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Bryan White and Zari

Bryan White's NGO has been deregistered by the NGO Bureau

Bryan White's Foundation is a sham according to the NGO Bureau...

Bad Black at Bryan White's

Bad Black breaks down on visiting Bryan White

"I can't forget what you've done for me since 2016, I pray that the good Lord heals you pretty fast. You built a house for my mom who was putting up in a mud thatched house then, she is now in a tiled house and can even watch DSTV, how can I forget you Bryan White."

Spice Diana lockdown goals

Spice Diana lockdown goals

It's close to five months since the country was locked down due to the Coronavirus that has not spared any sector. In Uganda, some measures have been eased and some sectors have resumed operations, though not fully as they have to observe the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place.

Socialite Sipapa and his three wives

Socialite Sipapa real name Charles Olim has for a while been entangled with his three wives that include singers Serena Bata and Brown Shugar.

He also has another one called Sasha Samirah who is the last one standing.

Inset Sipapa is seen with two of his wives Serena Bata who jumped ship and Sasha Shamira whose parents he has just visited. Armed with a glass is Brown Shugar as Mugole Shamira enjoys her Audi ride...

Vivienne and SK Mbuga fight

Most battered women are fearful to come out and share their experiences about domestic abuse, but Vivienne Chebet Mbuga is not one of them as she came out using her wall to expose her hubby.

"Sometimes women stay with a dysfunctional partner out of fear that the next women will reap the benefit of the work she's put in. Nope."

"The next woman gets his same habits, dysfunction and pain."

Eddy Kenzo in Ivory Coast

Eddy Kenzo caught up with his fans over the weekend in the month of July 2020

Eddy Kenzo was live on Facebook talking about a number of issues, including how he is faring in Ivory Coast, a place he was supposed to be for two days, but has been for four months and he is still counting...

Zari next to her ride...

Tiffah and Nillan were being filmed by their mom as they enjoyed the latest addition to their fleet, a Bentely.

Hi Papa, thank you for my mom's car. It's so beautiful and warm..." Tiffah says while enjoying the comfort of the four seater super ride.

Im not his father, Eddy Kenzo

Sheilah Don Zella's son has the Musuuza name raising eyebrows on whether Eddy Kenzo is the baby daddy

Sitya Loss star, Edirisa Musuuza Nkonge Kiwalabye aka Eddy Kenzo, who is still in Ivory Coast waiting to return following the lockdown has issued a statement, distancing himself from the allegations that Sheila Don Zella's child is his.

Kasuku faces off with Angella Katatumba-Uncut Sabula

Kasuku and Angella Katatumba

Zari confirms it did not work out between her and King Bae

King Bae just wanted to use me - Zari Hassan

Lydia Jazmine hurt by TV presenter who has constantly attacked her

Lydia Jazmine in a white VW convertible

Zari mourning Babu Tale's wife Shammy who died suddenly

Zari mourns Shammy Tale who passed on unexpectedly

Dubai police confirm arresting Instagram celebrity, Hushpuppi

Some of Hushpuppi's super rides that were impounded

Maldives is my next destination, Anita Fabiola tells hubby

Anita Fabiola and hubby Mark Ronald

I am not pregnant for Diamond Platnumz-Poshy Queen

Diamond Platnumz and Poshy Queen

Wednesday, 24 June 2020
Big Eye threatens to sue the President over Shillings 270Million
Saturday, 20 June 2020
Buchaman arrested after disrupting a NEMA meeting
Thursday, 29 August 2019
Uganda Airlines is back to the skies
Sunday, 11 August 2019
Sheebah Karungi latest news
Tuesday, 07 May 2019
Hellen Lukoma happy to learn that she is carrying a baby boy



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Tuesday, 02 June 2020
The three artists performed so well that they reminded the fans of the defunct Blu3
Thursday, 21 May 2020
Juliana Kanyomozi pregnancy pics
Thursday, 07 May 2020
Desire Luzinda
Tuesday, 02 July 2019
Sheebah Karungi held her housewarming party on July 1
Saturday, 29 June 2019
Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika in her office and inset is Eric Omondi helping her to tuck in

Red Pepper Uganda

Red Pepper

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Highlights and Lead Stories from the Red Pepper Uganda's first Tabloid.


Thursday, December 29 2011
First Published: 02-Sep-2011
Drop the Guns - It is believed that beef has helped some of our countrymen attain celebrity status. From hard hitting songs to spending luxuriously so they can be seen as better, richer, popular, our celebs have done it.
It is more like what was originally in the western world was imported to our local scene. Some, beef on order to screen to attract media attention and stay in the spot light, others beef out of ego or bonkmates.
But regardless of the cause some of these celebs have beefed for long and today TGIF would like to see them kiss and makeup.
Chameleone Vs Weasel - These brothers Joseph and Douglas Mayanja can't cross paths without throwing venomous insults at each other. Weasel accuses his elder brother Chameleoe who he will never forgive for raping his (Weasel's) babe some time back. These blood brothers need to come to terms.

Juliana Kanyomozi Vs Iryn Namubiru - Sincerely, it has been over two years since these two aging sexy babes began beefing. Their anger against each other stems way back in the days when Iryn deserted the duo and their music career and went with Frank her French man.

But more than a decade down the road, these two have become established musicians and deserve to call a truce and move on. It is not that Iryn is responsible for Juliana's being unlucky in love! We dare Juliana and Iryn to reunite and stage a reunion concert.

Judith Heard Vs Zari Hassan - Another classic case of egos clashing! The two top city socialites disapprove of each other's status, beauty and wealth. Nalongo Heard and Zari once exchanged gut wrenching insults on Facebook.Whether they beef, slender Judith Heard will not grow as big (size) as Zari and the reverse is true for Zari. So bury the hatchet already! 

Navio Vs Atlas - The two hunky rappers do not approve of the other's rapping skills and this sparked off their beef. Sometime back, they exchanged blows outside Club Rouge.
Their music is not as hot as they are because most of their fans who by the way are babes, flock their shows and scream their lungs out not because they like what they are wrapping but rather because these guys are hot.

Sharon Nalukenge Vs Helen Lukoma - Sharon O accuses her former groupmate Helen Lukoma of poaching on her baby's father, Ronnie Mulindwa. Whether the accusations are true or not, it happened a long time a go and both have moved on.

Besides, Uganda' representative in the just concluded Big Brother Amplified Sharon O has already tight marked her territory by giving Ronnie Mulindwa a baby boy. She needs to stop being insecure  and try being friends with Helen again.


Bebe Cool Vs Bobi Wine -There's has grown from beef to biff and is a classic case of clash of egos. They were once the best back then when Firebase was just starting where they even had a collabo 'Funtula' attacking fellow singer Jose Chameleone.


They later fell out due to unclear reasons. Nowadays Bebe and Bobi can't see eye to eye without going for each other's necks because each claims he is bigger than the other but who cares, the fans know better. They forget that the two have egos.

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Thursday, December 29 2011
         Sheebah, Lindah Lisa, Zarie, Jackie Chandiru
First Published: Saturday, 15 January 2011
A new year resolution is a pledge that an individual makes to achieve a personal goal, project, or the reforming of a habit. this lifestyle is generally interpreted as advantageous. It can also be objective someone sets out to accomplish in the year. Here is what our celebrities have set up to do this year.

Lindah Lisa - This year I am going to keep peace and harmony with everyone including my nemesis, attain all my goals I have for this year and live a better example in society not forgetting upgrading my professional skills and become a better public relations officer.

Judith Heard - Albert Enstein, "another definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again expecting a different result." This year , I intend to take positive steps in my life  that will make me a better person, wife and mother. That in turn  will help me bring positive change to the world I am living in.

Zari Hassan - I don't have lots of resolutions...I just have to be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing...let God give me wisdom. Who needs resolutions when God has the last word.

Carol Mugasha - I didn't make any resolutions per say this year, but I do hope and pray for more fruitful and a happier new year

Jackie Chandiru - I want to produce better music, broaden my fan base and be the best person I can be to my friends, family, fans and those very dear to me.

Doreen Kabareebe - This year, I intend to work hand in hand with the celebrity models and management team to make it to the top in Uganda and worldwide. I am gonna do my best.

Agatha Koffoko - To love God more not that I haven't been in love with him but to love him big time this year and continue with my afro music.

Bina Baby - My resolution this year is to buy a plot of land and build a mega house on it aftyer I fullfilled last year's of buying a car.

Sheebah Karungi - This year, I want to do more music and  hope to open up my own fashion house. I want also to do some charity work  and then have more fun
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Saturday, November 12 2011

OS and his new catch look on as Jackie receives the Video of the year award
Winners jubilated, losers cried. The glamour as well as the swag was on last Saturday at UMA Lugogo for this year's Pearl of Africa Music Awards. TGIF's Rowland Nkahebwa talked to some of the winners and losers regarding their views on this year's  accolades. Below are some of them.

Jackie Chandiru - Oh my! Female artiste of the year? I'm not yet there but Iam glad I was nominated in that category. It means I can potentially be one. As far as nominations go, the awards were fine but it used to bother me that artistes got nominated in categories they shouldn't have been.

Mun*G - There must have been a network problem and my fans messages ere not going through. The fans know the truth though.

Navio - Exactly, I should have been nominated in that artiste of the year category or at least video of the year for 'Keep Moving'. Mith should have been in Hip Hop for his song 'Fire' and Mun*G really did well this year.

I guess the fans opinion is all that matters. It is good a neutral Ernst & Young handled the auditing and voting issues not PAM organizers. Fans have the last say.

Pastor Wilson Bugembe - Iam grateful to th fans because I did not expect to win anything this year. PAM Awards were fair and every winner deserved it. As for my category, Hilderman did well and Im happy for him because his song is good and I love it. He deserved to win by all means.

Toniks - Well I guess anyone who knows what RnB is can see that I am the only artiste in Uganda who really is supposed to appear in that category. The other nominees have made good music but it is not R&B. Surely how can the same song be in R&B and Afro Beat categories? So is it R&B or Afro Beat?

The bottom line is that 90% of Ugandan musicians are supposed to be in the same category and that is Afro Beat or Afro Pop. How can you put Tonik's 'That Gal' and Iryn Namubiru's Birowoozo, or Aziz Azion's ''Oxygen'' in the same category? Unless you have a hearing problem.

GNL Zamba - Well I was not in the country for the awarding ceremony but basing on what I have heard and read in the papers, I think that whoever sponsors PAM awards dictates the winners.

In the Hip Hop category that Iam interested in, Mun*G really deserved to win the two awards. Anyway, at the end of the day, there are always winners but there is always the next year for the losers. (Note: Snoops spotted GNL at the awards. Claiming he wasn't present is a lie).

Radio & Weasel - We are putting all our focus on the MTV and Channel O awards. We don't care about PAM awards.

Hilderman -  I was very surprised because I did not expect to win. However personally Iam going by the public opinion and they say that the PAM was fair.

Vampino - Ugandan music can never progress if awards of recognition are being given to the wrong people.

Grace Nakimera - I am not going to lie. I do not know because I was not present at Lugogo for the awarding ceremony. My sister was wedding and I could not miss it for anything.

OS* Suna - There was an element of unfairness at the PAM Awards this year but I don't care about the awards. The fact that I was nominated means Iam already a winner because my hard work is being recognized.
 PAM Awards Photos

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Wednesday, October 19 2011
      Lilian and Moze Radio
Things are not going so well with celebrity couple  Moze Radio and Lillian Mbabazi. Pals to the couple have intimated to us that their relationship is hanging by the thread. Reason: the green-eyed monster!

We have learnt that former Blu3 singer Lilian is sad after her baby daddy Radio threatened to throw her out of their Makindye home if she continues acting jealously. Apparently, the songstress keeps provoking Radio's other zungu babe Kellen, threatening her and telling her to go back to her country and leave Radio alone.

This has not gone well with Goodlyfe singer who has sounded several  warnings to the Vitamin singer, Lillian. This tension has gotten ion the way of the couples looming introduction in Rwanda that Lillian has been planning.

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Saturday, August 27 2011

Jackie Flops at Home
Snoops have shockingly learnt that diva Jackie Chandiru couldn't believe it when her show in her home town Arua flopped last Friday. Apparently, the show which was staged at Hill View Gardens realised a low turn up; a thing that left Jackie in disbelief.

A source revealed; "She expected so many people to turn up but she was totally disappointed.

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Sunday, August 07 2011

           Golola with Chandiru
When Golola admitted that he gets crazy every time he thinks about city diva, Jackie Chandiru, most of his fans thought 'it was another joking subject'. However, after being snapped getting close and touchy with the 'Gold Digger' singer at Guvnor on Wednesday evening, snoops think city lawyer Caleb Alaka should start getting worried.

"You could clearly see that Golola was on cloud 9 being close to the person he fantasizes most about." The motor mouthed kickboxer is spotted going through emotions in different shots and at one point pulls Jackie's hands to feel his 'huge whopper' which was probably revolting in his pants.

This latest closeness between the singer and kicking boxer will surely worry the loaded city lawyer. However Jackie looked terrified of the gangly kick boxer.

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Saturday, July 16 2011

        Flavia, Sheila, Cleopatra, Desire and Seanice
Ever since Sanyu FM started broadcasting as the first FM station in 1992 there have been mushrooming radios all over Uganda.The latest count reveals as of May 2011, Uganda boasts of approximately 260 stations.

Kampala tops the list with 47 stations while  Mbale and Mbarara come second with 18 each.Jinja and Masaka followed with 14 each.Today,Tukyakale Magazine takes a look at the babes in the studios who take pleasure in  commanding you not to 'touch that dial'

The reasons may range from mellow voices to the way they realy their content.

Crystal - Teaming up with the late Bangi(RIP), the dynamic duo made the evening show on Sanyu FM fast- paced. Val, her current co-host compliments her well too. They make a good team together.The only dampener to her good voice  and smart presentation is that she laughs about anything; which in a way irritates some of her critics.

Bina Baby - She's a legend at Dembe FM and her mid-morning show is popular. however, her voice tempo is so "bedroomish,'something soothing for listeners between the sheets past mid-night, not 11 am when one is getting sticky in the Kampala heat.

Nvanungi Sheila - If you are looking for a female radio legend, then you can't look further than Sheila Nvanungi. She brought in a different colour at the vernacular speaking CBS FM.

The testament of how much guys love to listen to her is measured by how much they missed her during the period CBS was closed.

Cleopatra - The former Obssessions singer turned actress is also new on the radio.It's still to early to judge the impact she might make on radio but pundits believe so far not bad.

We can only hope she doesn't suffer the syndrome that caught up with the likes of Bebe Cool who quit after two months at Capital FM. She is currently on Radiocity.

Seanice - She is an old timer. During her breakfast show at Sanyu FM, She is equipped with a lot knowledge that makes her eloquent in her presentation. However, she sometimes takes arguments quite far, leaving listeners in the 'dark' and of course she is too argumentative.

Flavia - There's no question that Flavia Tumusiime is among the most talented female presenters in the country. Her judgement, selection of topics while on her AM-PM show on Capital FM is good and of course she gets a plus with her voice that is topped with good looks. She is a darling to many listeners.

Desire Luzinda - A new comer onto the radio world, the shapely singer is still grappling with the dynamics of radio presenting. Listening to her evening show with Emperor Orlando on Dembe, one needs extra attention to keep track with what she is saying.

But as a musician, she has brought on some of her fans aboard the show.

Melanie - On the Sanyu breakfast show, she exudes intelligence. She debates in a liberal manner and has away of 'shutting off' Fatboy who often assumes the role of Mr. Bully She is to argumentative at times though.

Lillian - Despite being a new  entrant into the world of radio broadcasting, the former Blu3 singer has confidence. Her mid morning show on Radiocity is well packaged and the music is fabulous. All she has to do is improve her 'r' which she tries to pronounce with an accent.

Prossy Patra - Eki Lavu Lavu is probably one of the most famous Luganda night shows.Prossy Patra has been at its helm  at Dembe FM and save for her maternity days and the reign of Bina Baby, she has done a great job.

Though the show requires a soft voice , she takes it anextra mile and  sometimes listeners struggle to get her words. Who blames the guys who call in and lay their manifestos on air?

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Saturday, June 25 2011

Photo: Mya-Be Free Concert
May be Edith Baganda better known as Mya, the Blu3 chic can sing after all. We are told she has recorded a song alongside new singer Maro. It is titled Baibe. Whether this can be classified as a comeback, we cannot explain.

Ever since she joined gal group Blu3, many music pundits have argued that Mya who turned a mum recently cannot sing. In fact in all the Blu3 songs they released with her in the group, Mya hardly sung.

And this new single set to be released soon could finally prove that Mya is after all a musician. According to Studio insiders, the song is almost ready and is to be released in a few days time.

Mya gave birth to a baby boy and everyone thought she had quit music before she sung any single song.

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Tuesday, April 19 2011

              Lillian, Keko and Moze Radio
There is bad blood reportedly boiling between rapper Keko Town and former Blu3 Singer Lillian Mbabazi. All this is because of pencil thimn Moze Radio's whooper. Lillian accuses Keko of bonking  Radio.

The extent to which this accusation is true is not yet known. What is real though is that Lillian and Radio are an item. And to seal it off, they had a baby boy late last year.

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Thursday, April 14 2011

Juliana(T), Bad Black(B), Jackie, Desire and Rachel
Pin it Down - Have you ever wondered why while some girls are yelling yuck, you will find most dudes screaming ohh yeah when their babes have pierced navels or tongues and eyelashes? Apparently, apart from one looking sexy and chic, it also shows some kind of strength and power in a woman.

Hhhm, no wonder the majority of our celebs are running to have this craze fulfilled. Well gals, if you want to look exotic, just go and get sexy piercing. Trust me you'll be chic.

Desire - Hhhm, which gut wouldn't get the desire to have a small piece of her after looking a the sexy body; especially that long navel ring leading you down to her paradise? Well she was as well strong enough to get a stud on her nose. Call that sexy.

Jackie Chandiru - You might have spotted her with a python in one of her videos and wondered; the power! Well she undoubtedly has all the might for she was daring enough to pierce almost every part of her body.

Rachel K - Speaking of might, our very own Punk Rock star is more daring than the mighty power. Apart from changing her hair at least uuhmm..20 times, she was Gyal enough to pierce her nose.

And to add a little icing on the cake, she has a big ring to prove her point. Go Rock Star!

Bad Black - She has certainly brought out the BADNESS in her for sure. This loaded sexy ''Black'' babe has shown us that indeed money can buy everything; be it power and uhm, the little piercing on her eyelash. Big Ups Badness.

Judith Heard - It's not so many words, soupy Heard had has proven to us all that not only does power come from dollars and pounds. It also comes from courageous and daring enough to get both her navel and nose pierced. Yup there goes some guts.

Juliana Kanyomozi  -This long time Ugandan sexy song bird was considered the first to see the light in the art of body piercing. She has had a simple lureling stud on her eyelash for like a decade.

Not only does it make her look gorgeous. She looks young and chic as well.

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Wednesday, March 30 2011

Fresh info coming in is that Goodlyfe Crew singer Moze Radio has ordered his wife Lillian Mbabazi to stop all plans of travelling abroad for any show.

According to sources within the Goodlyfe Crew's Makindye based Neverland Camp, the Blu3 had been in contact with a certain promoter who was lining up a huge deal for her to travel to the US sometime this year for some shows.

However, all those plans have hit a dead end after Moze gave a directive for her to forget ever travelling because he was told that Lillian would be on the same stage performing alongside his arch rival Leone Island Crew boss, Jose Chameleone.

"Moze doesn't want anything to do with Chameleone and he can't allow Lillian to get in contact either. So the thought of Jose on the same stage with his bonkmate is a no-no." Apparently Lillian was set to bag Shs 8m from the whole deal but Moze is having none of that.

In a recent interview, the Vitamin singer declared that 'I will bonk Moze Pakalast' and even went ahead to add that Moze was the dad of her kid' This put a stop to a long debate of who was truly  her kid's dad. We are yet to know how Lillian has reacted to the setback. Watch this space!

More on Blu3, Goodlyfe, Moze Radio

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Friday, February 25 2011

Lillian and Diamond Oscar
Goodlyfe Crew singer Diamond oscar has burned into a babysitter to Lillian Mbabazi amd Moze Radio's baby. We are told the singer dances to the tunes of his bosses. A close confidant at the Makindye based Goodlyfe Crew's Neverland base said that singer Diamond Oscar has captured the void which was left by Lillian's maid.

"These days, he has been spotted several times cuddling the kid as he sings lullaby to make the tot sleep. Other times he is spotted changing the baby's pampers." Recently, he was spotted with Lillian at Nakumatt holding the kid while the former Blu3 singer was out shopping.

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Sunday, January 02 2011
Photo:Jackie Chandiru at Club Silk
Looks like Jackie Chandiru has surely hit a jackpot. The former Blu3 singer dumped her short chasis Pajero for a state-of-art  Land Cruiser VX. Snoops have spotted her cruising this monster machine registration number UAL 300Y white in colour on our dusty city streets feeling like the queen of the road.

The latest sighting was on Tuesday at Spear House Jinja road where she had parked it as she headed off to WBS TV Studios. Now who said the death of Blu3 was the end of its group members? She now follows former group member Mya who has been spotted with a VX before she became pregnant.
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Friday, December 31 2010

Former Blu3 singer Lillian Mbabazi who recently gave birth to a bouncing babe boy has finally  named her tot. Close pals have told us that Lillian named her baby boy Asanti Manzi.

What it means and why she named him that we could not fully confirm. We are yet to know though if this was agreed upon with the father of the kid, Moze Radio. You never know; may be the father might have wanted to name him something like Pajero or Land Cruiser VX. Hahaha... we will keep you posted!

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Thursday, December 23 2010

Singer Jackie Chandiru has landed a job at the Kisementi based Capital FM. Snoops have told us that the sexy singer will be presenting the Big Breakfast show replacing the trio Allan aka Mr. President, Jackie Lumbasi and Ramesh who have gone on leave up to the end of the year.

A source told us, "She will be co-presenting it with Moses Wafula and this will go for about two weeks." Apparently, the former Blu3 singer has ever tried her luck at radio presenting a few years back at Metro FM where she used to host the Love Zone.

She later quit over unknown reasons. So for all doubting Thomases, may be she already has the experience to take on such a job.

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Monday, December 06 2010


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Saturday, November 27 2010
              Edith Baganda aka Mya
We can reliably tell that Blu3 singer Edith Baganda aka Mya is set to drop tot mid next month (December). Her close pals say Mya who is now eight months pregnant is in her last stages of a strenuous period. A close pal told us, "She is eight months preggie and is behind closed doors taking all tribes of local herbs in preparation for her first kid.

The herbs are supposed to expand her vuvuzela so that she can easily deliver." Meanwhile we have further been told that Mya is so worried about delivering by caesarean section. She is scared her kandahar might be too small for the baby to easily go through.

However, family sources claim that top senga's are doing everything necessary to see that she doesn't get any problems. The man responsible for planting a live seed inside the Blu3 singer's juicy vuvu is yet to be identified though several claimants including a loaded pensioner around town have been touted as possible candidates. Watch this Space!

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Thursday, October 14 2010

         Lillian Mbabazi
Doctors have warned Blu3 singer Lillian Mbabazi against performing. Barely a month after she popped Moze Radio's baby boy, Lillian has been out and about. We spotted her at Majik Studious where she was recording a single called Kankutwale.

While she recorded the song she was jumping up and down. It is also said she performed last Goodlyfe Crew show in Rubaga over the weekend. But docs are warning her that if she doesn't respect her given maternity leave she could land up in trouble.

One Medic told us: "There's a greater danger of health deterioration. Once a woman gives birth she is supposed to rest for at least two months not involving in complicated assignments.

Singing is certainly one of the hardest jobs since it involves using a lot of energy. Lillian must watch out. Over to you Lilly.

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Tuesday, September 21 2010

It was booze all through at Goodlyfe's Makindye Neverland home as singer Moze Radio threw a bash to celebrate the birth of his son with fellow singer Lillian Mbabazi. We broke the story that Lillian gave birth to a baby boy when Moze Radio was in the US on a musical tour.

A few days after the birth, Radio and his singing partner Weasel returned. A close source told us that Radio threw the bash on Sunday for friends and close family. Radio publicly revealed the worst kept secret about Lilly's son.

Earlier we told of how Radio sent Lillian a message congratulating her upon successfully giving birth.

The Boy is Radio's-Lillian Confesses
More stories on Moze Radio

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Friday, September 17 2010

Lillian and Moze Radio
Photo: Uganda Online Photo Gallery

Lillian Mbabazi has finally told pals that her six day old son is fellow singer Moze Radio's. Ever since it emerged that she was pregnant, many fellas have been linked to her. Even Radio's close pal and fellow artiste Weasel TV had been linked.

Lately there were suggestions that it was a mzungu who impregnated her, but earlier this week, she confessed to a few pals that Radio is the one. As soon as she gave birth on Saturday, Radio who is currently in the United States, sent her a congratulatory text message.

It read: "Congs. He will a be a great son. C U soon Lilly." The baby was delivered by caesarian section. Both mum and baby are in fine health.

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Saturday, September 11 2010
Nemesis Jackie Chandiru and Cinderella Sanyu have buried their hatchet and it looks like they are friends again. We bumped into the pair at Ntinda based Buddiez together. In fact they were singing each other's songs as they performed. This was Wednesday in a new celebrity night.

It has always been said that it was Jackie who led to Cindy's expulsion from the Blu3 and ever since her (Cindy) departure over two years back, the pair fought when Cindy featured some guy who had appeared in Jackie's song video.

But it looks like they have settled their differences.
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Saturday, August 28 2010
         Lillian now and then!
A source tells us pregnant singer Lillian Mbabazi is set to give birth to fellow star Moze Radio's kid next week. A close pal revealed that her doctor has confirmed 'she is getting there' and it is a baby boy.

The pal told me: "Lillian's time is fast approaching. It is a matter of days before she drops her first baby. The doc told her that next week is the time. She can't wait." Meanwhile rumour that Lillian is expecting a half caste babe has been laughed off.

The pal added that it is clear that the pregnancy is Radio's. However Radio won't be there when she drops the tot. He alongside Weasel TV and Red Banton are currently in the United States.
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Tuesday, August 24 2010

It is not just Lillian Mbabazi, even Blu3's other girl Edith Baganda commonly known as Mya is pregnant. And like Lillian, it is not clear who the man is. But most likely, WTF has learnt it is a nkuba kyeyo fella.

This is the guy who bought her the Rav4 she usually cruises. A snoop spotted her at a wedding ceremony where she was one of the bridesmaids. A snoop noted: "Mya has been off the social scene and now I know why. She's way too big and will give birth soon."

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Thursday, August 19 2010

Our snoops were shocked at Lillies salon on Wilson road last week when they smoked out Blu3 singer Mya buying of all things, Mekako. Skin experts have revealed that Mekako helps in turning the complexion from dark to light.

Apparently , she buys the soap in bundles. Remember her Blu3 mate, Jackie Chandiru, has been known to use a cocktail of bleaching detergents in her fight to get a light complexion. Could she have leant t from her; We can't rule that out now.

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Monday, August 09 2010

We have been informed the relationship between mates Lilian Mbabazi and Jackie Chandiru is on the verge of crumbling over their new collaboration songs. One told us Radio and Weasel are not happy with Chandiru because of her collabo with Jose Chameleone.

As a result Lillian has been strategically distancing herself from Jackie. She doesn't  want to fall out with Goodlyfe especially now that she is pregnant with Radio's baby. We hear Chandiru's efforts to get Lillian have been futile as she hasn't been picking her calls.

Blu3 was set to reunite next year after their one year break but that now looks more unlikely. Another Blu3 member Edith Baganda aka Mya is very inconsequential in Blu3 and  since she's currently doing er nothing, there are high chances she will be pregnant by the start of the year.

It must be noted Blu3 is a three member group.

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Tuesday, August 03 2010

Preggie Lillian throws baby shower for pals at Bukoto based bar Cayenne but her Man Moze Radio is nowhere. This was on Saturday. Lillian pals were all in perfect mood as they partied with their mom to be pal all night long with pints and eats in plenty.

Blu3's Lillian has given  music a break as she awaits the arrival of her first born with Radio. Meanwhile singer Radio and his music partner Weasel were in a show at Comprehensive Bar in Nateete. They recently returned from Kigali Rwanda where they had shows.

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Wednesday, July 28 2010
Word reaching us shows that Blu3's Jackie Chandiru seems to have hooked up with a top city lawyer. The two have been spotted on several occasions in posh hideouts; we thought it would end at this.

However, reliable sources have informed us that the lawyer is now faced with family problems back home because he spends most of the nights out with Jackie. "Whenever it becomes a hostile time in the life of the lawyers housemates at home.

The man is with his new catch  and people at home are craving for his love," A snoop revealed to us. Snoops have , on multiple occasions, spotted the lawyer's posh car parked at Jackie's compound in Nsambya deep in the night.

What is happening between these two city celebs is a question on everyone's lips
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Monday, June 21 2010

Just yesterday, we broke news that Blu3 singer Jackie shocked her fans when she revealed during an interview in one of the TV stations that she is blessed with two beautiful kids. This revelation stunned many of her male admirers.

But today we exclusively unveil the mystery fella who fathered Jackie Chandiru's two kids and he has been positively identified as Fred Onyai., a shop keeper based in West Nile District of Nebbi.

Apparently, this Fred guy is the chap who broke Jackie's virginity at a tender age of sixteen years before fathering two kids with her. But shockingly the fella who used to be a top businessman in Nebbi and currently operates a small shop, is very broke and is living under poor conditions.

We hear he married another woman and Chandiru is looking after her kids alone. Does that make her an off-layer? Your guess is as good as mine. Meanwhile, we have learnt that the Blu3 singer romped with a top local singer for close to seven hours recently at a certain hideout.

The two were thanking each other for a successful duet they had just released.

Related: Who is the Father of Jackie's Kids?

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Sunday, June 20 2010

Jackie Chandiru

In an exclusive revelation, Blu3 singer Jackie Chandiru has come out with claims that are bound to shock most of her fans. Snoops are still shocked after getting news that she has two kids; a boy and a girl.

She revealed this in an interview with one of the top TV stations in town. She told the interviewer that she cherishes her mum and her two beautiful kids over everything in her life. This latest revelation has already raised eye brows and a few unanswered questions from her admirers and fans asking, "When the hell did she give birth, at what age and how has she managed to conceal that information"

The kids are currently staying with Jackie's mum. We are yet to know who the father of these children is or whether they were even fathered by one fella. Remember Jackie has been connected to numerous men in Kampala who include among others a top city lawyer known as Caleb, though the two denied the rumour.

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Saturday, June 19 2010


It Looks like Blu3 singers were after all not taking time off to concentrate on solo music careers, but rather to dedicate theor time to non stop live romps.Hardly weeks after we revealed that Lilian was pregnant with either Weasel's or Moze's kid, Edith Baganda aka Mya has dropped a bombshell with claims that she is carrying a two months old bun.

Amazingly, we have learnt the father of the kid is the same ageing fella who bought her the state of the art Lexus registration number UAN 260H. A snoop told us the pensioner is over the moon about the news and he is ready to do anything for the former Karaoke singer. A Lexus is enough testament of his commitment.

Blu3's Jackie Ripe with Tot
I'm pregnant with Weasel's Kid-Lillian

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Saturday, June 19 2010
 In the wake of the Blu3 disintegration , the girls seem to have invested all their efforts in manufacturing babies instead of music. Just as words was going round that Lillian is preggie, fresh news reaching us indicates that rude gal Jackie Chandiru is also fit to bust with a live seed.

Though the man responsible is still a mystery, we hear Jackie is all over the moon with morning sickness and continues puking. We're worried her stint with Talent 256 may be cut short soon due to labour pains.

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Thursday, June 10 2010

After losing men faster than she gets them former Blu3 gal Jackie Chandiru has resorted to eating grasshoppers to increase her juices. We recently told of how the singer had started to bleach her body to look like a real Mzungu.

We also tol of how she was spotted in Bugos downing a cocktail of Red Label and Red Bull before she she stormed the stage to fire up her fans. Now the latest is that last Wednesday we spotted her at Nakasero market where she bought several buveeras of the Nsenene delicacy.

She was dressed in a T-Shirt and a very short outfit which left market vendors yearning to feel her ka butt. We hear her pals told her to eat grasshoppers to increase her water levels.

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Thursday, June 03 2010
WTF Broke the story about the Blu3 singer Edith Baganda aka Mya spotted cruising a luxurious state of the art monster Toyota Lexus during Goodlyfe Crew's Ngenda Mumaso album launch at Hotel  Africana.

The pensioner identified as Simon is the owner of a lexus registration number UAN 260H. The two have been spotted almost daily at Serena Hotel conversing over a cup of coffee. A source told us: "The fella has dime to splash and whatever Mya demands for, he provides. He likes her so much"

This latest info surely cancels out any lingering rumour that this ride actually belongs to one of her relatives. Like we said last time, if you can't beat them via music stretch their eyes with the ride. Damn!
Read also: Blu3's Mya Turns Heads With A Lexus
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Wednesday, June 02 2010

             Lillian and Jackie of Blu3
This latest information is definitely sweeter than kuku. Fresh info coming from in reveals that Blu3's Lillian could be baking Goodlyfe Crew Weasel's hot seed. A source told WTF that drunken Lillian finally let the cat out of the bag when she admitted to carrying Weasel's child.

This was at Bubbles bar after a booze binge with friends. We are told: "She has been denying a rumour that she is pregnant. But at Bubbles she let out her worst kept secret." Apparently when Lillan finally drops tot in a few months time, the Goodlyfe singer Weasel will have hit a staggering and mind boggling fleet of twenty eight kid(each kid has her/his own mum, by the way).

Weasel is surely on the right pass of a legendary teaching that says "bonk, produce and fill the world."

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Tuesday, May 18 2010

           Mya at the last Blu3 album launch
Where she got that Lexus, we can never tell but that doesn't matter anyway. Blu3 singer Mya turned heads on Friday at Hotel Africana when she turned up for the Goodlyfe Crew's launch in a posh Toyota Lexus UAN 260 H white in colour.

We are now wondering where Mya could have got this monster machine or who would have bought it for her. Meanwhile her colleague Lillian Mbabazi turned up in a DMC Toyota Celica whose noise was competing with the music system installed at the event.

Mya, show them that you can only play substitute when it comes to music but not beauty and machines.

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Thursday, May 06 2010

Cindy, Jackie and Lillian
For the first time in three years Cindy is set to sept on the same stage with former pals turned nemesis, the Blu3. We have reliably been informed the Ayokya Yokya singer who was booted out of Blu3 by Lillian and Jackie are set to battle on the same stage by the Buzz Teeniez Awards on Saturday.

The Blu3 will have a cameo appearance at this event, where Cindy is expected to sweep the Buzz Tweeniez Awards 2010, after being nominated for for Teeniez Female Artist, Teeniez Break out Artist, Teeniez Hottest Video, and Teeniez Dance-hall Artist of the year.

Blu3 members who are on solo music projects this year will be getting together to entertain the youth on that day only they now have to share the same stage with a babe who has taken the Uganda music Industry by storm ever since the two (Jackie and Lillian) dumped her out of the group. They surely must be envying her success.

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Monday, April 12 2010

Jackie Chandiru
This is surely bad news for all the guys who have had a stint with this gorgeous babe. The former Blu3 babe, Jackie Chandiru has now resorted to her dad for help. After having countless failed relationships with city horny men, it looks like Chandiru is ready to settle down. Problem is with who?

We have learnt that Jackie who recently went solo after the Blu3 break up has asked her dad to get her a man who she will settle down and make a family. A close pal to the love distraught babe told us that she has been trying out several relationships but they have all failed to work out.

Like any other African babe, she has declared her wish to have a permanent relationship to her dad. It is said that her father has vowed to help her sort the love issues. Wow what a caring dad!

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Friday, March 26 2010

      Jackie, Mya andLillian of Blu3
Yes It's still rumours but considering the run of events, Blu3 babes, Jackie, Mya and Lillian might never sing together again. Word reaching us indicates Blu3, who took a decision to pursue solo careers this year, don't even communicate with each other and worse still they are recording their songs from different studios.

Jackie Chandiru is in D-Records; Lilian has been taken over by the Goodlyfe Crew of Moze and Weasel. The cozy moments between Weasel and Lillian during the Save Bududa Concert reveal she is comfortable in the crew while Mya is under the watchful eye of producer Steve Jean.

One insider close to both Jackie and Lillian claims both babes are feeling fresh ready to manage their own careers. A source adds, 'Both have already released some songs and they are great, so they see no reason why they can't make their names in music as solo artistes.' But the question is, what will happen to our friend Mya? Only time will tell.

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Friday, March 05 2010

Lillian Blu3

Rumours have been rife that Blu3 had split before their lable 256 came out to clarify that Lillian, Mya and Jackie were set to release solo albums this year. But the lateast coming in is that Lillian has actually insisted on calling it quits from Blu3 to form her own group.

A source close to Lillian says: 'Lillian thinks she can be successful with her own group just like former pal Cindy. She knows she has the talent to survive alone and wants to be independent.' We hear she is soon strating secret auditions to choose Galz for her group. Well, as the saying goes, "Where there si smoke there is fire.'

Read also:

Blu3's Mya Solo Career Hits Snag
Blu3's Mya and Jackie in Bitter Row
Blu3's Track Number 2 on MTV

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Saturday, February 27 2010

            GNL and Mya Baganda
Blu 3 have decided that the year 2010 will see each member embark on a solo project. However, this decision  is not going well with sexy Edith Baganda aka Mya. We hear her solo project could end before it can actually kick off. Mya who replaced the Ayokya yokya star Cindy is having trouble with producers in the studios because her voice is apparently not good enough and constructing a song is giving them lots of problems.

One studio source who asked not to be identified said: ''This babe should have concentrated either on karaoke or modeling. We are spending too much time doing her song is giving us hell."

It has become evident that Mya is more or less a back up singer and dancer to Lilian and Jackie since she never gets to throw in a verse not even in the songs that were produced after she joined the group. This whole solo project may prove a nightmare. We can't wait to hear how you'll sound!

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Friday, February 19 2010

She's not only a crooner with Blu3, but also fast paced investor. We can exclusively reveal that the singer has been taking waxing lessons of late from one Linda of the Afro Salon at Nalubega Complex on Bombo road.

We landed on Jackie last Tuesday at the Salon while waiting for her turn with a live female specimen to take her class. We only hope that she will be smiling to the bank at this rate coz her make up business is doing good too.

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Thursday, February 11 2010

Word reaching our desk has it that the Makindye based and war monger Weasel TV is too tight with Blu3's Lilian. Snoops from the Goodlyfe intimated to us that after the production of 'where you are' - the song that Blu3 sang with Goodlyfe and Weasel, for a number of times Lilian and Weasel have been smoked out on many occasions cuddling.

Snoops say that at first they used to think Lilian was acting as a messenger for Jackie who used to be Weasel's side dish but later they found out that the two have a thing for each other. Recently at the R.Kelly 'I Believe' Concert, our snoops smoked them out whispering sweet nothings to each other and Weasel flashed a 'keep quiet' sign.

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Friday, December 11 2009

Girl group members Mya and Jackie of the Blu3 are not seeing eye to eye but just keeping up public appearances in public. The two have been bitting over dime that they remitted from DJ Benny Dee "Be free" concert they held recently.

It's said that Mya who wanted to buy a car had agreed with the other two to be given the performance package for her to acquire one. But trust money, when it surfaced, Jackie made a U turn on her word and demanded that each be paid according to their usual performance rota and shareholding.

This incensed Mya and the two got engrossed in a nerve splitting brawl, nearly exchanging blows. They have not been talking since then and the group stands to split any time soon. Man made money, money made man mad.

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Wednesday, October 28 2009

Former Blu3 singer Cinderella Sanyu shows she has no beef against her former pals as she shows up to give the three gals her best support. The Ayokyayokya star looked in fine mood as she shouted all night in support of Lilian and Jackie and Mya.

Even at one time tears rolled down her cheeks, something that proved she was genuine in her support for her former group. The fighting boys should learn from Cindy.

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Monday, October 19 2009

All is not well with Edith Baganda better known as Mya and her lover Assan. Mya nabbed her lover with a Mzungu babe in her Rav 4 UAL series. Assan has been on rampage dating various chics according to snoops.

Assan's behaviour got out of hand when Mya with other Blu3 members were in the USA for a tour. On returning to Uganda, Mya was tipped by a close pal and she lay in ambush only to curb randy Assan around Wandegeya traffic lights.
Photo: Here's Blu3 4U

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Friday, June 26 2009

          Mya Baganda
Blu3's Mya is a dating freak and she's juggling men like a tennis ball player. We hear two guys have been competing for her booty with each splashing huge amounts of dime on her. One of the dudes is an employee of Ivys Hotel Mugalasa on Wakaliga road identified as Silver, while the other is a Nkuba Kyeyo guy called Otim working with Back Packers.

Mya has been crisscrossing the two guys like a boda boda crossing the busy Jinja Road Junction till it seems she finally made up her mind on Otim who is obviously more loaded than Silver. The two were smoked out last week at Serena feeding on each other like birds.

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Monday, June 08 2009

Looks like Blu3's fading career is on the verge of coming back. Their song "Where You Are" in which they feature Radio and Weasel is moving up the charts on the popular MTV Base Charts.

Having been number 1 in East Africa and Uganda for close to two months, now it is the first Ugandan Video to ever appear on the MTV Base African Chart. It first entered the charts three weeks back, where it was at number 9 moved to number 6, 4 and now it is at number 2.

"It will be the first Ugandan song to reach number 1 in Africa, "a music expert predicted.

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Friday, June 05 2009

              Uganda music wars
Our stars are back to fighting and it looks Nastier than ever as Willy Byarabaha brings it down.
Just a week ago Singers DJ Michael and Dr.Jose Chameleone exchanged blows in Ange Noir with the former losing his shoes and allegedly shs 500,000/-. We all know singer Bebe Cool does not see eye to eye with Goodlyf crew Weasel and Radio.

It looks like the wars are coming back in the music industry. We take a look at the biggest wars in the industry of music at the moment.

Dr.Jose Chameleone Vs Dj Michael.
This is a fresh war! The pair have been buddies for a really long time though something has been boiling. Their fight, snoops can reliably tell, is over Cheri. Cheri is the owner of the two popular Kabalagala bars, Cafe Cheri and Cheri Royale. Jose is contracted to perform at Cafe Cheri every Monday while DJ Michael performs at Cafe Royale every Wednesday.

Because of this they both want favors from the owner Cheri. DJ Michael has opened a case against the Ba Yuda Star at Jinja Road Police Station following their Ange Noir Scuffle.

Blu3 Vs Cindy
Ever since Cindy quit Blu3, the gal group has struggled. Lillian and Jackie then recruited Mya Baganda but still, stuff hasn't been shifting pretty well. As a result their feud with Cindy, who at the moment is doing really well, the gals are at war.

Radio/Weasel Vs Bebe Cool
Mostly these have been involved in war of words but with Radio/Weasel hanging out with Bebe Cool's runaway wife at beaches these days, a brutal physical fight is about to erupt. And we bet someone will die. Recently while in Mbarara, Radio claimed Zuena left Bebe Cool because he was a beeper in bed. "She came to me because I can go for 90 minutes, " Bebe Cool won't definitely be happy and we understand.

Bebe Cool Vs Buchaman
Ever since Zuena left Bebe Cool, Buchaman has been doing nothing but to insult the Agenze star while on stage. This reached fever high during Smirnoff Street Jam. In turn Bebe said Buchaman's disability had taken its toll on his brains. Hmmmm!

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Friday, May 08 2009
Blu3's Jackie Chandiru will be leaving town soon. she is planning to leave town for UK but she is been keeping this a top secret. We hear the guy who chased everything for her is a UK guy called Ronald Matovu.
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Saturday, May 02 2009

                    Blu3 plan to bring Eve Jihan Jeffers for their album launch
Word reaching our desk indicates American female rapper Eve born Eve Jihan Jeffers is coming for Blu3 upcoming launch. With their music at a low, they certainly need a hand. We hear 256 Talent Entertainment under its manager and CEO Ali Alibhai is behind the deal.

Their last launch-Burn featured Montell Jordan. The launch date is not yet set but it could be around August, we are told.

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Tuesday, April 07 2009

Lugaflow Hip-Hop star GNL left all revelers last Thursday baffled when he openly started getting touchy-feely with Blu3's Lillian Mbabazi at Silk Lounge.

This happened after the unplugged show which featured GNL and Navio. The two retreated to one of the corners of the club where our snoops witnessed them intimately looking each other in the eyes, sharing cigarettes and drinking from one wine glass. We wonder if they are up to anything.

During the same show, project Fame's Naava made a grand entry with a heavily built Isreali man called Perez.

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Saturday, April 04 2009

Uganda Artists

You have listened to their music, you know who is loaded when it comes to dime, doing very well when it comes to sex lives but one thing is lacking and that is Education.

Ragga Dee:  He is a music heavy weight no doubt. But when it comes to Education, he is certainly a featherweight. The self proclaimed grand father of Ugandan Music isn' t so learned. What is known is the fact that he completed his senior six from Masaka based St. Henry's College Kitovu. He claims he went to a US Institution but nope, we don't believe.

Henry Tigan: The soft spoken reggae star Henry Tigan is a fresh graduate from Kyambogo University. He graduated with a bachelors degree in Adult Community education earlier this year.He is truly a force to reckon with the upstairs department.

Bobi Wine: Singer Bobi Wine is truly a great man. He grew up from the Ghetto but that never stopped him from acquiring a degree in Music from Makerere University. Seriously the Mazzi Mawanvu singer is a heavy weight in the education  section unlike his top competitors.

Juliana Kanyomozi: She is the reigning PAM Award artiste of the year, she is talented, an amazing figure and a very good voice but sadly, very few teachers heard it. Sources reveal that Juliana due to social and financial problems stopped in Senior Five. We are told she could escape from  school and hit Sabrinas Pub for Karaoke in the 1990's. So lucky she had a killer voice.

Moze Radio: is one hell of a dangerous singer who definitely has a big and bright future ahead. He is a graduate from Makerere University. He completed a degree in Community Psychology but I don't understand why his English is suspect.

Straka Mwezi: The celebrated music MC and WBS late show star has seen it all. She has been on the social scene for far far too long and worked and worked on almost all the best Radio and TV stations in uganda. And Bars! She has rubbed shoulders with Uganda's richest and is ever invited at the best functions in town. You just can't mess with Straka. But wait a minute, she never completed school. Senior Four was her highest.

Jose Chameleone: He is undoubtedly a heavy weight in the music but when it comes to school, he is a light weight. Just like pal Bebe Cool, The Ba Yuda star is a senior six graduate. And again like Bebe, he stormed to Nairobi and released his first hit Mama Mia. Since then he has not looked back.

Iryn Namubiru: She Released one hit that took her heights but ever since it's been down all the way through even though she has tried  that much to revive her career with collaborations. Well she is married to a white guy and dime is available  but her education is in slumber mode. Sources indicate that the last time she checked out a black board was in Senior Three.

Karitas Karisimbi: She is gorgeous! Now imagine if she had gone to school. She would be a perfect model woman. But sadly, she dropped out in  Senior six from City High School and hit Kampala streets. Ever since she has worked on WBS, Capital Radio, and now she is back on WBS. She's definitely seen it all.

Jackie Chandiru: The Blu3 heartthrob was offering a degree in Industrial Fine Art at MUK but later dropped. Retakes were accumulating like hell. she was spending most of her time in the Sir Apollo Kaggwa Hostel Baston instead of class. They were set to fire her anyway.

Weasel TV: Just like his older brother Jose Chameleone, Weasel TV isn' t learned. We hear he dropped out of school in Senior Three. No wonder he call himself TV. I doubt if he knows what it means.

Desire Luzinda: Ah, Seya's pal! Desire Luzinda is undoubtedly a great singer with a great body. But one thing that has eluded her is a certificate or any academic document of note. Ok she's got a senior six certificate but that is what she has. In 2004, she joined Makerere University for a development studies degree course. The two years later, she dropped out and joined campus but this time Nkozi University for a long distance course. We hear she dropped out of it too.. Ahhh!
More on the Unlearned Stars

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Tuesday, March 31 2009

          Miss MUK Beauty Pagent
Click Image for more pageant photos 

Saturday evening all all roads led to Kati Kati Restaurant for the Miss Makerere Beauty pageant which saw nine lovely ladies battle it it out on the catwalk.

The show started at around 9:00pm. The event which was organized by by Pulse Events and sponsored by the Mighty Red Pepper, Sky Hotel International and Excite Technology, was graced by performances from the alluring ladies of HB Toxic, Blu3, Toniks and Michael Ross. Revellers were treated to an energetic creative dance from the contestants alongside impressive catwalk. At midnight the, judges declared Winnie Nantumbwe, the true Makererenean Queen.

Sandra Nankaja and Peris Wanjiku were 1st and 2nd Runners-up. Too overwhelmed with joy, Winnie thanked every one who made it possible for her to win the crown. The winner walked away with a year fully paid tuition, a computer and a weeks holiday in in Kalangala.

The 1st and 2nd runners-up walked away with laptop and a flat screen TV respectively

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Monday, February 16 2009

It's now official RnB sensational trio Blu3 is back with a bang. In a collabo with Goodlyfe Crew members, Moze Radio and Weasle TV, they are soon releasing a hit that might probably top East Africa's music charts for a long time. ''Where You Are" a fine mixture of English and Swahili language, is rumored to have been worked on secretly by these galz for quite a long time and the results are predicted to be overwhelming.

Although Mya stepped in after firing Cinderalla Sanyu aka Cindy, she did not impress the fans while Cindy has been enjoying all the attention and fame from her Mbikooye hit. To silence those in doubt, they did a collabo with the new boys on the block (Radio and TV). The music experts who have listened to this hit, were not only amused but also excited.

Their blockbuster hit will be aired and viewed on various local FM stations and televisions respectively within two weeks time.The Video which is estimated at a whooping 7.4Mn was shot in the middle of Kakira Sugarcane Plantation in Jinja.

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Friday, December 12 2008

               Lillian of Blu 3
The Blu3 star Lillian is catching up with Straka via size any minute from now according to the hot flashes version of the Red Pepper. This could be one of the reasons the Blu3 group has not been succesfull this year. The lead singer has spent most of her time eating and drinking. She had a tough time performing alongside portable Mya and well shaped Jackie Chandiruh during the MTN end of year media bash held on Wednesday at Club Rouge.

Blu3's fan base could be affected due to Lillian's weight medical experts warn.''She needs to check it or else the whole group could be affected. Its just plain simple,'' an expert said.

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Thursday, August 07 2008

Pictures of former Blu*3 Singer Cindy posing nud were going for a cool 200,000/- shillings each.The Pictures stormed Kampala after probably falling out with her Italian lover Mario. A viral email is making rounds in the corporate world with Cindy's pictures while she is nude and touching her self. The pictures were taken in May last year with a Digimax Camera S730 in Cindy's room here in Kampala.

It is alleged that Cindy fell out with Lillian and Jackie over Mario Brunett as all the girls wanted a share of this Italian, so when Cindy said she was going on holiday with Mario for a month, the other two girls gave here only five days to return or she is replaced. This was not possible for Cindy and for this she cried for three days non stop and had even vowed not to come back to Uganda. Mario could only see Cindy in the evenings but during day it was like Cindy was busy making out with other men. Italy was very costly so she decided to return to Uganda to pursue a solo career.

Cindy has released a hot single ''Mbikoye'' which is doing very well in terms of video and audio on the airwaves and she is also yet to release a 10 track album.

                Cindy in her Mbikoye Video

Meanwhile in the pictures she was posing with a man who was not Mario. Cindy has had it with Peter of P-Square, Steve Jean, David Obua, Mr Mosh among others.

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