchaman arrested after disrupting a NEMA meeting

Inset Buchaman is being arrested

Big Eye wants his fans to bail him out of a 400Million loan

Big Eye chocking on a 400Million loan

Chameleone and Spice Diana pay their respects to the fallen Maj. General

Chameleone and Spice Diana pay their respects

I'm not so proud of my past, but I don't regret a thing-Marcus Ali Lwanga

Marcus Ali all humbled...

Zari bitter with those attacking her for 'getting back' with Diamond Platnumz

Zari and Diamond Platnumz

The secret behind Diamond Platnumz's 1 Billion YouTube views

One billion views for Diamond Platnumz's YouTube

Wednesday, 24 June 2020
Big Eye threatens to sue the President over Shillings 270Million
Saturday, 20 June 2020
Buchaman arrested after disrupting a NEMA meeting
Thursday, 29 August 2019
Uganda Airlines is back to the skies
Sunday, 11 August 2019
Sheebah Karungi latest news
Tuesday, 07 May 2019
Hellen Lukoma happy to learn that she is carrying a baby boy



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Tuesday, 02 June 2020
The three artists performed so well that they reminded the fans of the defunct Blu3
Thursday, 21 May 2020
Juliana Kanyomozi pregnancy pics
Thursday, 07 May 2020
Desire Luzinda
Tuesday, 02 July 2019
Sheebah Karungi held her housewarming party on July 1
Saturday, 29 June 2019
Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika in her office and inset is Eric Omondi helping her to tuck in
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Saturday, July 31 2010
Good lyfe aces Moze Radio and Weasel TV's booking fees have drastically dropped spreading fear their star status is on a quick fall. The singers who used to charge a massive Shs 5m for an upcountry show now charge as littles as 1m to perform in areas like Mbale, Gulu and Mbarara.

This was witnessed two weeks back when the singers performed at Green  Gardens in Mbale for just a million bucks. To perform in Kampala, the singers can now pocket half a million or even Shs400,000.

Last week they performed in Club Rouge for 400k. Ever since the singers hit the big stage, they have mainly been involved in fights against fellow musicians and fans. Currently the singers are in Kigali.

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Saturday, July 31 2010
We know this won't shock most of our readers, but the rest of the nation shall surely be taken by storm! We've reliably been informed by Senga's that Naila Salim, the video vixen who featured in Chameleone's 'Vumilia' video, has given birth to a bouncing baby girl.

We recently reported about how the singer has been said to be extremely close to Naila ever since she featured in his video and how he dumped her in Mabira forest in the middle of the night for denying him her bearded meat.

Lots of rumours there after circulated around the celeb wire, to the effect that the singer could actually be responsible for her bulging situation. This and more other details about the paternity of her kid led Naila to go into hibernation.

However,  just recently, our eagle eyed snoops smoked her out at Rubaga Hospital, where she gave birth in the general ward. Our snoops who happened to chance upon Naila during her labour pains and after giving birth, were awed to realize that her baby greatly resembles the 'doctor.'

"On taking a closer look, Our sengas were dumb struck, after scrutinizing the toddler and discovering that it has the singer's looks; piercing eyes, and showing all signs of b  being sturbbon as ..err doctor.

We're pleased to announce that Naila is now a milk dripping 'Nakawere' and her out of action state of life is to continue for some time, although we know and understand that here is someone waiting to usher her into the bonkroom. Congratulations Naila.

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Saturday, July 31 2010
Randy Singer and self acclaimed doctor is a man fit to be called a war lord! This comes after he's been reported to have exchanged blows with Swangz Avenue's singer Vampos. Apparently, the two are said to have severely clawed and nearly tore each others jaws  into pieces outside Club Silk on Tuesday Night.

On Tuesday night during the Campus night Chameleone arrived at 10:00pm and headed straight to the reserved seats together with his crew who comprised of mainly bouncers responsible for his security.

He was later joined by a Zungu lady we are yet to identify and had a good time together. A few minutes to midnight city cuties Yasmine and Sheena arrived dressed in skimpy short dresses. On entering Club Silk one of Chameleone's bouncers called Trevor led them to a reserved section that had beers flowing on Chameleone's account.

After downing them bottles Yasmine and Sheena realised Chameloene had opted to savour a white babe and yet they had hoped to service him. They lost their cool and began dancing with whoever crossed their way.

Vampos was in club busy gulping bottle after bottle as he waited to be called on stage. Yasmine came from nowhere and whispered something into his ear, after which she led him to where Sheena was seated.

The moment Vampos saw Sheena his face was lit up brighter than the sun, the two embraced and soon started a close dance and were almost squeezing tightly. It was then that Trevor tipped off Chameleone about the two, assuring him that Vampos was squeezing the juices out of Sheena.

Chameleone then sent Trevor with strict orders for Vampos to fcuk off his women but Vampos fired back saying he is ''a gangster who doesn't give a f**k!" On hearing this, Chameleone grabbed a stick of the hard stuff from the collection he had and thirstily puffed his lungs away, trying to contain his anger.

Vampos was called on stage and he did 'Tell It' whihc he sang with the Goodlyfe, something that seemed to turn on Sheena, reminding her of the good times with her Prince Charming Weasel Doug. In 'Tell It' song, Vampos and the Goodlyfe tell a love story where the guy loves a babe so much that he vows to tell the whole world about it.

The message in the song tickled Chameleone the wrong way because it seemed like Vampos was hammering a thorn into his poor heart.

How Jaws Were Broken
Salt was added to injury when Yasmine and Sheena jumped onto the stage and together they danced erotically with Vampos, something that made Chameleone boil with loathe for the trio. At this point , incensed Chameleone burst out of the Club and waited outside.

After Vampos had performed he decided to leave the club in the company of Sheena and Yasmine and that is where he met Chameleone who seemed to be waiting for him. Without any words Chameleone pounced several blows on his jaws, as Vampos tried to fight back, Chameleone bouncers held him as more blows were being pounced on his jaw, lips and whooper.

Vampos was left bleeding as Chameleone took off at break neck speed to board his car. Bouncers dropped Vamposs as they scattered after their boss into a waiting car that whisked them away before Police arrived.

We have heard that Vamposs has vowed to hunt down Chameleone whether dead or alive till he crushes his poor balls. On the other hand Weasel has vowed to teach his brother a lesson for trying to harm Vamposs and trying to encroach on Sheena, who is hitherto his known princess.
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Friday, July 30 2010

We have been wondering why singing flop DJ Farshee has been off the scene. Now we know she's preggie! A source tells us that the chic is around five months heavy and has gone back to the village to give birth.

We are told: "Farshee paraded a live leg and it was shattered. She is so heavy and expecting a kid," a pal told us. When she gives birth, this will be Farshee's second child.

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Friday, July 30 2010

Shock gripped our eagle eyed snoops after spotting Kampala maneater and serial dater Daphine Basiima coming out of an antenatal clinic in Mengo. This was on Monday morning at about 9:00am as our snoops combed top city hospitals for celebrities who could be pregnant.

She was in company of an elderly lady who looked past her menopause and the two after seeing the doctor stormed off in her corsa. Our efforts to land on reasons why she was around hit a dead end as all the doctors and nurses refused to divulge the details.

Could she be pregnant ? Nothing is impossible after a tycoon bought her that Corsa. Watch this space!

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Friday, July 30 2010

         Desire takes on a fan with a paka chini move
As Tycoon pumps in Millions for the big day set for UK.

Booty-ful 'Nina Omwami' singer Desire Luzinda is set to hold the biggest birthday bash ever by a Ugandan artiste. And not shockingly a tycoon is pumping a staggering millions of shillings into the party.

A close pal told us it is to be held at Club Valentino, along Tottenham High Road, N17 in the UK. The event slated for Aug 14, 2010 is gonna be a red carpet VIP treatment event. In fact she wrote on her wall talking about it.

"Only the early bird will catch the worm, so be there in time to avoid disappointment" Great performances from Desire(the Birthday Gal) and other UK based Ugandan artistes will grace the occasion.

We hear she is set to fly out of Kampala early August in company of her tycoon to prepare for the lavish merry making and shopping before the big day. The dime sunk into this party will be worth a few wedding parties for some of the folks around town" a pal concluded.

We will keep you updated about the proceedings and you can be sure to access all the pictures of the event only in 3am. Watch this Space! 

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Thursday, July 29 2010

There's no doubt Lady Gaga has inspired young Ugandan souls. And by the look of this picture, new dancehall ragamuffin Margla has caught the Lady Gaga bug. The Tinku singer dazzled revellers in this revealing lacy outfit reminiscet of Lady Gaga's.

This was in Gulu during the ongoing Diva Awards Country tours. Margla stole the show as she wowed horny men in this reaveling outfit that just coverd her modesty. Ever since Margla hit the local charts with her new music, she has been in breathtaking form.

But this time around, it was too much to bear. She ‘s first becoming a major hit in men’s pants.

Related: Sex-Rated Party as Margla Romps with Artistes

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Thursday, July 29 2010

         Sylvia Namugenyi and Zuena on their last trip to Denmark
Then Adds (I wasn't Earning Anything and Zuena Hated Me)
Wacky Fashion Guru and singer Sylvia Namugenyi has quit the Gagamel Crew Entertainment citing lack of earning as the reason.

She told pals after quitting, "I have been working in this group for sometime now but financially things are not improving. In fact I'm always more broke than I used to be. So this is the time for me to move forward as a solo artiste."

We hear most of the dimes generated by singers signed under Gagamel are pocketed by their president. But sources in the Gagamel Camp have informed us Zuena forced her out because she did not like her one bit.

In fact a story is told of how Zuena confronted her when the crew travelled to Denmark during Bebe's European Tour telling her to back off.

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Wednesday, July 28 2010
Word reaching us shows that Blu3's Jackie Chandiru seems to have hooked up with a top city lawyer. The two have been spotted on several occasions in posh hideouts; we thought it would end at this.

However, reliable sources have informed us that the lawyer is now faced with family problems back home because he spends most of the nights out with Jackie. "Whenever it becomes a hostile time in the life of the lawyers housemates at home.

The man is with his new catch  and people at home are craving for his love," A snoop revealed to us. Snoops have , on multiple occasions, spotted the lawyer's posh car parked at Jackie's compound in Nsambya deep in the night.

What is happening between these two city celebs is a question on everyone's lips
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Wednesday, July 28 2010
As Kampala is on high alert after the Al Shabab bomb attacks, there are one or two un answered questions. Is our security well equipped? The answer is no as veteran journalist Evelyn Kiapi revealed.

Our snoops over heard her narrate two chilling incidents of how security guards surfed her left right and center pretending they were searching for bombs. She said: " On two occasions I have been humiliated by the searching methods police women at security points use.

I'm not against security checks but the truth is they need to use detectors other than running their hands all over your body." Then she went on to add how she got a nasty experience at Golf Course Hotel.

"A security woman searched my entire body with her hard fingers. She caressed me plus squeezing my boobs in a manner that I found very humiliating," she narrated. He humiliation was compounded further when on her way to Munyonyo residence, two women conducting a roadblock check-squeezed her boobs painfully again.

She was quoted telling a pal, " One of them lowered her fingers down to my private parts and taking her time, surfed it thoroughly. Well, It must have been an interesting experience getting horny at the hands of a police woman.

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Wednesday, July 28 2010

Krystal Babes' lead singer Esther is cursing why she was ever conned into opening her legs to a nkuba kyeyo fella who impregnated her, we have learnt. Talented Esther is very heavy and expecting the nkuba kyeyo's baby.

It all happened during the christmas holiday when the nkuba kyeyo conned her of a live leg after promising to take het to the UK if she bore him a kid. Because she was struggling musically after she had quit Wafagio, she hurriedly paraded her yoyo and the kyeyo fella planted a hot seed into it.

After bonking her, the fella disappeared and up to now she has never seen him. Efforts to get to him have hit a dead end. Now she is resigned to life as a single mom.

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Tuesday, July 27 2010
We are told Tracy Bora is preggie with her fiance Prince Kareem's baby. The pair if all goes well are set to walk down the aisle before the end of this year. A pal told us: "Tracy is over the moon with her pregnancy. She wants to bare her Prince a baby before the end of next year."

Prince Kareem is from a very powerful royal family in northern Nigeria. He is an investor/banker and financial consultant. He is based in Dubai, Europe and somewhere between Singapore and Hong Kong. They have been engaged for over two years.
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Tuesday, July 27 2010
Former Miss Uganda is back in the chest of her former lover one Cameroonian Romeo. We hear the pair have rekindled their love and are again smitten. The pair had dated sometime back and went together on a holiday in Dubai.

During their holiday, they took their naked pictures while enjoying sex. However, shortly after the holiday, the pair broke up and Salma kicked off romance with a US Pensioner. But it now looks like the pensioner's time is up and she is back in the hands of the much younger Romeo.

We hear most of these days she is out of town and this is the reason she has been missing on the social scene. Hmmm, true gold digger!
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Tuesday, July 27 2010

Surely this is worse than we thought. We have been told that Luga flo star Rabadaba is on deep thought after it emerged that his UK based girlfriend Sheila could after all be carrying another fella's tot.

a source told us, "He is not a happy chap because he has realised that Sheila has all along lied to him about several issues." Apparently he now doubts if he is the father of the tot taht Sheila is carrying and is set to drop anytime soon.

Remember rumours furtherclaim that the Bwekiri singer's girlfriend hooked up another guy in the UK; a thing that hasn't gone down well with Rabadaba.

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Tuesday, July 27 2010

She is either on a tight budget or she was just taking an evening stroll or else what do we make of one of the top news anchors in town padding for two kilometres. On Monday evening last week we were shocked when a tired looking Rosemary Nankabirwa hoofed from her Serena Hotel based NTV offices, towards Mosa Courts, negotiated her way through a line of ladies of the night before she disappeared towards Grand Imperial probably to City Square.

The distance is approximately a kilometer and a half. Are you trying to keep in shape or something is terribly wrong?

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Monday, July 26 2010
Top city man eater and celebrated G-Force dance group heartthrob Anita who has been off the social scene is back with a bang. The latest is that she is currently dating a town hunk only identified as Sula Blick.
We hear she is over the moon with the guy. A close pal told us, “Anita can’t believe that after so many missed calls with different horny town fellas, she has met someone who wants to dock at her vuvuzella faithfully.”
To show her love for Sula, she has updated her facebook relationship status to “Engaged to Sula Blick” Meanwhile, Sula has also reciprocated his love for her by using her photo as his facebook profile picture.
Well we are happy for her but the search for what this happy fella driving Anita does, hangs out or where he stays is on..Watch this Space!
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Monday, July 26 2010
Single and Searching ‘Ayokya Yokya’ singer Cindy has finally let out one of her most worst kept secrets. That she has hots for Navio. This shocking detail was revealed by Cindy on Saturday during the Exposed Live Show hosted by MC Kats and aired on NTV.
And as ever our eagle eyed snoops couldn’t miss the detail. It all started when host Kats asked her, “Keeping all factors constant, which Ugandan Artiste would you date?”
Cindy first blushed before replying, “Did you ask that coz I just broke up with my boyfriend or…”Then she went on to add with a wide smile cutting across with her saucy lips, “I would date Navio anytime coz I think he’s a hot dude.”
Remember Cindy recently broke up with Mario Brunette, the father to her daughter. So Navio, there you go and at last, she has made a pass at you on National TV and it’s time to tackle her. Let’s see watcha gonna do about it!
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Sunday, July 25 2010
       Brenda Nayonjo nursing bomb injuries
Socialite African Woman's Brenda Nanyonjo must cough a hefty Shs 30m for an operation to remove a fragment that hit and entered her head following the deadly bomb blasts that rocked Kyadondo Rugby Club July 11 during the World Cup Final between the Netherlands and Spain.

Soupy Brenda currently at home after being discharged from Kadic Hospital is far from safe and must have the operation as soon as possible or risk her life. Sadly she doesn't have the needed money. One Source told us: "Brenda is facing the roughest time of her life.

She doesn't know where the dime will come from but all she has to do now is remain hopeful. Her friends are confused too." Fashionist Brenda is a budding soccer fan and watches all Uganda Cranes games at Mandela National Stadium.

She watched all the World Cup games from Kyadondo before the bomb blasts. She is blessed with one of the best behinds in Uganda.
African Woman's Brenda Injured in Bomb Blast
Nanyonjo Out of Kadic Hospital
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Saturday, July 24 2010

ER...FLOPPED singer Zari Hassan and her hubby Ivan are under pressure from the Ugandan community living in South Africa to quit. We are told Ugandans down south have formed an organisation aimed at discplining Zari and Ivan.

They accuse them of tarnishing their name and image. However, It is not clear how. One told us: "Everyone in South Africa now believes all Ugandans are sangomas. This is because of he image that has been portrayed.

And what is more shocking is the fact that these Sangomas have not really been of great help." Zari's husband, Ivan is the head of Ugandan Sangomas in SA. He stays in Pretoria. What has even brought a major fall out is the fact that they can speak passable English and yet the rest of the sangomas cannot speak any word in English.

Meanwhile, while in South Africa, they must not speak to most Ugandans. In fact we have learnt that this is the reason why the pair had to be in Uganda for the World Cup final game when almost everyone in the world wanted to watch it live.

Also there's fear among Ugandans who picked money in Club Silk that Zari was splashing. "She would first kiss it before throwing it in the air for partiers to pick," an eyewitness noted.

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Saturday, July 24 2010
Good Lyfe singer Diamond Oscar bedded a suganr mom on Tuesday after whisking her from Campus Nite in Club Silk. This old Momma cruises a blue Range Rover customized as MAGGIE V.

It all started in Silk Royale as the pair smooched up a storm as they settled in one corner. The pair were downing red wine which is synonymous with lovers. "Diamond Oscar wanted to impress Maggie. 

All the time he was at her call. She too looked smitten to be hanging out with Diamond. It was as if he meant a lot to her," an onlooker told us. The smitten pair later left together to Diamond Oscar's Muzigo.

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Saturday, July 24 2010
Orange Connect
Photo: Orange Connect
We are yet to confirm if there is any biff behind it or it's just sheer distaste of the kadongo Kamu singer. We have learnt with shock that Mimi Kirema has been going around telling whoever cared to listen that she just doesn't like Abdu Mulaasi.

We hear she detests him from the way he dresses, what he sings to the way he handles himself. In fact she she posted this on her wall "wat da f**k is wrong with Abdul Mulasi? The guy acts like he just hit menopause, wearing shinny XXL T-Shirts, bling bling, shizzo and funny jeans with 50 cents pictures on them.

Gosh and always excited like a kid in a candy shop!! Dude if you have nothing else to put on, stay home coz your shinny outfits are affecting our sight. Thanx, a lot!"
Gal we feel your concern too but don't you think you are taking it far? The war you have started is too big for your shoes. Watch This Space!

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Friday, July 23 2010

Former Miss Uganda contestant Carol Kasujja has a serious craving for cow hooves. Close pals have told us the gorgeous former model can't get enough of them. We hear her day is not complete without her mugging a full plate of 'Mulokoni'.

Recently she wrote on her wall; Guys I need another plate of well-cooked mulokoni) kigele ky'ente). As a token of appreciation for her dedication in crushing them hooves by successfully putting them to good use, 3 am desk has donated three-course mulokoni meals (with accompaniments) at Bermuda Wandegeya.

Get back to us and good job well done!

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Friday, July 23 2010
We have sensationally been alerted that another Wafagio group member sexy Edith Muthoni has quit the controversial Wafagio citing sexual harassment from one of the bosses only identified as Emma.

This is the second time the group is disintegrating amid sex scandals. A source told us, "Edith couldn't stand this guys libido any more. She deiced to quit." We hear this Emma fella has been bombarding her with illicit messages demanding for romps or else he fires her.

This is not the first time this guy has been accused. Other former members of the group have since formed another group called Krystal Babes.
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Thursday, July 22 2010

Former MVP Flash Oketcho has given birth to baby gal in a top United Kingdom (UK) clinic, Game Jabulanis can reveal. Flash's boyfriend Chizzo Lubega posted on his wall the breaking news " Chantelle is finally here....people Iam so over the moon, thanks for your prayers.

"Both mom and the baby are fine," Lubega who is signed under Bebe Cool's Gagamel label, told us last night on phone in UK.

Flavia Oketcho Five Months Preggie
Flavia and Chizzo an Item

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Thursday, July 22 2010

There is no question that the mighty Red Pepper as a brand has gone across borders. Shock gripped our resident expert when a topic about the Red Pepper tabloid suddenly came up and housemates started unmasking the hottest tabloid in East Africa.

These housemates were Sheila-Kenya, Mwisho-Tanzania, Meryl-Namibia, Lerato-South Africa and Munya from Zimbabwe. The conversation was kicked off by Meryl who inquired from Sheila if she knew a paper in Uganda called Red Pepper and shockingly all the above mentioned housemates knew about it making all of them chip in with their different views.

The topic that started at around 10:00pm lasted for close to an hour. Below are some of the excerpts;

Meryl: Sheila, do you know a paper in Uganda called Red Pepper?
Sheila: Yeah, I do but its badass. You don't mess with it! I remember I went to Kampala to emcee at a function and the next day I was on the front page with a headline "Randy Sheila Bonked for Five Hours"

Meryl: What?
Sheila: I mean I hooked up but we never bonked at all.

Mwisho: The problem with tabloid journalism is that they get a small detail and over blow it or may be Red Pepper was right.
Meryl: Immediately after going back home, my relative brought me copies of Red Pepper from Uganda. And every copy had these nasty pictures of me in naked poses with headline "Meryl Shaftability Index is 110%." It was jut amusing. I have all the cuttings in my room back home.

Lerato: They just told me they were writing, "Lerato has the hugest Micheline Tyres" They are terrible.

Sheila: How about Hyena?
Well, that was before the UMEME cut off power meaning our resident expert had to miss the end of the conversation. But this goes on to show that 'We kick ass.'

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Wednesday, July 21 2010
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Tuesday, July 20 2010
We are told Fire Base singer Nubian Lee and South African based Ugandan model Debby Sempaka are still an item. But this is behind Nubian Lee's fiancee's back. A source tell us the pair are still in touch and whenever she drops in town, her first errand is to look for her boy Nubian Lee.

Sometime back we told of how the pair had bonked at Gasfontein Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa, prompting hotel management to throw them out because of noise One told us: "Debby clearly understands that sometime in life, one has to settle down with one lover.

This, she believes, is the time and she has chosen Nubian Lee She wants serious stuff now"
She has previously dated a host of fellas including Weasel. But another source tells us she is also tight with football ace Tony Odur. 

We have always known the pair to be pals. Watch this space!
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Tuesday, July 20 2010


Just after acquiring a state-of-art starlet (pun intended) celebrated man eater and serial dater Daphne Basiima is on the verge of acquiring a mega deal. Our Snoops have learnt Daphne is in talks with a condom company to appear in their new advertising campaign that is set to kick off in August.

A source told us, "The deal is bumper because she will appear in a provocative pose. She will bag some serious money though the amount can't be disclosed now." Apparently this is the same company that had initially used singer Bobi Wine to promote their romping rubber products.

No doubt her shaftability index has finally been recognised and rewarded. Congs gal

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Tuesday, July 20 2010

                       Lillian Mbabazi
Total Black Out - Broke and Pregnant Blu3's Lillian hasn't had power for two weeks.

An old saying goes 'when problems come, they come in plenty.' We have reliably been informed former Blu3 singer Lillian has been in a total black for two weeks now after no nonsense UMEME fellas disconnected her power due to unpaid bills for several months.

Our snoops heard that Lillian, who is heavy with Goodlyfe Crew Moze's kid stays in a two roomed house in Lukuli, Naganda Zone Kirombe. A snoop told us, "Life has been hell for for her ever since she got pregnant.

She has no money because she no longer works. She is totally distraught in the situation she is in." We hear she tried pleading with the mean looking UMEME guys but they couldn't listen to her please since they have been warning her overtime.

In a related incident, the water supply to her house had also been cut off but apparently she mobilized some funds from friends and cleared. Let's pray for the poor gal because she is in a tricky situation at the moment.

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Monday, July 19 2010

          Winnie Nantumbwe
We have learnt former Miss MUK Winnie Nantumbwe has been nursing injuries thanks to her boyfriend only identified as Tim. Rumour has it that Tim thumped the hapless Winnie a few days ago at Aero Beach in Entebbe.

Trouble stems from accusations of cheating between  the two. More shocking though is that sexy Winnie is still in the arms of the guy who battered her ass. We bumped into them at BBQ lounge getting cozy. Poor gal.! 

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Monday, July 19 2010
Mother of one and Wafagio singer/model Esther Muthoni surely loves the good life. Well, the latest is that a fifty something Mzungu guy is hunting for her after she diddled him of money meant for a salon before switching off her phone.

A source told us, "The Mzungu who hadn't  tasted the fruits of his investment has been frequenting Cafe Pap asking waiters and waitresses if they had a clue where Muthoni was. He is distraught."

Apparently, the two have been regular customers at the restaurant. We hear he has vowed to look for her and she will have to either cough the dimes or pay in kind. Watch This Space!
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Monday, July 19 2010
 Former Dream Galz singer Prisca Mikami is still thanking her guardian angel after she survived a preggie scare. Our snoops spotted the gorgeous former singer turned serial dater emerging from a top clinic in Wandgeya last week looking all worried.

As usual, our eagle eyed snoops sensed trouble as soon as she stepped out of sight, they hit the clinic where they had to part with a mind boggling sum of money for the nurses to avail them the top secret information.

A snoop told us, "She checked into the clinic wanting to see the doctors on matters concerning her missed 'natural cycle'. But the doctor wan't around." We hear she later decided to buy a pregnancy test kit.

But a close pal has intimated that the tests came out negative and she has been celebrating since. We now wonder if she never knew that chances are high one could get pregnant if they enjoy live romps.
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Monday, July 19 2010
 It is no more a secret that singer Moze Radio is dating both Lillian Mbabazi and glamour girl Faridah Kumba. In fact Blu3 singer Lillian is pregnant with Radio's kid. And pals tell us she has been using the pregnancy to tell Kumba to forget Radio.

Kumba has been doing whatever it takes to be close to Radio as no one else."She has always been camping at Radio's 'Neverland' Makindye home almost daily. She wants to be so close to Radio," a Goodlyfe insider told us.

But this has not been going so well with Lillian who also spends most of her time at Radio's crib. This is what is causing problems but Radio refuses to be drawn into this drama. Farida Kumba is a sister to ex miss  Uganda Salma Nassanga.

During Blu3's Be Free concert last year, Kumba and Lillian were involved in a fight backstage. Watch This Space!

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Sunday, July 18 2010
Singer Irene Namubiru couldn't hide her envy on Thursday during the notorious 'you know what it is" pole dancing at Club Silk. Though there was no exposure of Kandahar this time, the babes booties on display was enough to send shock waves throughout any horny man's body.

But for the 'Bona Obasinga' singer, she wasn't amused. Our snoops overheard her comment, "Huh....they think they have good bodies?" Well, we can now assure you that those Kenyan maneaters have hot bodies.

Read Also: Iryn Outs New Video
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Saturday, July 17 2010

Margla Da Ragamuffin Gyal
Sex-Rated Party as booty Margla romps with artistes in Makindye.

Celebrated city dancer turned singer Margla aka Da Ragamuffin Gyal is fast turning into a man eater of sorts. Our snoops spotted her during producer 1488 aka Eko's birthday party on Wednesday in Makidnye all raunchy like a dog in heat season.

"She was dressed in just her black panties and a top getting cozy with male artistes as they kept playing with her all night long" a snoop who attended the do told us. We hear she was the centre of attraction.

Meanwhile, we have learnt that as booze flowed endlessly, boozified fellas got a chance to engage in o.rgies. Apparently, there were approximately four beds....

The likes of Michael Ross, Tuff B among others attended.

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Saturday, July 17 2010

Grace Nakimera Vs Jose Chameleone
Just a few days after Joseph Mayanja a.k.a Chameleone sued Golden voiced singer Grace Nakimera, shocking details are being unleashed about the real biff between the two singers.

We've learnt from sources that much as Chameleone claims he sued Grace because she allegedly used his name and picture on the posters of her launch at KCC Grounds recently, the row between the seems to have stemmed from mutual rather than financial motives.

Our analysts scrutinizing the issue contend that to begin with Chameleone is far ric compared to Grace and if anything, he wouldn't have sued her for money.

Who is Grace Nakimera?
She is perhaps the most successful female Ugandan artiste who hails from Muyenga and has been in the game of music for 5 years now with hits like 'Sukuma', 'Anfukuula', 'Kiva Kuki', 'Kawonawo' and her latest 'Onyamba Nga' She is a mother of one and has steadily been climbing the celebrity ladder.

Origin of the Biff
Chameleone needs not to be introduced but what is clear is that though his Leone Island studios, he has dragged Grace to court demanding for General damages. It all starts when Grace advertises Chameleone to perform on her album launch that was slated for the 14.May.2010.

However, sources reveal that trouble came when Chameleone who had accepted to perform, changed his mind at the last moment and demanded for more money than what had earlier been agreed upon by the two parties.

When the two camps failed to agree, sources reveal that Grace decided to go on with her launch without Chameleone, which was a success. It has been further revealed that Chameleone's camp thought the show would be a flop, since they regarded themselves as the greatest crowd pullers.

However, they were shocked to the balls when Grace's show attracted more people than any other shows in the country that weekend, especially their upcountry show. It is said that on realizing that Grace's show was a success, Chameleone's camp decided to encroach on her gate collections by claiming that they deseve a share, since she used his name on her posters.

The Leone Island Camp then filed a suit against her in Mengo magistrate's court, for allegedly using his picture without his consent, demading 100M in compesation and general damages.

Analysts have reached a consensus that Chameleoe could  actually be harboring hidden intentions against Grace. She would have not used Chamili's picture had she not got permission, then also why was Chamili's camp demanding for more money if they had not given her a go ahead.

We've also learnt that there's no way Chameleone's photo couldn't have been used since he had already accepted to perform but was waiting for payment. In addition, It could have been extremely difficult for Grace to recall all the posters, banners etc advertising Chameleone as one of the performers, just because they had failed to agree about what he wanted.

Now that Chameleone has more money than Grace and it is said that the singer has sampled almost all Ugandan female musicians apart from Grace who has stuck to her pride and esteem could this mean the star is after heavenly manna! Watch this space for the proceedings.

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Saturday, July 17 2010

It seems like celebrated UBC TV presenter Lauryn Ntare has a thing for pensioners. Sometime back she was smocked out smitten with a pensioner at Buddies, but two days later she paraded another one at Ntinda based Cayenne bar.

At about 10:00pm on Tuesday, Lauryn, together with another pensioner called Nick, turned up at the Lumumba based Steakout for Super Tuesday. The two-some headed straight to one of the corners, where they dined and wined on expensive wines.

Lauryn and her squeeze later left hand in hand without caring about Lauryn's kid sister Jean. Jean could hardly keep lonely and she soon joined a scribe that took on her for the rest of the night.

That's the life Lauryn lives with her poor little sister. No sisterly love at all, just pensioner love!

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Saturday, July 17 2010

Ex Model Priscilla Ray has landed a big paying job in London following her recent graduation. A pal tells us she is now working with a top clearing company.

She recently graduated with a Masters Degree in International Business and Management from the University of Westminster.

Gorgeous Priscilla is married to a loaded Mzungu pensioner.

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Saturday, July 17 2010

Booty African Woman Magazine's Brenda Nanyonjo is out of hospital. Initially she was rumoured dead when the Al-Shabaab suicide bombers attacked revellers during the FIFA World Cup finals game at Kyadondo Rugby Club last Sunday.

We later learnt she had been admitted at Kadic Hospital with injuries on her limbs. The latest is that the sexliscious Brenda is out of hospital, recovering steadily from the injuries and shock which she suffered. Get well soon sister!

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Friday, July 16 2010

           Bebe Cool's Guard, Bebe Cool and Zuena on the night and venue of the bomb blast
He claims he is a good friend to he President but when it's time to deal with terrorists, the number one in the country has no time for crap.

Singer Bebe Cool nearly faced the wrath of the Presindetial Guard Brigade's Special Forces when he tried to beat the security to enter the Kyadondo Rugby Club on Monday Morning as the big man toured the site of the Sunday Bomb attack.

A snoop told us, "He thought he could use that chance to tour the place with Museveni but special forces would have none of his crap. His usual "Don't you know who I am fell on deaf ears" 

They told him sternly that the place had been sealed from public access. We hear he Bebe Coiled his tail as Zuena grabbed her boobs and off they went.

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Thursday, July 15 2010
Brenda Nanyonjo

Booty-ful African Woman Magazine's Brenda Nanyonjo was among the July 11 bomb attack survivors. We have been told Brenda first attended an MTN VIP party at Boda Boda before moving to her favourite hang out, Kyandondo Rugby Club.

Close friend Cleopatra Koheirwe added, "I feel worse dear friend and workmate Brenda Nanyonjo got hurt during the bomb blast at Kyadondo ! She's like a big sister to me, pliz God heal her...Oh my oh my!"

Meanwhile, the latest is that Brenda who was first feared dead, suffered minor fractures to her left leg and arm.

She is recovering steadily from the injuries and shock at Kadic Hospital. Oh Brenda Our hearts go out to you. Get well Soon!

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Thursday, July 15 2010

July 11, 2010 will always be to Uganda what September 11 was to the Americans. The memories will forever be in the minds of Ugandans. The Red Pepper visited some patients and the survivors. Some were still in coma others too emotional to talk and others were able to share with us how the mayhem began.

Mpirirwe Doreen: I arrived at Kyadondo at 8:00pm and occupied the back row. When the bomb went off, I didn't know what it was. I just thought it was an electricity transformer that had blown up.

But when I saw the person next to me soaked in blood, I rushed out and boarded a Boda Boda. It was when I had arrived home that a workmate called and told me about the bomb blast at Kyadondo and that is how I realised it was a bomb.

Penina Namale: When the first blast went off, I was already drunk. So when I saw people get up, I thought my team, Spain, had scored. I got up to cheer and that is when the second went off and got me as well.

Asuman Adad: I'm a teacher at Martyrs SS in Mukono. I was out when the first bomb went off. I went to check on friends and found two of them dead. That's when the second went off and injured me.

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Wednesday, July 14 2010

Sarah Zawedde

Sexually starved Sarah Zawedde can finally breathe a sigh of relief blessing herself for a hot shaft, all thanks to the end of FIFA 2010 World Cup. She was overheard telling close pals that the World Cup season has left her sexually starved after her boyfriend abandoned her and made football his first priority.

She was heard saying, "It really affected our relationship. It changed the way we used to bonk and it took over the time we used to go out. My boyfriend go too busy for me and I have had to find a way of keeping myself busy.

The communication levels had also gone down." We wonder how Zawedde used to keep herself busy during those times when nature demanded. Zawe, you can now enjoy yourself!!!

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Wednesday, July 14 2010

After the Grand performance during the World Cup FIFA 2010 closing ceremony, Jose has come out roaring  'I'm the undisputed music Champion in the region'.

Chameleone who collaborated with different top artistes on the African Continent plus former Destiny's Child Singer Kelly Rolland to produce 'Everywhere You go' song, was among the guest performers at the prestigious once-in-a life time showpiece during Sunday final.

He told his friends back in Kampala, "Have you seen me on the world stage. I'm the best in Africa" Surely being the only East African Artiste to represent the region who can dispute his claim?

Meanwhile, we have been told Jose had to undergo serious skin cleansing before he hit the stage.

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Tuesday, July 13 2010

Jose Chameleone with Shakira in South Africa
Uganda Top singer Dr. Jose Chameleone was on cloud 9 after meeting Colombian Music guru Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll in South Africa in South Africa where he had gone for the official closing ceremony of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Jose Chameleone who performed in a live show was full of joy for being the only East African singer to perform at the concert. Chameleone featured in one of the World Cup Theme songs 'Everywhere You Go' where he collaborated with Kelly Rowland and other fellow African top singers like 2face, Awadi, Krotal, Jozi, Kwesta, Rola and Samini.

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Monday, July 12 2010
Sometime back we reported how singer Bebe Cool's Bafudde DMC Range Rover 1998 Model had been parked in his sister's compound in Kiwatule for close to three months. We can now reveal that the ever bragging 'Bogolako' singer has sold it off at 'smiling price' to a Kampala businessman only identified as Tumusiime.

This businessman has been spotted cruising it on several occasions to and from his area of residence in Namugongo. We are yet to confirm the real amount the fella paid but close sources reveal that after acquiring a hummer, Bebe was more than happy to get the already rotting Baffudde off his back.

Remember this Range Rover that he sang the Bafudde song for. How time goes by!

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Monday, July 12 2010
It looks like the more Ugandan Music Industry becomes lucrative the more the Award Companies come up. The latest new company on the music award catalogue is SWANMA Awards which has joined the bandwagon of other companies like PAM Awards, DIVA Awards, GIVA Awards and Golden Awards.

Upcoming artistes within the East African region are set to be recognized for their efforts following the introduction of Swahili Nations Music Awards due in December at a yet to be confirmed venue in Kampala.

The event will kick off on July 25 with regional tours country wide. "We shall have various talent shows in upcountry towns beginning with Soroti after which 20 finalists will make it to the Grand Awards due in December and the same process will be going on in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and DR Congo

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Sunday, July 11 2010
We have learnt that Cindy's former Barber boyfriend Mario Brunette is after all not the owner of the Bukoto based bar Cayenne. Rumour had it that Mario was the sole owner of the new posh watering point since he has been going around claiming so.

But shockingly the truth is that it's owned by a fella only identified as Tony Sodhi. We hear Mario is just a manager because he is a close friend of the loaded guy. But apparently Sodhi is one of those loaded tycoons who likes keeping out of the limelight.

But that rests our case because we have been wondering where a mere barber could have gotten that kind of dime to put up such a ...!

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Sunday, July 11 2010
Dr. Jose Chameleone  - Africa will not participate in 2010 FIFA World Cup final but at least we will watch as Music stars rock during the closing ceremony. Celebrated singer Chameleone will be representing Uganda at this do.

Zari - South Africa based sex siren  Zari Hassan jetted into the country for holidays and has been rocking her fans around the city. She is still here and we are looking forward to a grand World Cup finale with her today.

Eddy Kenzo - Upcoming local artiste of Stamina fame cheated death after his new Ipsum got written off, following a crash. The singer who was still celebrating his elevation from a footsubish will now have to look for more dime to get a new machine.

Angella Katatumba - Singing sensation and new British council climate change ambassador suffered the wrath of a camera flash lights causing her bodily harm and threatening to make her blind early this week. This was during a video shoot of her new single 'Go Green' A speedy recovery is all we can wish.
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Sunday, July 11 2010
Celebrities often change their names to appeal to stardom. Sometimes they just want their names to be more catchy, but in other instances, its to cover up their weird name! from the embarrassing to the overly long random names, celebrities try their best to delete their former names in the hope that it will go undiscovered by their adoring fans.

Some of the stars like Stefani Joane Angellina Gernmanotta (Lady Gagga), Chan Kwong Sung (Jackie Chan) Orville Richard Burrell (Shaggy) and Ugandans being copycats they are,  they have joined the bandwagon in pursuit of stardom.

Below we unveil the pseudonym trend:

Mad Tiger - I think this is the most cunning animal in the cat family. What the hell wad going on in this guy's head when he opted to call himself a Mad Tiger? Tiger itself was enough to make your point. We hope u're sane though.

Chameleone - One simple question to his female fans: why do you fear the creepy reptile more than a deadly python and adore the guy who just added an 'e' to differentiate himself from the real thing? Makes no difference, Jose, We would all be glad to you Joseph Mayanja.

The Dee Syndrome -  Ragga Dee, Mega Dee, Ziggy Dee. Makes no sense at all does it?

Wine - Million of people love Wine. If Bobi Wine was a wine, I wonder how many would proudly order for him. There are still skeptics who wonder whether Kyagulanyi Ssentamu was 'Ladies Wine' before he assumed the Wine name.
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Thursday, July 08 2010
Being a celeb comes with a lot of glamour. Celebs are known for showing off anything they think can impress the masses and then boast of a big number of fans. Toyota, Toyota, and more Toyotas are what most of our Ugandan celebs own.

They should thank the famous Japanese for having made their transport easier. See who drives the best and the worst.

Juliana Kanyomozi - She is an inspiration to almost all the female upcoming artistes. She proudly owns a Toyota Harrier. Estimated cost 25m.

Iryn Namubiru, Desire Luzinda - These two own a Toyota Nadia each. It's a car that most babes fancy just because of its name. Nothing else. Estimated cost Shs 16m.

Grace Nakimera - She drives another common car on our roads, a simple Toyota Premio.

Jackie Chandiru - For a babe of her size, a three-door Mitsubishi Pajero (short chasis seems) to be her dream car. Estimated cost Shs 18m.

Hilderman and Kenzo  - We thought the Amelia song earned him much dime to cruise a posh machine. But he and the Stamina star are among the tens of thousands who cruise the Toyota Ipsum, commonly known as Nigina. Straka also drives one . Estimated cost Shs 13m.

Aziz Azion - We don't know how big his family is , but he owns one of the famous family vans, an eight seater Toyota Super Custom mopst probably a 1994 model estimated cost Shs 22m

Zari Hassan - Away from Japanese cars, the south African based beauty has always refuted the allegations of being a seer . But whatever she does must be really good because she cruises a Chrysler, Estimated cost Shs60

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Thursday, July 08 2010

         Aljaazeera Team doing a video shot on Angella Katatumba
The medics who treated burnt singer Angella Katatumba have dropped a bombshell! The songstress, according to her medics who prefer not to be named, may never regain her proper sight because the Hi-Tech machine rays affected her veins.

Bummy Angella looked haunted and a shadow of her former beauty after she was discharged from Midland Clinic. With her parents the Katatumba's, by her side, the busy singer tried to open her eyes, only for foam to trickle out.

"I am slowly regaining my sight though it is till blurred vision. I can't keep my eyes open for more than 10 seconds cause water-like substances start flowing." She said. Angella, who is reportedly dating a legislator from western Uganda, lost the silky skin that made many men lustfully open their mouths.

But the red eyed British Crowned climate change ambassador says, she was grateful that God saved her life. "The film director told me that they were supposed to use four lights but only applied one basing it on the weather.

My Worry is that if they had applied the four, wouldn't I be dead by now?" she added. Angella suffered sight problems when hi-tech lights were switched on almost blowing her eyes out.

She was filming a British Council-sponsored video sensitizing people on the importance of green conservation. Other artistes have also suffered such accidents because of poor handling of machines.

Pop legend Michael Jackson got his hair torched during a Pepsi Commercial in 1994 when technicians failed to handle the lights properly. He received serious burns on his head leading to his admission to a Los Angeles hospital.

In Uganda, singer Grace Nakimera was taken to hospital after claiming that she had come under acid attacked. It was later proved that she was pulling a stunt to gain media attention ahead of her album launch.

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Tuesday, July 06 2010
           Rena Nalumansi
Former Dream Galz singer Rena Nalumansi should brace herself for a mother of shafts. Revellers were shocked last Friday during Hilderman's Amelia show when the singer paraded her yoyo for whoever cared to see.

Our Snoops over heard horny guys  vowing, "Ker Kandahar looks juicy and we have got to plan her downfall no matter what." Dressed in a black micro mini dress and black high heeled shoes, the 'Gumbubujja singer' hit the stage in style as she gyrated her small waistline to the excitement of revellers.

But as she did the Paka Chini dance routine, she served the audience with a full view of her shaven Kandahar. A snoop told us, "You could clearly see the ridges of her river between. It was such a breathtaking sight and I got my moneys worth.".

It was kumbubuja indeed. Thank you Rena for the good gesture.
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Tuesday, July 06 2010

HB Toxic stunner Brenda Nambi defied her manager and hung out with her Mzungu lover Jerome benois in Club Silk. We bumped into the pair in the Industrial Area based night spot on Saturday having a blast.

"The pair look 100% in love," a  snoop noted. Of late reports have indicated that Brenda and Talent 256 manager Ally Alibhai have not been in very good terms over the muzungu. Ali believes Brenda has not been active in  her singing career ever since she hooked the Mzungu lover.

On form  Jerome Benois has previously dated a series of Ugandan models including Judith Amanio, Priscilla Ray and Judith Heard.

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Monday, July 05 2010
 While most of you are worried on how to secure the next meal, the Chilli Galz and Cyclone music dance groups are soon outing two huge songs at a staggering cost of shs 10m. The songs are being produced by Goodenuff studios managed by Eddi and Pato of Ngoni.

The two all girl dance groups are under Universal Entertainment, a music promoting company. The babes' manager Judith was overheard telling friends at Simba Casino that the songs will rock the nation.

"Eddie and Pato are doing a wonderful job. We have injected all this amount of cash because we want quality," said Judith.
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Monday, July 05 2010
South African legend Yvone Machaka also known as Chaka Chaka is on town courtesy of Unilever Ltd. We are told she is in town to spearhead lifebuoy soap. She is the soap’s new face dubbed the “Princess of Africa”
She has been at the forefront of South African popular Music for the last 20 years. Songs like “I’m Burning up”, “Im in Love with the DJ”, “I cry for Freedom”, “Makoti”, “Motherland” and the popular “Umqombothi” (African Beer) ensured Yvone’s stardom.
One of er songs also features in the opening scene of the 2004 movie Hotel Rwanda.
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Sunday, July 04 2010
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Sunday, July 04 2010
Word reaching our desk from Sweden  has it that singer Madoxx who visited Luzira coolers last month over unpaid hotel bills is in more trouble. Sources from Sweden reveal the singer has been dumped by his  Mzungu babe with whom they have children.

According to sources the babe is fed up with the 'Namagembe' singers drinking and smoking habits. She has vowed to divorce him, come rain or shine. This latest blow comes just a few  days after a top events company in the UK cancelled a contract to distribute his music.

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Saturday, July 03 2010
HB Toxic's Brenda recently got the shock of her life when she was thrown out of the prestigious Club Silk by a mean looking bouncer. It all began when Brenda showed up in the company of a Girlfriend at around Midnight on Saturday.

However, as she tried to access the club, the bouncer told her that all he wanted was her membership card, not her name, For she was trying to feed him with her usual "Don't you know me? I'm Brenda of HB Toxic"  claiming her card was still being processed.

The bouncer who couldn't take any of her pleas, just showed her the exit with her pal.
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Friday, July 02 2010

This will surely shock Weasel's brother elder brother Dr. Chameleone. Our snoops have learnt that the Goodlyfe duo of Mozey and Weasel have named one of their puppies 'Chamili' as dedication to the biggest rival Chameleone.

Word from our snoops has it that the randy boys have been closely watching their bitch since it was balloned by some stray dogs. We hear, ever since the bitch gave birth to a brood of puppies, the boys decided o give one the name, as a way of recalling Weasel's big brother Chameleone, whom he claims disowned him.

Snoops added that whenever they have a meal, Weasel specifically serves the puppy with bones and leftovers, adding that it reminds him much of his big brother. We've since learnt that another puppy is about to  be named 'Cool' Watch This Space

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Friday, July 02 2010

Ever since Sanyu FM and NTV's XXL presenter Bush Baby returned from Tanzania where he had been on kyeyo, he has been staying with his two younger sisters in Kiwatule. Now word reaching our desk reveals there's a serious rift in the family with his parents and other family members demanding the talented TV and radio star looks for his own house and becomes independent.

A family source tells us it is mainly Bush's mom who wants him to move on and live his own life with a wife. Our source told us: "Bush Baby is a grown up fella but he doesn't seem to realise the fact.

His parents want him to move on and start a family. But problem is, he doesn't seem to this. He thinks he is living the best time of his life." Now we have learnt that in a recent family meeting, family elders decided to force him out of his sisters' Kiwatule rented pad and rent him his own.

Other family members want to get him a woman for a wife. Hmmm! A pal also told us Bush Baby wanted a salary increment which management was not willing to give him. "That's the reason he resigned," the pal revealed.

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Friday, July 02 2010

Just when we thought we were about to witness another grudge album launch craze between arch rival singers Bebe and Bobi, something unthinkable has happened. Sources have told us the Kasepiki singer has chickened out from launching his album on the same day with Ghetto Gladiator Bobi Wine.

In this latest twist, Bebe wrote on his facebook wall: "Two things the press and public need to know about Bebe Cool. Im not replying Kataala in no song and am not holding no show on the same day with Bobi. He needs to get a budget to market his show...."

When asked about Bebe Cool pulling out of the album launch duel, Bobi said: "I don't care if he is launching or not that's business. But everyone knows he is a coward and as always I would have floored him..."

Rumour had it that the two were set to launch their albums on October 1. Just watch this space because this war of supremacy is just getting sweeter.

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Thursday, July 01 2010

Star couple and former Obsessions group members saucy Natasha Sinayobye and long-term boy friend Michael Kasaija are said to be at loggerheads. The unconfirmed rumour reaching us reveals that trouble stems from Michael's closeness to some of the hot babes who he usually rehearses with at Theatre Labonita.

A source told us,"She flew into a fit of rage when she learnt of Michael's flirting with these babes." One of the babes has been identified as Anne. We hear she sternly told the babes to back off her man.

Surely, Kasaija is a lucky fella with a babe many guys in town would love to have, so he can't be messing it up.

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Thursday, July 01 2010

Reports that singer Cindy and former boyfriend Mario are trying to get back together might after all be holding some water. Snoops claim the tow have been sighted together on several occasions even when they declared they had separated.

The latest sighting was at Bukoto-based new hangout Cayenne bar last Saturday night. A snoop told us, "We don't know whether she was at the bar to have fun like any other person but it was her in the parking lot talking to another babe."

Apparently she had vowed never to go back to Cayenne owned by Mario. By the time our snoop left a about 1:00am, the Ayokya Yokya singer was still around. Are they about to make up again? Watch this Space!

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Thursday, July 01 2010

We have learnt that sex siren Daphne Basiima could have made peace with the Goodlyfe Crew boyz and she could be back in the amp. Our snoops spotted her pulling up in a starlet outside their gate on Thursday.

What was so shocking though is that she left at around lunchtime (Friday) looking all knackered like she had spent a night in the kick-boxing ring. Remember, Daphne fell out with Goodlyfe after former bonkmate Weasel TV dumped her.

Well, in this house the first rule is sharing; so we are wondering, did they eat ama-share? Just asking!
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