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Thursday, December 22 2011
Esther Akankwasa
You will always catch her at almost every corporate do in town partying like there is no tomorrow.
Sexy Esther Akankwasa has slowly made a name for herself as one of the prominent city socialites after failing to cut an edge as a singer and dancer with Cyclone group. The former Cyclone singerand dancer has appeared in tabloid news for many reasons; the last one being her scandal with Bad Black where Esther has her cheek cut with a piece of glass.
Celeb Magazine Rowland Nkahebwa caught up with her and talked to her about the Bad Black incident, love life and her partying life style among other things.
CM: Who is Esther Akankwasa?
Esther: Esther is a humble loving gal born on 9th Aug 1991. I grew up in Nansana, went to Buganda road Primary School, Trinity College Nabbingo for O’level, Kisubi Quuens for A’ level. I am currently in my second year at YMCA, doing a diploma in Travel and Tourism.
CM: When do you find time for lectures; you are out partying most of the time?
Esther: Ha ha ha you make it sound like I party everyday. My lectures are in the morning hours; I sleep the rest of the day and go out not to just party but to meet people and get connections because I am planning something massive very soon. Don’t ask me what it is because it’s not ready yet.
CM: What happened to your singing and dancing career with Cyclone?
Esther: Just like any other job; you can quit. I realized that it was not meant for me so I quit early this year after being with Cyclone for two years. Though I miss that life very much but I’m not ready to go back.
CM: You do not have a particular job, where do you get the money you spend on night outs from?
Esther: It’s true I have no job; I get money from my Dad Luks Robert because my mum (RIP) left us with many rental buildings which pay well. I know most people think that I get money from men since I have no job which isn’t true.
Besides I help out different people with their fashion related events and I get paid for it although it is not a daily thing.
CM: Beautiful as you were we haven’t spotted you with a guy. How is it possible?
Esther: I have not yet found the right man. I was involved with a man two months back but we broke up. I gave him a chance and he could not love me for who I am and instead wanted to change me; he could not stand my partying ways. At the moment I am single and not searching. By the way when I love, I love for real because I hate pretence and lies.
CM: So what qualities would you look for in ‘Mr Right’?
Esther: He has to be understanding, genuine loves helping out other people and should be ready to love me the way I am. I hate selfish people! Oh yeah, he should also be capable of catering for my needs financially.
CM: I see the scar on your cheek is healing. What exactly went down between you and Bad Black that night?
Esther: It was an accident because happened top be at the counter at the same time with her . I don’t know what she was doing but suddenly she threw a glass and it cut my cheek and chest. I went to the ladies room and saw blood flowing down my chest and fainted; woke up the next day at the surgery hospital in Kololo. It happened, I forgave her and I am trying to forget it ever happened.
CM: What about the rumours that she did it intentionally because you were poaching on her man?
Esther: I am setting the record straight; I have never seen or met Black’s man because I don’t even now his name (David Greehalgh). He does not know me either since we have never met.
CM: Are you still friends with Bad Black?
Esther: ad Black has never been my friend. We only talked during that time when we were finding a solution to my injury.
CM: What irritates you?
Esther: People who don’t know me misjudging me; they look at me as a bitch. Then there are people who were once my friends but nowadays talk ill of me.
CM: What is the craziest thing you’ve dome out of love?
Esther: I was very stupid and naïve and climbed the balcony up to the third floor so I could get inside and surprise my boyfriend. But when he found me on the balcony, he got mad. I will never do it again.
CM: We always see you clad in designer clothes, do you have a personal designer or did you study fashion?
Esther: None of the two. Most of my clothes are tailor made here in Kampala by Duncan Ndaula and Sharon Kansiime. Some I buy from shops around town and order the rest from out.
CM: What are the things people don’t know about you?
Esther: I am so emotional; I cry when watching a love story or a sad movie. I hate G-Strings and I love eating Mulokoni (Cow Hoofs) especially the soup
CM: What do you intend to do after Graduation?
Esther: I want to work with British Airways and I am starting flying lessons next year after school. I also want to open a shoe shop dealing only in six inch high heels.
Posted by: uowd AT 01:14 am   |  Permalink   |  3 Comments  |  Email
Esther sounds like a breath of fresh air,woooooh you make me proud to be a ugandan. Your smart,organized,goal oriented and pretty. keep it up and i can not wait until you open your shop that sells 6inch heals,its sounds great girl. Please do not worry about being single by choice the way you sound,you need a man that has class,money and good taste which will be easy for you cause you are pretty and smart.
Posted by Brazilian Barbie aka Boss lady on 16/01/2012 - 01:18 AM
One can easily become a victim of misjudgment & the major cause of it is wolokoso or empty-talks & false gossips. Even those who don't know abt u will yap what they do not know & in d end p'ple will believe. Anyway who can stop them? What matters most is being true to your self & pressing on.
Posted by JAYJAX on 16/01/2012 - 02:18 AM
Defend yourself, people judge because they have accumulated uncensored data
Posted by David on 04/06/2013 - 06:40 PM

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