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Thursday, December 29 2011

First Published: Saturday, 05 March 2011
Being a female is one thing, an upcoming artiste is another, but being an upcoming female musician is a bad triple fold! You see them flaunting their thinly clad bodies on stage as fans cheer on and you think to yourself: They have it easy!

Well, they don't! The things that these girls go through in the name of making it to the top is a gory tale of rape, molestation, abuse, exploitation among others. From the time they think to themselves 'I should pursue a music career' to the time they actually have their songs enjoy airplay and club play; they will have paid a big fee.

In most cases not just monetary! We explore some of the things that these girls have to go through all in the name of fame.

Music Producers - Not so many of them will need a songwriter, to begin with, because when they are starting out, they are so ambitious they write their own songs and most times they have no idea how horrible they sound (no offense!) Armed with her lyrics and bad vocals (or good), they head to the studio.

If this producer does not come out to ask for sex, he will avail studio time only at night with the two of them in the studio. Some girls have been raped in studios in the wee hours of the morning.

Exploitive Managers - When it comes to managers, they use the young upcoming artistes as their toys. This is the very reason girl groups like Wafagio have new members every three months. There are so many exploitation stories especially with girl groups which are managed by men. Sheebah Karungi left Obsessions because she was left out of songs and parts in the musicals because she did not give in to such advances.

Opportunistic DJs, Radio and TV presenters/ music controllers - It is one thing to produce a song; it is a whole other thing when it comes to have it play on Radio, TV or in Club. It is a hustle, you move from one Radio to another. And these work on the principle of 'Be good to me, and I'll be good to you!'

Being new most of these girls don't have money to give out to bribe their music onto the playlist. - So some of them or (most of them innocents) resort to the one form of payment that they don't need money for- God-given form of payment.

Graby Sponsors/promoters - Now these are the people that hold the key to these artistes making any kind of money from their music. And like everyone on the food chain, they need their cut. As if what they make on the side is not enough, they want it too.

Frenzied Fans - 'There is this group that believes you owe them for being your fans. So they will grab you, grapple, touch you in embarrassing places. Yet you don't want to snap at them because you have a small fan and you are trying to build it,' says one of the upcoming artistes.

Indecency - Do you ever wonder why HB Toxic's Hellen Lukoma and Nambi Brenda dress the way they do? Oh why most of us know how Margla dresses and we can't tell what she sings? Of late is like an unwritten rule that to get on stage to entertain, you have to dress in almost nothing.

Some of them have mastered the art of bad dressing to take attention from their bad singing or lack of entertainment skills. You will see many Lady Gaga clones dressed in a bikini on events that are not at the beach.
Harsh Environment

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Friday, December 16 2011
Gorgeous Sweden based Becky Emonz is back in town. According to snoops, Becky stepped into town on Monday evening and is ready to run the city again. "She will spend a whole month around because she is setting up a real estate business" a close pal added.

We are further told she will be shooting her second song titled 'Twebike'. Becky burst into the limelight when he faded singer GNL Zamba behind bars after assaulting her at Club Silk last year.

She later did a song called 'Kafodongo' that tells off the 'Kikankane' singer.
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Tuesday, November 29 2011
Photo: Rehema n Bebe Cool - PAM Awards
At JUST 20 years, she already has a hit song to her name. Her collaboration with Bebe Cool, 'Seaze and Sickle' is fast becoming an anthem in night clubs and a household name in town.

Remah says she has been singing since her school days when she was always the lead singer because of her knee weakening voice. In Love's Rowland Nkahebwa caught up with the gorgeous singer and talked to her about her music career, love life and new found fame.

IL: Briefly who is Remah?
Remah: I was born Rehema Namakula 20 years ago to Mukiibi Semakula and Hamidah Nabossa in Kisasi - Ntinda. I use Remah because it is much simpler than Rehema. I went to school in Kitante Primary School and St Balikudembe Secondary in Mukono.

I am currently doing Administrative and Managerial Science at Kyambogo University and Ia m very much in love with music and fashion.

IL: How long have you been singing?
Remah: From my primary days, I have been the lead singer in choirs of the schools I went to. Bebe Cool spotted me one time while I was backing up Aunt Halima Namakula when she was doing 'Sambagala'.

I impressed him and I have been working with him on several projects as a backup vocalist. I began professional singing in 2009 in my senior six vacation. So I was a member of Gagamel even before it was formed.

IL: Your first song becoming an instant hit must be great, how do you feel when you hear people singing to it?
Remah: Oh my! I cannot explain it but it's a great feeling that anyone trying to make it in the music industry should experience. It is mwaaaah.

IL: How challenging do you find the local music Industry?
Remah: Sometimes it is very difficult to predict what fans want. And having to out a better song than the previous one is not easy. However, I am giving it all my all on the next songs.

IL: How about the fear of people branding you a one hit wonder, doesn't that worry you?
Remah: Oh my God that is true but I try not to think about it because I believe in myself. And like I said, I am giving my everything on the next tracks to make them better than Seaze and Sickle. I feel very positive about my career and hopefully it remains that way.

IL: Any musicians or people you look up to for inspiration?
Remah: My Aunt Halima Namakula. I want to get her courage because she is a go getter and grabs any chance that presents itself and makes the most out of it. She is my inspiration.

IL: What is going on between you and your boss? Rumour has it that you two are in a romantic relationship?
Remah: There is totally nothing romantic between us. I think people who think that have serious problems. How can I be in a relationship with someone (Bebe) who has seen me growing up? He is not the kind who would do that because he has his wife who he loves so much.

IL: Okay now that you aren't dating your boss, are you seeing anyone?
Remah: That is too personal. I am still too young to date and besides I am concentrating on my music at the moment. When I'm ready to date I will let you know.

IL: If you were to date, what is your ideal kind of guy?
Remah: He has to be caring and understanding in that he listens to me to me instead of dictating. He should be presentable and good looking. I don't care about the money and I don't date old men.

IL: A beautiful babe like you must surely have horny men hitting on you, how do you handle them?
Remah: They are always asking for my number but I let them know that they can't always have whatever they wish for. For those who insist, I show them my rough side or report them to Bebe.

IL: What are the three things that people do not know about you?
Remah: I don't take tea because it makes me feel bad like I can't breath. Pilawo is my favorite dish. I don't have lots of gal friends because gals can't be trusted. It is the reason I only hang out with boys.

IL: Something for you fans?
Remah: Thank yu so much for making me what I am and liking my music. You are the reason I am working hard and expect hotter and better stuff from me.
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Monday, November 21 2011

             Bebe Cool and Remah doing the Seaze and Seckle track
Singing sensation Remah Namakula is chocking on re-takes. The Ceaze and Seckle star who is pursuing a Bachelors degree in Administrative and Managerial Science at Kyambogo might have to wait a little longer to graduate after she scooped several re-takes.

At the momemt she is considering to switch to another course and school. Apal added; "She has already applied at Tina School of beauty because she might not be able to finish the course at Kyambogo.

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Saturday, October 01 2011
Big Eye and Sheila Patience
Info from Big Muzik Entertainment has it that singer Big Eye is now a free man after his cougar Sheilla Patience left the country over the weekend to Dubai from where she is expected to drop tot.

It was reported that poor Big Eye had almost turned a houseboy for the time Sheila was around but when snoops bumped into him in Club Silk last Tuesday and he was partying as if there was no tomorrow.

However, the question still remains whether Sheila's pregnancy is his or for her Pensioner back in Dubai.
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Friday, September 02 2011

Upcoming juicy singer Liane's DMC Rav4 is giving her sleepless nights. Info coming in is that the singer, whose career is fast fading before it picks up, has been having terible mecahnical problems with her car. "Her ride is always in the gararge and it is draining her poeckts" a close pal revealed.

The car was reportedly bought for her by her loaded bonkmate.

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Thursday, August 25 2011

        Becky posing in her Audi and on the right she is with Mohombi
Sweden based glamour gal turned singer Becky Emonz has apparently shipped in a state-of-the-art brand new Audi. She posted pictures of herself in the monster black Audi and revealed on her wall; "Ama be cruising in my baby ride when I come back to Kampala. It's on its way coz I will be in very soon."

Snoops further learnt that she might come along with US based star singer Mohombi popular for songs like 'Bumpy Ride' and her loaded cousin brother Ake Muwanga. Becky was in the news last year after she accused singer GNL of assaulting her at Club Silk.

The singer spent a night in jail and she has since composed a song titled 'Kafodongo' that hits back at the 'Kikankane' singer.

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Monday, August 22 2011

Struggling singer Maurice Hassa has gone back to being a cook at city top eatery, Nandos. The 'Kaleke Kasome' singer is back to preparing Pizza at the Jinja Road based restaurant following his flopped music career.

Ever since his monster hit some years back, Hassa has been struggling to out another big tune. Hie joined Goodlyfe Crew hopping for big tunes but this has not helped him. Now new info is that he is back to Nandos where he trains fellow cooks.

Great move we must say!

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Saturday, August 20 2011

Revelers were shocked when dance-hall singer VIP was with a chic in the back seat of his posh Mercedes Kompressor. This was at Anderita Beach recently. According to snoops, VIP stormed the happening beach with a juicy babe and the two proceeded to make out at the back of his ride without any care to whoever was watching them.

The UK based singer who has already outed a hit song 'Tebiba Birungi' has been overheard telling pals that since he returned, chics have been all over him. He even claims he is shipping in a state-of-the-art Chrysler for his chic.

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Sunday, August 14 2011

Local star singer Jamala Wasswa has hooked up kyeyo in Denmark. Our sources in the capital Copenhagen have revealed that Jamal has resorted to doing small karaoke shows in different city bars.

"He performs from different bars Wednesday to Sunday and he is reaping big because Danish people especially the women like his music" a source added. In a related story, info is that the 'Onosonyiwa' star is residing at a sugar mum's crib.

We are yet to know when he will return to Kampala.

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Saturday, July 30 2011

     Keko will be on Vision Voice
Jocelyn Keko, female rap sensation is set to expand her career and boost her fame by venturing into radio presentation next week. Snoops have learnt that she has tickled Robert Kabushenga's heart so much that he believes that she can be a force that will bring Vision Voice 98.4 FM radio back to life.

However, the radio will be rebranded XFM. The 25-year-old commerce graduate will from next week, be in studios for strictly two hours per night.

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Tuesday, July 19 2011

Over the past few months struggling female dancehall singer Empress' love life has been a mess. But that could change soon. A few weeks ago it was rumoured that she had hooked a Zungu fella to mend her  broken heart.

Snoops spotted her on Thursday evening with the rumoured lover who is a few years to pensionhood, in Club Silk. The singer was clad in body hugging jeans and a long sleeved checkered shirt while the Zungu was in white shirt and blue jeans.

They headed to Oxygen where the 'Awete' singer smoked like a chimney while sipping on countless beers. A close pal revealed to us that Empress is hopinbg the fella can facilitate her quickly fading music career by injecting dime.

By the time our snoop left the club, the two lovers were still cozying up to each other.

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Thursday, July 14 2011

Pretty Glo fires UBC'c Calvin
Upcoming singer Pretty Glo has finally parted ways with her manager Kalvin the Entertainer. The 'Ndagukunda' singer sacked her manger after a disagreement over dime issues.

Close pals to the singer further confirmed that Kalvin has been receiving money on her behalf and also cutting dubious deals behind her back and would declare less. The latest being Shs2m which he reportedly received from a top telecom company for an upcountry gig in Gulu but only declared Shs1.5m.

His luck run out when one of his close pals gave detailed info of his unclean deals to Pretty Glo. She terminated the contract with immediate effect.

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Wednesday, June 29 2011

Ever since she quit UG Records upcoming singer Liane has been trying to upgrade her image. She hooked up a not so young loaded guy who has now been supporting and pumping lots of dime into her ailing music career.

In fact the first assignment the guy has accomplished was was to save Liane from boda boda. He bought for her a DMC RAV4 (commonly referred to a s Kampomodde), blue in colour which she now cruises around town.

He has also been paying for her saloon fees, designer clothes among other things. According to her close pals, she is deeply in love with him and would do anything for him. Rabadaba, Empress and Liane quit UG Records citing non payment from  the top managers of the group Ssali Douglas.

The three singers have since separately gone on solo projects.

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Wednesday, June 08 2011

Pretty Glo
Ugandan singers never cease to amuse. Just when we are getting out of shock that singer Rabadaba had only Shs 43,000/- on his account  when he was told to pay for his bond, another 'bombshell' hit us.

Snoops were shocked when they heard upcoming singer pretty Glo calling for someone to come to help her clear the bill after downing pints at Silk. Apparently, Pretty Glo had an appointment with a certain dude only identified as Emma last week.

However, the guy didn't turn up early and as a way of fitting in the crowd, Pretty Glo kept ordering pints and food. Surprisingly the guy later asked her to meet him at Centenary Park. Now this is when trouble started.

We are told a panicky Glo who didn't have a single coin on her pleaded with Emma to come and bail her out. She was heard saying; "How will I come there. I am so stuck here. So first come and we sort out something at Silk and you can take me wherever you want."

Could it be that some of our artistes hang out without a single coin in their wallets? Shocking!

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Monday, June 06 2011

Some time back we revealed that Sweden-based Becky Emons Mirembe had outed a song which critics believe was attacking GNL after their fued last year. The new song titled Kafodongo (Independent Woman) is now a top hit in Clubs and pubs where Ugandans hang out.

It is also rumoured that Kafodongo has also hit 2000 hits on Youtube and it's also a big hit in Denmark. In fact we are told that Becky has already been contacted by different promoters and as you read this, she is set to stage five shows across big cities in Denmark come July.

At the time Kafodongo was released, music critics told us; "She is definitely stinging GNL in the song." The two former pals fell out after GNL was thrown in a Kitintale prison and with her releasing this hit song, surely things look to be getting tighter.

Related: Becky Stings GNL in New Song

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Wednesday, June 01 2011

Kampala is probably the one place where local artistes never care to learn English yet they are always looking for gigs across borders! Now the latest gaffe came from the water logged Tindatine who failed to connect with zungu fans in Mbarara during Radio West's 'Kinihiro' bash over the weekend.

Having been wowed by the energetic and raunchy performance, zungu fans approached Tindatine  for autographs (can you imagine?) and to feel her booty like a real celeb. All she could muster "How are you..." and kept asking 'what...what?'

The poor bird could not pick a word they were saying to the embarassment of the local fans and fellow musicians! What a damn shame!

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Monday, May 23 2011

                 Atlas the African
Self important upcoming hip hop singer Atlas aka The African might soon face another arrest after failing to pay damages to Club Rouge, we have sadly learnt. Atlas a few weeks back picked a fight in the club with MC Kats.

During the fight, he broke the club's microphone and laptop but has failed to pay the agreed amount. Atlas who was rescued by his manager Ally Alibhai from Central Police
Station was asked to replace the things that he damaged from the Club.

And this according to sources, he has refused to comply. We have been told that whenever he's asked to pay, he tells them how he's broke and still waiting for his mum to send him money, an insider intimated to us.

The club has given him up to the end of this month and they have assured him that failure to pay, the law will prevail.

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Saturday, May 14 2011

          Sheila and Big Eye
Upcoming singer Big Eye is now a happy man after his Dubai based cougar Sheila Patience came back for a short holiday in town. Word from the 'Sula Indicator' singer's base in Makindye is that the two seem  to have started off from where they ended the last time Sheila was in town.

We are told she jetted into town last week and the two have been bonking mercilessly and limitlessly as if there is no tomorrow. Sources further confirm that Big Eye who had parked hi starlet over mechanical problems and sky rocketing fuel prices, is nowadays seen cruising a Toyota Noah.

'He seems to be swimming in in dime these days and his swagga has changed a bit' a pal added. Sheila is married to a white pensioner and the couple stays in Dubai.

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Sunday, May 08 2011

Pretty Glo and Markville

Just days after we had revealed that upcoming singer Pretty Glo had all but concede defeat to Mimi Kirema in their pursuit for Kenyan bonkstar Fidempa, she has decided to move on to new pastures.

We are told Pretty Glo is now moving out with Blueprints owner and video producer, Markville. A snoop told us; "Markville usually visits her at her rented house in Kyebando. The two usually get holed  up in the house for hours before emerging knackered and sex-hausted."

Rwandese born beauty, Pretty Glo is fast curving out a name for herself as a city man eater. Apparently she has devoured loaded city lads and fellow singers. However, Snoops say what she has done is like running out of a saucepan straight into fire by dating Markville.

The lanky producer is also not easy when it comes to feasting his whooper on juicy kandahars. It's on record that he has so far dated a string of loaded mamas who pump dime into him.

He was also rumoured to be bonking a top city man eater and man snatcher Shentie Joe. We hope (Glo) has made the right decision and like they say 'better the devil you know than the angel you don't'. Good luck because you will need it!

Read Also: Glo's Affair With Fidempa on the Rocks

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Wednesday, April 27 2011

    Fidempa and Pretty Glo
They have been bedmates as well since last year. However, the latest we have is that Pretty Glo and Fidempa are not seeing eye to eye. Rumour has it that the cause of the bad blood is because Glo got a cool shs 2m from a promoter in Western Uganda that they had to share but instead she pocketed the whole sum.

We hear that Fidempa cannot even step at her pad in Kiwatule. Efforts by their manager Kelvin the Entertainer of UBC to reconcile them has not yielded any positive results. We hear Fidempa says that he will only sit at a round table with her after receiving his share of the dime. Watch this space!

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Thursday, April 07 2011

Upcoming singer Pretty Glo Last week learnt some hard economics lessons from the current economic slowdown. The sexy singer together with her best pal, Dora felt it was important to first get some energy before heading to Silk Lounge, where they were supposed to be curtain raisers during Sizzaman/Suuna Omulangira Unplugged Show.

Then they shook their booties to Chillies Restaurant, located on 1st street  opposite MAT institute. Like real celebrities, each one ordered for beef and rice, but not knowing that the restaurant recently revised its prices due to the ever-increasing costs of raw foodstuff in the markets.

But thank God, they were given the bill before being served. When Glob looked at her bill of about Shack, her eyeballs almost popped out. She yelled at the chef to hold on as she emptied her handbag and counted the few coins available.

They then settled for half rice and four spoonfuls of gravy which went for about Shush,500/-. Being a real city gal, she buzzed up some male friend and told him to jump on a bod-bod and find her opposite MAT institute.

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Wednesday, March 16 2011

Don MC, Keko
Singer Don MC and rapper Keko Town are an item, we have learnt. A close source to the pair tells us they are too much into each other. The source told us: "Don has something for Keko and she too. They are always together and every time they are close, their faces are bright.

They give each other happiness." In fact we spotted the pair at Ntinda based Buddiez Bar. The pair arrived together hand in hand amd settled in a corner from where they ordered for drinks and eats.

Both stay in Ntinda (in different homes) but according to ur source they spend most of the time at Don's place. "Even nights," the source added.

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Sunday, February 27 2011

Krystal Babes
Jackie Nalumansi(Shades)

KRYSTAL Babes' singer Jackie Nalumansi is off to Sweden for a two week holiday fully sponsored by a pensioner. She left early this week and will be back next month. A close pal told us that the holiday is a bonk filled one.

Though we are yet to identify who this pensioner is, we have learnt that he is a very loaded fella. In fact he is the fella who bought Jackie - formerly with Wafagio singing group - her blue short chasis Toyota RAV4.

For the last six months Jackie 's life has tremendously changed for the better and it is thanks to this loaded fella. "She buys us drinks  every time we are out in addition to driving us in her car. Well, it is better than footsbish."

One of her close pals told us. Previously Jackie has dated comedian Lwasama.

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Wednesday, February 23 2011

A war erupted at Kabalagala based Da Posh bar when Ronald Maro of West End Entertainment fought with Mickie Wine of Surubada Entertainment. Reason - Mickie balloned Maro's chic.

The chic in question is one Salma Nabukeera a top city socialite. The fight started when  Mickie branded Maro not man enough a reason he said could have led to Salma deserting him (Maro) for him (Mickie).

The two exchanged blows and Maro's eye was hurt. Currently , he is undergoing treatment at Nsambya General Clinic.

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Tuesday, February 01 2011

It has reached a point where our musicians are predictable in every way. The latest is that upcoming singer Liane has already hooked up a white fella to warm her nights and the last sighting was at the Bukoto based bar Cayenne as the two were having a blast.

A snoop said, "The guy was totally into her. He was even hiding her bag as the couple left to retire after an a long night." We are yet to establish if the couple was actually moving out or it was just a once off meeting.
Related: Upcoming Artiste - Liane

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Sunday, January 30 2011
Reliable info has it that upcoming singer Pretty Glo has done a duet with Rwandan Tusker Project Fame winner/artistes Alpha. A close pal told us, "Glo is doing well nowadays with her solo career but she has decided to take it to another level by partnering with Alpha in the 'Minakupenda' song.

Alpha has already done a collabo with singer Bebe Cool that is doing well on the airwaves while Pretty also did the Missed Call song.
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Wednesday, January 19 2011

New Rap sensation and kid on da block, Keko must be counting her lucky stars. News from the Ethiopian Capital Addis Ababa reveals that horny guys from the land pf Meles Zenawi wanted to initiate her into their culture by forcefully inserting their whoopers into her.

We are told Rastafarians attacked the young and juicy female rapper on stage. Apparently she was putting on a short skirt revealing her juicy thighs. She was only secured by security guys who whisked her to safety.

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Thursday, December 16 2010
           Prisca Mikami
With age catching up, city maneater and former dream galz singer Priska Mikami could be right when she vows to get pregnant by hook or crook. And we support her. Close pals to the juicy Mikami claim they overheard her at Dee Records recently lamenting she is getting  into her thirties and yet there is no stable guy who wants to settle down with her.

We hear during the conversation she told pals that she is now on a hunting mission for a guy who will plant a hot seed inside her vuvuzela come next year. She has formerly been rumoured to be dating city gospel singer Sylver.

Well all horny guys who know they are sharp shooters; try your luck because at the moment she is wide open to so many proposals.
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Wednesday, December 08 2010

Ruth Kurt
This strange but very true. After she failed to scoop the most promising new artiste award at last Saturday's Diva awards, new singing gal Ruth Kurt went on a drinking spree and forgot that she was supposed to take part in the MTN Kampala marathon that was on Sunday.

We are told from La Bonita, she went immediately to silk Royale where she drowned them pints till 7:00am and blacked out and medical help had to be administered onto her from a clinic.

She was later discharged and went home.

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Saturday, December 04 2010
         Empress and Gift Ov Kaddo
Like they say, birds of the same feathers fly together, this could be synonymous with upcoming musicians former Goodlyfe crew singer Gift Ov Kaddo and Empress who is signed to UG Records. A snoop tells us the pair have been a hit for almost a month.

We have spotted them together at Simon Rusoke's Kampala road based bar Hi Table. The pair are always hand in hand and share a drink most of the time. This is certainly a show of love. However, pals fear the relationship might not last.

Because of what the two do, they are always apart at shows. This gives chance for cheating. Watch this Space!
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Thursday, September 30 2010

Just last Friday we told of how Sheila Ssempebwa's brother New Vision columnist Ernest Bazanye is having a hell of a time at offices with babes laughing at him. Apparently, these stubborn babes have kept a copy of the Red Pepper with Sheila's pictures.

They always laugh at her huge mabira forest. All this forced Ernest to change his work station to another corner. Well, he isn't the only one suffering for her sister's transgression. We have also been told she is in tears after her boyfriend dumped her to the bins.

A close pal told us, "The guy has told her she can't expose her vuvuzela in public and he continues to dock at it. He is laughing stock among his friends." Meanwhile, we have landed on some of the texts she has been sending to her boyfriend pleading for mercy.

Below are some of the texts,

"When a woman loves, she loves for real. That is what hurts. I have got real love for you, even when you bring out the monster in you" while another one says,

"I love you so much but I can't talk it when you go through a lot. Am having sleepless nights. We have to talk and you know it even if it's going to change a lot around us."

She also posted this on her wall,

"I don't regret my past but I regret spending it with the wrong people and hurting the ones who love me most but with time everything is going to change."

Related: Sheila in Nudeland

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Friday, August 13 2010

New Star on the block Margla is one woman who will always keep us on our tenterhooks, thanks to her craving of the lady Gaga kind of lifestyle. This randy babe whom we now know loves it more than food, we've learnt, is an addict of giving guys all the best there is.

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Tuesday, August 03 2010

Former Dream Galz singer Rena Nalumansi who is on and off the social scene has hooked a Kenyan tycoon. The booby Rena we are told hooked this tycoon while on a show in Mbale.

A close pal told us, "She is over the moon and totally in love with this guy. She also thinks he treats her so well." Meanwhile, we have been informed that this tycoon from Kikuyu land deals in shipping cars to East African countries has ordered a state of the range Nadia for her and has also vowed to sponsor her music career till she becomes the most sought after female star in Uganda.

We hear all this is for her good antics in bed matters.

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Friday, July 30 2010

We have been wondering why singing flop DJ Farshee has been off the scene. Now we know she's preggie! A source tells us that the chic is around five months heavy and has gone back to the village to give birth.

We are told: "Farshee paraded a live leg and it was shattered. She is so heavy and expecting a kid," a pal told us. When she gives birth, this will be Farshee's second child.

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Monday, July 19 2010
 Former Dream Galz singer Prisca Mikami is still thanking her guardian angel after she survived a preggie scare. Our snoops spotted the gorgeous former singer turned serial dater emerging from a top clinic in Wandgeya last week looking all worried.

As usual, our eagle eyed snoops sensed trouble as soon as she stepped out of sight, they hit the clinic where they had to part with a mind boggling sum of money for the nurses to avail them the top secret information.

A snoop told us, "She checked into the clinic wanting to see the doctors on matters concerning her missed 'natural cycle'. But the doctor wan't around." We hear she later decided to buy a pregnancy test kit.

But a close pal has intimated that the tests came out negative and she has been celebrating since. We now wonder if she never knew that chances are high one could get pregnant if they enjoy live romps.
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Saturday, July 17 2010

Margla Da Ragamuffin Gyal
Sex-Rated Party as booty Margla romps with artistes in Makindye.

Celebrated city dancer turned singer Margla aka Da Ragamuffin Gyal is fast turning into a man eater of sorts. Our snoops spotted her during producer 1488 aka Eko's birthday party on Wednesday in Makidnye all raunchy like a dog in heat season.

"She was dressed in just her black panties and a top getting cozy with male artistes as they kept playing with her all night long" a snoop who attended the do told us. We hear she was the centre of attraction.

Meanwhile, we have learnt that as booze flowed endlessly, boozified fellas got a chance to engage in o.rgies. Apparently, there were approximately four beds....

The likes of Michael Ross, Tuff B among others attended.

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Monday, July 05 2010
 While most of you are worried on how to secure the next meal, the Chilli Galz and Cyclone music dance groups are soon outing two huge songs at a staggering cost of shs 10m. The songs are being produced by Goodenuff studios managed by Eddi and Pato of Ngoni.

The two all girl dance groups are under Universal Entertainment, a music promoting company. The babes' manager Judith was overheard telling friends at Simba Casino that the songs will rock the nation.

"Eddie and Pato are doing a wonderful job. We have injected all this amount of cash because we want quality," said Judith.
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Sunday, July 04 2010
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