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Rema is the best person to help Eddy Kenzo in times like these

Rema and Eddy Kenzo back in the days

Kenzo demands that Muzaata withdraws his statement or he quits music

Hamza and Rema Namakula on their pre-intro day

I am all yours, Bad Black, tells Eddy Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo and Bad Black

Anita Fabiola to feature on the BBC's She Word program

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Rema showing off her different outfits during the Kukyala

Rema Namakula and Hamzah's pre-intro the most expensive ever

Dr. Ssebunya and his wife Rema Namakula

This is the cutest thing Rema has ever seen, the decor at her Kukyala

Rema Namakula could not believe how cute her Kukyala decor was

SK Mbuga says he is not about to separate with his wife Vivienne

SK Mbuga next to his Brabus and inset, he addresses his fans while in his Rolls Royce

Uganda's Ezekiel and Esther win $50k in EAGT competition

Ezekiel and Esther with their dummy cheque of $50k

Mercy wins Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem

Mercy wins the top N60 Million after beating 25 contestants

Bebe Cool, B2C crew to release Amatu Magule collaboration song

Bebe Cool and the Kampala boys recording a song together

Hours after sorting out her maid, Winnie Nwagi takes up boxing lessons

Winnie Nwagi takes up boxing lessons

It was a natural birth and worth it, Tanasha Donna reveals

Tanasha Donna won't reveal the baby's face for now

Alex Muhangi shows off his Najjera based apartments

Alex Muhangi apartments in Najjera

Diamond Platnumz celebrates 30th birthday as Tanasha gives birth

Diamomd Platnumz carrying his new born child and inset is new mom Tanasha Donna

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SK Mbuga asks his fans what transpired while he was away

SK Mbuga chats with Sipapa and inset, he is seen with Bryan White back then

Zari gifts herself with another house on her 39th birthday

Zari during her 39th birthday celebration

Who wore it better - Hamisa Mobetto Vs. Zari Hassan

Hamisa Mobetto   Vs. Zari Hassan

It's ok to refer to me as Mrs. Ssebunya, Rema tells fans

Rema while performing at the intro where she referred to herself as Mrs. Ssebunya to be

The dance strokes Tanasha and Diamond Platnumz pulled for Zari

Tanasha Donna and Diamon d Platnumz pullimg off their serious dance strokes

Romantic-Rema walks on red rose petals to Hamzah's crib

Rema releases a clip of road rose petals leading to their crib with Hamzah.

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Friday, December 30 2011

The trend of the music industry in Uganda is as divided as salt and sugar. We have artistes who can break the law and go away with it and others, even a slight mistake ends you in the coolers.

When they visit the local hung outs, they make sure that even the bar toilet cleaner recognises their presence. Below are the untouchables :

Iryn Namubiru -  WOW! Arguably Uganda's best performer on stage but how does she do it? Well if you want to find out, do not miss her shows as she will treat you to some of the most erotic dances ever.

Recently she gave our very own VP Mahogany scrotal eruptions with her wet kisses which mesmerised him. We believe that her association with the top guns makes her ply her trade in music without fearing the likes of Nsaba Buturo.

Sheeba - She has done it all. Need we say anything from what we have seen in the tabloids of recent? Well, for all our readers who may not know who she is , Sheebah os one of the former Obsessions girls who has established herself in the music industry, she has established nude dancers (Kimansulo) and since Nsaba Buturo, the Minister of Ethics had banned it in all the pubs and bars, Sheeba nad group go on doing it in different hangouts in the city and the outskirts.

Does the law affect her? May be not.

Bobi Wine - Well known for his popular music and entertainment, has had so many controversies surrounding his life inside and outside his music. From members leaving the group to beefing with fellow artistes and most notably punching up Bebe Cool some time back in a music show organized at Nakivubo.

He goes on to confess on how he bribes police men to release him after committing crimes in his Mr. Money song.

Chameleone - The self proclaimed doctor has almost biffed up with everyone including his own father. What the Hell! Chameleone has fought in pubs, bars and several hangouts beating up on everybody who annoys him without forgetting his own brother, Weasel recently, snoops landed on him trying to hit Mowzey Radio.

Truth of the matter is that the skinny musician always goes away with it without being punished. We don;t know whether his behaviour is acceptable by our law or the law is soft on him.

Bebe Cool - The self proclaimed "Big Size" had the toughest year 2010. From crying out for Zuena, fights with Bobi Wine, Shootings and many calamities which caused problems to his life to Zuena's nude pictures in the tabloid.

Well like Chammeleone and Bobi, Big Size is also known for cat fights with fellow artistes and sometimes fans that he says provoke him. The big fish in the police will never come for him and if they do, it is only for a few questions and the dude is free.

Recently he has been so close to Sevo over the shootings at the Centenary Park. The big man went on to foot his hospital bills in Uganda and the USA where he had the operations. Do we need to say anything more about his size.

Ragga Dee - He calls himself "JJAJJA Wa Music" in Uganda. Ragga Dee is one of the most respected musicians today and this of course goes hand in hand with his works. Despite the fact that he hardly involves himself in cat fights with other musicians or fans, Ragga is also untouchable of sorts amongst the musicians.

When it comes to hanging out, the dude normally moves with a fleet of guys especially in popular hangouts and makes sure that everyone around notices his presence. Talk of being jjajja and recognition.
In this article: Sheebah, Iryn, Bobi Wine, Jose Chameleone, Bebe Cool, Ragga Dee

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Thursday, December 29 2011
First Published: 02-Sep-2011
Drop the Guns - It is believed that beef has helped some of our countrymen attain celebrity status. From hard hitting songs to spending luxuriously so they can be seen as better, richer, popular, our celebs have done it.
It is more like what was originally in the western world was imported to our local scene. Some, beef on order to screen to attract media attention and stay in the spot light, others beef out of ego or bonkmates.
But regardless of the cause some of these celebs have beefed for long and today TGIF would like to see them kiss and makeup.
Chameleone Vs Weasel - These brothers Joseph and Douglas Mayanja can't cross paths without throwing venomous insults at each other. Weasel accuses his elder brother Chameleoe who he will never forgive for raping his (Weasel's) babe some time back. These blood brothers need to come to terms.

Juliana Kanyomozi Vs Iryn Namubiru - Sincerely, it has been over two years since these two aging sexy babes began beefing. Their anger against each other stems way back in the days when Iryn deserted the duo and their music career and went with Frank her French man.

But more than a decade down the road, these two have become established musicians and deserve to call a truce and move on. It is not that Iryn is responsible for Juliana's being unlucky in love! We dare Juliana and Iryn to reunite and stage a reunion concert.

Judith Heard Vs Zari Hassan - Another classic case of egos clashing! The two top city socialites disapprove of each other's status, beauty and wealth. Nalongo Heard and Zari once exchanged gut wrenching insults on Facebook.Whether they beef, slender Judith Heard will not grow as big (size) as Zari and the reverse is true for Zari. So bury the hatchet already! 

Navio Vs Atlas - The two hunky rappers do not approve of the other's rapping skills and this sparked off their beef. Sometime back, they exchanged blows outside Club Rouge.
Their music is not as hot as they are because most of their fans who by the way are babes, flock their shows and scream their lungs out not because they like what they are wrapping but rather because these guys are hot.

Sharon Nalukenge Vs Helen Lukoma - Sharon O accuses her former groupmate Helen Lukoma of poaching on her baby's father, Ronnie Mulindwa. Whether the accusations are true or not, it happened a long time a go and both have moved on.

Besides, Uganda' representative in the just concluded Big Brother Amplified Sharon O has already tight marked her territory by giving Ronnie Mulindwa a baby boy. She needs to stop being insecure  and try being friends with Helen again.


Bebe Cool Vs Bobi Wine -There's has grown from beef to biff and is a classic case of clash of egos. They were once the best back then when Firebase was just starting where they even had a collabo 'Funtula' attacking fellow singer Jose Chameleone.


They later fell out due to unclear reasons. Nowadays Bebe and Bobi can't see eye to eye without going for each other's necks because each claims he is bigger than the other but who cares, the fans know better. They forget that the two have egos.

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Friday, December 23 2011

All I want for X-Mas.......We love this time of the year- the scent of christmas is in the air, the malls are packed with aggressive shoppers, and everyone is busy bustling to get last minute presents for their friends and family.

But what are our celebs doing at Christmas? What do they want dropped under their Christmas tree this year? So here it is..Willy Byarabaha gets first hand information on what our starts want.

Agatha Kaffoko - An inspirational book would do for me. On Christmas day I will be in Mbarara working at Big Fun Entertainment Centre.

Iryn Namubiru - A watch, Valentine perfume, new car, membership in Serena Health Club and more affection would make Christmas just great.

Judith Heard - I would love to have a 10cart diamond ring this Christmas. My family will visit Sanyu Babies Home and the cancer ward at Mulago.

Liane - I'll have lunch with my family then dash out for performances. I would love to have sexy heels for the day.

Cleopatra Koheirwe - My ideal X-mas gift would be a nice gadget such as iPod, iPhone, iPad etc. I love gadgets but to keep it simple and girly, a classy perfume will do. I do not know how I will spend the holiday....I have not celebrated Christmas in a long time since my mum passed on. It's like she took it with her but I am trying to rekindle my festive spirit.

Jackie Klein - If I get to spend my day with all my family and friends that would be gift enough.

Nambi Brenda - Happiness..i f it can be delivered at my doorstep, even better! But I will be spending time with my family. I will probably have my parents to my house and spoil them a little. I haven't seen them in a while.

Susan Naava - Well, I don't really have an ideal Christmas gift in mind this year...but I've worked hard this year so I'll spoil myself a little. I hope to celebrate the day with my loved ones.

Priscilla Ray - I don't really care much about gifts - it's the thought that counts;). I will be in Thailand for Christmas.

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Sunday, December 11 2011

White guys who have decided the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice
- Swirling is becoming more popular and when you have strong and beautiful black women by your side, why wouldn't it be?

Although many people know celebrities like Prof. Gilbert Wavamuno and former German ambassador to Uganda Klaus Holdebaum have been down with swirling for years, many will be surprised of CEOs who have also caught a little jungle fever.

Want to know who? Check out the white men who have decided the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice.

David Greenhalgh and Bad Black  - Until recently, no one knew ex-con Latifah Nalukenge aka Shanita Namuyimba's benefactor. Well it turns out the British Aviation consultant abandoned his wife to bankroll his temptress.

Greenhalgh's wife, one Susan, in an interview with the Daily Mail said she did not know that her husband had a black mistress let alone that she had fleeced him.

Alex and Judith Heard - Retired service man, Dr. Alex Heard has a thing for Black girls. First it was a Kenyan stunner and now it is celebrated catwalk queen, Judith. With all the dime this fella boasts of, at the end of the night he goes back to his Nalongo Judith.

Service man and Sue Ochola - It is ironical that this mzungu could bankroll Arab Money. With no kids to her name, this couple resides in Bugolobi throwing glamorous bashes.

Taylor Garrett and Maureen Namatovu - Not much is known about young money, Taylor Garett. However the country is updated of the happenings in Garettville through his wife Maureen who is currently offering counselling services to the youth at Rubaga Cathedral.

Julien Groult and Iryn Namubiru - The Frenchman won over Iryn while he managed her singing group; I-Jay in the early 2000s. The two later relocated to Julien's home country France. Iryn spends most of her time in Uganda where she performs often.

Per Munk Nielson and Sylvia Owori - Nielson seemed comfortable lurking in the shadows of his fashionista fiancee, Sylvia Owori until a picture of her swapping saliva with another guy ran in the papers.

In their hey days, Nielson bankrolled most of Sylvie's activities including African Woman, Ziper Models, Miss Uganda among others. Currently she is dating Malik Kassim.

Curtis Lahti and Linda Bazalaki - Beauty queens have proved to be eye candy. And when US based Curtis met Linda he was smitten. Curtis landed on her while using Alliance Air where Linda was an air hostess. That was back in the 90's because the two relocated and got married in Las Vegas.

Sikander and Winnie Lalani - He is chairman to one of the biggest and fast growing companies in Uganda, Roofings. After loosing his first wife, Sikander sough solace in 2001 Miss Uganda flop Winnie.

She is younger than some of his sons, but has also bore him a few babies. It is alleged Winnie has given Sikander stamina to remain at the helm of Roofings.

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Saturday, December 03 2011

Uganda's most accomplished female singers Juliana Kanyomozi and Iryn Namubiru are set to step on one stage since they resumed their bitter rivalry. Fresh details coming in is that the two artistes have confirmed their attendance at the Superstar Kids Xmas party slated for December 18 at Kololo Airstrip.

A snoop told us; "Both singers have agreed to perform for the youngsters to make their Christmas memorable. But the question is whether they will be able to share the same stage after renewing their beef." Both singers have kids who are expected to attend.

Remember, the two superstar mums long standing beef is said to have resumed immediately after Iryn was named PAM Awards Artiste of year 2011 earlier in November. According to sources, when Juliana won artiste of the year 2008 she apparently taunted Iryn.

But after scooping four gongs including artiste of the year 2011, with her hit album Birowoozo, Iryn hit back in their tussle of supremacy. The two have not seen eye to eye since their days under I-Jay all girl group back in 2000. Kid X-mas party might re-unite them.

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Saturday, November 19 2011

Artiste of the year 2008 and Artiste of the year 2011

Two of Uganda’s most accomplished female singers Juliana Kanyomozi and Iryn Namubiru are said to have resumed the bitter rivalry. Fresh details unearthed by snoops on this long standing beef say it resumed immediately after Iryn was named PAM Awards Artiste of the Year 2011.
According to sources, when Juliana won artiste of the year in 2008 and in the process becoming the only female singer to have won it, she apparently taunted Iryn. During that time Juliana used to tell friends that Iryn will take years to achieve what she had achieved in music.
But three years down the road, Iryn has scooped more than six accolades including this years artiste of the year for her hit album Biroowozo overtaking Juliana in the process. To add salt to the wounds, the last two years where Iryn took almost all titles before her , coincides with the same period that Juliana wasn’t even nominated in any single category especially in this year’s awards.
This has prompted music critics to predict the end of the Nabikoowa stars music career. Pals have further revealed that Iryn is now taunting her former friend turned rival that she is a gone case.
Remember the two divas started out their music careers together under the I-Jay all girl group back in 2000. They later split but the animosity between the two has never been a secret. Watch this space!
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Saturday, October 22 2011

Iryn Namubiru
Diva Iryn Namubiru's life seems to be surging in the right direction. Word around is that the Birowoozo singer has acquired a shafting pad around Nkumba University fit for a princess.

A source intimated; "The crib is located in the exclusive rich area of Nkumba. It is fitted with a swimming pool, four bedrooms and a spacious compoud." However, we couldn't readily establish how much she had forked out in terms of payment.

But close pals claim she has so far moved into her new pad. Watch out for details why she moved to Nkumba along Entebbe Road!

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Sunday, September 04 2011
Iryn Namubiru

With Almost all corporate companies pulling out of sponsorship for music concerts these days, musicians are running to their most trusted friends for financial support to push through their concerts.

The latest is our local diva, Iryn Namubiru. After receiving an amount of dime from Vice President Gilbert Bukenya for her upcoming launch, Iryn has received another major boos from her very close pal, tycoon John Kassami who gave her Shs 15million to help her organize the Birowoozo album set for mis next month.

Loaded Kassami is the owner of Water Front Beach in Entebbe and has been friends with the singing diva for quite sometime and has always been there for her.

The costs for some of her videos were fully covered by him. It is also claimed that it was him who bought her the Toyota Land Cruiser she cruises in tawoo. She is one hell of a lucky gal...

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Wednesday, July 27 2011

'His Dongle is Mine'
Iryn Namubiru is secretly beefing with a budding female singer over a man. The babe is identified as Maureen Kabasita, a former Tusker Project Fame contestant. The two, it is reported are feuding over Captain John Kassami, the proprietor of Waterfront Beach in Entebbe.

In fact, Kabasita heads Kassami's Fusion Band but at times Iryn sings with the band. Yet both have been linked to the tycoon. It is believed that it is Kassami who bought Iryn her Toyota Prado and also plans to throw a bash for her aboard the famous Banana Boat upon return from her Europe tour.

This is not exciting Kabasita one bit. Watch this space!

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Saturday, July 02 2011

         Backup Dancer

The latest info coming in is that embattled Ex Vice President is set to put his recent woes aside and appear in his close pal, Iryn Namubiru's video. According to sources from his Katomi Kingdom Resort Hotel, there have been high level preparations going on  to see that Bukenya appears Iryn Namubiru's latest hit song.

Interestingly, the song titled 'Nabulo' was sung by the PAM Awards female artiste of the year in praise of Bukenya's mother for producing a man as strong as 'Mahogany'. "The big man is set to pump in lots of dime into shooting this video. And to show his full support and love for his mother, he wants to appear in some scenes."

Remember, the Birowozo star outed the 'Nabulo' song recently. Word around was that Bukenya had paid her handsome amount to compose that song in praise of his mother Francesca Nabulo.

We are further told being her only son, Bukenya is so close to her. This though won't be the first time that artistes have composed songs praising  big personalities' mothers. Bobi Wine and Juliana's hit wonder 'Mama Mbiire' recorded for tycoon Charles Mbiire's mother, even went to win a PAM Award.

The 'Nabulo' video will be shot as soon as Iryn comes back from France but everything is already in place. Watch this space!

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Sunday, April 10 2011
Love is a beautiful thing and it's all that we crave for. But at times, it hurts so bad that you may never get out of troubles, especially after the break up. We unveil women whose ex-lovers have never been the same after they called it quits.
Desire Luzinda - Ken, Ken Ken! He was a young, prosperous businessman when he was still in  a relationship with Desire Luzinda but after their split, everything changed. The break up haunted Ken and efforts to replace Desire have yielded nothing.
Ken's fame was somehow affected and although he is trying  to up the game again, it's been quite an uphill task.
Juliana Kanyomozi - She dated Amon Lukwago for sometime and the couple has a kid together. But ever since the two separated, it has not gone well with Amon. His business empire declined and he sold off his Liquid Discotheque in Masindi.
Amon is now living a low profile life with Liz, his girlfriend. He no longer appears on the social scene and functions as he used to. Meanwhile, Juliana briefly dated US-based Ugandan boxer-Kassim Ouma but when they separated, Ouma's life changed as well.
He has never been good in the ring as he used to be. In fact he has never won any game again and we no longer hear about him.
Iryn Namubiru - Talk to Qute Kaye and then ask him about Iryn Namubiru, you will see the guy flush. Kaye, who came to fame with a hit single Ginkese,' was dubbed Uganda's R.Kelly. But guess what? It all turned upside down after he dated Iryn.
He has never done anything sensible in the music world since then. He stumbles every time he tries to get up. We hope and pray that one day one time, things will work out for the brother.
Zuena - Remember her short stint separation with Bebe? The singer changed from the one we are used to and in an effort to win her back, he became someone else. He then sang songs to woo her back. Without Zuena by his side, he isn't himself. That could be the reason he is trying to make her a singer - to always be with her on his musical shows. Now if .I mean what the hell is this?
Straka Mwezi  - Oimuke, Kid Fox, Tony, where are they now? Looks like Straka - whose love for dating young boys has gone beyond imagination- has a way opf breaking up. This is beacuse everyone she dates instantly fades into blivion. Kid Fox who has been in the music industry for more than ten years now, is still considered an upcoming artiste.
Among those who have ever dated Straka, Ssizaman is the only one who is doing well. Let's keep our fingers crossed and see how far he will stay around.
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Monday, February 28 2011

This is sad news to all Iryn Namubiru's fans. Our Snoops are crestfallen over the sorry state of her mum's pad in Makindye near Calendar hotel. We are told its roof is continuously decaying while the walls have developed serious cracks which would not survive if Col. Besigye's prophecy of Tsunami was to come true today.

Namubiru has in the past tried to have the pad renovated but the new  deadly cracks keep on emerging from time to time. It is not yet clear whether Iryn is planning to put up a new house for her mum or whether she will keep renovating this dilapidated one. Watch this space for pictorial evidence soon.

More articles on Iryn

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Friday, February 11 2011

It appears word about Diva Iryn's separation form her hubby could be true after all. Pop Diva Iryn Namubiru has recorded a song which she is set to officially release next week. But even before its release, the song has sent music insiders' tongues wagging.

The song is titled Birowoozo and was produced by Paddyman at Fire Records. The song is about a guy Iryn loved so much that went away and never came back. In the song she pleads with the fella to return to her and not break her heart.

Now, insiders in the music industry believe the sexy singer is singing about her French hubby Julien Grout. Lately it has been suggested that Iryn and Julien have separated after we ran stories of he kissing  VP Gilbert Bukenya.

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Sunday, January 30 2011
From Entebbe comes the news that singer Iryn Namubiru is worryingly close to one of the bosses at Water Front Beach. In fact, our source tells us that this is no longer news to insiders at the beach. The two are said to be having a brewing closeness that is sending tongues wagging.

The source told us that their friendship grew to the next level around November last year ad the pair has never looked back. "They are always talking alone," the source told us. Sexy diva Iryn performs alongside her music group Fusion Band every Sunday at the beach.

It seems this is how the relationship grew. Just a few weeks back we told how an insider had told us Iryn had split with her mzungu husband after he nabbed her with their houseboy. And recently pictures of her kissing Gilbert Bukenya leaked to us. 
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Sunday, January 09 2011
        Empress, Iryn and Grace Nakimera
The year 2011 will be a big year for the women in their quest for excellence. Today, we bring the women whom we speculate 2011 will be a big year for, right from Music divas, actresses, politicians, fashion designers, politicians, fashion designers to models read on.

Iryn Namubiru - This sexy music diva seems to be putting on less and less garments by the day. But she has also lately concentrated on her music career winning herself the PAM Awards female artiste of 2010 accolade and was quick to deny that her marriage was on the rocks. We expect Iryn to rock in music and in baring skin.

Monica Kasyate -  The former beauty queen has produced one of the best fashion designs and in her words this is just the beginning. "Uganda is going to experience a fashion revolution." There you go gal, and others in the industry should watch out.

Grace Nakimera -She is inevitably hot and sexy. She confidently stepped out to venture into the music industry and ooh yes she has proved her potential except that sad and fake acid incident. With videos that have left everyone speechless, we think she will top the music industry. She also promises hotter and sexier videos.

Keko - Though she is a new kid on the block with the way she raps, everybody sees a bright 2011 ahead of her. Keko is on track to be a punchline in her own right; she is planning on doing collabos with major international artistes and also debuting on major music shows around Africa.

Empress - She was the new kid on the block before Keko came onto the scene. Empress basically represents competition for Keko and will surely be a force to reckon with when it comes to the rapping genre. Keko watch out.

Others are Judith Nabakooba, Betty Nambooze, Stella Atal, Amelia Kyambadde and Nambilah Ssempala.

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Monday, January 03 2011

Fresh details have emerged as to why pop diva Iryn broke up with her muzungu hubby. A close source reveals that the pair broke up after her French hubby Frank Morel nabbed her 'at it' with their house attendant at their home in France.

They broke up almost a year ago and have been fighting for their children's custody. Currently it is the hubby who has custody of the kids back in Paris, France. A close family source told us that Iryn has been trying hard to get back with the fella but it seems he is not interested anymore.

The source intimated to us: "Iryn is history to Morel. He wants nothing to do with Iryn. He loved her so much but he was completely let down and shattered. He has moved on and wants nothing to do with her."

Recently, we ran pictures of Iryn busy snogging VP Gilbert Bukenya. This was at a latter's posh hotel, Katomi Kingdom Resort.

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Monday, December 27 2010

Kampala's Boobyliscious Chics

Iryn Namubiru - She spells the word seduction in bold letters! 'The Nkuuweki?' famed diva displays it all away. The thighland is forever outdoors but it does not seize more pleasure more than her boob mountains!

The guys can even tell you the size, the colour and length of Iryn's boobs because they are well acquainted with them.

Rena - With those come to bed eyes, she knows this is not enough torture for guys. What else does she do? She parades her boob power o leave them entirely helpless! The guys are often heard complaining that her shows leave them pocketing! Despite bing small bodied, her boobs are her biggest secret weapon.

Sarah Zawedde - The 'Ndi Mukazi' singer gifted with a very appealing voice, not even her make up can rescue her over curved face! However God was fair enough to bless her with cleavage.

Her boobs must be flaunted to attract some attention from the guys, otherwise she might end up becoming a spinster! Yet that isn't a good destination for  a very fertile woman like herself.

Pretty Glo - Born only about twenty years ago, dudes around town still have several years of being tormented by her Alshaboobs. The babe is gifted with such succulent milk jugs that many would want to rest their heads.

They are seductively tempting, and if she continues spilling them in public, she will one day put tawoo's activities to a halt.

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Wednesday, December 22 2010


Ever since we unleashed the stunning pictures of Iryn Namubiru cozying up with Vice President Gilbert Bukenya she has been off the social scene. Unlike other weekends when she storms night spots with her brother and manager Thaddeus Mubiru, this time the brother looked so low by himself and he did the rounds over city night spots.

Snoops who did the rounds around town, report that Iryn was a no show. Only his brother made an appearance in Silk Oxygen and he looked completely shattered. He was by himself not talking to anyone.

Meanwhile, a source told us Iryn remained indoors all weekend and was 'completely devastated.' According to a source she could fly out to France as soon as her Unplugged Show in Club Silk on Saturday ends. "She needs to be away and refresh herself before she returns," the source told us.

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Sunday, November 28 2010
Heartaches happen to everyone. Whether we are celebrities or regularly broke, famous or not, we still encounter cheaters, insecure psychos and sexy lovers that we can't stand. The only difference is that celebrity relationships usually unfold for the world to see.

The break ups are delicious slices of gossip that we can't ignore. Just peep at this list of celebrities that were de-famed by friends as result of fame.

Juliana and Iryn
-The former singing  due of I-Jay can only exchange greetings. The two tried to be on top of each other after their celebrity status rose but it only led to a bitter split. Their efforts to reconcile have been fruitless.

Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine - Theirs is getting unbearable. The former buddies are on a 'weight' war of who is bigger than the other. Their silly accusations range from my wife is hotter than yours, 'my music is better than yours' such kind of nonsense.

They have even gone on to exchanging blows all in the name of fame. We don't see any reconciliation in the near future but we hope it will one day come.

Seanice and Melanie - The two senior radio presenters have been at war ever since they came into the limelight, fighting the 'I' better than you battle. When Seanice left for Nairobi. Melanie got some relief but since her return, the feud has intensified, especially after she replaced Melanie on the morning breakfast show.

Chameleone and Goodlyfe - Self proclaimed singing doctor, Jose Chameleone, was the president of Weasel  and Radio when they were still members of the Leone Island Crew. But they are now sworn enemies yet Chamili and Weasel are blood brothers.

When Goodlyfe saw their fame rising each passing day, they saw no reason of being under big brother. They formed their own group and since then , fighting abusive songs have been their order of the day.

Obsession and HB Toxic - They were in the same group but as intrigue and accusations grew with their fame, Brenda and Helen quit the group and formed the HB Toxic. What former workmates and friends can only afford to say now is a simple 'Hi' and nothing else.
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Friday, October 01 2010

We've shockingly learnt that the reason why Juliana and Irene split their I-Jay group was because of their manager cum promoter, Hope Mukasa. Word reaching us from our Sabrina Pub Snoops has it that when Juliana and Irene were budding musicians in the late 90's, Hope gave them a night to perform freely at the pub.

We hear they both used to woo revellers with their voices for some time, till mysteriously, they began colliding and it was not long before they both split and pursued solo careers. However, though the actual reason for the split was not revealed, We've exclusively learnt that Hope, who was reportedly promoting both babes, was instead playing home and away matches with them.

We've learnt from Iryn close friends that "When the two song birds realized that Hope was juggling them, they were so bitter with each other that they parted ways, hence the death of I-Jay.

With Hope now out of the picture, we hear Juliana and Iryn are set for a collabo any time soon. We just can't wait for it!

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Tuesday, September 14 2010
           Iryn and Markville
Local artiste Iryn Namubiru and Blueprints Markville are surely up to something. We have learnt that the two are getting close to each other, each passing day. A source told us, "They have previously been spotted at Sheraton's Equator bar kissing and touching each other in almost all private body areas.

You could clearly see there is a game going on between the two." Apparently  the two got close during the shooting of one of Namubiru's videos and the two have been inseparable since. In fact, we are told by Iryn's close pals that she thinks a world of him and is even ready to kiss him in public.

Surely this will not go down well with another city maneater, Racheal, who has been devouring Markville's whooper after her Mzungu pensioner dumped her. We hear now that she is in the US for shows, Markville hasn't stopped talking about her.
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Friday, August 27 2010
We have reliably been informed that Ugandan nkuba kyeyo's living in Boston US, were almost involved in a stampede trying to snatch singer Iryn Namubiru. Our sources say Iryn who is on a tour in the US left the nkuba kyeyo's scratching theur pants with an x-rated show of high quality.

"The skimpy stuff she was dressed in , the way she moved her ass and her songs brought blessedness in men's pants throughout the evening" a Ugandan who attended the show revealed.

Meanwhile, a fight almost broke out when guys started exchanging hot words in a bid to win her over for a night at their homes. We hear most of them had parked monster machines outside Club Oasis with hopes of taking her.

One of them was heard whispering to her, "How much can you chew for me to show you around Boston city." She later left in a monster GMC machine with a yet to be identified fella.
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Sunday, July 18 2010
Singer Irene Namubiru couldn't hide her envy on Thursday during the notorious 'you know what it is" pole dancing at Club Silk. Though there was no exposure of Kandahar this time, the babes booties on display was enough to send shock waves throughout any horny man's body.

But for the 'Bona Obasinga' singer, she wasn't amused. Our snoops overheard her comment, "Huh....they think they have good bodies?" Well, we can now assure you that those Kenyan maneaters have hot bodies.

Read Also: Iryn Outs New Video
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Thursday, July 08 2010
Being a celeb comes with a lot of glamour. Celebs are known for showing off anything they think can impress the masses and then boast of a big number of fans. Toyota, Toyota, and more Toyotas are what most of our Ugandan celebs own.

They should thank the famous Japanese for having made their transport easier. See who drives the best and the worst.

Juliana Kanyomozi - She is an inspiration to almost all the female upcoming artistes. She proudly owns a Toyota Harrier. Estimated cost 25m.

Iryn Namubiru, Desire Luzinda - These two own a Toyota Nadia each. It's a car that most babes fancy just because of its name. Nothing else. Estimated cost Shs 16m.

Grace Nakimera - She drives another common car on our roads, a simple Toyota Premio.

Jackie Chandiru - For a babe of her size, a three-door Mitsubishi Pajero (short chasis seems) to be her dream car. Estimated cost Shs 18m.

Hilderman and Kenzo  - We thought the Amelia song earned him much dime to cruise a posh machine. But he and the Stamina star are among the tens of thousands who cruise the Toyota Ipsum, commonly known as Nigina. Straka also drives one . Estimated cost Shs 13m.

Aziz Azion - We don't know how big his family is , but he owns one of the famous family vans, an eight seater Toyota Super Custom mopst probably a 1994 model estimated cost Shs 22m

Zari Hassan - Away from Japanese cars, the south African based beauty has always refuted the allegations of being a seer . But whatever she does must be really good because she cruises a Chrysler, Estimated cost Shs60

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Saturday, March 20 2010

Town has been hot with news that rival singers Iryn Namubiru and Juliana Kanyomozi had made up. Yes as personalities they have to keep up public appearances but as musicians, no way. We hear the frantic efforts of their former mentor Hope Mukasa to get them together have gone to the dogs.

Yet they had almost hit a mega deal with a leading Telecom Company. "The major reason as to why the two can't come together is that each one of them sees the other as wanting to ride on their fame," a close friend added.

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Monday, March 15 2010

Uganda's Diva and sex spilling Iryn Namubiru seems to be tired of recording from other guys' studios. We have reliably learnt that the old sexy mama and 'Yono' star has set up her own studio in Makindye Madirisa zone, where her mum used to live.

We hear her French bonkmate has been a great financial muscle in her studio set up and we hope things are bound to come out of her project. Iryn is well known for tantalizing her fans....!

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Thursday, January 21 2010

The two rival songbirds are on the verge of burying their differences and are ready to work together. Iryn and Juliana started together as I-Jay over 10 years back, split and have not been civil to each other since then.

The latest info we have on the two is that they are in studio busy working on a Valentine song. The move was hatched by Sabrina's Hope Mukasa who even sold land to Juliana in Lungujja on which she is setting up her storied house.

We can't wait! Juliana's house is in its finishing stages, she will soon be moving from Bukoto to an opulent neighbourhood.

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Monday, November 09 2009

The I-Jays can finally talk. Former pals Juliana Kanyomozi and Iryn Namubiru have not been on talking terms for years ever since their singing partnership I-Jay collapsed years back. The pair kissed and made up at Angela Kalule's live and unwrapped concert at Golf Course hotel on Friday night.

They greeted and were all smiles as they posed for Cameras and there were signs that the two have finally put the past behind them.

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Wednesday, October 07 2009
        Iryn Surfed on Stage
During the Bebe Cool's Agenze album launch at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds, Iryn looked so relaxed as randy fellas launched their hands under her low cut grey dress that exposed her thigh-land sending temperatures rising in fellas southern departments.
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Tuesday, July 28 2009

Ugandan local artiste and musician Iryn Namubiru 'Samwa Samwa' is bad blood with singer and song writer Silver Kyagulanyi. Apparently Iryn paid 5M to Silver to compose six songs for her upcoming album. But for the past six months, Silver has not yet delivered.

She recently stormed SK Studios in Kiwatule spitting fire. She gave Silver one week to either give her a written script of the six songs or refund the money. Failure to do so she will sue Silver for breach of contract. Meanwhile Silver's wedded wife Jalia Kyagulanyi has decided to file for divorce, sighting infidelity in the side of Silver. 

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Friday, July 03 2009

Celebs Age Unearthed
When men are asked their age they can even add an addition of two or three more to make them look older and mature but for the ladies if the same question is asked to the ladies, the answer given in most cases is reduced by five years. It now looks like a taboo to ask ladies their age. It is also a waste of time because they will never tell you the truth. The real ages of our female celebs is here by revealed.

Juliana K - She is probably the best female singer Uganda has ever witnessed. She has the looks, the voice and when it comes to her figure it is exactly any man would would want but what she doesn't have is age on her side. She started with Karaoke in 1996 at DV8 and Sabrinas and was aged 18 years. She claims to be 28 years but according to maths she is 31 years old as of now.

Iryn Namubiru - She always wants to look young and sexy but no way she can't deceive us anymore.In 1995 while appearing at Sabrinas Pub she revealed she was 22 years fourteen years down the lane she is claiming to be 28 years ahahahah that is a naked lie because maths shows she is 36 years. What an achievement.!

Desire Luzinda - One of the hottest properties on the music scene, has a butt like no one else with looks of a mature lady but nope. She claims to be 24, she is far above it, she is twenty four.

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Tuesday, June 23 2009

         Iryn with  a friend
Music Diva Iryn Namubiru could be in trouble over "Bonna Obasinga" song. Tino Clare an upcoming artist has come up to claim ownership of the song which Iryn launched recently.

Tino Clare aka Tino C who is a second year student of Adult Community Education at Kyambogo University was recently at Club Silk telling snoops that the song is hers and was only sold to Iryn by her producer Oscar.

''I can confirm that the song is mine because I even went to Wandegeya Police Station and recorded a case against my producer over the song. I later made an agreement with him to replace the song with two good ones but the deadline has since elapsed when he has not given me the songs." She added that the hip hop song was to remain hers until the concerned parties gave her a replacement.

Tino C says she will not rest until her song is replaced.

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Saturday, April 04 2009

Uganda Artists

You have listened to their music, you know who is loaded when it comes to dime, doing very well when it comes to sex lives but one thing is lacking and that is Education.

Ragga Dee:  He is a music heavy weight no doubt. But when it comes to Education, he is certainly a featherweight. The self proclaimed grand father of Ugandan Music isn' t so learned. What is known is the fact that he completed his senior six from Masaka based St. Henry's College Kitovu. He claims he went to a US Institution but nope, we don't believe.

Henry Tigan: The soft spoken reggae star Henry Tigan is a fresh graduate from Kyambogo University. He graduated with a bachelors degree in Adult Community education earlier this year.He is truly a force to reckon with the upstairs department.

Bobi Wine: Singer Bobi Wine is truly a great man. He grew up from the Ghetto but that never stopped him from acquiring a degree in Music from Makerere University. Seriously the Mazzi Mawanvu singer is a heavy weight in the education  section unlike his top competitors.

Juliana Kanyomozi: She is the reigning PAM Award artiste of the year, she is talented, an amazing figure and a very good voice but sadly, very few teachers heard it. Sources reveal that Juliana due to social and financial problems stopped in Senior Five. We are told she could escape from  school and hit Sabrinas Pub for Karaoke in the 1990's. So lucky she had a killer voice.

Moze Radio: is one hell of a dangerous singer who definitely has a big and bright future ahead. He is a graduate from Makerere University. He completed a degree in Community Psychology but I don't understand why his English is suspect.

Straka Mwezi: The celebrated music MC and WBS late show star has seen it all. She has been on the social scene for far far too long and worked and worked on almost all the best Radio and TV stations in uganda. And Bars! She has rubbed shoulders with Uganda's richest and is ever invited at the best functions in town. You just can't mess with Straka. But wait a minute, she never completed school. Senior Four was her highest.

Jose Chameleone: He is undoubtedly a heavy weight in the music but when it comes to school, he is a light weight. Just like pal Bebe Cool, The Ba Yuda star is a senior six graduate. And again like Bebe, he stormed to Nairobi and released his first hit Mama Mia. Since then he has not looked back.

Iryn Namubiru: She Released one hit that took her heights but ever since it's been down all the way through even though she has tried  that much to revive her career with collaborations. Well she is married to a white guy and dime is available  but her education is in slumber mode. Sources indicate that the last time she checked out a black board was in Senior Three.

Karitas Karisimbi: She is gorgeous! Now imagine if she had gone to school. She would be a perfect model woman. But sadly, she dropped out in  Senior six from City High School and hit Kampala streets. Ever since she has worked on WBS, Capital Radio, and now she is back on WBS. She's definitely seen it all.

Jackie Chandiru: The Blu3 heartthrob was offering a degree in Industrial Fine Art at MUK but later dropped. Retakes were accumulating like hell. she was spending most of her time in the Sir Apollo Kaggwa Hostel Baston instead of class. They were set to fire her anyway.

Weasel TV: Just like his older brother Jose Chameleone, Weasel TV isn' t learned. We hear he dropped out of school in Senior Three. No wonder he call himself TV. I doubt if he knows what it means.

Desire Luzinda: Ah, Seya's pal! Desire Luzinda is undoubtedly a great singer with a great body. But one thing that has eluded her is a certificate or any academic document of note. Ok she's got a senior six certificate but that is what she has. In 2004, she joined Makerere University for a development studies degree course. The two years later, she dropped out and joined campus but this time Nkozi University for a long distance course. We hear she dropped out of it too.. Ahhh!
More on the Unlearned Stars

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Saturday, March 28 2009

Iryn is the true description of what a diva is supposed to be. Oozing with sensuality, she is more than just a beautiful face. She is intelligent, humorous, hardworking, and her personality is like a magnet drawing everyone to her.

A loving mother of two beautiful boys, Iryn has got the kind of voice that can melt any heart. Revelers at Angenoir were last weekend treated to a sample of her new song 'Dance Floor', which she sang with Ragga Dee. Red Pepper caught up with her at Webcity Cafe.

RP: I noticed that you have lost weight and look gorgeous. What is your secret?
Iryn: I'm naturally a small woman, but I mind what I eat and usually work out for 45 minutes four days a week. I also mind the kind of Cosmetics I use.

RP: What Inspires your music?
Iryn: Iam inspired by many things, like my life an beautiful memories, the way people will identify with my songs.

RP: Are you working on any new songs?
Iryn: Yes I am. My album will be out in two weeks with eleven songs like 'Omukwano Gwafe', 'Bandeke', 'Nina Omwana', 'Obulamu Bwa Kisera', Samwa Samwa and other love songs.

RP: I noticed that most of the songs on your album have got dance-hall beats, quite different from your usual music. What's up?
Iryn: I noticed that people love dancing a lot, so I decided to do the kind of music that can excite them into dancing.

RP: When should we expect the official Album release?
Iryn: That will be around July.

RP: Any last words for your fans?
Iryn: I just want to assure them that Iam here to stay and will be giving them my usual best. 'Abatanetaag nazekulema'

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Friday, March 27 2009


Word reaching us from Monsieur Sarkozy's land is that the Nkuweki singer Iryn Namubiru recently had a boob implants done on her in France.

This operation we are told was meant to make her boobs more firm and look like those of a young 17 year old virgin girl. We hear breast feeding two babies left them in no good shape and knowing her showbiz career where having a killer cleavage for her fans is something she couldn't' t do without, she had to make the ultimate sacrifice. We have also been reliably informed that while having a boob job she also carried out a belly suction operation.

The belly suction operation removes all fat and excessive flesh from the belly. We hear the whole operation of making her boobs look like those of a virgin babe and having a stomach as smooth as an aircraft runway cost her over US$ 5,000(Approximately 10 Ugx). So when you see Iryn storming Kampala looking like a 17 year old virgin don't say we didn't tell you.

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Monday, February 09 2009

          Who is Juliana?
Many have been wowed by her sultry voice and mellow tunes. Well listening to her talk in her calm unhurried way gets you captivated as well. It's no wonder she commands a large fan base. She has several hits and a couple of awards tucked under her belt. This 28 year -old sensation scooped the most coveted award of 2009- the artist of the year award when she became the first female in the history of PAM Awards to win artist of the year. Find out in this interview what it is like to be Juliana.

Who is Juliana?
JK: Juliana is a 28 year old Mutoro from a family of seven; born and raised in Kampala. I have a six year old son, Keron Rafael Kabugo.

You have come to great heights with your music. Tell us about your music Journey.
JK: I started singing in 1996. I was just doing Karaoke then. My music career officially started in 1999 when I did my first song; the millennium song. I was with I-Jay(Iryn and Juliana) for a year. I went solo in 2001. It's been a number of amazing things.

What has been your lucky break in your music career?
JK: I have had two lucky breaks. One is when I did a song with Bobi (Tata w'abaana). It gave me a whole new identity. People didn't know about me so they said I was lucky. I needed to prove to them I was capable of making it alone.

My second break was "Nabikoowa". It was not even meant to be the lead song on that album but it became a hit. People loved it very much.

Are the songs you sing about your life/love experiences?
JK: I don't know why people connect my songs to me. Why can't they connect Abarungi Balumya to Bobi? Music is a language that brings the world together. I sing songs that are about things that have happened to people.

Other than your voice, what has made you successful? Some people have actually said it is your looks rather than voice.
JK: The drive, the passion and the hunger to succeed. Devotion and the voice of course matter. I couldn't see my self falling. When you love something you do it with passion. I don't do music for money or for fame. I do it because I love it. May be the looks have contributed....but I don't count on my looks. If the fans appreciate the looks, I'm grateful.

You are a beautiful woman and anyone would want you. So do you get stalkers?
JK: I have stalkers and the funny part is...some of them are women.! I even wonder how they get my number but somehow they do. Sometimes they go beyond.

How do you deal with ''big'' people; loaded guys and those in power? They are not that easy to put off.
JK: First of all I'm lucky I have many of them who are just friends. I respect myself and it becomes hard for you to say something silly. So what if you are big or rich. There has been such people but I would talk to them the same way I would do to a high school boy.

There has been talk that you are pimping for Amon. How true is it?
JK: Excuse me! Did you say pimping. How can I start pimping for Amon? I'm really busy...I mean I can't do that. It has no value for me. The only thing Amon and I talk about is KERON.

 Are you seeing anyone?
JK: I'll disappoint you. I won't give that kind of information.

Are you Freinds with Iryn Namubiru?
JK: Let me define for you a friend; I have a few friends-my mother, my best friend Sharon. The person I'm in love with is a friend. Our relationship is: you are doing your thing I'm doing my thing. That thing that people have of us...I don't know where it comes from. I don't know about her but I don't have any negative feelings towards her. I wish her the best in her career, her family.

Tell us about Mujib.
JK: I need to set the record straight.You people have given me so many menand I hate it when the media uses me to say whatever they want to say. Mujib is a very special person to me. I won't say why and I'll keave it at that.

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Friday, December 19 2008

Chameleone and Iryn
Iryn sits on Chameleone's lap during the performance.

Stars Iryn Namubiru and Jose Chameleone proved yet again why they are top artists with an amazing performance for their hit Samwa Samwa in silk lounge. Fears that the two stars would never perform their hit together following Chameleone's deadly injury were trashed after he made an appearance for silk lounge anniversary in a spectacular form. In his now trademark wheelchair, the BaYuda star proved he is cut above the rest with an unbelievable stage presence alongside Iryn. Irene certainly made a massive statement on her return from France where she's been enjoying the company of her husband. The pair will again team up next year in January as Chameleone launches his latest album in VIP on 31st

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