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Producer Diggy Baur and Chameleone

Producer Baur Vs. Chameleone

The producer behind Chameleone's Baliwa song is spitting fire after the singer went to his studio and allegedly beat up one of his colleagues.

Producer Baur hurt his finger while stopping Chameleone from thumping his colleague, a case of assault has since been filed with police.

Producer Baur is behind songs like: King Saha's Sala Pulesa, Eddy Kenzo's Sitya Loss, Tondekangawo by Hanson Baliruno and Chameleone, Ntinka Nkutinke by Nina Roz, Akomelerwe by Pallaso and Tell Me by Fik Fameica among others

Tanasha Donna celebrates 25th birthday with an Arab theme

Tanasha Donna and manager Jamal Gadafi

Bad Black celebrates 31st birthday in style

Bad Black @31

Kasuku faces off with Angella Katatumba-Uncut Sabula

Kasuku and Angella Katatumba

Zari confirms it did not work out between her and King Bae

King Bae just wanted to use me - Zari Hassan

Zari's take on Tina Fierce after UCC suspended her Scoop on Scoop show

Tina Fierce and Zari Hassan

Sheilah and God's Plan happy as UCC SUSPENDS Urban TV's Scoop on Scoop programme

Marcus Ali and Sheila Gashumba trounce Tina Fierce

I am a Ugandan Diamond Platnumz reveals

Diamond Platnumz says his dad is a Ugandan

Fik Fameica joins Lydia Jazmine in telling off TV presenter

Lydia Jazmine and Fik Fameica

Lydia Jazmine hurt by TV presenter who has constantly attacked her

Lydia Jazmine in a white VW convertible

Diamond Platnumz appeals to female fans to stop this henceforth

Diamond Platnumz is not happy with some female fans

Zari mourning Babu Tale's wife Shammy who died suddenly

Zari mourns Shammy Tale who passed on unexpectedly

Dubai police confirm arresting Instagram celebrity, Hushpuppi

Some of Hushpuppi's super rides that were impounded

Maldives is my next destination, Anita Fabiola tells hubby

Anita Fabiola and hubby Mark Ronald

This is how Tina Fierce is planning to raise Sheila Gashumba's 400M

TINA Fierce's shoes that she intends to sell

I am not pregnant for Diamond Platnumz-Poshy Queen

Diamond Platnumz and Poshy Queen

Sheila Gashumba demands Shs400M from Tina Fierce

Sheila Gashumba threatens to sue Tina Fierce

Big Eye is emulating Bad Black as he demands for 270M from NRM

President Museveni shaking hands with Big Eye

President Museveni's 16th address to the nation on COVID-19

President Museveni addressed the nation for the 16th time on matters COVID-19

Bad Black apologizes to all after being paid her COVID-Ad money

Bad Black is sorted after being paid some money​​​​​​

Gabriel K delivers on his very first concert that was online

Gabriel K doing his thing

Marcus and Sheila Gashumba depressed over Cyberbullying

Marcus Ali and Sheila Gashumba at Sanyu FM

Buchaman arrested after disrupting a NEMA meeting

Inset Buchaman is being arrested

Big Eye wants his fans to bail him out of a 400Million loan

Big Eye chocking on a 400Million loan

Zari and Diamond Platnumz's son, Prince Nillan hits 1 million Instgram followers

Prince Nillan clocks 1Million followers on Instagram

Chameleone and Spice Diana pay their respects to the fallen Maj. General

Chameleone and Spice Diana pay their respects

I'm not so proud of my past, but I don't regret a thing-Marcus Ali Lwanga

Marcus Ali all humbled...

Zari bitter with those attacking her for 'getting back' with Diamond Platnumz

Zari and Diamond Platnumz

The secret behind Diamond Platnumz's 1 Billion YouTube views

One billion views for Diamond Platnumz's YouTube

I might be old and a mom of 5, but my looks are of a sweet sixteen-Zari

Zari says she is not about to quit social media

Wednesday, 24 June 2020
Big Eye threatens to sue the President over Shillings 270Million
Saturday, 20 June 2020
Buchaman arrested after disrupting a NEMA meeting
Thursday, 29 August 2019
Uganda Airlines is back to the skies
Sunday, 11 August 2019
Sheebah Karungi latest news
Tuesday, 07 May 2019
Hellen Lukoma happy to learn that she is carrying a baby boy



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Tuesday, 02 June 2020
The three artists performed so well that they reminded the fans of the defunct Blu3
Thursday, 21 May 2020
Juliana Kanyomozi pregnancy pics
Thursday, 07 May 2020
Desire Luzinda
Tuesday, 02 July 2019
Sheebah Karungi held her housewarming party on July 1
Saturday, 29 June 2019
Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika in her office and inset is Eric Omondi helping her to tuck in
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Friday, September 30 2011
             Renah Nalumansi
Former Dream Galz singer and mother of one, Rena Nalumansi is working at Wilson Road based O'Leaf Salon. Snoops have intimated that after she struggled in music, Rena decided to get a part time job looking for customers for the salon.

According to sources she struck a deal whereby she is supposed to pocket a discount on every person she brings. "For example when she takes a customer they actually double the price and if a customer pays 80k on making a weave, she takes 30k."

We are toldthat's the reason when she befriends nice loaded babes and she persuades them to go to O'Leaf salon.
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Friday, September 30 2011
Judith Heard and Flavia
City Socialite Judith Heard's Forest Mall based JH boutique is on the verge of collapse. Close pals have intimated that the former model expected several hot city chics to storm her boutique for shopping.

But things have instead turned the other way round for worse. A source revealed; "Because of her celebrity status, she expected city babes to be flocking to her Boutique but instead most of them have shunned it."

To make matters worse some of the socialites who have dared shop there vowed not to go back. Some who confided in our snoop intimated that she gets second hand clothes from down town or her friends abroad send her q cargo (endibota), she then takes them to laundry for cleaning and later displays them for sale at a bigger price.

Meanwhile, snoops further heard that before she officially opened the Boutique, she had made a store in her house where she would put most of her old clothes. She apparently later put them on display when she opened a clothes shop.

All these factors have led to customers to shun her Boutique. "She is now considering selling it off but the buyers are also not forthcoming" a close pal added.
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Thursday, September 29 2011
News reaching us from Industrial area based Club Silk has it that the management has started complaining of DJ Shiru absence at work. We hear these days Shiru dedicates much of his time on side jobs like that of Bukedde TV and other related small kyeyos.

As if that is not enough apparently these days Shiru camps at singer Jose Chameleone Nkumba based night spot Liquid Lounge where the singer offered him a DJ slot.

However, Club Silk management fear giving him a warning as they don't want to lose him. He might embark on being a freelance disc joking.
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Thursday, September 29 2011
Sheila and Rabadaba
Local singer Rabadaba must be thanking his longtime  Sheila Ferguson for coming back to town. Since Sheila came back, the fading singer has been on a rising tread and to prove this, Raba has moved out of his parents home in Naalya and is currently back to renting in Nyanama, a Kampala suburb.

The 'Sentema' singer was thrown out pf his rented crib in Bunga some months back and took refuge at his mother's home in Naalya till last week when he got his three roomed crib in Nyanama
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Thursday, September 29 2011

Bad Black's fattest account exposed
She hit the social scene sometime back and all of a sudden began spending money like she plucks it from trees.

Snoops have however established that glamour Gal Bad Black visits Garden city based standard chartered bank branch does her private banking there on top of getting private accountability from top officials in the bank.

Our snoops bumped into Black on Friday afternoon getting hair treatment at Sparkles salon and here a smart gal from standard chartered bank kept on walking in and out explaining details about her transactions.

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Monday, September 26 2011

           Pherrie and Miles exchange phone numbers as she waves off the lens man
Newly single Pherrie Kimbugwe could soon be on a date with Miles Rwamiti after they exchanged numbers at PAM Awards nominations at UBC gardens last Thursday. The two who looked shocked after spotting the lens man however continued thh 'good work' they had already started.

It should be remembered that Pherrie who is also the Public Relations Officer PAM Awards recently split from her man of two years singer Omulangira Suuna (OS). Efforts of OS to win her back hit a dead end leaving her for free to hook.

And with this new phone exchange with ladies' man Miles of Bukedde TV, it is only God who knows if she will escape his whooper's wrath.

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Monday, September 26 2011

Lauryn on the Catwalk
City Socialite and former UBC TV Kool entertainment presenter Lauryn Katusime is back in town. Lauryn had apparently quit UBC to pursue further studies in Australia early this year. A snoop who smoked her out at Club Silk last Thursday told us; "She looks hotter and in great shape."

Lauryn who was in a company of her sister and mysterious fella was gulping pints from the counter like there was no tomorrow. We are yet to know if she is around for a holiday or she is back for good.

One thing is for sure though; she has started from where she left off.

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Sunday, September 25 2011

There is reportedly a big rift between Obsessions Ronnie Mulindwa and his chic Sharon O. Sources close to the family have revealed that Ronnie, dad to Sharon's son Lisbon, is unhappy with the kind of celebrity status his wife is starting to get.

We were told; "He has confided in a few friends and is really insecure that Sharon no longer has time for the family. She is up and down doing personal projects." This is isn't surprising considering Ronnie was always uneasy while Sharon was participating in the M-Net reality TV show, Big Brother Amplified in South Africa.

However, that has incensed Ronnie the more is that these days she is traveling in and out of the country for her own personal projects. It should be noted that just recently the Big Brother Ugandan representative was paid a handsome figure to appear at a social event in Nigeria.

She also spent a few more days in big cities like Lagos with friends. This weekend, she is rumored to be jetting off to South Africa where she was invited by a top fashion and beauty firm to appear in the shooting of a promo commercial for its products.

A family source included; "She recently purchased a brand new Nissa Murano UAQ 566P, she was at Jomayi Property Consults offices in Old Kampala on Thursday inquiring about purchasing land, so her life is on the up and Ronnie doesn't  like it."

Remember, Sharon who came fifth in the continental TV showpiece also bagged approximately Shs 26m for making it to the finale. Could the couple be about to split? Watch this Space!

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Saturday, September 24 2011
Byg Kahuna
Flirtatious Byg Kahuna  Hot 100FM morning show host wear down as he tries to win babe's heart in vain. Kahuna clad in a black T-shirt and his trademark buggy jeans entered the club at around midnight and went straight to the counter and scanned for potential 'prey'.

His eyes finally landed on a dark skinned babe who was in Richie Kats' booth. He walked there with his usual swagg and introduced himself to the babe who did not mind. Snoops spotted him whispering into her ears as she kept sipping on her wine.

He tried all his best moves to win her heart but wapi, the hottie was just not taking in his wolokoso. He even tried the 'I am famous' line but it did not yield any results. "I am a radio presenter and would love to buy you another drink," he added.

He was later seen leaving the club alone at around 4:20am
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Saturday, September 24 2011
Dizzy Nuts
Troubled and talented singer Dizzy Nuts Galiwango has gone mad for real. The fella who used to boast of a powerful husky voice was spotted by snoops dressed in rags, laughing alone; an indication that he is now nuts.
A snoop intimated; "He stays in Bweyogerere with his mother. But because of too much weed and booze, he has gone bonkers." The former Gagamel Crew member's problems started the moment he was deported from the US.
He has done numerous collabos with artistes like Bebe Cool, Renah, Tuff B among others
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Thursday, September 22 2011
Juliana close to top intelligence boss
Unlucky in love songbird, Juliana Kanyomozi has yet again been linked to another top intelligence boss. Rumour within the spy body is that one of the top bosses is seriously close to 'Sanyu Lyange diva'

One of the guy's aides intimated to us; "Our boss is close to her and they usually meet in exclusive places for talks." Apparently she is most of the times picked and dropped by the spy boss' powerful SUV tinted ride.

Juliana has been connected to several city dudes like Amon Lukwago (father of her kid). boxing flop Kassim Ouma and loaded Mujib Kasule, Proline Academy boss.
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Thursday, September 22 2011

City glamour desperado and mystery money bags, Bad Black is having a blast of a lifetime. The latest is that after being snapped by Pepperazi grinding with Nigerian star singer, Mr. Flavour, she is now going around bragging that she beat every chic in Kampala to the 'Nwa Baby, Ashawo' singer's love.

She has apparently been telling close pals how she paid close to $3000 to enjoy sleeping in his muscular arms. A pal intimated; "The deal had already been struck. In fact after the party at Club Rouge, Black informed Alibhai (the promoter who brought in Flavour) that she would be the one to drive him to his hotel room.

She has now been bragging how all the chics who were throwing themselves at him can't compete with her" a pal said in disbelief. Furthermore, we are told that Black paid another staggering $4000 to host Flavour at Rouge.

The two, alongside Sylvie Owori, partied till the wee hours. This won't come as surprise since Black recently confessed in an interview that she pays young boys for fun. The hunter has become the hunted considering that Mr. Flavour's song 'Ashawo' is about a man out to get a good time from a prostitute.

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Wednesday, September 21 2011

Latifah Nalukenge has yet a new addition to her gang and this is not a babe but rather a guard. It has emerged that the self styled money bags has hired a former muscle-man of singer Bobi Wine as her body guard.

And he could be the highest paid guard in the country if this rumour is anything to go by.
The bouncer nick named Danger was signed up by Latifah aka Bad Black for a three year deal.

A source privvy to the paper work signed by both parties last week says he is to bag at least shs3m every month on top of other allowances amounting to shs7m. Danger has been a long time friend to singer Bobi, but they fell out after the latter did not give him an invitation card to his wedding recently.

To ease his duties, Black has given him a Subaru Forester which he must use to follow her wherever she goes and has also paid for his gym expenses. Danger spent two years in Iraq where he received military training and worked as a private guard on American Bases and facilities in Baghdad.

But the major question is; who is Bad Black afraid of?

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Wednesday, September 21 2011

Moze Radio and Weasel

Sometime back rumour going around was that Goodlyfe Crew singers Moze Radio and Weasel TV were not on talking terms. The speculation  stemmed from that fact that Moze had held a party at their Makindye based house, invited, invited some of his friends for goat roasting and beers but Weasal was conspicuously missing.

In fact as a matter of fact he was holed up in the studio the whole day and never attended. Now the latest is that their bitterness has spiraled into a fist fight. Sources have reliably informed us that the two singers punched each other at the home they share last Thursday night.

Apparently, Moze left other group members in Club and went home. But when Weasel and other members returned at around 5:00am, they found Radio seated in the compound seeping his Red Label.

A few minutes later he grabbed Weasal by the neck and the two started punching and kicking each other. They were broken apart by their manager Jeff. By press time we couldn't fully establish what really made them fight.

However, this is the second time the two are going physical. Is the group finally disintegrating? Watch this space?

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Tuesday, September 20 2011

Snoops have it on good authority that city socialite and party animal Kumba was spinned by US rapper Sean Kingston's DJ Twin. Kumba whose only serious claim to fame is being ex Miss Uganda Salma Nassanga's younger sister beat several city chics to DJ Twin's whopper.

This was during Mr Flavour's Meet and Greet party last Thursday. A snoop revealed; "Twin stormed Club Silk in the company of Rachel K, La'Mayia, Mega Dee and another member of Sean's team.

He then set his eyes upon Kumba who was strategically positioned having set her trap (akamasu)." The two were later spotted at Ange Noir getting cozy. "She sat across twin's legs as the two partied the night away.

She was all over him as the two shared a bottle of whiskey." Kumba nad her new catch were later smoked out staggering out of club at around 5:00am with all intentions that there was definitely going to be an after party somewhere.

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Tuesday, September 20 2011
JK plotting for Sean Kingston's Watch
Crowds stood still, music stopped playing for a few minutes as the drama on stage unfolded before our eyes. Yes, we are talking about the moment JK Kazoora, MC of the night almost tricked Sean Kingston into doing away with his prized bling watch.

It all started after the show at Lugogo Cricket Oval when JK told Sean that as a norm, when top artistes visit town they exchange bling bling with MC's of the night. As a matter of fact he told the Jamaican-American singer that the watch he was about to exchange with him was given to him by R.Kelly on his last visit here.

Sean who didn't want to part with his prized watch was however heard disapproving of JK's cheap watch that 'that ain't R.Kelly's watch, men.' The most interesting part though is that immediately after getting off the stage, security was sent in to force the Buddies bar boss to return the timer.

Snoops have since learnt that though it was supposed to be a prank, Kazoora was hell bent on whisking away the $200,000 approximately (Shs540m) worth of  time piece.
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Monday, September 19 2011
Desire takes ride from her gigolo
Well this will come as a shocker to many. Yes Desire Luzinda also has toyboy. The Nina Omwami singer has apparently confiscated the DMC starlet she had bought for 23 year old Samuel.

Snoops have intimated that the two have been seeing each other for about one year and was even renting for him an apartment in Mutungo. The real reason why Desire took the car from his yet to b e known.

The two have never been spotted in public together. The bootyliscious Desire has for long been associated to several loaded city guys who have always pumped lots of dime into her music and social lifestyle.
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Monday, September 19 2011

Malik and Sylvia Owori
City Fashionista Sylvie Owori proves everyday that passes that she is in love and would do anything to please her toyboy. The latest gesture is that Owori is pumping in more than $20,000 to see her lover Malik Kaliisa's dream of  knocking and silencing motor mouthed kick boxer Golola Moses come true.

Rumour around is that Malik, a black belt holder in taekwondo and kick boxing approached Golola for a fight after he had knocked down a Sudanese fighter in July. A snoop revealed; "He staked $2,000 to fight Golola but he chickened out."

When he approached Uganda Kick Boxing Federation , to pressurize them to reign on Golola, he was told he needed to first fight at least one before he can challenge the talkative boxer.

And as you read this, a fight with UPDF kick boxer Titus Tugme has been scheduled for October 29 at Kati Kati. We hear if he wins the contest, Malik will be eligible to take on Golola. Bring on the fight!

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Saturday, September 17 2011

Mr Flavour and Vamposs
Self proclaimed reggae dance hall artiste Elvis Kirya aka Vampino is set to do a collabo with the Nigerian star Mr Flavour N'Abania. This comes after Swangz Avenue's Vampino and Xscape star agency Coco Finger did demo's and sent them to Flavour's team in Nigeria for their review but only Vampino's passed the test.

Early this week he received good news from Flavour about how he had approved his demo and the two are set to do a collabo together as soon as he jets into the country.

He jetted in on Wednesday night and the two could have hit Fencon studios on Thursday to do a collabo.

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Saturday, September 17 2011
Debby and DJ Michael-Groin to Groin
Sexy Debby Sempaka is rumoured to b close to Dance-Hall star singer DJ Michael. The two were recently smoked out having fun and cozying up to each other on a night at one of the Industrial area based night spots.

A source revealed; "The two were grinding groins all night long. You could clearly see there was chemistry between them." The 'Kiri Kitya' singer has been connected to several city chics over the years with the most prominent among them being Cafe Cheri boss, Madam Cheri.

Debby has also cultivated a name herself on the social scene by dating a string of city guys. The South African based model who has a deal with Glen and Brothers to star in an x-rated movie is in the country. More on Debby
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Friday, September 16 2011

Jackie and Sharon of Obsessions
Big Brother Amplified flop and Obsessions singer Sharon O Nalukenge was last Wednesday stuck in a traffic jam in Nakawa. Sharon who was in the company of her counterpart Jackie Tusiime sweated plasma when their Toyota Premio UAH 610 V failed to start.

They were driving to town when they got held up in the jam at Spear Motors. When the traffic officer released the cars to move, theirs failed to start causing irate drivers to hoot at them.

Minutes later a Good Samaritan came to their rescue by starting it for them. But by this time, the beauties were sweating in all corners of the body.

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Friday, September 16 2011

Mun G and GNL's relationship seems to be rocky
Latest sleaze is that all is not well at GNL Zamba led Baboon Forest camp. Snoops have learnt that  GNL and his protege Mun G are not on good terms and are constantly having quarrels."GNL keeps picking quarrels with Mun G over minor issues," said a Baboon Forest insider.

Those who have been following them closely are concluding that the Baboon Forest boss is threatened by Mun G's fast growing fame and fan base which is beginning to overshadow his.

Mun G's 'Mugire Kyaba too Much' is taking Kampala by storm a thing that could be threatening poor GNL.

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Thursday, September 15 2011

Jose and the Goodlyfe Boyz
Snoops have learnt that have released song titled ‘Lwaki Tonjagala’ which sounds more like a wash out of their Nyambura hit that has tongue-in-cheek lines attacking the Leone boss.

It seems the bad blood between Weasal and Mose Radio and their former Leone Island mentor Jose Chameleone is not about to end. The two boys have yet again attacked Chameleone in a new song.
Chameleone dismissed them saying they are struggling to get what to sing two years down the road yet we have been around for more than ten years.
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Wednesday, September 14 2011

Mystery tycoon Meddie Ssentogo's juicy bonkmate, a one Prossy has been exposed as someone who dresses up in a fake bum. A snoop shockingly intimated that the mouth watering Prossy puts on synthetic bums to increase her butt size.

"I accidentally touched and felt her ar*e felt awkward. It wasn't normal." These artificial bums are now a common occurence among city chics. They are made in synthetic fabric and can expand up to 600% and spring back without losing it's integrity, although over time, the fibres may become exhausted.

So guys next time you touch her butt, try checking if it's real.
Related: Meddie's Pal - Prosper

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Tuesday, September 13 2011

Sarah Zawedde is a happy babe after she acquired a BMW nicknamed 'Be My Wife' car. The singer who has been keeping a low profile over the past few months was recently spotted in Industrial Area cruising the black BMW.

It later emerged that she acquired it after selling off the Toyota Ipsum she has been driving for some good years. However, not much has been heard musically from the 'Kambere Nawe' singer. More on Sarah Zawedde

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Tuesday, September 13 2011

Since the  untimely departure of celebrated newscaster, Farai Mwakutuya from Serena Hotel based NTV, senior management at the station has been hunting for a replacement. Farai who used to be a newscaster also doubled as the Money Matters presenter.

Since his exit, after failing to head hunt, NTV has taken  the search  on the silver screen asking for suitable candidates to apply. Mwakutuya was deported sometime in July for illegally  staying in Uganda after his work permit had expired.

Related: TV Sensation Farai Mwakutuya Deported

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Monday, September 12 2011

Bad Black and her Toyboy during the happy times
After being dumped by mystery money bags Bad Black city male model Brian Ssempala has slowly moved on. But it looks like things are not as smooth as he had anticipated. The well shaped lad was smoked out by snoops last Thursday struggling to access Club Silk.

"He was dressed in a white T-shirt and tight jeans. He was in the company of two chics and only had 50k in his wallet." His pleas to be allowed in were rebuffed and you could clearly see his face stiffen when he pulled out the note to pay.

While inside, he drunk a bottle of mineral water and bough sodas for the chics.

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Saturday, September 10 2011
Bad Black and friend

For sometime now city glamour gal Bad Black aka Latifa Nalukenge and her former girl brigade do not see eye to eye. Thos forced her to recruit one Rachael whom she has been too close too lately.

Word reaching us is that Black is bitter with the girls following her leaked nude photos. This happened when she was informed about her nude pics that were circulating around Wilson Road.

The people who had them were threatening to leak them to the media if she did not pay handsomely. Snoops reveal that  Black claims that there was no way her photos would have gotten out of her home if it had not been masterminded by these heartless babes.

This is why she cut wires with them and hooked up with Rachael.

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Saturday, September 10 2011

He has been in the music industry for over ten years now and is a self acclaimed Big Size who boasts of having the most beautiful wife in Zuena Kirema. Bebe Cool real name Moses Ssali has appeared in the news for many different reasons.

From his music to being shot, surviving bomb attacks by Al-Shabab, biffing and fighting fellow artistes and claiming his wife had quit home, he has done it all. He was tracked by one of the snoops at Quality Supermarket and straight on got to business.

TGIF: Rumour has it that you disorganized the UK Convention, what exactly happened?
Bebe Cool: Perfomances  went on as planned.I only stopped upcoming artistes from performing because it was my time.

If they want to perform at big events where there are big artistes, they should come early not at the climax. If you want I can call the organizer of the concert and you talk to him.

TGIF: So why did you refuse to attend Bobi Wine's wedding to which you contributed yet he gave you an invitation card?
Bebe Cool: I couldn't go to his wedding until he apologized to me publically. Idon't pretend, an enemy is an enemy and I couldn't eat an enemy's cake. And for the contribution I will keep it personal.

TGIF: It's been five years since you and Bobi beefed, why not just drop the guns?
Bebe Cool: He must first apologize. That kid can't exist without beefing. Tell me a song of his where he does not abuse people and talk about feaces.

He is not a creative artiste but just likes fighting. Today he i fighting me and tomorrow someone else. Let me hope that no that he is a married man he is going to change his ways.

I don't expect him to return from his honeymoon and fight but apologize. The wedding should be able to make him a better man.

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Thursday, September 08 2011
HB Toxic
They may have conquered many hearts with their seductive dressing and dance strokes while on stage but Helen Lukoma an Brenda Nambi were showed that they still have to impress.
Snoops were shocked to see the HB Toxic singers moving around like lost sheep at Speke Resort Munyonyo during the Royal Ascot Goat Races. The two babes arrived at the venue in the company of B’ ambi Fashions public relations officer Tattu Sophie at about 5pm and wanted to enter the Silk Events tent but lacked tags.
Since it was threatening to rain, Brenda got so worried and immediately pulled out her phone to make some calls. Looking stranded indeed she called someone for help and the three babes were later spotted inside the tent.
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Thursday, September 08 2011

Sophie Rusoke

Despite a lot of speculation and denial in several interviews, snoops have finally identified hip hop rapper Daniel Kigozi's baby maama. Sources revealed that the sexy babe is called Sophie Rusoke and hails from Fort Portal.

She is said to be from a Mutoro dad and a Danish mother. Sophie is the mother of Daniel aka Navio's son and the two having been dating each other for years now. They don't want to be seen in public together for reasons best known to them a close pal intimated to us.

Sophie has also been said to be a sister to Bianca, Goodlyfe Crew Weasel TV's girlfriend. Guess it is a tale of 'you can run  but you can't hide'.

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Thursday, September 08 2011

Daniella at the Omukisa Gwo Launch
She is the wife of a celebrated singer Jose Chameleone and yes she deserves to be treated like a wife of a superstar but currently that is not so. This was after she was spotted bargaining for a yellow taxi outside Ange Noir on Saturday morning.

Daniella who now looks sexier than ever before was seen negotiating with a taxi driver to take her home. Surely where is the fleet of the cars that the hubby owns?

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Wednesday, September 07 2011

Just when we thought the Goodlyfe Boys were out of trouble, Radio has again thumped a Sudanese gal to coma at Casablanca on Acacia Avenue in the wee hours of Friday morning. The poor gal who was, was in the company of Bad Black, was sent by Black to deliver a bottle of Black Label to the boys' table got a beating of a lifetime for insulting the duo.

The gal who told Radio to his face that Goodlyfe was broke and drove cheap cars was later saved by the bouncers of the club who threw Radio out in order to save the poor gal's life.

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Wednesday, September 07 2011

Multicolored Straka Mwezi is dating a timber dealer only identified as Kiwa, it has emerged. The couple has previously dated and sources tell us they have been enjoying steamy moments for a month now.

This timber dealer is based in Kireka. ''Straka spends most of her time in Kireka. Most of the time when she is free, she wants to be with him. He is sweet," a source told us. Straka is quite a force with the men.

She has previously dated Diamond Oscar, Kid Fox, Charles Oimuke, a top army general, Ssizaman, Backsama, DJ Baby Love among others. She is a mom of two.

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Monday, September 05 2011

Boastful Singer Bebe Cool proved to the whole world that he can do anything when it comes to showing love to his wife Zuena Kirema. The singer was snapped licking and biting Zuena's juicy behind while the celebrity couple was in the UK.

A source intimated; "They were having fun at Club La Face in London but Bebe tight marked her like a bullion van carrying hard cash. He wouldn't let guys come near." In one of the pictures, Bebe is seen sinking his teeth teasingly into his wife's rear.

Does this make him an -------? Meanwhile, more info coming in is that the hugely anticipated first UK Uganda Convention held at the Luxurious Troxy in East London did not go as expected due to poor programming.

The Kasepiki singer as usual reportedly hijacked the whole event, made himself an MC and organizer at the same time. One shocked reveler told this desk; He hijacked the event, stopped some artistes based in the UK from performing; a thing that resulted in fistfights."

Remember, the last time Bebe performed in Europe (Denmark) he was thumped to a pulp by revelers for what they termed being disrespectful and abusive' On that day, he was only saved by police.

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Sunday, September 04 2011

Sharon O

Although the dime she got as a finalist in Big Brother Amplified is not enough to purchase this ride, Sharon Nalukenge is new wheels. She has acquired a brand new Nissan Murano UAQ 566P 2003 model.

The vehicle is estimated to be USD 12900 that is approximately Shs 36m. With a shaky music career, this latest addition leaves many questions in mind. Could she have been saving or she got more dime from Big Brother than was known?

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Sunday, September 04 2011

Rouge's Diane

Club Rouge's sexy waitress Diane has broken up with her recent lover, Amos her muzungu fella over lack of sexual satisfaction. She has hooked a 9 inch whoopered Dinka to wow her in bed and sadly, the mzungu has been  pumping mega cash into her life.

Lately we have always spotted her in various hangout pads with the smitten Sudanese fella. Their favourite hangout places are Guvnor and Da Posh bar in Kabalagala. According  to source the mzungu is heart broken and confused.

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Sunday, September 04 2011
Iryn Namubiru

With Almost all corporate companies pulling out of sponsorship for music concerts these days, musicians are running to their most trusted friends for financial support to push through their concerts.

The latest is our local diva, Iryn Namubiru. After receiving an amount of dime from Vice President Gilbert Bukenya for her upcoming launch, Iryn has received another major boos from her very close pal, tycoon John Kassami who gave her Shs 15million to help her organize the Birowoozo album set for mis next month.

Loaded Kassami is the owner of Water Front Beach in Entebbe and has been friends with the singing diva for quite sometime and has always been there for her.

The costs for some of her videos were fully covered by him. It is also claimed that it was him who bought her the Toyota Land Cruiser she cruises in tawoo. She is one hell of a lucky gal...

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Saturday, September 03 2011

Buck-toothed singer Rabadaba is reportedly selling off his Kampala road based bar Babada bar hardly three months into the business. Snoops confirmed that the luga flow singer was  in intensive negotiations last week with a top UPDF soldier identified as Emma who is interested in buying it off.

Info coming in is that the 'Mukyamu' singer is cashing in on his only investment around town because he has failed to manage it. The bar is located next to Crane Bank and it is the same place that the notorious  Sax Pub has shifted before it totally collapsed.

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Friday, September 02 2011

Upcoming juicy singer Liane's DMC Rav4 is giving her sleepless nights. Info coming in is that the singer, whose career is fast fading before it picks up, has been having terible mecahnical problems with her car. "Her ride is always in the gararge and it is draining her poeckts" a close pal revealed.

The car was reportedly bought for her by her loaded bonkmate.

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Thursday, September 01 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, celebrated city man-eater and South African based freelance model Debby Sempaka is back in town. Debby jetted into town two weeks back and as you read this, close pals claim she has reigned terror on horny guy's whoopers like hurricane irene.

A source revealed; "She has been out of the city for long so she is delighted to be back home. She is simply having fun." A source who claims to have already hooked up saucy Debby at Guvnor over the weekend for some night of passion claims she sent him a text message the next day.

It reads; "I wanna move my tongue all over you, wanna feel you in my m****. Yep, that's how I eat an ice cream and lollipop." The juicy and daring model has always been connected to different city hunks and married lads.

She is also rumoured to be in a deal with Glen and Brothers based in South Africa where she stars in an x-rated movie. So ladies, this is to let you know the daring Debby is back home!

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