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Kenzo demands that Muzaata withdraws his statement or he quits music

Hamza and Rema Namakula on their pre-intro day

I am all yours, Bad Black, tells Eddy Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo and Bad Black

Anita Fabiola to feature on the BBC's She Word program

Anita Fabiola on the She Word programme

Kenzo's reactions after his now ex-lover, Rema Namakula, introduced Hamzah

Rema showing off her different outfits during the Kukyala

Rema Namakula and Hamzah's pre-intro the most expensive ever

Dr. Ssebunya and his wife Rema Namakula

This is the cutest thing Rema has ever seen, the decor at her Kukyala

Rema Namakula could not believe how cute her Kukyala decor was

SK Mbuga says he is not about to separate with his wife Vivienne

SK Mbuga next to his Brabus and inset, he addresses his fans while in his Rolls Royce

Uganda's Ezekiel and Esther win $50k in EAGT competition

Ezekiel and Esther with their dummy cheque of $50k

Mercy wins Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem

Mercy wins the top N60 Million after beating 25 contestants

Bebe Cool, B2C crew to release Amatu Magule collaboration song

Bebe Cool and the Kampala boys recording a song together

Hours after sorting out her maid, Winnie Nwagi takes up boxing lessons

Winnie Nwagi takes up boxing lessons

It was a natural birth and worth it, Tanasha Donna reveals

Tanasha Donna won't reveal the baby's face for now

Alex Muhangi shows off his Najjera based apartments

Alex Muhangi apartments in Najjera

Diamond Platnumz celebrates 30th birthday as Tanasha gives birth

Diamomd Platnumz carrying his new born child and inset is new mom Tanasha Donna

Hamisa Mobetto's new lover proposes to her

Hamisa Mobetto shows off her engagement ring, but won't reveal her prince charming yet

SK Mbuga asks his fans what transpired while he was away

SK Mbuga chats with Sipapa and inset, he is seen with Bryan White back then

Maureen Nantume responds to a fan inquiring about her US performance

Maureen Nantume fails to perform in the US

Zari winds up her 39th birthday celebrations in Dubai with King Bae

Zari at a Swim up pool bar and on the right is King Bae's shoe

SK Mbuga back home after being released from a Sweden prison

SK Mbuga is back home after being released from a Sweden prison

Spice Diana outs Jangu Ondabe Swahili version ft Rosa Ree

Rosa Ree and Spice Diana on their Jangu Ondabe remix

Winnie Nwagi wanted by police for assault and malicious damage

Winnie Nwagi wanted for assault

Zari gifts herself with another house on her 39th birthday

Zari during her 39th birthday celebration

Who wore it better - Hamisa Mobetto Vs. Zari Hassan

Hamisa Mobetto   Vs. Zari Hassan

It's ok to refer to me as Mrs. Ssebunya, Rema tells fans

Rema while performing at the intro where she referred to herself as Mrs. Ssebunya to be

Catherine Kusasira's Tears of a Woman concert was well attended

Catherine Kusasira performing during the Tears of a Woman concert

The dance strokes Tanasha and Diamond Platnumz pulled for Zari

Tanasha Donna and Diamon d Platnumz pullimg off their serious dance strokes

Romantic-Rema walks on red rose petals to Hamzah's crib

Rema releases a clip of road rose petals leading to their crib with Hamzah.

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Hellen Lukoma happy to learn that she is carrying a baby boy
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Wednesday, 21 November 2018
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Sheebah Karungi held her housewarming party on July 1
Saturday, 29 June 2019
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Desire Luzinda putting on red heels and large hoop earrings
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Wednesday, 26 June 2019
Summer is not treating her that bad
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Wednesday, November 30 2011

Singer Margla has embarked on selling dogs to earn a living. With her music career on the brink of collapse, the ragamuffin must have realised she needed to take a quick step for survival. Close pals reveal the Tinku singer who owns over eight exotic dogs has put five on sale.

"She needs dime. She really has passion for music but she is well aware she cannot survive on music alone. The dogs had to go and this is just the beginning." One of her pals told WTF. The like s of Bella, Empress should be inspired.

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Tuesday, November 29 2011
Photo: Rehema n Bebe Cool - PAM Awards
At JUST 20 years, she already has a hit song to her name. Her collaboration with Bebe Cool, 'Seaze and Sickle' is fast becoming an anthem in night clubs and a household name in town.

Remah says she has been singing since her school days when she was always the lead singer because of her knee weakening voice. In Love's Rowland Nkahebwa caught up with the gorgeous singer and talked to her about her music career, love life and new found fame.

IL: Briefly who is Remah?
Remah: I was born Rehema Namakula 20 years ago to Mukiibi Semakula and Hamidah Nabossa in Kisasi - Ntinda. I use Remah because it is much simpler than Rehema. I went to school in Kitante Primary School and St Balikudembe Secondary in Mukono.

I am currently doing Administrative and Managerial Science at Kyambogo University and Ia m very much in love with music and fashion.

IL: How long have you been singing?
Remah: From my primary days, I have been the lead singer in choirs of the schools I went to. Bebe Cool spotted me one time while I was backing up Aunt Halima Namakula when she was doing 'Sambagala'.

I impressed him and I have been working with him on several projects as a backup vocalist. I began professional singing in 2009 in my senior six vacation. So I was a member of Gagamel even before it was formed.

IL: Your first song becoming an instant hit must be great, how do you feel when you hear people singing to it?
Remah: Oh my! I cannot explain it but it's a great feeling that anyone trying to make it in the music industry should experience. It is mwaaaah.

IL: How challenging do you find the local music Industry?
Remah: Sometimes it is very difficult to predict what fans want. And having to out a better song than the previous one is not easy. However, I am giving it all my all on the next songs.

IL: How about the fear of people branding you a one hit wonder, doesn't that worry you?
Remah: Oh my God that is true but I try not to think about it because I believe in myself. And like I said, I am giving my everything on the next tracks to make them better than Seaze and Sickle. I feel very positive about my career and hopefully it remains that way.

IL: Any musicians or people you look up to for inspiration?
Remah: My Aunt Halima Namakula. I want to get her courage because she is a go getter and grabs any chance that presents itself and makes the most out of it. She is my inspiration.

IL: What is going on between you and your boss? Rumour has it that you two are in a romantic relationship?
Remah: There is totally nothing romantic between us. I think people who think that have serious problems. How can I be in a relationship with someone (Bebe) who has seen me growing up? He is not the kind who would do that because he has his wife who he loves so much.

IL: Okay now that you aren't dating your boss, are you seeing anyone?
Remah: That is too personal. I am still too young to date and besides I am concentrating on my music at the moment. When I'm ready to date I will let you know.

IL: If you were to date, what is your ideal kind of guy?
Remah: He has to be caring and understanding in that he listens to me to me instead of dictating. He should be presentable and good looking. I don't care about the money and I don't date old men.

IL: A beautiful babe like you must surely have horny men hitting on you, how do you handle them?
Remah: They are always asking for my number but I let them know that they can't always have whatever they wish for. For those who insist, I show them my rough side or report them to Bebe.

IL: What are the three things that people do not know about you?
Remah: I don't take tea because it makes me feel bad like I can't breath. Pilawo is my favorite dish. I don't have lots of gal friends because gals can't be trusted. It is the reason I only hang out with boys.

IL: Something for you fans?
Remah: Thank yu so much for making me what I am and liking my music. You are the reason I am working hard and expect hotter and better stuff from me.
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Monday, November 28 2011
Singer Sizzaman Kayemba and beau Straka Mwezi could be set to shift to Mukono. Sizza has finally been given part of his ancestral land in Mukono. For quite some time there has been a battle for land in the Angela singer's family.

But a few days back his dad James Musanja gave him a plot of land to build a house. A few weeks back Sizza and mom of his kid Straka Mwezi reunited and are currently staying together. Once they finish their house they will probably shift to Mukono.
Related: Straka, Sizzaman
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Friday, November 25 2011
Black posing besides her portrait
Embattled city temptress Shanita Namuyimba aka Bad Black has failed to clear the portrait she reportedly promised to buy at Shs 5m.

According to snoops, Black who was partying at Club Rouge last Saturday promised to clear a city artiste/painter who was auctioning a portrait with her picture within two days; but almost a whole week now, there has been no communication from her.

"He expected her to give him money within two days but up to now there has been no kind of communication from Black" a close pal  revealed. However, the artist has told pals that he will be patient because he knows Black is going through a lot at the moment.

"I have no choice but to be patient till she clears me" he added. Black who was released on court bail last Thursday has not stopped partying ever since she regained freedom.
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Thursday, November 24 2011
DUMPED! - The Hostel TV series star sexy Tibba Murungi has been dumped by her bonkmate. Snoops have reliably revealed that Murungi known as Kitty in the play was thrown out after her dude got to know that she has been close to another guy behind his back.

A source added: "He couldn't believe it when he got wind of info that she was living a double life. He chucked her immediately." Apparently, Kitty could believe and pals say she is still in shock.

Remember, ever since she broke onto the scene with the NTV aired Hostel series, Murungi has been connected to several city  guys including a Serbian national identified as Alex. The two had been seeing each other for two years but later broke up after she was caught romping with a Ugandan lad.
Related: The Hostel
Murungi Dropped like a Hot Potato
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Wednesday, November 23 2011

Zari enters her car after Black's arrival
Zari Hassan stormed out of Club Rouge in protest after she was told the VIP booth she expected to occupy is reserved for Bad Black. The South African based business lady alongside her hubby and a few pals were on Saturday stunned to find that Bad Black is still held in such high regard despite her recent woes.

When she and crew were denied the big VIP booth reserved for Black - real name Shanita Namuyimba, Zari stormed Industrial Area based Guvnor and partied the night away. Meanwhile, Black hit club for the first time since her prison timewith quite some swag with endless bottles of champagne and fine wines.

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Wednesday, November 23 2011

Klear Kut Crew Singer - The Mith
Klear Kut Crew singer The Mith is spotted posing with a fake Cuban cigar at Club Rouge. This was last Saturday during Swagger Nite featuring Navio. A snoop told us: "He was posing with that cigar the whole night like a casino millionaire."

However, a close examination has revealed that it was a fake cigar. "It's actually well molded and one might think it's real" a snoop who touched it told this desk. What shocked snoops though is that he never lighted it the whole evening proving that he was using it to show swagg.

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Tuesday, November 22 2011
              Bad Black escort gal, Hamida
Bad Black's escort gal Hamida Kibirige has gone so down to dating singer Jose Chameleone's side kick JB. The pair met in Ange-Noir one Thursday last month and the chemistry just hit boiling points. Since then the pair have been enjoying nonstop sex at her house in Makindye.

A pal told us: "Hamida has met various guys but not someone as good as JB. He has completely swept her off her feet. She is totally smitten."
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Monday, November 21 2011
Shamim and Zawedde
The Rift between booby Shamim Byenkya and singer Sarah Zawedde has taken a new twist. Shamim is so mad at Zawedde for stealing her deal to play at Centenary Park based Heights every Wednesday that she (Shamim) has vowed to teach Zawedde a lesson by revenging.

Shamim's Barbed Wire Thong band used to plat at the bar weekly until Zawedde's Zawee Band snatched the deal without a clear explanation from the bar management. Snoops have learnt that although barbed wire thong band landed another deal with Kisementi based Fat Boyz bar, Shamim is still pissed and wants answers from Zawedde.
Watch this space!
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Monday, November 21 2011

             Bebe Cool and Remah doing the Seaze and Seckle track
Singing sensation Remah Namakula is chocking on re-takes. The Ceaze and Seckle star who is pursuing a Bachelors degree in Administrative and Managerial Science at Kyambogo might have to wait a little longer to graduate after she scooped several re-takes.

At the momemt she is considering to switch to another course and school. Apal added; "She has already applied at Tina School of beauty because she might not be able to finish the course at Kyambogo.

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Saturday, November 19 2011

Artiste of the year 2008 and Artiste of the year 2011

Two of Uganda’s most accomplished female singers Juliana Kanyomozi and Iryn Namubiru are said to have resumed the bitter rivalry. Fresh details unearthed by snoops on this long standing beef say it resumed immediately after Iryn was named PAM Awards Artiste of the Year 2011.
According to sources, when Juliana won artiste of the year in 2008 and in the process becoming the only female singer to have won it, she apparently taunted Iryn. During that time Juliana used to tell friends that Iryn will take years to achieve what she had achieved in music.
But three years down the road, Iryn has scooped more than six accolades including this years artiste of the year for her hit album Biroowozo overtaking Juliana in the process. To add salt to the wounds, the last two years where Iryn took almost all titles before her , coincides with the same period that Juliana wasn’t even nominated in any single category especially in this year’s awards.
This has prompted music critics to predict the end of the Nabikoowa stars music career. Pals have further revealed that Iryn is now taunting her former friend turned rival that she is a gone case.
Remember the two divas started out their music careers together under the I-Jay all girl group back in 2000. They later split but the animosity between the two has never been a secret. Watch this space!
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Thursday, November 17 2011

Peter Miles with Cleopatra and then with another babe
Peter Miles and Cleo relationship is on the verge of collapse over party animal Tina. Info on our desk indicates the two lovers fought at Anderita Beach on Sunday over Tina. It all started when Cleo bumped into Miles having a good time with Tina.

The pair were sharing a large fried fish and bottle of whisky. Miles explanation that he was  discussing a business deal with Tina fell on deaf ears. Angry Cleo, shouting on top of hervoice, walked away close to tears.

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Wednesday, November 16 2011

Straka Mwezi and Sizzaman Kayemba have rekindled their love. A close source reveals that the two have been back together for now close to a month. Straka and Sizza, who have a kid together, bitterly split a few weeks before she dropped the baby last year.

After the split  the pair exchanged bitter words leading to Angela singer Siza to join Goodlyfe. But now a source confirms that Straka and Siza are back between the sheets and looking after their baby together.

Even after PAM awards a few weeks back the pair left together in her (Straka) Toyota Ipsum.

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Tuesday, November 15 2011

Struggling singer Desire Luzinda is set to sell off her prized ride, a Mercedes Benz ML. According to pals, Desire wants to sell off the posh ride to offset some of the loans that are on the verge of choking her.

A source told us; "If she doesn't get the  money she wants as soon as possible then she will be left with no choice but to sell off the Benz" Remember, the 'Nina Omwami' singer who has struggled to record a hit song for sometime had apparently acquired this ride registration number UAP 821 Y from her Nigerian loaded Oga bonkmate. The two have since parted ways.

Meanwhile, word around is that Desire is fighting hard to avoid the 'fading artiste' tag that is given to most top singers who struggle to release hit songs after their debut albums. A snoop intimated; "She was devastated at not being nominated anywhere in the recent PAM Awards.

She is living in fear that Red Pepper will start writing stories of how she has faded musically." Watch this space!

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Monday, November 14 2011

Rachael K Gives up music relocates to US
Singe Rachael K is set to relocate to the US after failing to forge a music career back home. According to close pals, Rachael did her last show at XFM on Wednesday as she prepares to jet out to Uncle Sam's land.

A pal added; "She will be saying goodbye to her friends and fans at a party they will hold for her on November 25 at Boda Boda bar. She knows her career in music has been a big disappointment."

The US born Rachael K has struggled to win over fans ever since she hit the music scene. But music critics believe her genre of Rock n Roll music failed miserably. However, some close family sources revealed that she is heading out for further studies. Watch this space!

More on Rachael

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Sunday, November 13 2011
Ivan and Zari in Kampala
Looks like Ugandan celebrities have finally seen something in formalizing their bonk sessions. Latest in or desk has it that South African based Uganda socialite Zari aka The Boss Lady is set to introduce her hubby and father of her three kids Ivan Ssemwanga on Christmas Eve.
The 24ths of December introduction, analysts say, could be one of the biggest in the city since the couple is very showy. The pair had had ups and downs in the relationship. Meanwhile Zari is set to continue her party exploits with another big bash in a plush Guvnor Night Spot.
The party dubbed Zari All White Affair will take place on 28th of December this year and this will be for their fans after the introduction. Remember her All White Champagne Party in the same place in April was a success as well the one she held in Guvnor UK in August.
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Saturday, November 12 2011

OS and his new catch look on as Jackie receives the Video of the year award
Winners jubilated, losers cried. The glamour as well as the swag was on last Saturday at UMA Lugogo for this year's Pearl of Africa Music Awards. TGIF's Rowland Nkahebwa talked to some of the winners and losers regarding their views on this year's  accolades. Below are some of them.

Jackie Chandiru - Oh my! Female artiste of the year? I'm not yet there but Iam glad I was nominated in that category. It means I can potentially be one. As far as nominations go, the awards were fine but it used to bother me that artistes got nominated in categories they shouldn't have been.

Mun*G - There must have been a network problem and my fans messages ere not going through. The fans know the truth though.

Navio - Exactly, I should have been nominated in that artiste of the year category or at least video of the year for 'Keep Moving'. Mith should have been in Hip Hop for his song 'Fire' and Mun*G really did well this year.

I guess the fans opinion is all that matters. It is good a neutral Ernst & Young handled the auditing and voting issues not PAM organizers. Fans have the last say.

Pastor Wilson Bugembe - Iam grateful to th fans because I did not expect to win anything this year. PAM Awards were fair and every winner deserved it. As for my category, Hilderman did well and Im happy for him because his song is good and I love it. He deserved to win by all means.

Toniks - Well I guess anyone who knows what RnB is can see that I am the only artiste in Uganda who really is supposed to appear in that category. The other nominees have made good music but it is not R&B. Surely how can the same song be in R&B and Afro Beat categories? So is it R&B or Afro Beat?

The bottom line is that 90% of Ugandan musicians are supposed to be in the same category and that is Afro Beat or Afro Pop. How can you put Tonik's 'That Gal' and Iryn Namubiru's Birowoozo, or Aziz Azion's ''Oxygen'' in the same category? Unless you have a hearing problem.

GNL Zamba - Well I was not in the country for the awarding ceremony but basing on what I have heard and read in the papers, I think that whoever sponsors PAM awards dictates the winners.

In the Hip Hop category that Iam interested in, Mun*G really deserved to win the two awards. Anyway, at the end of the day, there are always winners but there is always the next year for the losers. (Note: Snoops spotted GNL at the awards. Claiming he wasn't present is a lie).

Radio & Weasel - We are putting all our focus on the MTV and Channel O awards. We don't care about PAM awards.

Hilderman -  I was very surprised because I did not expect to win. However personally Iam going by the public opinion and they say that the PAM was fair.

Vampino - Ugandan music can never progress if awards of recognition are being given to the wrong people.

Grace Nakimera - I am not going to lie. I do not know because I was not present at Lugogo for the awarding ceremony. My sister was wedding and I could not miss it for anything.

OS* Suna - There was an element of unfairness at the PAM Awards this year but I don't care about the awards. The fact that I was nominated means Iam already a winner because my hard work is being recognized.
 PAM Awards Photos

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Friday, November 11 2011

Bad Black with model Solomon
City Model Solomon Ssempala was barred by Luzira Prisons officers as he tried  to pay a visit to jailbird, Bad Black. Snoops have revealed that Solomon who was in the company of a female friend had gone to visit former funder, mystery moneybags who is incarcerated at the University of understanding till November 18.

"Solomon decided to visit his funder who helped him get 15 minutes of fame in the media circles. But he was bounced at the gate by security because it wasn't the visiting time in Luzira last week" a source revealed.

Ssempala shot to fame when he appeared at a fashion show in Bad Black's company in September at Garden City Rooftop. The two were cozy all night long prompting social pundits to conclude Black had hooked him up.

However, info later emerged that the 'sex hungry' Black had paid him for a one night of passion and fun. The two were never seen together agin in public. But it looks like he had put all that aside and tried to render his support to the troubled mystery tycoon.

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Thursday, November 10 2011
                   Lauryn Ntare
FELLAS HIDE your wallets. Former UBC TV presenter Lauryn Ntare is back to full time drinking. Snoops bumped into her in Silk Oxygen on Saturday alongside her young sister Patience (she doesn't like that name and instead calls herself Jean).

The pair detoothed Club Silk's Steven Kavuma a bottle of Jack Daniels and three bottles of white wine. At around 3:00am Lauryn disappeared from her sister and Kavuma and left with a yet to be identified dude.
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Thursday, November 10 2011
                   Telly star Joy D Biira
Telly star Joy Doreen Biira has ended her relationship with her long time Nkuba Kyeyo lover. Snoops have learnt that Biira, the Morning Breeze presenter on NBS TV, dumped his London based lover citing sex starvation and lack of enough financial support.

Biira and the Nkuba Kyeyo have been in a long distance love affair for close to two years. A close pal told us: "Joy had genuine feelings for this guy but she knew at one time the relationship would fail. She is in Uganda while he is in the UK.

At her age she needed someone to hold her every night and not the usual I miss you on phone every night. She had to end it." Even this guy on kyeyo, he has not been supporting her financially.
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Thursday, November 10 2011
Daphine Basiima in green
City socialite Daphine Basiima either has problems or she is suffering from a strange disease that could be chewing off her flesh. Snoops were shocked when they spotted a frail and worn out Daphine at UMA showgrounds during the PAM Awards show.

Dressed in a strapless light green dress with a not so neat hair style, Daphine looked a shadow of herself. "She looks like someone who has a lot of stress in her life. If anyone remembers, how US star singer Whitney Houston looked like at the height of her drug abuse, then you might know what we mean."

Rumours around town suggest that she was deported from Dubai and she has been distraught ever since . In fact ever since she came back last month, she has rarely been seen on the social scene.
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Tuesday, November 08 2011

Allan Kasuijja is the highest paid radio presenter in Uganda. The Capital FM Big Breakfast host earns a gross salary of Shs 5.6 million every month. And unbelievable Beat FM's Amarula Family comedian Amooti earns a mammoth Shs 4.7 million making him the second highest paid presenter.

"Beat FM snatched him (Amooti) from Simba FM and this is what he demanded for. It was either that or not was not," an insider at Beat FM told Red Pepper. Radio legend Alex Ndaula is in third position earning Shs 4.5million gross.

Bulky Dembe FM presenter Straka Mwezi is the highest earner in the women presenters' league at 4.3 million gross salary. Her take home earnings) is shillings 3m. Seanice Kacungira is the highest paid at Sanyu FM at 2million.

Big Ben and Fat Boy both earn Shs 1.6million. Notably radio veteran and journeyman Roger Mugisha now with KFM now earns Shs 2.7 million. These salaries of the radio stars when the radio industry is struggling in the country.

Lately advertising revenue for most stations has tremendously gone down with some stations operating in losses. Capital FM alone, one of the most lucrative radio stations in Uganda, has seen it's advertising revenue got to Sjs 180million a month down from Shs 350million in April.

This downward spiral is mainly due to the gloabl economic crisis biting potential advertising companies. The monthly coats of running an average stationin Uganda is between Shs 60 million to Shs 70million.

Yet not many stations can make this aount in a month. Some even struggle ot realize it in a year. No wonder most radio stations are on sale lately. The likes of Jazz FM owned by Pastor Martin Sempa, Arien FM owned by Asians in Old Kampala and even 90.4 Dembe FM are on sale and no one seems interested in buying.

The full list of Presenters' Gross Salaries (in Shs). 

Roger Mugisha (2.7M)

Radio One
RS Elvis Kalema(2.3M)
Irene Ochwo(2.5M)

Capital FM
Allan Kasujja (5.6M)
Jackie Lumbasi (1.5M)
Flavia Tumusiime (1.3M)
Alex Ndaula (4.5M)
Rahma Mbabazi (Lucky) (1.7M)
Jimmy Jones (3.8M)

Sanyu FM
Seanice Kacungira (2M)
Fat Boy (1.6M)
Melanie Keita (1M)
Big Ben(1.6M)
Denzel (0.7M)
Val Oketcho(1.3M)

Radio City
Irish (0.9M)
Mckenzie (1M)
Hakeem (1M)
Crystal Newman (1.4M)

Bush Baby at XFM (1.5M)
Omulangira Ndausi at Simba FM (2M)

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Sunday, November 06 2011

David looks at Black disembarking from the Prison's bus as some of the Black Gal brigade members look on
Celebrities may seem to have it all, but they surely know how to blow it all too. Just a few weeks ago city socialite Bad Black aka Shanita Nalukenge alias Latifa Nalukenge alias Latifa Namuyimba was living a life most women dream of.

She had the financial freedom to choose who to spend time with and no limitations on her purse. Her list of friends was like a guest list to the fanciest city do. Unfortunately all these friends seem to have varnished following her incarceration and definite eventual drying up of her money taps.

We went behind bars to find out the kind of life this socialite has been leading behind bars.

Black's Life in Prison - From the time she arrived at the Luzira Maximum Prisons, Black thought that the powers she had outside the Prisons, would be brought to Luzira for instance, she wanted special treatment like special food, sleeping in special room but none of that has materialized.

According to Prison regulations, no cooked food is allowed from outside the prison walls.

Black cooks for herself - When she threw diva demands, the prisons authority advised her to open an account so that a helper can cook for her. Snoops reveal that Black demanded for a special room and was shown the sick bay but could not stay because she was not ill.

So Black has found herself sharing the floor with petty thieves and the like.

The yellow brigade - As she adjust to her new setting, the prisons' authorities have given her the yellow prison uniforms. Snoops add, that at times Black wails and tells the other inmates how she is longing for a night out at Casablanca.

Black reminisces the times she used to puff on strawberry shisha. Black has generally been a strong woman in the prison and reveals that she is not ashamed at all. "Iam not ashamed at all because the money involved is too much. It even makes me more popular than I was, " Black callously says.

Down but not out - Craving for privacy, Black one time feigned a pneumonia attack only to be ruled out by the prisons doctor

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Saturday, November 05 2011

Ronnie and Sharon Salmon Nalukenge, the Big Brother Amplified finalist
Recently, rumours moving around like wild fire were that BBA finalist, Sharon o was on the verge of splitting with hubby, Ronnie Mulindwa. The couple of course quashed these rumours when they put up a united front at Club Rouge as Sharon celebrated her 26th birthday.

However, they say where there is smoke there is always fire. Now that latest info coming in is that Sharon's father, Salmon has taken over the management of her daughter's career.

A source told us; "Ever since she came back from Big Brother, her dad has been at the centre of whatever she does. Whoever wants to book her for a deal has to go through him." Apparently, Mr. Salmon also receives most of her phone calls since they are diverted to his mobile phone.

This has so much incensed Ronnie who thinks he should know what is going on with the mother of his kid. Meanwhile, another source has connected Sharon with a Nigerian OGA who now finances her career.

A snoop told us; "She received almost $70,000 on her account from which she bought a brand new Murano." Apparently, he is also financing her to do a boob surgery in South Africa and as you read this, she could be in Mandela's land.

Ronnie is not happy with these latest developments. Watch this space!

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Friday, November 04 2011

Juliana and Kidum performing at Club Rouge recently
Info coming in is that city diva Juliana is so close to Burundian singer Jean Pierre Nimbona aka Kidum. The two kicked off their closeness when they collaborated in the hit song 'Hatarudi'

One close opal intimated; "Kidum feels Juliana is sexy and he feels her a lot." We are also told that the Nabikoowa star rates him highly. Snoops couldn't fully ascertain whether the two have ever hit off romantically.

But certainly during his recent show at Club Rouge where the two performed alongside each other, signs of affection were visible.

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Thursday, November 03 2011

Liane and Campbell performing at the PAM Awards bash
It is a shame that PAM Awards nominees, big artistes in the music industry missed their own bash at Silk Royale last Tuesday. The event was however a success with a bevy of upcoming artistes turning up in large numbers.

Gates opened ass early as 7:00pm, and the bash kicked off at around 8pm with cocktails and snacks as the guests interacted. At around 8:30pm, booby Shamim, the emcee of the evening hit the stage and thanked all sponsors including the Might Red Pepper, Pepsi, Channel O, Sanyu FM, UBC among others for playing a special role in the build up towards the PAM Awards event.

Thereafter were performances from upcoming artistes including Campbell, Liane, Jaffer Kash, Priska Mikami, Curvy Queen Marion and Exodus.

At 10pm, the dance floor was declared open and revellers partied till the wee hours of the morning. Red Pepper sponsored PAM Awards red carpet even will take place this Saturday 5th November, 2011 at Lugogo UMA Hall starting at 6:00pm
Related: PAM Awards

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Tuesday, November 01 2011

Pherrie with Exodus(red top) plus another guy as OS and the new gal put up a show of love
She may have separated from her hubby after four years of romps but PAM awards Public Relations Officer (PRO) Pherrie Kimbugwe is certainly having fun as a single gal. Her latest behaviour is a manifestation that she is not missing her former flame singer Omulangira Suuna aka OS or has she got over the heartbreak yet?

While attending the PAM Awards nominations' bash on Tuesday last week Pherrie hugged most male creatures who had attended except OS. And she would smile courteously for them blokes as if to show him that she was doing just fine without him.

Although Ssuuna put up a show of affection with his new gal, Pherrie looked the outright winner of the game. But she clearly is not done yet, Last Thursday while in Club Silk Oxygen the babe who also doubles as posh Guvnor PRO was all lovey-dovey with Calvin  a presenter with UBC TV.

The two held hands, caressed, smiled all the time they were together leaving may eyes rolling about what they were up to. However, the news single babe was later found in a dark corner with another mystery guy with obvious intentions of their discussion on their faces.

Pherrie and OS separated about four months ago after accusations of offside romps from both sides. Suuna has since hooked another babe but Pherrie continues to freelance.

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